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Fluffy Mipha/Link wedding headcanons?

AWWW HELL YEA The cuties!

This is taking place in a world where they both live to be over 18 and get married.

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Mipha/Link Wedding

  • So much color
    • I am under the strong belief that maybe white isn’t the universal color of marriage in cultures, so bright colorful Zora wedding!
  • Banners of color everywhere
  • The wedding itself takes place in front of the palace and it is gorgeous- the morning sun rising on a new marriage, shining light on a new couple overlooking the Domain.
  • Link is so nervous (poor bb), but the second he sees Mipha in her traditional wedding gear?
    • Smiles. Smiles for days.
  • Mipha is wearing wedding gear, which is basically gold trinkets with purple and white cloth on her, and she looks amazing
  • The people are overjoyed, and there’s cheering when the ceremony is over
  • Sidon is ring bearer. Tiny bb Sidon holding a pillow with rings on it and just being a little ray of sunshine. 
  • It is a very joyous day for everyone involved. 

(A/N): I fucccckkkiiinnn love soulmate au’s so much, like please keep sending them in.

Request: Can you write another Scarlett Johansson x female reader soulmate imagine where they both meet somewhere in a park and finds out they’re soulmates before kissing each other?

Warnings: none

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   You sat on some grey park bench, staring down at the charcoal drawing you’d been working on for the last few weeks. The drawing was black against the grey paper, as was everything in your world, the trees, the sky, the grass, it was all varying shades of grey. Not once in your life had you seen any other color than grey and while many attempted to teach you the colors and how they looked you simply couldn’t understand it. 

   Blue is like a a field of flowers, all and satisfying, red is like a spark of anger brewing deep within your bones, and yellow was a soft color that represented warmth and happiness. So no matter how simple or creative the descriptions got you simply couldn’t wrap your head around it. Eventually people got sick of trying to teach you so they gave up, leaving you to fend for yourself. You couldn’t drive, you couldn’t cook, you couldn’t appreciate all this wonder everyone else got to see and all because you hadn’t met your soulmate yet. Only after meeting your soulmate would color ebb into your life, or so some people had told you but as you were nearing your thirties and had yet to meet said soulmate you’d practically given up hope. 

   You sigh as you set the charcoal down, studying your slightly darker hands. Your life was so- so bland and you hated it. So many nights you’d stay up, crying and hoping that you’d meet your soulmate, ever since you were old enough to know what a soulmate was you’d practically been begging to meet them and now- for 29 years you’d been waiting only to turn up empty handed. 

   Before you even know it tears are blurring your eyes as you stare down at your paper, the drawing becoming blurry as you sniffle softly. God, you were so pathetic, crying in public while everyone was out enjoying their day, enjoying color, enjoying their soulmate. A small pained whimper leaves your lips as you set your drawing aside, pulling your knees to your chest as you cry into your legs. You feel even more pathetic as you hear murmuring beside you, most likely mothers whispering about how stupid you were. The thought only spurs your tears on more and you can’t help it when you nuzzle into your legs, a small sob leaving your lips.

    “I’m sorry if I’m intruding but are you okay?” There’s a gentle hand on your shoulder, soft and caring just like the tone that belonged to it. You lift your head up, sniffling as you wipe at your nose. You go to respond to whoever is touching you when it happens- your entire world suddenly explodes with color. The first thing you see is the sky, or blue as some liked to call it, and then the green grass, then to the brown bench, and finally up to the yellow head of hair facing you. 

   It’s a woman, around the age of- Your jaw drops as you realize who it is, just who this person before you is. For one, they were your soulmate, they only person in this universe who belonged to you but secondly it’s Scarlett Johansson, the Scarlett Johansson.

    Many had talked about her beauty, her wonderful skin and beautiful eyes, those gorgeous lips and amazing hair but never in a million years did you think you’d get to see said features up close. 

    “You’re my soulmate?” You question, your voice a bit watery due to the tears still lingering in your eyes. Scarlett smiles and you swear you can see the beginnings of tears in her eyes as she does. 

    “And you’re mine?” You release a relieved laugh as you jump from the bench, engulfing her in one of the tightest hugs you’d ever given anyone. Her arms wrap around your waist as she buries her face in the crook of your neck, her own watery laugh bubbling in her throat. “God, you have no idea how great it is to meet you,” She whispers, her lips ghosting along your neck. You smile a bit as you hold her tighter, happily content to just hold her. 

   "I think I can imagine,“ She pulls back, staring up into your face with the utmost love and fondness, a look you’d rarely ever seen directed at you. 

   "You have the most beautiful face,” she whispers, her slender fingers tracing along your lips. 

   "So do you,“ you whisper, reaching up with one hand to cup her cheek softly. 

   "Can I- can we-” you smile as she stares at your lips, struggling to ask the question. With slow moves you lean in, allowing your lips to brush against hers softly. She gladly kisses back, her lips fluttering against yours. “I love you,” she whispers against your lips, her nose pushes against yours just a bit. “So much, I don’t even know your name but I love you,” you smile, pecking her lips tenderly.

    “I’m (Y/N) and I uh- I already know who you are,” Scarlett smiles as she nuzzles back into the crook of your neck. “I love you too Scar,” you abbreviate her name, the shortened version just rolling off your tongue without a thought. 

   "(Y/N) johansson?“ She asks, smiling against your neck. You nod your head, an all too happy smile overtaking your features. 

   "Or Scarlett (Y/L/N)?” You ask. You can feel Scarlett’s smile against your skin as she peppers er kisses along your shoulder and neck, not stopping until she was satisfied. 

    “So long as our wedding bright and colorful I’m good with either one,” you reach out to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear, smiling softly when she turned her head to press a kiss to your wrist. 

   "I’ve always liked the thought of blue, soft and satisfying,“ Scarlett nods her head, nuzzling into your palm.

    "And maybe some yellow too?” She adds, cracking her eye open to glance at you.

    “Anything for you my sweet Scar,” And there the two of you remained for quite some time, soaking in each other and the colors of the world, the blue of a pond, the green of the leaves, the soft reds of some bushes and flowers. It was such a beautiful sight, all these colors, but they weren’t nearly as beautiful as the woman in your arms.

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