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Day 6: Presents

Even when I’m not busy I’m late, sorry. I was just so tired yesterday for some reason, I’m going to catch up again by tonight though! I hope you enjoy! ❤️

When Allura announced that they would be going to the space mall, everyone was understandably excited. They calculated that it would have been December on Earth even if they couldn’t narrow down the exact date. They could celebrate Christmas whenever they wanted to though. They told Coran and Allura about the holiday and found out that they had a holiday much like it except it was on the opposite time of the year when it would have been around June on Earth; because of it, they opted to celebrate their holiday then and not Christmas with them. Although they were a bit disappointed, it was understandable that they would want to celebrate an Altean holiday.

As they searched through the stores it was easy to pick things out for each of the paladins, things on the shelf just reminded them of each other. By the time they got back to the Castle, they thought that they would be able to make each other’s Christmases with no problems.

However, there was an identical factor between four of the paladins. They all forgot to buy for one of them.

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Pregnancy Headcanons: Mystic Messenger

I’m a sucker for prengancy-related headcanons/one-shots/roleplays. I’m weird I know. Anyway here are some pregnancy headcanons for the RFA (slightly nsfw)(obvious spoilers)(Cussing)

Order: Yoosung, Zen, Jumin, Jaehee, Seven, Saeran, V


¤ Oh our little innocent cinnamonbun Yoosung isn’t so innocent

¤ Infact, 4/5 times he initiates the frickity-frackity

¤ Just so happens, though, that condom was expired

¤ And it was evident when it had broken

¤ And he had begun to panic

    × “it’s leaking- Wait it’s leaking, MC it’s leaking what do we do? Ahh-”

¤ He ended up running out and buying like 5 pregnancy test

¤ But the baby factory doesn’t work like that so they all came back negative.

¤ So he thought you were fine

¤ Until two weeks later when-

     × “Oh my God, MC are you okay? You sound like your dying”

¤ You made him buy more pregnancy test

    × “But the 5 you took before came back negative”

¤ He ended up buying 7 more, cause

    × “One of them could be faulty”

¤ You took 7 test, 5 of which back positive

¤ So Yoosung begun freaking out even more

    × “MC I’m so sorry I should have checked the expiration date this is all my fault”

¤ You couldn’t help but laugh

¤ That laughter quickly turn to tears because holy fuck your having a tiny human.

¤ Cue more panic from Yoosung

    × “MC?? No MC don’t cry or I’ll start crying too! MC”

¤ And here we have two crying grown children

¤ When the two of you finally calmed the hell down you begun to talk about it

    × You both came to the conclusion that you both weren’t ready for a responsibility of this magnitude and that the best option for the child would be for them do go into adoption

¤ Despite all that, Yoosung still did everything to make you comfortable

    × Mc.Rognalds at 4am? He’s got you covered. 

    × Extra pillows, even if that leaves him with none? Alright. 

     × Missing out on the most important, once in a life time quest, just so he can cuddle when you ask?

          € “Sorry guys, I have to do something Irl”

¤ When you *finally* go into labour, he freaks out, and you end up having to call the ambulance because he’s not calm enough to take you himself.

¤ Labour ends, and he probably won’t be able to use that hand for a while

¤ And then the doctor asks a simple question

     × “Would you both like to see the baby before signing the adoption papers?”

¤ You both kinda look at each other, silently deciding.

¤ And then he nods, and you nod, and the doctor goes off to get the baby.

¤ The baby is completely healthy. Perfect weight, and with bright violet eyes and just a little (H/c) hair.

¤ And as you get to hold the baby for a few minutes, he kinda just stares in awe.

¤ And the silence is broken

     × “MC”

     × “Yeah…”

     × “They… they kinda look like us, huh?”

     × “Mmhmm. They have your eyes”

     × “ And your hair… MC?”

     × “Yes, Yoosung?”

     × “Do you maybe wanna keep them? I mean I know we’re not really ready but people aren’t always ready, and maybe we can do it”

¤ And that was all it took.


     × Yoosung has joined the chat

     × Mc has joined the chat

     × Mc: As many of you may have known, I was pregnant for the past 9 months

     × Zen: wait what?

     × Jaehee: I don’t believe you informed us

     × 707: Lololol they didn't 

     × Mc: Great news:

     × Yoosung: We’re keeping them!

     × Yoosung has left the chat

     × Mc has left the chat 

     × Zen: They’re joking right?


¤ Oh boy

¤ It was a common wonder if you were pregnant with this one.

¤ Because it was constantly

     × “Condoms can take the pleasure out of sex”

¤ That and birth control was a difficult thing to remember.

¤ So you kept a few pregnancy test

     × More like a box filled with them

¤ So when you took 2 test, and they both came back positive, you weren’t shocked

¤ But you decided to tell him in a more fun way

¤ So you bought baby carrots, a baby bottle and a pacifier 

¤ But when you got home, he was already there

¤ And holding a stick with pee

     × “Mc are you pregnant”

     × “Yes”

¤ You were disappointed because you had bought so much stuff to surprise him and he had found out in other means.

¤ But then he hugged you

     × “Mc I promise I’m going to be the best father that I can be, and I’ll always support the baby”

¤ And aww Zenny

¤ And then he proposed

     × “I know I don’t have a ring right now but marry me please”

     × “Of course”

¤ And waterworks come in, and well yeah its a happy day.

¤ He still does his plays, but will call you at every minute of the hour to make sure your okay


     × “Zen where are you going?”

     × “Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a few minutes”

¤ Gets introuble alot, until he finally explains to the director whats going on

¤ When you go into labour, he’s in the middle of the real-deal play

¤ So his phone isn’t nearby

¤ When he finally hears the message he freaks out and runs to the hospital

¤ like litterly runs

¤ He gets there just on time, and won’t stop apologizing

     × “MC I’m so sorry, you know the premire was today and I didn’t have my phone on me”

     × “Stop apologizing and get over here”

¤ Push

¤ It’s a healthy baby.

¤ You got to hold the baby for about a minute before he starts complaining

     × “Come on MC I want to hold them too”

     × You’d glare at him “I just pushed them out of my va-jay-jay after holding them in my stomach for 9 months, I believe I can hold them longer than a minute”

¤ A happy little family


¤ It wasn’t like you two were trying

¤ But you weren’t not trying either

¤ It was more of a if it happens it happens thing.

¤ So when it happened you were happy.

¤ You, ofcourse, went to the doctor first and got yourself checked

¤ And yep, 4 weeks pregnant.

¤ You managed to convice the doctor to give you a sonogram right there and then and you got a copy of it

¤ Now to tell Jumin

¤ You made his favourite dinner, made the table look nice.

¤ Four plates, one for you, another for Jumin, one for Elizabeth and finally one for the unborn child

¤ On the plate of the missing guest, the envelope that had the sonogram layed there. 

¤ When he gets home and dinner begins he’s absolutely confused 

    × “MC are we expecting guest?”

¤ Finally he notices the envelope, and becomes more curious

¤ He looks over at you, and you give him a nod that screams “Just open it already”

¤ So he does

¤ And he kinda stares at it for a while

¤ And you can’t read any emotion on his face

¤ And there’s just silence

¤ Until

    × “Is this a sonogram?”

    × “Yes”

    × “Is this your sonogram”

    × “Yes”

    × “Did you hear that Elizabeth 3rd? You will be a sister" 

¤ He eventually gets up and gives you a nice little kiss, that though it’s not too long means alot

¤ It’s joyous moment

¤ Low key scared that he will end up like his father

¤ When you find out you comfort him

     × ” Your father is your father, and you’re you"

¤ Now this boy will not let you do anything

¤ Right after the dinner, he hired a maid specifically for your needs only, durring the day time

¤ And at night when you get your cravings, he will get anything needed

¤ Well he won’t, but Jaehee will.

     × “Assistant Kang, I need you to buy some cheese with barbecue sauce and peanut butter”

     × “Mr.Han its 3:45 in the morning, where will I find that-”

     × He’s already hung up.

¤ And oooh boy, that baby hasn’t been born yet and already its been spoiled rotten.

¤ A nursery fit for royalty.

¤ Best toys

¤ And not to mention appointments 10 times a week

¤ Only the finest of doctors for his baby

¤ When you’re close to the due date he finds a way to work from home

¤ He convinces you to get a C-Section so that it doesn’t pain you as much

¤ Jumin Han? More like Daddy Han

¤ He won’t stop posting pictures of the baby and Elizabeth 3rd on the messenger


¤ It happened while you two were on a break. 

¤ An open break

¤ And you were… well… drunk

¤ Pretty much a one night stand with no protection

¤ Eventually you an Jaehee did get back together like a week later

¤ And a week after that you weren’t feeling so hot

     × nausea, hungry, moody

¤ Felt like your period but the blood was missing

¤ Eventually Jaehee took you to your doctor.

¤ Your doctor ran the same test 5 times

¤ Finally they simply asked you if “You had been sexually active with a male”

¤ To which you reply no

¤ And a few seconds later Maybe/Yes

¤ Jaehee just like ??? What

¤ And then the news

     × “MC you’re pregnant”

¤ They leave you two alone to talk because he knows something happened

¤ There was silence for a few minutes

¤ And then you could hear Jaehee choke back a sob

     × “MC I thought you would have been different… I thought this would have been different”

¤ You begin to explain to her how it all happened and when

¤ It makes it better but not completely okay

¤ It takes a few months for her to completely over it 

¤ Once it gets to that point, shes ecstatic over the baby

¤ She always seems to have just what you need 

    × “Jaehee do you mind getting me a-”

    × She passes you a pickle covered in Nutela

    × “Thank you”

¤ When you go into labour she gets a call at work.

¤ Actually she gets 6 missed calls from an unknown number before deciding to pick up.

    × “Excuse me, am I speaking with Ms. Jaehee Kang?

    × “This is she”

    × “I am calling about Mc, she seems to have gone into labour early and you are the number marked into her emergency contacts- hello?”

¤ She was at the hospital faster than the speed limit allowed.

¤ After, of course, informing her boss

¤ She knew just how make you comfortable and not get her hand squeezed near broken by the end

¤ Your really exausted so she’s actually the first to hold the baby.

¤ They’re small, and a tad underweight but otherwise healthy.


¤ The thing is, you two have gotten frisky even when Saeran was home

¤ And anytime, everywhere

     × “Why can’t those two shut up for just one night”

¤ So the reality was, you getting pregnant was expected

¤ Except it never happened

¤ Because you, my dear, where as infertile as a mule

¤ Pregnancy was a difficult thing to achieve

¤ So babies didn’t seem like a possibility

¤ Until your boy Saeyoung came home wiTH TWO BABIES IN A BASKET

     × “Saeyoung is that what I think it is?”

     × “ If your thinking about babies, then yes”

     × “Idiot brother”

¤ So your a mom now

¤ He had gone ahead and bought the babies toys, and bottles, and food, and milk and everything necessary for a baby

¤ He always was the one to get up when one of them began to cry at night

¤ Even if you insisted that you had it

     × “Saeyoung I’ve got it”

     × “Go back to sleep, I’m already ready”

     × “But Saeyoung-”

     × “No cuts, no buts, no coconuts”

¤ He would always post pictures of the three/four/five of you together in the chat

     × Saeyoung: And in this picture we see my 4 favourite people

     × Zen: I still can’t believe you adopted 2 babies out of the blue like that

¤ Apparently your infertility wasn’t so infertile afterall

¤ Oops your pregnant

¤ When he finds out he’s excited 

¤ Cause like

¤ Three babies

¤ He lets you do even less than before 

¤ Once your big enough he won’t even let you carry around the babies

¤ You would use the cravings as a way to get him out of the house and carry the babies.

¤ He builds like 15 robots to play with the babies

¤ He buys like another ton of toys

¤ Not to mention he gets to prepare the nursery with time this time

     × Cat themed by the way

¤ When the third baby comes, you leave the other two with a panic-y Saeran 

¤ Speed limits are no limits

¤ After the baby is born, Saeyoung gets Saeran and the two babies

¤ Takes a family photo and posts it on the chat along with a “lololol”

  ÷ BONUS ÷

          × 707 has joined the chat

          × 707: Lololol look at my 5 favourite people

        × Attached is a photo of Saeran MC and three babies

          × Yoosung: Did you adopt again?! 

          × Yoosung’s Questionmark emoji is attached 

          × 707: Lolol nope

          × 707: This one was all me and MC


¤ You could hardly call that sex

    × It was more like “lets see how fast we can fuck before Saeyoung gets back”

¤ You found out like a month later at a physical.

     × “Congratulations MC you’re pregnant”

¤ As soon as your out, cue panic.

¤ A baby??? A baby was not part of the plan

¤ You took the bus home because you needed to think this over, without the Choi twins knowing just yet

¤ An hour later your home

¤ Surprise: Saeran isn’t, and Saeyoung is kinda just looking at you weirdly.

¤ Saeyoung finally tells you what happened

¤ Those fuckers hacked into your medical files as soon as your appointment was over to make sure everything was “Just Fine”

¤ It wasn't 

¤ Pregnancy hormones started kicking in, and there were tears

¤ Saeran just happened to walk in at that moment after calming his own nerves

¤ There was more panic because he didn’t know how to comfort you.

¤ Eventually he pulls you aside into your room, hands you a tissue and waits for you to calm down.

¤ When that happens (like an hour later) he kinda just sighs and tries to work things out

     × “I know we didn’t plan this, but I know you’ll make a great mother, I’ll try to be a good dad”

¤ Comforting but he’s High-Key scared.

¤ When it’s all sort out he’s actually really cute 

× Low key loves to talk to your belly

     × Complains but always does what you ask him to do 

          € He would say “Mc It’s 3:47 in the morning where am I going to find that?” While he’s getting dressed.

     × Protective over you and the bump.

¤ When Due date comes he can’t stay in the room with you. Your screams almost give him a panic attack, so Saeyoung goes in his place while he stays a good 2 hallways away.

¤ When the baby is there, and he kinda just stares at it.

     ×"Its so tiny and chubby”

¤ But he immediately falls in love with them.

¤ He’s scared of carrying them

     × “What if I drop them?”

     × “You won’t”

¤ Eventually he does, while sitting next to you in the bed.

¤ Saeyoung ends up snapping a selfie and BOOM family photo


¤ Blind sex was great

¤ For all you kinky bastards its like a perpetual blindfold

¤ But blindness has its disadvantages

¤ For example: if your blind, you don’t notice when the condom’s broken

¤ Just so happens that’s what happened to our dear V

¤ And that became evident a week before his surgery

¤ On the pregnancy test 

¤ So instead of telling him, you decided to wear a shirt that would read out “Your going to be a father”

¤ Because whats better than the first thing you see after being blind for who knows how long being that your going to be a father 

¤ But that quickly backfires once he’s told that he can’t take off the bandages for three days

¤ And he takes them off at two

¤ And you don’t have the god damn shirt on

¤ And so the water works begin

¤ And so does the confusion and panic

     × “MC why are you crying? Aren’t you happy?”

     × All that be heard is incoherent crying

¤ And once your calm…enough… you explain

     × “It was supposed to be a surprise, the first thing you saw was supposed to be the shirt”

     × “What shirt?”

     × “The one telling you you were gonna be a dad”

¤ And boom the surprise was out.

¤ And holy fuck he was crying

¤ And not out of sadness but out of happiness 

¤ Cause not only did he get to see, he also got the best news of his life

¤ Next thing you know your pulled into a hug

     × “MC thank you, I love you! Thank you so much”

¤ He was supportive as hell

¤ Boy got you as many things as he could

¤ But due to his recent achievement of sight, he couldn’t get you it all

¤ There were certain things, like driving or walking in the night, that just weren’t safe enough for your liking

¤ So you’d ignore your craving until morning

¤ But he always made up for the time needed to get them by going to EVERY SINGLE APPOINTMENT YOU HAD

¤ Still it was helpful to you to have him there

¤ He takes so many pictures of you like there’s no tomorrow.

¤ You and the belly

¤ Everywhere

¤ You both agree a planed C-Section is the best choice, less pain, and less shock and panic than if your water broke

¤ When the day came, you both drove there

¤ He couldn’t stop talking about the unborn yet baby

¤ Once you where brought into the room

     × “Sir, I’m sorry you can’t take that camera into the opertating room”

¤ Someone isn’t getting invited to the next RFA party

¤ The baby was slightly underweight but beautiful none the less.

Happy Halloween everyone! Have a very last minute Inktober Miraculous Ladybug AU for MirSan to celebrate! I’ve seen a good number of InuKag Ladybug’s but I actually think the dynamic works slightly better for these two? I mean, a total kickass chick and a total flirty boy with bad luck on his hand? 

Timely Manners

He was a flirt; a ridiculous, arrogant, pestering flirt.

“Did I ever tell you how magnificent you look purifying akuma?”

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Through Sickness

Pairing: Touken 

Words: 2304

Scenario: Touka has a cold after being out in the rain. Ken tries to take care of her. Drabble and fluff. 

I wrote this cause @harleyquilt wrote so much angst that the idiot wound up sick. So I hope that this small fluff piece can help you out. Get better soon. 

“I warned you not to go into the rain” Ken said concerned and fretful.

“Well if you weren’t the one who left out our stuff I wouldn’t have had to ya know. So technically this is your fault” Touka remarked playing with her hair,


She lets out a mighty sneeze. Causing her entire body to shake and bringing in her hands to cover her mouth. She’d been getting weaker ever since the pregnancy started but right now she was at her weakest.

“Stupid cold!” She exclaimed petulantly.

Ken while handing a tissue to her said sarcastically,

“On yeah, you getting sick is my fault. off course”

“Oh, it always is” she says playfully cleaning off the snot and asking for another tissue to wipe the sweat.

“Remember the time you kissed me while you were sick?”

Ken looked at her ashamed and pouted, “Okay sure that one time was my fault.” Pointing his finger and moving his arms.

Ken sat by her side, his face drenched in worry and fear. He had begun to worry for her more and more. Ever since the incident, worried that he wouldn’t be there for her. Or that he couldn’t help her when she needed him. He took her free hand into his and placed kisses all over it, gently massaging it as he did.

“I didn’t know you’d developed a kink for sweaty pregnant women. Good to know” Touka remarks still wiping off the sweat.

He doesn’t respond continuing to kiss her hand, it was cold and felt frail. He had never imagined that they’d be able to share moments like this. Moments that shouldn’t matter but for him every moment with her did.  

She laid on their bed wearing one of ken’s old t-shirts, a dark blue full sleeved shirt and yoga pants. Covered in a thin film of sweat her body glistened. Her nose was stuffy and her eyes red and teary, she was running a low fever.

“You know you should try to get some sleep you were sneezing all night” Ken said in as assuring a voice he could put on, he had to make sure not to worry her too much. He wanted to put on this façade of control as if he had any idea of how to take care of another person.

“Oh I’m sorry! I can’t control when I sneeze” she bit back a bit too forcefully, sassy and snappy in her response, regretting her words almost immediately.

Before she could even say anything, he spoke

“Don’t worry about it just rest, try taking a nap. I’ll be out there if you need anything. I’ll bring in some medicine and a sleeping pill and I’ve made sure someone will take care of the cafe.”

He gets off their bed planting a sweet kiss on her still sweaty forehead.

“Thanks” she whispers, embarrassed about her tone earlier.

She didn’t know what else she could say at this moment, but she knew she wasn’t that sleepy nor was she in the mood to just lay in bed. This was the part she hated most about being sick. Forced into bed. First it was Arata now Ken, constantly asking, constantly checking. She knew it came from a good place, but it could all get so damn irritating sometimes.

Ken had been coddling her ever since he’d been back. It had gotten really bad during the second trimester. He was adamant about her asking him for every little thing. Making coffee, taking her to the bathroom, helping her bathe, that last one he particularly enjoyed cause it always led to more not that she could complain.

Even at the cafe he told everyone to not let her do any work too stressful. It felt as if he was doing it again. Taking away her choice. Trying to protect her for no God damn reason. But somehow this time it felt more genuine and honest. As if this wasn’t about his misplaced sense of responsibility. As if he was trying to make up for all the times he’d left her alone, of all the times he actually wasn’t there for her. What made it way worse was Nishki’s talk that had left him a mess when he had tried to explain the problems that might happen during the pregnancy. Rocking back and forward as Nishki laid out in great detail every slight issue that might happen no matter how improbable. Thinking about it shitty-glasses was probably having a lot of fun fucking with her husband.

Ken was at the door looking back at her with his usual kind smile, still distraught, his face drenched in concern.

“Ya know what. I’d like it if you read to me.” Touka said softly, surprised at the words that had escaped her lips. Even she didn’t know where that came from.

He had begun reading to the baby at night. For reasons she never understood. The baby cant hear you idiot she had thought to herself many times. But she had begun to find his soft and steady voice soothing.  Being guilty of falling asleep multiple times as he read to her only for her to wake up the next day nuzzled in his arms.

“Are you sure? You don’t really like my books? I could read on of your mangas, but you always say I can’t do all the voices right.” He joked.

“No, no, it’s fine just about anything will do.” Touka said quickly, almost as if to make sure he did read to her.

She could see him perk up. His smile growing large and his eyes widening. Was he this excited to read to her? She was always amused how so many mundane things seemed to make him so happy. Was it because of her she wondered? The answer seemed so obvious but at the same time the thought that she had such a profound effect on him was kinda horrifying.

“Ahh… Sure…let me just get the medicines and some water okay I’ll be back soon.”

He left the room I n a hurry closing the door gently.

She felt a steady and constant pain in her head, spread evenly. Her hands, and feet were cold she was trying to warm them up by rubbing them but that was a bust. Even the large and warm quilt she had wasn’t enough to warm her up. This was the worst. Somehow having a cold was worse than being stabbed by knives, cause apparently a Ghoul body can heal from that but can still get a fucking cold. She thought about how stupid and irritating it was to be in this state. She tried to think about other things as she waited for his return.

As she did she found herself patting her swollen belly and moving her hand in small circles around it. She had begun to do that more often even without realising it. It was somehow the most stressful thing that has happened to her but also a source of comfort knowing that no matter how fucked up the world was, she had him and she had their baby inside of her. A baby neither of them was ready for but were more than happy to accept. A baby they were both willing to sacrifice everything for.

She found herself thinking of baby names again. So far Ken had vetoed everything she came up with except Kazuki, and Mai. She found herself pouting at the thought. Who does he think he is? I can come up with better names than he can. I’ll show him. She picked up her phone and made a note,

Find a better name for the baby than Ken could come up with in a hundred years

She started looking though all of her messages. She hadn’t picked her phone up since last night when the cold had gotten really bad.  Hinami had sent her a cute little message asking how she was, she replied that she was okay and that Ken was taking care of her. Nishki had sent a message entitled,

Hey shit face I’m covering your shift get better quick, so I don’t have to

She couldn’t help but chuckle at that and devised a witty remark to fire back at him.

Ayato had sent her a flurry of messages,


How are you?

Are you sick?

Hinami told me

Is Kaneki taking care of you? That bastard!

Do you need anything?

Call me if you do OKAY.

She knew he was worried about her too but seeing this just made her feel happy. He was never one to talk about how he felt so seeing his concern for her was heart-warming seeing how much he’d grown made her proud. She began replying to him when suddenly Ken walked through the door carrying a tray of items. Some medicines, a glass of water, what seemed like coffee, a book, and a small rabbit plush?

“Hey what’s that?” She inquired gesturing at the plush.

Ken looked at her quizzically before realizing what she meant.

“Oh, this!” He exclaimed,

“Oh, Hinami dropped this off before heading over to the café everyone knows how much you love these rabbits but Hina’s the only one who knows about your stash.”

Touka’s eyes widened, a look of horror taking over her face. Sweating ferociously.

“Ah… I don’t know what you’re talking about?” She unconvincingly said.

Ken smirked putting down the tray on her bedside, planting a kiss on her nose as he did. He went over to their closet and from a badly concealed opening in the floor, took out a large box filled with stuffed rabbits of all sizes. White, black, pink and yellow were just some of the colours of the rabbits this box held. He brings out the box and places it on his thighs as he takes out a particular bunny. Its red in colour with bright violet eyes and beautiful gold chain around its neck.

“I really love this one”, he gushed.

Touka was sweating, her head in her hands, her face turning a shade of red she hadn’t felt since the day he told her he loved her.

“How did you even…”

“I saw you putting them away one day, you were so enamoured with them you didn’t notice me and you looked too cute for me to disturb you.”

“Just don’t tell anyone about it okay. You’ve already told Hinami. If you tell anyone else… Well…” her voice was breaking, hesitation and embarrassment taking over.

“Well What?” Ken smirked amused by how easy it was to fluster her.

“Well…NO sex for a week.”

What should have incited a sullen silence instead caused guffaws from Ken

“Oh really? YOU won’t have sex for a week? YOU?” he burst.

He couldn’t stop laughing at the absurdity of the proposition. Before he could feel too good about it however she remarked,

“Well, maybe not that but no cuddling for a week.”

Ken’s face turned oh so sad. His eyes dropping downwards and his brow frowning.

“Okay, okay I won’t tell anyone.”

His defeated look was so satisfying and the fact it wasn’t over sex but over cuddling made it all the better. He takes out a couple of meds and hands them to her along with the glass of water. As she takes the pills Ken gets up to put away the bunny plushies.

“Hey, don’t put away the one Hinami gave you okay,” Touka said hesitantly.

He had already left it by her side

“Yeah, yeah. it’s on your bedside.”

She picks it up and beings to trail her hands along the top and the ears, it was about as big as her hand. Pink and fluffy. So adorable, she mused.

“Hey one of those pills was a sleeping pill. Nishki-senpai told me to give it to you. It’s a very low dosage. It should help you sleep though.”

He walked over to his side of the bed book in hand and sat in the bed pulling up the quilt to his legs. He adjusted so that he could lean against the bed’s headboard. Touka moving close to him resting her head on his chest. He placed one hand on her head and with the other, he opened the book and began to read.

She really didn’t care what the book was about, the story or anything really. She just loved hearing his voice. His hands gently massaging her head, playing with her hair, he’d even let out a pat or two from time to time. He read to her slowly and thoughtfully neither of them was in a hurry, and even Ken wasn’t all that interested in the book it seemed he more interested in soothing her. He kept turning to her mid-sentence once for so long she had to pinch him on the arm, Ken winces while Touka inquires,

“Hey what happens next,” she asked playfully

“Oh yeah sorry.”

He did this a lot. Moments where he’d just be lost at the magnificence of her beauty, of her existence. At the idea that they were together. And at the thought that they were sharing their lives. That somehow through all the bullshit that they had endured they had found each other.

He didn’t realize when she had begun to drift off. She was out cold now, literally, a voice in his head chimed. He put aside the book and for a brief moment looked at her, oh he wishes she could see how he looked at her. She was beautiful even now. He slowly adjusted himself into the bed keeping her close to himself making sure not to move her too much. He wrapped his arm around her and began to drift away himself. Somehow today had become a wonderful day.

anonymous asked:

Fluff prompt! "wearing their clothes"

Funnily enough, we were discussing this on discord yesterday. Cute.

A lil’ Asrian fluff.

Julian sat hunched over the table, bare chested and furiously scribbling on parchment as he tried to get a harebrained idea off his mind.

It was early, and Asra was certainly not a morning person, so when Julian lifted his head to find the witch sleepily rubbing his eyes, wearing his crumpled shirt and nothing else, a hot, embarrassing flush bloomed upon his cheeks.

Asra yawned loudly, stretching his arms above his head and rising onto his tiptoes. He groaned as his neck clicked, lazily sliding into the booth beside Julian and resting his head on his shoulder, white lashes kissing the tops of his cheeks. “Mmmm morning.”

Julian stiffened, causing Asra to lift his head, blinking up at him with those bright, violet eyes, his hair a beautiful mess of slightly tangled curls. “What’s wrong?”

“You’re… you’re wearing my shirt.”

Asra looked down, rubbing the soft material between his fingers. “This? Oh, sorry, do you want it back?”

He started to lift it over his head and Julian quickly grabbed his wrists to stop him as sharp hipbones peeked out from underneath the hem, as if the sight of him wasn’t already tempting enough. “No, no! It’s fine! I uh… I’m just surprised, that’s all.”

Asra scoffed, sitting back in the chair, the too-big shirt lulling open at the front, deliciously lean lines of muscle visible beneath tawny skin. Julian bit back a moan, trying to tear his eyes away, but failing miserably.

Asra registered his hungry gaze, smiling sweetly. “Oh, Ilya. It was the first thing I grabbed, don’t read into it,” he purred, leaning in to press warm lips to the corner of his mouth, lingering just a moment too long to be anything other than suggestive. He winked, biting his lip before sliding out of the booth and into the kitchen.

Julian swallowed thickly, his ears burning. Asra turned to look at him over his shoulder, reaching up to retrieve some mugs from the cupboard, the shirt riding up over his hips once more. “Tea?”

Julian whimpered, slamming his forehead onto the table.

Everything will be alright now

I needed an”everything will be alright” fic, since I can’t wait for next season, so I wrote one myself.

Future fic (kind of?)

Summary:  When Ned Stark is despairing on the Black cells his son Bran –sorry, the Three Eyed Raven now– comes to give him a little bit of hope.

Chapters: 1/1.

Also on AO3.


“My daughters,” Lord Eddard Stark mumbled in the darkness of his cell. “What about my daughters?”

He was feverish and raving; hurt, thirsty and starving. His mind flew back between the images of his daughters, scared and uncertain.

“Arya!” he called. “Sansa!”

The small part of him that was still coherent was grateful that nobody was there to hear him cry. Although, unlike what Eddard Stark believed, he was not alone. Not exactly.

When Ned opened his eyes he wasn’t on the dirty, dark dungeon anymore. No, he stood in the middle of a meadow.

«By the gods!,» he thought with despair. «I have gone mad».

“You haven’t gone mad,” a voice said behind him.

Ned spun around. In the middle of the clearing was a young man, he stood tall with dark auburn hair and a pale complexion. His eyes, a familiar blue, looked at him inexpressive. His whole face was clear and empty, like a stone.

He felt his stomach drop. That man… No, it couldn’t be. But yet…

“Bran?” he chanced.

The man smiled but it was empty of any feelings. “Hello, father,” he said numbly.

“Bran! But… how?”

Bran walked, he walked, towards him. They had told him he would never walk again.

“I’m not Bran,” he said. “Not anymore. I’m the Three Eyed Raven now.”

Ned looked at his son with confusion. “The what?”

“The Three Eyed Raven,” he repeated. “It means I see everything. Things that are happening all around the world, things that will happen, things that have happened. Like this one. I usually can’t intervene but…” a flicker of emotion livened his eyes just a moment before it vanished.

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The Sidra Coffee Shop

So I saw this post about Rhysand flirting with Feyre and I thought I might write it. Sorry if this turns out bad, another writer could do a better job than me. Hell, someone probably already has. Anyway I hope you enjoy!

It was Sunday morning and I was in my favourite coffee shop, The Sidra. It was named after the mighty river that ran through the centre of town. It was said that when we were invaded, the river rose as if in answer and wiped out the forces of the invading army and saving the city. You could see the river from my view of the window seat, it was an image I was trying to capture desperately in my sketch pad. 

I took a sip from my smoothie before grabbing my pencils and shading the jasmine flowers that bloomed along the riverbank. The whole atmosphere was pleasant, sitting in the rather rustic coffee shop, a faint moody dancing around the room, quite Sunday morning chatter in the background. I was quite content to spend the rest of the day sitting on the little wooden bench sketching. 

I had just finished capturing the image of the cafe chairs that adorned the edge of the Sidra, imagining how it would have rose. It was something I wanted to paint, I could almost imagine wolves jumping out of the very river itself and taking soldiers to their watery graves as they fought to protect their city. When a shadow fell across my page causing me to jump.

Startled, I turned to face the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He had silky black hair and a muscled chest, from what I could see of how his shirt hugged his body, but it was the bright violet hue of his eyes that enticed me the most. 

“Hey,” I started. “Can I help you?” I was a little confused at why this man was here beside me, I really did want to finish this drawing but he seemed to have other plans.

“Well, darling, as it is you certainly can. I was just admiring your drawing skills from that table over there,” he gestured behind him, “and felt that you should know that it’s  almost as gorgeous as you.” 

“Um… Thank you, I guess,” I was unsure of what to say so I took a sip out of my strawberry and dragon fruit smoothie. 

“Also, darling-,”

“Feyre,” I interjected.

“Well then, Feyre darling I was wondering if you have wifi?”

Who the hell was this guy, asking if she had wifi. All I wanted was to finish my sketch in piece.

“No,” I said and I turned back to my drawing.

“Well,” he drawled from beside me. “That is disappointing because I thought I felt a connection. I’m Rhysand by the way.”

“No sorry, no wifi here. Though I’m positive your friends must be missing you,” I said as what I hoped was a subtle dismissal. Apparently I had no such luck.

“Your jumper is perfectly stunning, did you know that?” He comments. 

“Thank you,” I simply stated before turning back to my drawing. After about five minutes he walks away. Muttering a short goodbye as he left. I turned back to my drawing an odd feeling surrounding me. I sort of did a double take, today was turning out rather odd. 

It wasn’t ten minutes before I was disrupted again. What the hell was with everyone this morning? Why couldn’t I just be left in peace I thought. 

“Well hello, gorgeous,” he whistles.

I made a point to ignore him, carrying on with my attempt to capture the rest of the perfect image before the rest of the public rose from their beds. He just sits down next to me. He’s wearing a black hoodie and jeans.

“Nice outfit by the way, you look absolutely delicious.” 

“Thanks,” I reply. This was the oddest Sunday morning I had ever had. I took another sip out of my smoothie letting it wash around my mouth before trickling down my throat.

“Like you just walked off the runway,” he goes on. 

“Thanks,” I reply curtly. “Again.”

He throws some more odd compliments my way before heading off in the same direction that that Rhysand bloke had gone in. I turned around catching the tail end of their conversation. There were five of them in total.

“…way, she didn’t even blush. I’ve never met anyone who has resisted my manly charm that easily before.” The hoody guy states.

“Well Cassian, it seems you own Amren ten bucks. I told you she wouldn’t give you her number,” Rhysand drawls.

“Cough up boys,” the small one says. Her quick silver eyes flash over and meet mine and she smirks. 

“Nah ah ah,” Rhysand smirks like the cheshire cat. “I made no bargain or bet.” 

“No but you did say you would get her number and it seems you failed,” the blonde one perks up.

“Look,” he growls. “I’m just interested in her okay, lets not make a big deal out of it.” He picks up his coffee and takes a gulp. It’s black, the worst kind of coffee in my opinion. When I drank it I felt like I was choking down tar. So those men were trying to flirt with me? God, I feel so stupid.

I finish with my drawing, the crowds now to thick to properly capture the original image and pack my stuff away. I walk over and pay the bill, I’m about to leave when a thought strikes me. I may as well have a little fun with this situation they have given me. I stalk over to Rhysand, grab a napkin scribble my number down as he stares at me, fold it up and shove it into his chest before pecking him on the cheek and sauntering towards the door. 

Right before I set foot out of the cafe I turn around to see the whole bunch bent over double laughing all except Rhysand who is grinning from ear to ear and the small one, Amren, who catches my gaze and smirks at me knowingly. With that I walk out of the cafe and down the street, a small part of me hoping for a call from the gorgeous, violet eyed man I had just encountered.

I take no credit for the idea behind this piece, that should go to @greenfire2908art. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I’m sorry for the poor quality of writing I wrote this at midnight and now can’t be bothered to reread it and edit my mistakes. Yep, I’m lazy like that. I hope it’s somewhere near what you hoped for @greenfire2908art sorry if it’s not up to the right standard. I thought I’d give it a go though anyway. 

The Patriarch - Part 2

Just in time for Halloween, here’s the second part of The Patriarch, with Xanxaske!

It’s been a year since the day you met Xan, and Halloween has come once more. While it’s very interesting to you that nobody seems to react to seeing him on a normal day, they respond amazingly when they see him today. After a few particularly loud responses, you ask him about it.

“I am normally cloaked with a camouflague spell,” Xan explains as you walk the streets together. His heavy footfalls and great stature bring the attention of most nearby people, and they excitedly ask for pictures. Xan poses in a cheesy, overdramatic way as they snap their photos, and you can’t help but laugh. “Most humans cannot hope to understand the entire realm of possibility around them, so my kind keep themselves hidden from prying eyes.”

Thinking back on what had happened the day you met, you nodded silently. Specifically, your giggling fit upon Xan telling you he was interested in you. It still made you cringe to this day.

As a group of trick-or-treaters pass by, he growls loudly, making them scurry away, yelling in mock horror. You look up as he chuckles, and smile.

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Repost @mua_ttt_tia 💃🏾💃🏾🔊🔊 turn the volume 📶

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After Hours - Yang’s Perfect Score

Hello again! So it took a while to get to the next one of these, but this is an idea that came to me a few days ago and it’s mostly just about how amazing Yang Xiao Long is. Honestly, the more I write her and think about her, the more I realize that Yang is really the best kind of person. 

Anyway, thank you for reading and for the support on the previous two pieces - it really means a lot and these are so fun to write and just clear my head with. Without further ado - I hope you enjoy :)

If she had come out of the bathroom a second later, she probably would have missed it. Instead, Blake was privy to the sight of Yang with a piece of paper in her hand, her scroll in the other as she took a selfie with a huge smile on her face. It wasn’t even a typical Yang Xiao Long smile. This one was more…innocent and childish. Almost giddy – it looked quite nice on her, but Blake had no idea where it had come from.

The smile vanished a moment later when Yang realized she’d been caught. The lights were low in their room as night continued to settle in over Beacon. Ruby and Weiss had raced off to the library – Weiss furious over a low by her standards score on a surprise history exam. She’d sworn to spend her entire night studying and they’d learned early on in their time as teammates that if Weiss said she was going to stay up all night studying, odds were she would.

That’s why Ruby had gone with her, determined to make her come back to the room before curfew so she wouldn’t end up sleeping in the book stacks again.

Freshly caught and suddenly blushing – Blake was extremely intrigued by her partner who quickly tucked the paper away and threw her scroll down as if it were on fire.

Blake was never one to press. Yang knew she’d been caught, so Blake gave her a lingering look before sitting down on her bunk and lying back on the pillow.

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interferingspeedbump  asked:

Can I have a majulian with him in a mirror *cough cough* "admiring" asra's body and getting off on it? I'm a dirty sinner XD

We’re all dirty sinners here, it’s fine.

Kinda NSFW?

Julian could hear Finn calling him from downstairs, but he couldn’t seem to tear his gaze from himself, well… Asra

The other mans face stared back at him in the mirror, a confusing, yet pleasing sight. He stepped closer, reaching up to trace the outline of his full lips, the small, perfectly formed nose. He’d almost forgotten how beautiful Asra was, and being able to really look at him this close was a new experience all together. 

He toyed with a lock of snow white hair, so soft under his fingertips, not at all like Julian’s own mess of curls. He even smelt like Asra, the lavender and incense and just… fresh air filling his nostrils. 

He bit his lip, watching bright, violet eyes narrow as he trailed his hand down his chest. The leanness of him was strangely refreshing, so used now to touching the thick, obviously muscled broadness of Finn, or even himself. 

His skin was like velvet, soft to the touch and the most beautiful, deep tawny brown. He trailed his hand lower, quickly fumbling to undo the buttons of his shirt, fascinated with the way he felt like he was touching someone else, but the sensations were all his own. 

He closed his eyes as he ran a finger along the waistband of his trousers, something stirring in the pit of his stomach, hot and raw and needy. Was it so wrong if it was his body? Technically he was touching himself… right? 

His eyes flew open, focusing on the figure in the glass reflected back at him, fingers curled around his growing erection, Asra slightly smaller but no less perfect than he remembered, heavy and warm in his palm. He hissed through clenched teeth as he stroked down once, watching Asra’s expression twist into something that he hadn’t seen before. 

The witch was always so infuriatingly composed when they were together, even when he would be on the brink, ready to tip over the edge, that same restrained expression wouldn’t falter. But now, now he was seeing what he wished he could have all those years ago; vulnerability, passion.

He heard footsteps coming up the stairs, but didn’t move to pull himself together. He stroked again, gently running his thumb around the tip, humming quietly, eyes still firmly fixed on the flushed, crumbling expression in the mirror. 

Finn leaned against the door frame, golden eyes staring him down, but not judging; enjoying. 

He met Finn’s gaze in the mirror, exhaling loudly, the feeling of being caught, of being watched only fueling his desire. Finn licked his lips, stepping forward, ready to reach out as Julian shook his head. “No, just watch.” 

Finn offered a crooked grin, his eyes twinkling as he stepped closer, hands behind his back, his breath hot on Julian’s neck. He watched intently, appreciating every movement, every twitch, listening to each panting breath and whimper.

When he finally came undone, spilling his release over his fingers, he closed his eyes, a giggle bubbling in his throat. Finn’s hands were on him in an instant, snaking around his waist and pulling him back against the familiar, firm plains of his chest. 

“That,” he groaned, teeth nibbling at the golden column of Asra’s throat, “was hot.” 

looveel-realm  asked:

for the writing prompt, 2 or 10 with sormik ? :3

This was delightful. Thank you for this prompt

#10. “We’re both YouTubers who lurk on each other’s channels because we’re in somewhat different fields, but apparently we’re similar enough to get a panel together at a con.”

“You said you watch each other’s channels,” a woman in the audience says. “I wanted to know how you feel about meeting in real life.”

Sorey answers first, bringing the microphone to his lips. “Well, for starters he’s even more charming in person.”

The woman grins, and the audience around her laughs. Mikleo smacks him lightly on the arm, smiling mischievously.

“I was surprised, actually,” he says. “The last thing I watched with him was the letsplay of Outlast II. It turns out his voice is a lot deeper in person.”

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Voltron Characters in Game of Throne Houses


I hc’d Shiro to be of House Stark because of his grey eyes, and tall build. This house values honor and are known across generations to be able to hold a psychic connection to their wargs which immediately made me think of Shiro’s connection to Black plus they can never get a break 


Lance strikes me as belonging to the House Martell who are known for their darker hair and eyes. They are fiercely loyal to family and are one of the only houses unsuccessfully conquered by the Targaryens. Plus, imagining Lance training with a literal lance is pretty badass.


Physical wise, Pidge matches the description of Tyrells with brown hair and eyes. Tyrells are known to be ambitious and hide their true intentions behind an amicalble facade (kinda like Pidge, who’s often underestimated bc of her small stature). Be warned, a rose has her thorns, and she is unapologetic in using them to her own advantage.


A cadet house from the Starks, Karstarks are loyal to their liege lord but are a proud house. They want to see justice meted out accordingly and this often causes a rift between them and the Starks (season 4 predictions, anyone?)


Not a real house, but the characteristics fit. They are the Lannister’s muscle force and generally seen as loyal to the Westerlands. Hunk is a loyal character, and though he doesn’t embody the bloodthirstiness of the Hounds, he does remind me of the lengths Cleganes go to protect their liege house.


Some characteristics of House Dayne include having fair (almost silver-like) hair and bright violet eyes. A vassal house to House Martell, they are headstrong people and won’t hesitate to advance a war for the good of the realm. Allura’s ability to choose (and stay loyal) to the good cause of saving the universe is why I place her in this house. 


The principal house of the Riverlands, House Tully has developed a reputation for not surrendering easily. Their stubbornness to do what’s right for their family earn them the saying ‘Family. Duty. Honour.’ Coran would do anything for Alfor’s family, and his kindness mixed with his determination is why I hc’d him to be from this house.

Disclaimer: the photos do not belong to me, and the opinions are of my own. 

This is my fic for Noragami Week Day three. The prompt was ship and I chose to write about KazuBisha! I hope you enjoy!


Right before her eyes, metal sliced through flesh with ease, a sickening crunch coming when the blade bit into bone. Blood poured from the wound in his chest, a hot, metallic scent filling her nose while the deep crimson swam in her vision. His body crumpled to the ground, suddenly looking so broken and weak when, just moments before, he had stood resolutely in front of her, protecting her.

“Kazuma!” The cry rang out from her lips before she could stop it. Though, in an instant, she knew there was nothing to be done.

His name was ripped from her heart, the all too familiar agony of losing a shinki consuming her in a rushing wave. This was different though. She loved all of her shinki dearly, but Kazuma held a special place. And now, with the loss of him, a sharp, searing pain plunged into her chest, coursing violently out through her veins. Overwhelmed, she dropped to her knees beside him, trying to fight the aching in her throat and the burning behind her eyes. She had lost many before, but she couldn’t lose him. She just couldn’t.


Jolting from sleep, Bishamon frantically pulled herself upright, a panicked gaze searching her surroundings, trying to reorient herself. When the realization that she was safe in her room set in, it helped to settle her pounding heart. Fingers twisting in the soft sheets below, Bishamon fought to push down the cold fear that clawed at her mind and tightened her chest. It had been so long since she had last had a dream that real, that lucid. Even now, she couldn’t truly convince herself that it was just a dream and hadn’t happened. Some small part of her believed it was a memory, rather than a nasty nightmare, and that terrified her above all else.

Unable to quell the worry and dread tightly coiled in her chest, suffocating her, Bishamon pushed away the tangled sheets, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed. The smooth flooring was icy against her bare feet, but she barely paid it any mind. Reflexively following the halls she had walked so many times, she turned the corner that lead her to Kazuma’s room. Stopping in front of the plain door, she was suddenly frozen, anxieties flooding over her. What would she do if he wasn’t there? What could she do? Steeling her nerves, Bishamon brought a shaky hand to the door, knocking quietly.

After what seemed to be an eternity, the door swung open with a soft creak, Kazuma standing on the other side, hair messy and eyes drowsy from sleep. “Veena?” He asked curiously, not accustomed to seeing her at the late hour.

Before she could even think of stopping herself, Bishamon had closed the space between herself and Kazuma, wrapping her arms around him. Taken by surprise, he stumbled back a few steps. Upon realizing what was happening, he immediately stiffened at her touch, cheeks flushing a light pink.

Letting out a shuddering breath of relief, Bishamon held him close, the steady beat of his heart assuring her that he was alive, his skin warm beneath her fingers. Slowly relaxing in her embrace, Kazuma slid his arms around her waist. He stepped back, sitting on the edge of his bed and easing Bishamon down with him.

“What happened?” Kazuma asked worriedly, noting how shaken she had looked.

Teeth sinking into her bottom lip, Bishamon hesitated for a moment, suddenly feeling insecure and vulnerable. She never let things bother her like this, but it was different this time. Kazuma was different to her, not just any shinki, and he meant too much to take any chances. “It was just a nightmare,” she said quietly, voice sounding small and weak in her own ears. At her words, Kazuma tightened his hold on her, sympathetic. He knew how much his own mind could torment him, bringing up images of his worst fears and his worst regrets. He could scarcely imagine the horrors that haunted Bishamon’s dreams, when she had been through so much worse than him.

“They killed you,” Bishamon said sorrowfully, the words falling from her lips without thought, “and I couldn’t do anything. You were protecting me and I failed you.”

The more she said, the more she remembered, the more desperately she clung to him, like she was afraid he would disappear if she let him go. Balling the cottony fabric of his sleep shirt in her hands, Bishamon tried to swallow the lump forming in her throat. “I’m so sorry, Kazuma,” she said, her voice thick with emotion.

“It wasn’t real,” Kazuma assured, rubbing a hand in small, slow circles over her back, trying to calm her down. Brow creased with concern, Kazuma shifted his gaze to look at Bishamon, still wrapped in his arms. It was so rare that he saw her, Goddess of War, looking so small and vulnerable. Kazuma couldn’t help but worry over her.

He could feel her breaths coming faster, lurching and shallow. He knew she was trying her best to keep from crying, to stay strong. “It’s okay, Veena,” Kazuma soothed, gently tucking her head under his chin, “you don’t have to hold back.” Letting out a shaky breath, she nodded against his chest.

Barely a moment later, there were tears soaking into his shirt, dampening the fabric. A small, broken sob spilled over her lips, muffled by his chest. It hurt Kazuma’s heart, knowing that, in some odd way or another, he was responsible for her misery. Even if it was just in a nightmare of her own creation, he hated himself for hurting her, for leaving her. Though, what really scared him was that fact that he knew he would never hesitate to sacrifice himself if it meant saving her. He could never live with himself if he let Bishamon die, regardless of her ability to reincarnate.

Pulling him from his thoughts, Bishamon took in a deep breath, body trembling. “Losing you was unbearable,” she cried, voice a broken whisper.

Smoothing a hand over her long, blonde hair, Kazuma attempted to offer what little comfort he could, trying to clear his mind as well. It was so hard to believe that he held any value, especially to someone like Bishamon, a God of Fortune with so many powerful shinki. He was nothing more than an earring. He was not worthy of her love and affection, but he longed for it so much that it hurt and he treasured every touch, every kind word. Sometimes, she could almost convince him that he really was important, irreplaceable even. Though, reality always came rushing back sooner or later.

So, even with her arms desperately wrapped around him, putting so much worth into him, Kazuma had to remember his place. He would comfort her with all he had, make her feel better, doing his duty as a loyal shinki and exemplar, but nothing more. All the unsaid words, longing glances, fleeting touches, and desperate emotions would have to be locked deep in his heart, for her sake.

“Can I stay here?” Bishamon asked gently, her voice watery. She lifted her head from Kazuma’s chest, finding his gaze. Her normally bright violet eyes looked dull and glassy from crying, red rimming their edges. Tears still welled beneath her irises, threatening to spill again.

Though his cheeks flushed pink at the thought of sharing his bed with her, Kazuma couldn’t refuse. She looked so lost and broken, any notion of her fierce spirit gone, her eyes pleadingly searching his. With a slight nod, Kazuma eased back, drawing himself out of Bishamon’s embrace. He settled under the covers while she did the same, sliding closer until she could lay her head comfortably on his chest. The soft rise and fall of his breaths calmed her still-worried heart, reassuring her. She knew he was there, and that he wasn’t going to leave her. He was the only one who never left her. Kazuma was always there for her, no matter how bad things got.


Rosewood Anemones Chapter 1

Rating: Teen

Word Count: 3,232

Story Summary: Living as a woodworker crafting furniture and nicknacks in the small town of Elysia, Sorey lead a peaceful lifestyle. Pieces came and went along with customers, most never leaving a lasting impression. Never could Sorey have imagined the day a beautiful boy, with knowledge of ancient history rivaling his own, would come in to order a coffin. 

Notes: Ggggaaaaahhhhhh over a month of sitting on this secret project with all of two people I could scream to. But I’m finally beginning to post and holy shit does it feel good. Some of you may recognize this from a post way back when by the lovely @amarietie​, who is too fricking awesome for letting me take to writing it. Okay, I’ll stop my screaming there (for this post anyway). 

AO3 Link

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I’ll Take Her Place (Chapter 5)

Summary:  AU. When Allura breaks the news that she is to wed Prince Lotor in order to continue the peaceful relationship between Altea and Daibazaal, Pidge knows that she has to do something to change that. And so, with a little help, she comes up with a new plan. A better plan

Pairings: Keith/Pidge (main) ; Shiro/Allura (minor), Hunk/Lance (minor) ; Lotor/Allura (one-sided)

Chapter 1 - Previous - Masterpost

Also posted on AO3 and

Just a heads up, I work in retail and I’m now in The Week of Black Friday, which means the next chapter may be a little delayed while I try to survive work. (But not for long.)

Chapter 5

“I think I made things worse,” Keithir said the moment his mentor opened the door which joined their rooms together.

Thace sighed and stepped aside, letting the younger Galra enter. “Ulaz will be back soon. He was invited downstairs to see this castle’s cryo-pods. Apparently one of them is malfunctioning.” He watched as Keithir wordlessly padded over to the couch and sat half-curled against one side, legs pulled up close to his chest. Not for the first time, Thace was struck by just how young the prince was.

He joined him on the couch, near enough to let Keithir know he was there for him, but far enough that the prince had the space he preferred. “Do you want to wait for Ulaz?”

“No. We don’t have to.”

Thace settled back and waited.

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I couldn’t help myself. This short game has consumed my life, the art is gorgeous and the story is so intriguing. I’ve been consuming the asks about the characters on their main tumblr @thearcanagame. I’d like to just say I own none of the characters and I know there’s much to be revealed, but I couldn’t help myself. So, since I can’t make beautiful fanart like everyone else, have my trash fanfic instead.

Also I know little of tarot, but this is a great researching experience. So if I get it completely wrong please do tell me.

Chapter 1:

The air was thick and almost heady. Lavender was sprinkled around the room, warding off the smell of wormwood and drying star flower. Covering the lingering aroma of brews she’d spent hours mixing just that morning in the back of the shop. The herb helped make the space more pleasant for guests. Maisynira flipped the card over, the bracelets on her wrist clanking together to form the only other sound in the room. The client watching with bated breath. “The Two of Wands,” she said almost autonomously, the words dripping from her tongue like honey. “Your business venture is to be a fruitful endeavor.”

“This partnership is a good one then?”

A smile tugged at her lips as she let the minor arcana speak through her. More muddled that those of the major figures, but clear enough in their meaning. Though that was not always the case. “It is. The boon coming is yours by right and will be generous.” She could almost feel the flicking of Faust’s tongue, tasting the air as magic danced across it. Even perched as she was, just out of reach on Asra’s shoulder. Then again, such was the wonder of the magic itself. So utterly alive.

The man shifted again, licking his lips and leaning forward. Greedy eyes meeting her entranced blue. The minor arcana was fickle and though fate favored him now, the major arcana was quick to bluntly remind you of the reality of life and consequences that choices have. “What else?”

Maisynira flipped over another card. Blue eyes darkening before looking back up at the man. “The Inverted Chariot.”

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Savage (short fan-fiction by me)

Nicolas Wilde was having a difficult time catching his breathe. Why was this menial and simple task becoming so increasingly tedious? Well…in Nick’s mind there were three possible reasons as to why this particular conundrum was occurring. This first thing might of had something to do with this small explosion that happened in a abandoned Zootopia underground train station. The second was most likely because  psycho sheep sent her rams after him and Hopps (to silence them from alerting the authorities and the media of her nefarious plans).  The third…was definitely the fact that psycho sheep was also pretty clever and figured out that Judy switched the toxic pellets in the gun…to blueberries. Having tossed the Hopps blueberries (which by the way should be a crime!) Smellwheather once again loaded the gun with the Night Howler infused pellets aiming right at Nick.

“Police hurry…there’s a savage fox…officer Hopps down!” Assistant Mayor Bellwheather yelled in fake panic.

 Hopps, seeing Smellwheather's target was Nick, pushed him out of the way getting hit by the Night Howler’s toxins in the stomach.

“Carrots!” Nick cried in horror feeling utterly helpless as he watched his partners bright violet eyes fade to black…

(So obviously this is not cannon but thought it would be an interesting take on the ending. Please let me know what you think…hope you like it. I do not own the art work…it’s not mine and I don’t know who’s it is but it’s very pretty)