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Every CEGF song ever
A Boy Band Made Up Of Four Joshes

“Baby, you can kiss all your childhood traumas goodbye.
You’re never gonna miss all that stress you’ve been keeping inside.
All your psychological problems, girl, we’re gonna solve them.
‘Cause we’re not just a boy band made up of four Joshes,
We’re also a team of licensed mental health professionals.”

anonymous asked:

does poetry have to be about depression / mental illnesses / suffering / death / heart broken / recovery to be good? is there any poetry about happiness or enjoying life? or these kind of poetry wouldn't be sold or famous enough to be known?

Only a handful of famous ones for you, if that can convince you that poetry is not only darkness.

Maya Angelou, Still I Rise
Emily Dickinson, T’is So Much Joy
Rumi, Make Yourself Free 
John Keats, Bright Star
Edna St. Vincent Millay, Afternoon on a Hill
Pablo Neruda, Ode to Hope
Emily Brontë, How Still, How Happy
e. e. cummings, I carry your heart with me 
Sappho, Come Here to Me From Crete
Louise Glück, The Evening Star 
Arthur Rimbaud, Soleil et Chair / Sun and Flesh
Paul Eluard, La Terre est Bleue / The Earth is Blue
Carol Ann Duffy, Gesture
Sad Writing Songs

Songs to write sad bad poetry to // Songs to die to:

Both Sides Now // Joni Mitchell

Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You + Rain // The 1975

Accidental Babies // Damien Rice

Nicest Thing // Kate Nash

We Don’t Eat // James Vincent McMorrow

Chocolate and Cigarettes // Angus and Julia Stone

Lua // Bright Eyes

Burgh Island // Ben Howard

Holocene // Bon Iver

There Will Be Tears // Frank Ocean



  • fka twigs - lp1
  • lykke li - i never learn
  • perfume genius - too bright
  • st. vincent - st. vincent
  • lana del rey - ultraviolence
  • nicki minaj - the pinkprint
  • charli xcx - sucker
  • azealia banks - broke with expensive taste
  • tinashe - aquarius
  • gazelle twin - unflesh

honorable metions that didnt make top 10: owen pallett- in conflict, tuneyards - nikki nack, arca - xen, hundred waters - the moon rang like a bell, mø - no mythologies to follow, sharon van etten - are we there


Maia: Damien! I see nothing’s changed.

Maia glanced pointedly at her watch, noting that Damien was 45 minutes late.

Damien: I’m sorry. I was caught up in something.

Maia: Something more important than your son? 

Damien and Maia squared off, each daring the other to retort. 

Maia: Jordan’s a bright, loving young boy. Vincent and I have raised him as our own. He’s started asking questions, though… he’s learning about genetics, and adding up that he’s not ours. He looks quite a bit like you, actually.

Damien: So what does that mean? 

Maia: Well… I’m thinking about telling him that you’re his father.

Damien: Wow. Okay. What about Brooke?

Maia’s face fell at hearing Brooke’s name.

Maia: I still haven’t heard from her. Have you?

Damien shook his head.

Maia: Let’s take a walk. I’m stiff from sitting here so long.

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The next morning, it was shining bright and early with Vincent doing some pancakes. He was humming under his breath, working on them hard. With bakers in the house, he couldn’t really allow sub-standard pancakes else the girls would laugh and take over for him. He was a decent cook, but come on, he wasn’t on baker level!