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Oh I know, how would the companions react to a sole who is super clumsy? Like a sole who can't walk five feet with out tripping, falling over something, or slamming into something? For some reason that thought entertains me

Sure thing, anon!

Cait: “What the hell Sole, are yer’ feet still frozen or somethin’? Yer’ stumblin’ ‘round like an idiot!”

Curie: “Madame/Monsieur are you alright? Has the radiation affected your motor skills?” Curie was genuinely concerned for Sole. 

Danse: “The way you carry yourself makes it unbelievable that you’re such a skilled combatant, soldier.” He teased, giving Sole a smile.

Deacon: “Not so light on your feet there, are you slick?” Deacon would tease, only to end up tripping over his untied shoelaces. 

Hancock: “How hard are you tripping brother/sister?” He’d laugh, more amused by his joke than Sole’s clumsiness.

MacCready: The mercenary was pretty clumsy himself, so he didn’t have much room to talk. “Take it easy there, Boss.”

Nick: “Hell, kid.” He’d laugh, shaking his head. “Did that ice box leave you like this, or have you always been this damn clumsy?”

Piper: The reporter couldn’t help but laugh whenever Sole tripped or stumbled. “Careful, Blue!”

Preston: “Take it easy, general. One step at a time.” He’d flash a bright smile at Sole, suppressing laughter.

X6-88: “Sir/Ma’am, may I suggest that you pace yourself? You are graceless when you rush.” 

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Sole and companions stumble across an adult shop and Sole attempts to convince them to model the lingerie for them as well as give them a strip tease.

Cait: Does exactly as she is told. Cait doesn’t hesitate, even when some ferals amble down the stairs.

Codsworth: Is very confused as to why Sole would want him to partake in such activities. He tells them it wouldn’t even work if he tried, and he continues to float around, avoiding eye contact with some of the items in the shop.

Curie: She’s excited to model some clothing for Sole. Pre-War fashion was just so elegant! Curie doesn’t really know what a ‘strip tease’ is, but when Sole explained she happily obliged - For testing purposes.

Paladin Danse: His temperature rises substantially and he flushes bright red. He scolds sole and tells them that they should not even be thinking of these kinds of things whilst they are on duty. He secretly wouldn’t mind trying it later however.

Deacon: Definitely wants to model the lingerie. He puts it on and strikes a few sexy poses, whilst joking the whole time. But when Sole asks for a strip tease he simply replies ‘Maybe later’.

Dogmeat: Is confused. Barks and tears at the lingerie, ripping it to shreds quickly.

Hancock: Like Cait, he’s straight into it, no fuss. He’s certainly skilled, Sole would give him that.

MacCready: He freezes in his place when he hears Sole’s request. Half of him wants to, for a laugh but then the other half is screaming at him not to, ever, ever do it. He stutters and looks at Sole. ‘U-Uh are you serious? No way.:’

Preston Garvey: Blushes and pulls his hat down further over his face. He tells Sole that he’d much rather not, as they had things to be getting on with. 

Piper: “Ew, Blue, stop being a perv…”

Nick Valentine: Nick frowns. He tells Sole that he’s just a mess of metal and wires, that he wasn’t pretty to look at. When Sole insists again, he shakes his head and declines.


X6-88: He looks over to Sole and stares. “No” he utters, before turning and searching the place for some valuables.


nisha & mags, 2 very fashionable gals

i didnt know which version is better the contrasted or the dimmed down one
whichever one is better 4 ur eyes i guess lol

Companions finding a sketchbook belonging to Sole full of detailed sketches of them? - Part I - the boys

First; thank you so much! *hug* Really genuinely mean it when I say that that means a lot . ^^ Also, here’s the first part of your request. Took my time on it, even though I’m super busy lately. So the second part will probably be up tomorrow or the day after depening on how exhausted I’ll be with uni work included. Quite hectic days tbh… Anyway; enjoy! :) (btw if anyone wants me to add maxson or sturges feel free to ask)

Deacon was highly amused by Sole deciding to draw him from all people. He decided to keep the sketchbook for a while, until Sole asked if he’d seen it. He handed it back to Sole with a wink and left Sole to turn bright red. Sole instantly tried to explain but got interrupted.
“ Deacon, I…”
“I understand. It’s my dazzling good looks.”
Deacon winked at Sole and left. Sole knew this wasn’t the last they’d hear of this though. From that moment on Deacon reminded Sole of the fact that he knew about these drawings by prancing around shirtless and striking a pose in front of them on a regular basis. Sometimes when waking them up in the morning, sometimes at random when having dinner, making sure Sole got even more flustered the first time but just tried to ignore it after. Every other settler didn’t manage to ignore it though. Nick walked by and shook his head as he told Sole ‘You just had to go and pat his ego, huh?”   


He held up the book and placed a drawing of his face against his own. “ Who’s that? Is that me?” Sole tried to come up with a sensemaking explanation but couldn’t actually lie to Codsworth. Not only would he see right through it, there was also the puppy eyes. Even as a synth he seemed an expert at that. “Yeah, it is.” He smiled. “Excellent work, Mum/Sir! I’m glad you decided keep practicing. You always were very talented. Marvellous lines, you really did capture this new look.” Sole smiled.“May I ask you, why precisely did you opt to choose me as a model?” Sole shrugged. “Because you’re good-looking?” Codsworth felt his cheeks get warmer. “Why thank you Sir/ma’am. You are truly too kind. “


Nick Valentine:
Nick just picked up the sketchbook when Sole was talking to someone else and had put it down, curious how good of an artist they really were. Suffices to say that he was surprised by what he found. Sole was a fantastic artist all right, they even captured the look of light on metal. He looked positively heroic and shook his head in amusement at that before he went on to the next drawing. Only to realise every single drawing was of him. Sole reached for the book to find an empty space and noticed Nick was holding it. “Striking resemblance kid. You’re really talented. Mind tellin’ me why there are only sketches of me though?” He outstretched his hand with the book and Sole took it 
“Nobody ever told you it’s not nice to snoop around, Nick?”
He laughed ‘I’m a detective! It’s my job.Tryin’ to figure out your motive here.”
“I just like the way you look. You look suave and collected at all times. Grounded.” 
“Robotic you mean?.” Sole shook their head. “It’s about the charisma I guess.” Nick leafed through the book. “Please darling, you’re gonna make me blush. Although I don’t smoke. The man I stole the memories from did though.” Sole smiled. “Felt like it matched.”

Preston :
Preston found something on the ground. By the lack of dirt and sand on it, he figured it had to have been dropped recently. He opened it to figure out who it belonged to. “Hey general, is this you…rs.” his voice trailed off as he noticed the drawings of him when leafing through the sketchbook. Sole turned around right in time to see the surprise on his face. “Preston, that’s mine.” He started smiling. “Guessed as much general.” He handed it back to Sole. “Well done.” Preston quite liked the idea of Sole using him as a model to practice their drawing skills. Quite the compliment, too. He was in a very good mood for the rest of the day. Sole decided to bring it up again. “ So about those drawings…” “Don’t worry about it general. I consider it a compliment. Although I must dissapoint you abuot the true size of my bisceps.” 

He had noticed them zoning out with that book on a regular basis, seemingly as a way to get their mind off of whatever else was going on. Danse had reminded Sole time and time again that situational awareness at all times was more than just a luxury in the commonwealth. On one of their travels together, after barely getting out with all their limbs still attached, hey found a safe place to spend the night. Or at least as safe as possible given the situation. Sole got out their sketchbook and started to draw as Danse focussed on fixing his power armour . When he was done, he found Sole asleep on a couch which looked like it was about to fall apart, their sketchbook still open on their lap and a pencil on the floor. He wanted to put them in the bed, seeing that a decent night’s sleep was always a good idea, and picked up the sketchbook. That’s when he noticed highly detailed images of himself on every page. He was convinced that Sole hadn’t seen him shirtless that often. Sole woke up gently at first but their eyes shot open as soon as they noticed the book in his hands.
“Oh! Ehm… did you?” 
“Yes. I did.”
“I’d like to apologize for looking into your personal belongings.” 
“No problem… Okay are we really not going to talk about what you saw?”  Danse shook his head. “You saved my life. Both the myth and the man. You can draw me as much as you like, no questions asked. I owe you that much.” He cleared his throat and started talking about how he fixed his power armour, desperate to change the topic.

”Whoever drew these must be very talented.” Sole turned around, wide-eyed . How did he even find that? They figured it’d be impossible to subtly take the book from X6. He looked at the drawings appreciatively, one by one. “I never did enjoy abstract art but this shows a great level of skill. They captured the anatomy very well.” Sole was very busy trying to come up with a reason why they’d want to keep the book, when X6 handed it over to them again. “ This explains why you have such a steady hand, Sir/Ma’am. Although I must press you to focus on more pressing matters than honing those skills in drawing.” 
”You knew?”
” I am very perceptive Ma’am/Sir. Keeps both of us alive.” 
”And you’re ok with it?”
“ Go for it.”
He just walked out without as much as another word on the subject and rarely brought it up again. He sometimes noticed Sole drawing him but never minded as long as he didn’t need to stop what has was doing.

“Are ya ever gonna show me what you’re drawing?” he inquired when hanging out with Sole on a calmer day. “No.” “Ah, c’mon. We’re partners boss. We really shouldn’t have secrets for each other.” “Sure Mac.” He sighed and walked past Sole only to grab the sketchbook and run off with it. “MACCREADY!’. “Hey you said ‘sure’.” As he looked through the sketchbook and his smile faded into surprise. “ Woah, talk about a bombshell.” 
“Are you complimenting yourself?”
“ No , expressing how much of a surprise this is. It makes sense you’d love my natural charm but this is too much honor.” 
“ Stop mocking me.” 
“ What was it that you said again? Right, ‘No.’ “ 
“ Like you haven’t dreamt of being a comic book hero since you were a kid.”
“No. Maybe. Shut up.” Sole got up and took the book back. MacCready wanted to read more into this but didn’t want to jump to conclusions. If anyone could get anyone they wanted it was Sole. He still spent the rest of the night thinking it over though. Hoping that Sole wouldn’t stop draxing him because he also didn’t want to know what that would mean.

“Well well, what do we have here?” He leafed through the pages as his lips formed into a grin. He wasted no time on philosphising as to why Sole would have made such sketches and went to them straight away. “Hey Michelangelo! Care to tell me why you’ve got such fantastic sketches of me?” Sole tried to yank the sketchbook away, frantically looking around and hoping nobody heard that. All attempts to take it from him failed desperately but Sole kept lunging forward as he held the book back. “Damnit Hancock, have you been sniffing *lunge* around in my things *lunge*?” Hancock shook his head “No such thing, ya left it on my table, darlin’.” “Can’t you just let it go?” “No,no,no. Watching you freak out is way more fun.” He raised an eyebrow. “So, mind tellin’ me why you’d bother drawing a half-dessicated man? Sure you can find prettier models?”  Sole stopped their attempts looked at him with pity in their eyes, not something Hancock was used to or appreciated for that matter. “You don’t seriously think you’re unnatractive do you?” Hancock shrugged “Immortality comes with a cost. In my case? Looking like beef jerky would be the cost.”  Sole shook their head. “ I draw you because you’re strong, you’re inspiring. You may look like some sort of pirate zombie but you’re righteous and respectful.” Hancock lowered the sketchbook and handed it back, looking Sole straight in the eye. “Appreciate it.” and turned around, not sure what to do with this information. 

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I have a Christmas ask! It might be a lot of work but it would be fun to write. Companions and Sole have a secret Santa party: who gives who what gift?

So this is the super mega fluff piece I was ready and waiting to gift you all with on Christmas Day, probably went a little overboard but nevertheless here ya go! :D

It was the night of Christmas, when everyone had full bellies and cheerful smiles on their faces as they gathered in front of the large Christmas tree decorated with innumerable shiny trinkets. Curie was just finishing up in the kitchen, little tinks and clanks sounding from where she was hurriedly cleaning and returning cooking utensils to their rightful positions. She was meticulous like that, almost as much as how purposeful each little decoration on the tree and the walls and ceiling of Sole’s old house was placed thanks to MacCready and Danse – an unlikely team, sure, but what a beautiful job they did.

Tinsel and candy canes scavenged from the wasteland hung tastefully across the barren plains of the ceiling above, covering up the holes and watermarks from two hundred years of neglect. Red stockings hung on the walls, the names of their owners lovingly sewn into them by Curie in her distinctly cursive font. Piles of presents awaited and taunted under the green branches of the Christmas tree that both Longfellow and Gage – yet another unlikely team – had managed to hunt down on one their many escapades together.

Each companion wore their own Christmas cheer in varying ways and many varying colours; like green elf hats and plastic pointy ears like Mac who somehow talked Cait into wearing a hat too, Danse who wore a Santa hat that most certainly did not match his jeans and plaid t-shirt the way the hat on top of Piper’s head matched her usual red trench coat. Even Strong made an effort by fashioning a large candy cane to take the place of his usual old rotten club because none of the hats could fit his massive noggin. In the sea of greens and reds and whites, the Sole Survivor stood out in their bright blue vault suit who moved into the centre of the gathered mass of comrades wearing a large grin and Santa hat atop their own head, Dogmeat happily trailing behind them in his little Rudolph costume that demanded attention and cuddles everywhere he went. Soon enough, all eyes in the room turned to Sole who effortlessly picked up little Shaun and cradled him to their side when he excitedly asked: “Is it time? Is it finally time?”

“Yes, son, it is.” Sole smiled and squeezed him closer. They looked around at their friends, people who they’ve fought side by side with for life and death and through thick and thin, and realised just how grateful and lucky they were to be celebrating Christmas Day with each and every single one of them. “Present time!” A cacophony of cheers and bottle clinking and happy laughter filled the warm air all around them then, the happy peal of excited laughter from both Nat and Duncan adding to the cheers as they rushed from the kitchen with treats in their hands and a guilty looking Curie trailing behind, barely managing to fit all that candy in the pockets of her apron.

Sole sat down with Shaun in their lap in the plump red cushioned chair in the corner of their living room, the Christmas tree which was lit with hundreds of little lights standing proud where their old television set once stood all those years ago. But nostalgia was unwelcomed in a time like this, nor was it in the forefront of Sole’s mind as they got to handing out the first of the dozens of delicately wrapped gifts. “Oooh, little Duncan is first!” Sole grinned, retrieving the package and carefully passing it on to the little guy who sat upon his daddy’s knee and giggled happily.

“Thank you!” He almost sung in that sweet kiddie octave all toddlers seem to have. He read the label in broken English, Mac grinning from ear to ear as he listened to his son work out just who it was from. “Th-thank you daddy!”

“Welcome, little man. Merry Christmas.” He said back, cuddling him closer as the little guy ripped it open without hesitating. There was a moment of stunned silence when Duncan realised what it was, his little eyes going wide and his mouth popping open with an excited little gasp that had everyone in the room grinning from ear to ear too. “It’s a Nuka Truck!” MacCready exclaimed excitedly for him which inspired from the little guy a happy, uncontrollable giggle as he hugged his present tightly to his little chest. It might have been the light from the innumerable bulbs hanging from the Christmas tree, but it looked like Mac had a few tears in his eyes as his son turned and hugged him tighter than he hugged his present. Nat was next who damn near tackled Piper from the force of her hug because the reporter had somehow managed to track down for her little sister – clearly a budding artist – an entire crate filled with little easels, colouring books, pens, pencils, crayons and even a few tubs of glitter glue. Shaun was next, whose present awaited him under a tarp just outside in the garage. When Sole unveiled it for him, whipping the tarp away like a magician would a cape, Shaun let out an excited squeal of joy because under it was a massive pile of robotics and the bare metaphorical bones of what once was a Mr Handy robot. No one noticed Codsworth cringe, because Shaun had rushed to Sole and engulfed his grinning parent in a near bone crushing hug because that was exactly what he wanted! Hundreds of hours of tinkering and problem solving and bettering something that he’s built with his own two hands, the apt stimuli someone of his intelligence needed to keep himself occupied during the time Sole was away from home.

Finally, with all the children occupied with their presents, giggling and talking to each other happily in the corner of Sole’s living room while the sound of clinking metal from Shaun echoed quietly from outside, Sole and their dearest friends began handing out presents to each other. Mac, Preston, Curie and Cait were seated on the couch, with Danse, Hancock, Gage and Deacon on the stools at the kitchen island. X6, Longfellow and Nick were standing off in the corner, sharing small talk like a group of old ladies as Strong focused on not putting his head through the ceiling from where he stood next to Ada behind the lounge. Dogmeat lay at Sole’s feet, now and then nuzzling their leg for pats and cuddles as Codsworth hovered dutifully at Sole’s side. Piper – who was seated on a chair opposite Sole with the tree between them – had set up two months before how it all would work, with each companion – including Sole – drawing from the bag a name of which no one else was allowed to know. Not even she knew who got who, although she had secretly been working it all out in her head. Each present had a name and then a ‘from Santa’ tag underneath, the handwriting a clue on its own as to who it was from.

Danse was the first of them all to get his present, who would have been mortified to learn that his cheeks had taken on a shade of bright pink when Sole handed him the neatly wrapped parcel with a grin and a wink, its size and weight befuddling the Paladin for a moment before he tore away the wrapper and stifled a sharp gasp. “Holy Go- a plasma rifle?” The normally stoic man’s reaction elicited a few laughs from his comrades who watched with smiles as he turned the rifle over and inspected it closely, a look of awe plastered across his face as he studied the extensive modifications. “Who got me this?”

“Uh uh, that’s not how Secret Santa works, my friend.” Hancock said, clapping the bigger man’s shoulder with a grin. Nick and Piper shared a knowing glance with cheeky smirks, they had both figured out it was from Sole because that handwriting was just too perfect to be from anyone else. Danse shook his head slowly, testing out the grip on the weapon before chuckling to himself.

“Whoever you are, thank you.”

Without further ado, Sole picked up another present and read the label. “Oooh, little Miss Curie is next!” The little synth smiled and blushed, accepting the present Sole handed over to her with barely contained excitement. Her delicate fingers deftly undid the wrapping, almost as though she was too polite to tear away the wrapping that someone had carefully done for her. When she saw what it was, she gasped and covered her mouth, tears springing to her eyes as she removed it from the wrapping. Or rather them because her present was a pair of beautifully crafted sequin dresses – one a midnight black with golden embroidery, the other a bright sky blue with weaved in patterns and a matching gold broch – which Curie hugged closely to her chest. “My eyes, they are malfunctioning again! I am not sad, just….happy! Yes! Thank you monsieur Santa Claus.”

This one was easy to figure out and almost had Piper giggling when she met gazes with Curie’s Secret Santa. Preston was at a loss as to what he should get his person and wasn’t as discreet as he was obviously trying to be when he was gathering information on what Curie liked. From across the room, the Minuteman blushed and pulled the brim of his hat lower with a heartfelt smile.

It was Strong’s turn next who was getting restless from where he stood, Sole hefting the large package over to the big guy with Nick’s help. Surprisingly the super mutant was rather gentle in how he unwrapped it and when he saw what it was, the biggest, most terrifying grin split across his face. “Strong will be even more unstoppable with this!” It was a rocket boosted puncturing super sledge that had every human in the room internally cringing at the mere sight of it. Someone brave enough to give the big guy that and sneaky enough to haul that thing in without anyone seeing it beforehand means his Secret Santa must have been none other than Deacon himself, who was just being handed his own present.

“Aw, and here I was hoping for a Deathclaw named Fluffy,” He jokingly said, tearing open the wrapping and then – to everyone’s surprise – bursting out into full belly laughter. It really was a Deathclaw, only the homemade plushy kind that clearly would’ve taken hours and hours of intricate stitching to have it looking as good as it did. There was even a little collar around its neck with ‘Fluffy’ engraved in it. “Thank you Secret Santa.” Deacon chuckled, looking around the room like he didn’t already know who it was from. Only one person could’ve done something like that and that was little Miss Curie who was still hugging her dresses tightly and smiling it up big.

Codsworth was next who received a mint condition black gentleman’s top hat from Ada who Piper must have forgotten to explain the rules of Secret Santa to, because she had apparently approached Codsworth a week before asking outright what he’d like for Christmas. It was a heart-warming exchange between the two robots, one that left pretty much everyone in the room shipping them hard because it turns out Codsworth was also Ada’s Secret Santa too and had somehow gotten her a state of the art pre-war internal processor that – according to the Mr Handy – could put brand new Sentry Bots to shame. Despite the robotic cadence to their voices it was hard not to grin at their little exchange because genuine sincerity practically dripped from them both.

MacCready – who apparently hated receiving presents yet still managed to giggle a little when he was handed his own – unwrapped the neat parcel to find a sizeable stack of intact, unburnt Grognak the Barbarian comic books all the way from issue #1 to issue #21 along with a 1/6 scale Silver Shroud action figure. The slight tug of a smirk on Nick’s lips suggested the Detective had certainly done his homework because it seemed like it was either raining a little inside or the merc actually had tears in his eyes.

“Mr Gage, get on over here.” Sole grinned, handing the raider a chest sized package he was already grinning at. He dipped his chin as thanks and tore open the…wait…is that Publick Occurrences newspaper??? Piper didn’t have time to figure it out because she was already laughing at the look on Gage’s face along with everyone else when he pulled out from the pile of caps within the chest a pre-war nude pinup magazine that actually had him blushing under that eyepatch of his. The cheeky laugh from Cait confirmed Piper’s hunch both about the identity of Gage’s Secret Santa and if his present was wrapped in perfectly good news articles. She never got mad about it though, especially not with Sole placing a present upon Piper’s lap with a wink.

It was a light present, one she had to be careful opening but when she did and when she saw what it was, she let out a squeal of excitement. “Choco Puffs?!” These things were amazing and so damn limited that the only way she could ever her hands on a packet of these was to damn near bargain her ass off to one of the caravans from DC. Chocolate anything was so hard to come by and to have not one, or two but three full boxes of the stuff? Piper could’ve cried. Hell, if she were in any less control of herself, she would’ve hugged the crap out of MacCready because he would know where to find these things.

As Piper was struggling not to tear into a packet right away, Sole placed a present into Old Longfellow’s hands who affectionately clapped their shoulder with a happy smile before ripping away the wrapping on his gift. What looked like a normal bottle of whisky to everyone else seemed to have some special meaning to the old hunter because his face lit up like the Christmas tree that took centre stage in that very room he stood in. Knowing how much he loves just about any kind of alcohol, this one must be that much more special considering how carefully he held it. “I don’t know how which one o’ you got me something like this, but the last time I drank one of these was the same night I became a man.” He smiled devilishly, giving away a hint at how he used to be a strapping young lad some time ago. “But thank you.”

Piper’s eyes flicked to Hancock who seemed mighty pleased with his handiwork before Sole got his attention and handed him his very own gift. He gasped dramatically, chuckling when he pulled out bottle after bottle of various types of chems that were clearly homemade and most definitely of the purest kind. “I always knew Santa was a guy I’d get along well with.” He grinned, oblivious to the fact that his Santa was tall, green, wielding a super sledge and giving little Curie a thankful look presumably for helping him out. Preston was next who was absolutely thrilled with his gift – a small collection of Minutemen memorabilia from way back when they first started out, like, literally when they first began in 1645. The shining medals, belt buckles and engraved coins seemed to bring a few tears to Preston’s eyes and didn’t seem to notice that Danse suspiciously didn’t look up from his new plasma rifle, trying to hide his devious smile as Preston was rendered practically speechless behind him.

With a soft laugh, Sole moved on and passed over to Cait a neatly wrapped bundle. The brawler wasted no time in unwrapping it and paused when she saw what was inside. “Ya didn’t…” she whispered to no one in particular, lifting the item up so she could see it better. A pair of shining black leather knee high boots lifted from the box in her hands and the brawler stared in stunned awe. “Ohh ya fuckin’ did. Jesus. Holy shite.” The leather, the shining black that seemed to captivate the brawler left little doubt as to who it was from, particularly when he wore a slight, satisfied smirk and a coat made out of the exact same material. The one and only X6-88.

As the Courser was handed his own present, Piper hid her anticipatory smile behind her gloved hand and waited for the synth to finish unwrapping it. She only wished he had his ever present sunglasses off so she could see his full expression.

“Holy shit.” He murmured, withdrawing from the neat box an almost antiquated Dan Wesson 715 revolver that shined like it was made the day before. Piper’s arm still hurt from how much she polished the damn thing. “I don’t know how anyone knew I had an affinity for these, but thank you.” Oh Piper knew alright, when she clued onto just how much time X6 spent in the armoury with proper ballistic weapons that is. It was strange to think that the Courser preferred something other than blue lasers but she needed to get him something special for looking after Sole in the boogieman’s lair, something other than a new pair of sunglasses like Deacon had suggested someone should get him once before. Nick was next and it wasn’t really hard to guess who his present was from considering it was wrapped in official Nuka Cola holiday gift wrapping paper, but nevertheless Nick played along and was left grinning, actually grinning from ear to ear when he discovered several in shape vinyl records of pre-war love songs. It was actually quite touching that they came from a raider.

Dogmeat was lucky last and was gifted from Old Longfellow a buffet of various cooked meat and monster bones that would certainly keep the pup happy for a good long while. In fact, he leapt up into Sole’s lap while chewing heartily on a thick bone, his owner loving stroking his fur with a content smile on their face. But the gift giving was not done yet. Throughout the month of December, Piper and Nick had been conspiring together about recreating a drive-in cinema – minus the cars of course – and had even managed to construct one in Sanctuary without Sole’s knowledge and actually get a projector running out of salvaged parts from Starlight Drive-In. It was a gift from all the companions to Sole and was all ready to go, but there was just one more thing they needed to do.

With a shared, sneaky look, both Piper and Nick stood from where they were seated and got everyone’s attention before Piper’s voice sounded. “Blue, I think I speak for everyone when I say…” Her eyes flicked to something outside the window before she locked eyes with Blue, her lips curling up into a devious grin. “SNOWBALL FIGHT!”

Unknown to everyone else except the detective and the reporter herself, Shaun, Nat and Duncan had snuck outside and with a little ingenuity, concocted slingshots from which they pegged snowballs into the house upon the unsuspecting adults. Deacon and Gage lunged behind the kitchen island, Hancock ducked into the hallway to protect his chems, Sole used Dogmeat as a shield from where they were pinned under him upon their chair and everyone else tore off outside to either join in or chase after the sneaky little devils whose laughter echoed up and down the streets of Sanctuary Hills, well and truly blanketing the snow covered town in Christmas cheer once again.

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Please ignore me if you've already done something like this; but romanced companions react to sole randomly picking them up in a hug and exclaiming how much they love them and how happy they are to be with them. Love your writing by the way!

Thanks anon!! We love your request!

Cait: Cait tries to hide her blush and when Sole puts her down she gives them a soft punch to the arm and says “You too… ya know.” Sole knows.

Curie: Curie giggles and blushes. She kisses Sole while they’re still holding her, “We are so fortunate to have found each other!” She is so overjoyed to have them and spends the rest of the day with Sole.

Danse: Danse is caught off guard by Sole’s strength. His cheeks turn a bit red and he gives them a quick peck on the cheek.

Deacon: Deacon starts laughing, partially because he’s surprised at the sudden display of affection. As soon as they put him down he goes to hold them and blows a raspberry into their neck.

Dogmeat: Dogmeat barks and licks their face. He’s very squirmy and Sole has to put him down but he convinces them to spend the day playing with him.

Hancock: Hancock looks into their eyes and sees the love and joy there and he beams at them. As soon as they put him down he’s wrapped his arms around them and kisses Sole passionately. They continue despite the passers by.

MacCready: MacCready turns bright red and asks Sole to put them down. He’s a little uncomfortable with PDA but when he looks at their face, beaming up at him and he can’t help that his heart melts a little.

Nick: Nick is shocked that Sole can pick him up and tells them to put him down lest they hurt themselves. They twirl him for emphasis and his hat falls off but he hardly cares. He’s too busy basking in the affection from Sole. He tells them how much he cares for them and they spend the rest of the day together.

Piper: Piper giggles and squeals as Sole spins her telling her how much they love her. She throws her arms around their shoulders and presses her forehead to theirs, “God I love you.”

Preston: Preston is so embarrassed but more importantly, he’s full of love. He lets go of his inhibitions and picks them up in return spinning them around, “I love you Sole.” He puts them down and kisses them gently.

X6-88: X6 is confused but the feelings Sole professes tug at his heartstrings. When they put him down he runs his fingers through their hair, “I love you too, I’m always glad that we met.” It’s an incredibly emotional response from him and he’s happy to be able to open up.

koala-lul  asked:

Hey ! Just wanted to know if you could draw a reference for Kyoko in your witches AU !! I like your design SO MUCH OMG.

tysm! I’m really happy you liked it >////<

she wears a strapped purple with a black suit coat on top and a belt ‘tying’ everything together. Black shoes with bright purple soles, silver loop earrings, the witch sunglasses and a white sunhat with a purple ribbon on it! ^^

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Companions reaction to Sole Survivor going a little crazy and trying to bite them after sustaining intense radiation

Engrossed in the mission at hand, neither Sole nor their companion realized the amount of radiation they were taking. Sole’s Pipboy ticked ominously, and only when Sole felt feverish and aggressive did anyone realize something was wrong.

Cait: “You feelin’ alright?” she questions, a little unnerved by Sole’s nervous twitching. Sole mumbles a reply she doesn’t quite catch. As much as she dislikes physical contact outside of fighting, she steps forward, hesitantly nudging Sole’s shoulder with her fingertips. “Sole, I said-” Her words turn into a cry of shock as her companion whips around, lunging forward and snapping their jaws at Cait’s wrist. On instinct she yanks her hand out of reach, and pops Sole right in the kisser with her other fist. The punch dazes Sole, and they blink, their eyes refocusing. When they realize what they did, they apologize, reaching out to hold her. But Cait refuses to let them touch her until she’s seen them down two packets of Radaway and a bottle of Rad-X. And even then, she’s shaken.

Codsworth: “Er… Mx. Sole. You don’t look well. Are you sure you’re-” Sole cuts them off with a low, growling reply. With a stern puff of his jets, the Mr. Handy hovers over to Sole’s front, wagging his claws as he chides them. “Mx. Sole, I really think you ought to-” Something flashes in Sole’s eyes, and Codsworth yelps as they run forward, striking his torso and attempting to bite down on one of his eyestalks. But rusted metal and teeth do not mix, and Sole jerks their head away as their mouth strikes the bot, whimpering like an injured animal and clutching their jaw. Quite disturbed, Codsworth’s protective instincts take over, and he gently guides Sole somewhere safe and tends to their radiation and bruised mouth. The faint bite marks on Codsworth’s body embarrasses Sole afterwards.

Curie: Being a doctor, Curie was the first to realize Sole’s condition. “Monsieur/Madame, I insist we stop. You are not well, and going any further would not be good for your or my health.” Sole shakes their head, insisting that they’re fine, that Curie is being ridiculous. But the French synth is just as stubborn, pressing her lips together and coming forward with a pack of Radaway in her hand, speaking gently to soothe her agitated companion. But despite her best efforts, Sole loses it, growling and lashing out, even attempting to bite at the woman. Curie’s first instinct is to run in fear, but her responsibility as a doctor comes first, so she sets her jaw and injects the Radaway into Sole’s exposed neck. Sole calms down after that, and after apologizing, Curie assures them she holds no grudges.

Danse: He’s oblivious. That, or he thinks Sole’s sudden, surly attitude is somehow his fault. It only clicks for him when he accidentally gets in Sole’s way, prompting them to growl and snap their teeth against his Power Armor. Oh. Uh-oh. Understanding that they’re not in their right mind, he waits until they’ve fallen asleep, then slips a needle into the crook of their arm and pumps in the Radaway. “You’re welcome, soldier,” is all Danse says, before going back to sleep. He does it himself because he doesn’t trust civilian doctors, and he knows that if he were to take Sole to the Prydwen, to convince the Brotherhood to help them, the doctors do not look kindly on ghouls. If they could abandon Danse himself so easily, they might do just the same to Sole if they think Sole is going ghoul.

Deacon: He and Sole are gathered in a settlement market square, packing up on supplies. But Sole’s been more cranky than usual the past couple days, more tense and twitchy, and it shows. Deacon has to step in more than he’d like, apologizing for Sole’s behavior and smoothing ruffled feathers. When he takes Sole aside and asks for an explanation, Sole just snaps their teeth at him, and that’s all the explanation he needs. Wrangling them to the nearest wasteland doctor, he tosses the doc a sack of caps and locks Sole in, whistling cheerfully on the other side of the door and waiting until Sole emerges, embarrassed and apologetic. “Apologize? For what?” Deacon questions with an innocent expression. “I just thought you had a thing for biting. Not my fetish, personally, but I don’t judge.”

Dogmeat: It’s been a couple days since they had a decent meal. The canine’s starting to feel it in his stomach, and he whines pitifully. Sole’s feeling it too, and coupled with the uneasy, dizzy feeling they get from the radiation tingling in their blood, their judgment is starting to be clouded. One day, when looking through a dumpster for something to eat, Sole lets out a cry of frustration, their gaze slowly moving to Dogmeat. Not expecting the attack, the dog yelps when Sole jumps forward, curling their fingers into their dog’s scruff and on the verge of taking a bite out of the animal. But they feel Dogmeat wriggling in their grasp, whimpering in fear, and hot shame burns behind their eyes, making them tear up. Quickly pulling Dogmeat into a hug, Sole is ashamed of even considering the idea.

Hancock: He might not be a doctor like Curie, but he knows a little something about ghoulism. Not one to beat about the bush, Hancock confronts them about their symptoms, and Sole assures him that they’re fine, they’ll see a doctor when they get to the next settlement, they’ll buy some Radaway. But they’re all promises Sole forgets as soon as the conversation is over. One day, when they’re in combat, Sole forgets who is friend and who is foe, and accidentally tries to sink their teeth into Hancock’s ridged neck. There’s a brief moment of sharp, petrifying terror; Is Sole feral? They’re not, but for how much longer? Placing a tight, angry, frightened hand over Sole’s wrist, Hancock drags them to the nearest doctor, not leaving their side until every rad is drained from their system.

Nick Valentine: He puts up with their attitude for approximately two seconds before grabbing them, holding tight to their arms and looking them dead in the eye. “Something’s wrong,” he states, expressionless. “You’re not yourself.” When Sole protests, his grip tightens, metal digits pressing into their skin. “Damn it, don’t lie to me. You’re not like this, and I need to know why you’re acting like a damn-” The truth hits him the same time Sole does, lunging up to bite at his nose and trying to swing their foot into his leg. With a heavy heart, he latches handcuffs around their wrists, cold fear prickling in his chest as he wonders just how far gone Sole is. When he manages to subdue them long enough to get them help, he’s reminded of just how fragile the human is, compared to him.

MacCready: Sole’s being surly? He hadn’t noticed. He himself is cranky often enough that if they snap back at him a little more often than usual, he writes it off as nerves or stress. But then their appearance changes. Their complexion turns sallow, they… bite, sometimes at whatever they’re fighting and sometimes at nothing at all. It turns his stomach, but he reserves judgment, until Sole makes a poor call and tries to sink their teeth into his forearm. It’s instinct, really, and he’s not sure what his hands are doing until he feels his gun barrel digging into Sole’s temple and words that aren’t his growling from his lips. His hands are shaking. He already lost one person to ghouls and sickness in his life. He won’t lose another.

Piper: They’re heading through an old museum, with a caved-in ceiling that lets in just enough light to be atmospheric. Piper’s taken out her camera and it snapping pictures, and the bulb flashes with each picture taken, the shots coming out in the slot at the bottom and developing in the cool air. “Say cheese!” Piper announces, and snaps a picture of Sole. The bright light makes then hiss, and terror flashes across the journalist’s expression as Sole snarls and runs forward, like they’re about to leap at Piper and attack her. Their hands and teeth stop inches from her face, and they both look horrified as they realize what’s happened. Lowering their head in shame, Sole admits that they aren’t well. “R-Really,” Piper says, still a little shaken up. “I’d have never guessed.”

Preston: They’re in one of the settlements, responding to a call for aid, which amounts to rebuilding some walls and debugging some turrets. Preston’s wiping sweat from his brow when he hears commotion. Looking over the barricade, he sees Sole arguing with one of the settlers, growing increasingly more violent and agitated. He jogs over, catching Sole’s shoulder in an attempt to make them see reason, trying to turn them around and away from the crowd. The settlers gathered all gasp as their precious General lunges forward, shouting like an animal and biting down on Preston’s wrist. It’s enough to draw blood, and to leave marks in the man’s skin. Horrified, Preston can only watch as Sole is subdued by the settlers and dragged into a cell, whereupon they’re forcibly medicated.

Strong: It’s very confusing for him. In his semi-developed mutant brain, his instincts tell him Sole is an enemy. But also not? They smell like ghoul sometimes. Not just like the blood-and-dirt smell of human, no, but the sweet and spicy tang of radiation, the flavor that burns the mouth and makes you sick. Sole tries to bite at him sometimes too, but that only confuses him further. He doesn’t know what Sole is, anymore, and that upsets him. But he doesn’t know how to articulate this thought, and if Sole goes too long without seeking help, Strong may abandon them out of frustration.

X6-88: Regardless of their relationship, X6 is too fast to be caught off-guard when Sole loses it and tries to bite him. He ends up with his hand wrapped around Sole’s throat, and a sudden, shocked expression on their face. Something he remembers is called worry burns at the back of his brain, but he puts it aside. Without even a comment on the bite, he calls in a teleporter, calmly escorting Sole to the medbay and getting them treated. While the medicine is being added to their bloodstream, X6 ponders the strange feeling he experienced when Sole’s eyes… flashed, like that. They looked less than human. But X6 himself is not human. Is that not a poor analogy? And betrayal, too. Worry, betrayal, concern. These are not emotions befitting a Courser. And yet…

((Thanks for the ask, anon!))

Companions (+ Maxson, Sturges, Glory,  Des and Magnolia) react to being in a relationship with Sole for a small while and Sole being a shaking nervous wreck the first time the companions approach them with the idea of sex. - slightly nsfw-

Hi anon, thank you for the request! First of all; this was a hard one for me (especially also looking for suitable gifs) but I’m personally really pleased with the result, hope you like it too! :) Enjoy!


Sole had made excuses for a while now whenever the kissing got a bit too intense. Walking away, having to check up on something or someone until they realised this was getting ridiculous. They had to explain it sometime, they’d notice and think they didn’t want them. Or didn’t want to have sex and that wasn’t entirely true either. The first time they really got approached with the idea of sex though, Sole collected their courage to start talking. But nothing came out as smoothly as planned. “ I… I don’t know if I can do ‘this’ yet. I mean I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t really enjoy it that much anyway because I’m just not that good at it. And I… I don’t know how to even make it good to you or how it works, I mean, I know how it works but I don’t know how to… ya know. Make it ‘work’ and… and… what if I don’t do this right and you realise that’ s a problem or…”

Danse: (includes spoiler beyond the post blind betrayal storyline - edited! I got inspired to tweak this one so I did, hence why it’s a bit longer now.

He sat Sole down and sat down next to them. Looking them straight in the eye with a look of pure love in his eyes. “ I understand. You aren’t feeling comfortable with this.  If you aren’t ready then… I won’t do anything until you ask me.” Sole chuckled, as if they’d ever have the guts to just walk up to him and go ‘Hey, let’s have sex’. And they knew Danse wouldn’t just take a hint. Hell, even if he picked up on it he wouldn’t do anything until they specifically told him.  "Don’t make me ask you. I mean… I’m ready. Just nervous. It’s just.. I don’t know if I’ll do this right.” “  In the unlikely circumstance this wouldn’t go well, I still wouldn’t leave you. You’ve always seen me as a man instead of a machine. I truly do respect you greatly. I only feel pride over getting the chance to live with you by my side. I never will break your trust. Being with you made me realise I never want to be without you again, and if I lost you I wouldn’t know what I’d do.” Sole always got caught off guard when Danse had another declaration of love for them. He had been so guarded, so closed off to them at first. They still felt honoured that Danse trusted them enough to let those walls come down. Sole kissed Danse passionately on the lips, realising that he’d always be there for them. That he wouldn’t lie, that his loyalty had been proven to know no bounds. He backed away, visibly forcing himself to do so. “Are are you sure about this?”   Sole nodded and tried to kiss him again, he leaned backwards. “ I want you to know… that I would never hurt you. So when you want me to stop just tell me and I will stop.” “ I know. Will you now kiss me again or…?” “My pleasure Sentinel.” Danse picked them up as if they were a feather and while kissing walked them to the bed in his arms, putting Sole on the bed in a surprisingly gentle manner and started to kiss their neck. Sole’s worries melted away as they let Danse take the lead.


Deacon insists that they can just build it up. “ Woah calm down Sole. There are several fun things to do in bed or half-naked that don’t involve sex after all.” He winked at Sole as he showed them what he meant by that. Sole stumbling over their words was his queue to lighten the mood. He didn’t really know what to say after what Sole said anyway. Sole appreciated that he took of the pressure. After ending up on the bed anyway, laughing their asses off Sole looked him and got closer to him, carefully kissing Deacon. He took the hint from there.

Hancock : 

“ I must be real pretty having you at loss for words like that sweetheart.” Sole glared at him angrily. “ Hey Hancock, I know damn well that you’ve got A LOT of experience with this but I don’t appreciate you mocking me.” “It was just a joke, cupcake. We can take it slow.” Sole looked at him and inquisitively, wondering what exactly he meant with that. “Oh, I don’t mean like that love. Hancock got up and took a bottle of his best booze. “ I doubt getting me drunk is a good idea.” “ Hey, I would never have sex with someone who can’t say no. We…” He poured the drink into two glasses. “are going to just hang around tonight. Have I told you ‘bout that time I pretended Deacon was arrested because he wasn’t allowed to wear a dress? Nonsense of course, I don’t give a rat’s ass on what who is wearing.” “Hancock. Are you dodging the subject now?” “I wouldn’t dare. Look, I don’t want you to feel presured into anything, beautiful. Sooo I’m going to make sure you trust me and after a while we can go from there.” “ Hey but I am ready.” “Not ready enough. Now I appreciate my audience shutting up when I’m speaking so do you mind?” “Nope, but can you do this shirtless?” 

MacCready : 

He is a bit caught off guard when Sole implies she doesn’t really want to have sex with him. He wondered if he  got the timing wrong or if they secretly just were still thinking too much of their spouse. Or if they just weren’t that physically attracted to him. Wait, was he going too fast? Should he be feeling guilty now cause of Lucy? Is he forgetting her too easily? Fu.. hm. “ Oh, ehm, I’ll ask later. Or never. Yeah, I’m good with never.” Great, now they both were nervous wrecks about this, Sole thought. “No, no. It’s not that I don’t want to ehm… ya know. But I don’t want to do something wrong.” “Is it really though? Cause you can tell me if it’s something I’m doing wrong. I’d do anything for you… I mean if you just don’t want sex I can deal with that I think.” “Oh, so you don’t want me?” “No! No, you’re gorgeous and I’d love to… ” Sole kissed him to shut him up, actually feeling better about this because he seemed nervous too. The tension in his shoulders and face dissapeared. “ Let’s just… give it a try?” MacCready nodded and let himself get led to the bed by Sole. 

Maxson: (ignore intro for this one)

Sole didn’t get the chance to even explain anything to Maxson because he immediately picked up on it that they were trying to avoid the topic. He also had been pretty damn direct in suggesting they’d celebrate that victory in his bed. ‘Not the one for nuance’ Sole whispered under their breath. Sole came up with an excuse. He asked them directly for the real reason why they were trying to leave, reminding them that they rarely stuck to protocol and didn’t usually clean their power armor. “Yes, but why really? And don’t say it’s because you’re scared of me because you’re not.” Sole looked away, trying to come up with a way to bring this kind of news to the ridiculously self-confident leader of the Brotherhood of Steel. “I… I just don’t want to screw this up, okay? I’m pretty sure I… I won’t even be uhm good at this and…” Maxson raised an eyebrow. He had never seen Sole like this before, at a loss for words and confidence.     “ That’s fine. We don’t have to do this now.” Sole sighed. “Yes, we can, I can.” “ Let me say that more clearly Sentinel. We’re not doing this until you are ready. Don’t lose yourself because of me. Because of what I want.” Sole got annoyed by that last sentence and grabbed his wrist. There were the words again.“ First of all, I won’t. Second of all, don’t call me Sentinel when you just pretty much asked me if I want to fuck you and third I am ready. Just worried you’re going to look for someone better if I screw up.” “You couldn’t ruin this if you tried. Besides, I usually…” He walked up very, very close to her and whispered the last part. “take charge, Sole.”

Nick Valentine: 

“I suppose some things are worth the wait.” Nick kisses their forehead and immediately backs off for a while, insisting that they won’t do anything until it’s Sole who initiates it. Even when Sole says they are ready but worried he refuses. It doesn’t take long before this starts to get on Sole’s nerves. He doesn’t kiss them as intensely as he used to, is careful not to accidentally imply he wants to do something because he doesn’t want to influence Sole too much. Eventually Sole walks up to him again and tells him point blank that they were ready and are ready and that he really has to stop holding back like that. He smiles; “Okay sweetheart.” That was his queue, Sole walking up to him. That was the only way he could know for sure they weren’t doing this just for his sake. 


“Wait, you think you’re gonna be bad at this? We’re still talking about the general of the minutemen protecting those in need aren’t we? “ “I’m serious Preston. I really don’t think I’ll be good at this.” He smiled. “Keep telling yourself that, babe.“ “Fine, but hypothetically if  I would be bad at it what does that mean for us?” “That we’ll try again and both get better at it? Besides, if you’re not ready for actually having sex there are other things I can do for you if you want.” Sole turned bright red. “OKAY, I think there’s a settlem…” “There isn’t. Not right now. Look, we can try this and if it at any point feels wrong to you we’ll stop. Don’t forget that I love you. I’m not gonna leave you over something like this, babe. “ Sole ended up taking him up on his offer and didn’t have any regrets over it.


Sturges decides that Sole has to be able to properly talk about it before they can even start doing anything, thinking that it’ll just get uncomfortable otherwise. Last thing he wants is Sole to have bad memories of their first time together. So, he just slowly but steadily gets them increasingly more sexually frustrated by being a total gentleman. He walks them to their quarters at night, keeps his hands to himself but also makes sure that sexual tension builds. He develops the tendency of talking to Sole from up close, making them think he’s going to kiss them or take charge but instead says ‘good night’ and leaves them. Up to the point Sole goes ‘fuck it’, runs up to Sturges, makes sure he can’t back away. “Not nervous anymore?” he grins. “Just.. shut up and let’s do this.” “As you wish.” 


“The prospect of intercourse seems to make you nervous indeed. I’m guessing that’s not a good sign. May I ask what the reason for your concern may be? ”  “It’s not you, it’s …” “me?” “Nono, not you. It’s me being nervous.” “That is what I meant.” Sole sighed. Words, where to find them and more importantly how the hell did they forget how to form sentences with them. “ May I point out to you that I am bound to you as I was given the assignment to protect you? I cannot leave you.” “Wow X6, that’s such a nice thing to say. “ “I was merely stating the facts. Regardless of how well this goes, I won’t leave you.” Sole rolled their eyes. “Do you even really care about this?” “We have had this conversation before.  I have indeed developed unknown feelings towards you which you would most likely define as love.” “Why do you want this?” “Because it feels like a logical next step in our relationship. It feels right. Are you trying to say it doesn’t to you?” “No, it does it’s just… “ “May I point out to you that this will be the first time I try this?” “Good point.” “You have no more reason to be nervous than me. However I can ensure you that I am confident we will manage to succeed at this without difficulties. But this is something I wish to explore with you.” “Yeah… I guess I do too.” “That sounds like you’re not convinced.” Sole kissed him. “ I do too. “


Codsworth knew a thing or two about the relationship between Sole and their spouse but had not clue of what happened in their bedroom. After all, he was meant to be discrete and respect the intimacy between his masters. He however did notice that although were happy together, they weren’t really all that physical. Truth be told, this new body ensured he felt some sort of desire  but he was quite nervous himself. Not knowing what to expect, what to do… He ensured Sole that it was ok, and that he’d wait for them to be ready. He even admitted that he was feeling quite unsettled over the idea as well. After all it meant things were bound to get complicated afer intercourse. He was about to leave when Sole asked him to stay, that were ready but they just had to take it easy. Codsworth ensured them they’d figure it out together and told them to say when things were going too fast and that they could stop at any point.


The first thing that crossed Cait’s mind after hearing Sole stumble over their words like that was the sheer irony of the situation. She started laughing, until she saw how hurt Sole looked. ‘Nonono, I’m not laughin’ at ya. It’s just funny how we’re afraid of different things. I mean, sex is the easy part. It’s giving your heart to somebody that’s the scary part.” “To me it’s the opposite.” “Are you serious luv? How often have ya told someone you luved ‘em then? Should I start watchin’ my back?” “No, I didn’t mean that.”  Cait shook her head. “I’ve always heard it’s best with someone you love tho.” “No pressure.” “No. You never pressured me, I wouldn’t pressure you either. And hey, I can guide ya around the curves if ya want.” “Cait I…” “Think too much? Look, even if you’re crap at it we can practice as much as you’d like.” She winked. Sole felt blood streaming to their face. “There’s no rush luv.”


“ Are you comparing us sleeping zogether to crossing the event horizon?” From all the reactions Sole expected… “Curie I don’t really know what that’s supposed to mean.” I zhink you know it is ‘a point of no return’. Zhat isn’t an entirely accurate meaning though.” “Well, I guess I do.” “But inzhercourse is a natural way of expressing affection, non? “ “Well, yes but I mean… sometimes it can just be uncomfortable and strange when someone doesn’t do something right and I’m convinced I’ll manage to bump my head or yours or I don’t know…” “Well, I am zsure such a bruise would heal fast! You have faced much worse. “ “Curie, it’s just not as simple as you think.”  “But why not?” Curie’s innocent approach just made Sole love her more. “What if it doesn’t feel good?” “It will! I have read about this.” “Or what if I don’t do it right?” “Oh, I can show you an image of…” “No, Curie, Thanks. I do know that.” “Zhen let’s go!’


Des expected that Sole’s constant excuses weren’t rooted in being that busy. “Well… there is no reason to be nervous. I really do care about you and even if you haven’t got much experience I could always show you the ropes.” She kissed Sole and started walking towards the door. “ Des, where are you going?” “ I have things to do Sole. But hey. I’m right here, ready and waiting.” Sole looked at her walking away with confusion on their face. That’s when they realised she just repeated one of the excuses they had used before. 1-0 for Des there. Sole grinned.


“Ah, that’s bullshit. I bet you’re a knockout in bed.” “If you mean accidentally hitting you in the face at some point, possibly.” “Hey, don’t sell my boyfriend/girlfriend short or there’ll be hell to pay.” Sole smiled. “ So, let me get this straight: you mean you think you can save my people but also think I’ll leave you as soon as it turns out you’re less of a champ in bed? If your sense of judgement is that good then fucking hell,  I might actually have to start worrying about the saving my people part.” “No, saving your people feels like less of a risk than screwing up with you…” She swung one of her legs over Sole’s and went to sit on Sole’s lap, getting their face no more than a couple of inches away from theirs. “ Is that worth not screwing at all though?” Sole blinked, they must’ve misheard. Glory got up. “Anyway, I’m at HQ if you wanna do this. Come find me when you’re capable of talking again.”


To magnolia it was strangely refreshing that someone didn’t immediately try to dive into bed with her. She thought Sole’s worrying over doing this right was simply adorable and actually a bit of a turn-on. She’d been with plenty of men and women before but this was new. This one was actually concerned with impressing her. ‘See now, that attitude is… actually very attractive. But darling, you will be as much of a star between the sheets as I am on that stage once I’ve gotten you to new heights.” Sole’s jaw dropped. She did not just say that. Magnolia just winked and led Sole to her room where she slipped out of her dress and beckoned Sole to join her.


She’s slightly amused by Sole’s reaction. So she finally uncovered what really makes Sole nervous. “You kill the worst beasts without batting an eyelash but this is what makes you stumble over your words?” She instantly felt guilty when Sole didn’t smile or laugh. Oh god, they were really nervous. “ Oh, I’m sorry Blue! I didn’t mean it as a bad thing.  I think it’s sweet that you care so much about this.” “Cause everyone wants to be ‘sweet’ when talking about sex, Piper.” You won’t screw it up. But you are ready for this right? As in really ready? Cause this isn’t the kind of thing you rush into like you tend to rush into infested haunted mansions.” “I do but I just don’t want to get this wrong and well…” “ Too bad, Blue. You know I only want you for your body, right?” “Wait, what?” “Exactly. Nonsense. You can’t get rid of me that easily Blue. But you should prooobably calm down a little first and come find me when you’re a little less flustered.” She gave Sole a kiss on the cheek “Whenever you’re ready.” 

An anon asked about the reactions to Sole having a pin-up girl tattoo on their leg/back/arm: 

 Cait: “HEY, I thought I was d'only girl that ya’ needed for inspiration” winking at Sole as she walked infront, showing them what she meant by bending over, to give sole a good look at her booty, purposefully teasing them. 

 Curie: at first she wonders why sole would want to ruin their perfect skin by inking, but as Sole explains what tattoos are about she understands the sentiment, though initial objection she admired the craftsmanship and thought the pin-up thing was pretty nifty 

 Codsworth: “Sir/mum… when did you get that? Did you spend sometime in the navy or airforce while out in the commonwealth?” Codsworth has no real objection to Sole’s tattoo, as long as Sole is happy. 

 Dogmeat: When Sole has it showing, say after getting out of bed or something, Dogmeat looks with a tilted head, he can’t quite make heads or tails of what the thing on his friends leg is, he once tried to lick it off thinking Sole had spilt Nuka Cola down themselves

 Danse: “Soldier… since when did you have a tattoo, why didn’t you tell me??” With a massive smile Danse rips open his BOS uniform and proudly displease the MASSIVE, Brotherhood logo tattooed on his magnificent chest 

 Deacon: “Heyyy that’s some nice ink there, I never really cared for tats myself… a lot harder to disguise” Though Deacon didn’t really care for them, he appreciated good artwork when he saw it 

 Hancock: “Woahh, where’d you get that? I’m not gonna lie… that realness is kinda freaking me out babe” Hancock loved looking at tattoos so when he saw Sole’s big pin-up on their back he loved to just look at it, the way it moved with Sole’s back muscles was trippy as fuck 

MacCready: When he saw Sole’s tattoo he felt a little taken back, turning to Sole he said “I… I wanna show you something” MacCready slowly rolled down his jacket from his shoulder to reveal his own pin up “It’s… my wife, Lucy. I wanted something to keep with me always… to know she’s with me.” The most heartfelt reaction of all of the companions, it brought Sole and Mac closer, the felt their connection grow stronger as the reminisced of the good times.

 Nick: “Huh, kinda looks like magnolia, that a coincidence or a token from that night in Goodneighbor?” Sole turned bright red but they daren’t give Nick an answer 

 Piper: “Blue ya’… ever think of me like that ;)” Sole turning red and sheepishly trying to avoid eye contact, Piper got her answer. She’d put her theory to the test later, when Sole came back they found Piper; perched on the printing press in lingerie, crossed legged and with a “come hither look" 

 Preston: kinda in between, although he’s more fond than not, he likes the generals individuality and thinks that whoever Sole had it based on is one lucky lady. It’s a simple "It’s nice general” but Prestons warmth made it a precious moment 

 Strong: doesn’t really care but is proud Sole can take a lot of pain “Human take pain good, would make good super mutant" 

 X6-88: Heavily fascinated by Sole’s tattoo, "Sir/ma'am what is the purpose of this picture on your arm?” Sole explains the premise of tattoos to X. Later on, X comes backs, tears of his courser uniform to reveal a full body tattoo, the badass he is 

 Sorry it’s been kinda slow today, there should be a couple more tonight. Enjoy guys!

some more Louboutins for Bitty

It’s ridiculous, that’s what it is.

But they’re beautiful and the heel is three inches high and dear lord, they cost more than the over-

and Jack had bought them for him.

He was still learning to walk on them, it required a lot of balance, not unlike figure skating but at the same time, not the same thing at all. He practiced a lot at Jack’s Providence flat, and oh, those were nice memories, but he couldn’t practice at the Haus.

Still, he brought them in his luggage and hid them in their original box, at the bottom of his closet.

So of COURSE Holster found them.

In his defense, he had been distracted by a text from Jack when Holster had asked about borrowing a tie. So when Holster came down holding the box clearly saying “Christian Louboutin” and a frown, Bitty’s face paled. Ransom joined them a moment later, and they both sat at the kitchen table.

“Bitty, please sit down. We need to talk to you. As your captains.”

Bitty looked at the door, but Ransom waved his concerns.

“Nobody’s here, my Excel sheet says we got at least forty minutes.”

“So, Bitty, can you tell me what these are?” says Holster, opening the box.

The pumps were black and shiny, the soles a bright red.

“It’s none of your business!” shouts Bitty, completely red. “I know you’re Captains now, but it doesn’t give you the right to judge me and whatever I do in my free time! And Shitty would tell you to stop the heteronormative bullcrap and would lecture you about gender roles and do I need to call Shitty for this?”

“Bitty, calm down!. We don’t care about the heels, we care about the price!”


“Those shoes with the red soles, they’re supposed to be super expensive, right?” asks Ransom. “Where the hell did you find the money to pay that.”

“Are you into illegal shit, Bitty? Do we need to prepare an alibi?”

“Please don’t sell your body, I know it’s your right and everything, but trust me, you don’t want to know the kind of stuff you can catch. I got diagrams that won’t let you sleep for months.”

“What, no! I’m not doing anything illegal and I’m not- doing that! They’re a gift!”

“A gift. Somehow I doubt your Moo-maw gave these to you for Christmas, Bits.”

“No, they- Guys, I can’t-”

“Oh dude, do you have a sugar daddy?”


“Not judging, I was just gonna say they’d have mad taste, like damn, those are fine shoes.”

Bitty grabs the box and closes it.

“They’re a gift,” he repeats. “And that’s all I’m gonna tell you. I promise you have no reason to worry. Please, don’t tell anyone else.”

“Alright, alright, we trust you. But if the person who gave you these gives you any kind of trouble or, I don’t know, expects stuff you don’t want to do, you come to us and we break his legs, alright?”

“That won’t happen. He’s a sweetheart.”

Bitty leaves with the box.

“Mad taste,” he hears Ransom mutter with reverence.

Kataang Week - Heartbeat

Katara woke gasping for air.  She shoved the blankets away from her face and sat up abruptly.  The light of the full moon filtered through the window, casting silver shadows on the bedspread.

“Sweetie?” Aang murmured next to her, his voice heavy with sleep.

“S’okay,” she whispered, still staring at the moon out the window.  “Go back to sleep.”

Katara heard him shift, heard his breathing normalize again, and she knew he drifted back into his dreams.  She, meanwhile, curled her knees to her forehead, and tried to calm her erratic breathing and fluttering heart.  She trembled and squeezed her eyes shut.

But when she closed her eyes, she only felt it more keenly: the sweet, seductive song of the water pumping through Aang’s heart, the steady thrum of blood flying through his vessels, a drumbeat pulsing in her head.

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Metal Torture - Chapter 4

Author’s Note:  I can’t seem to sleep right now, so I thought I’d go ahead and post the next chapter.  Things are going to continuously get a little more intense and then veer into smutville.  So, enjoy it. 😉 Thank you for all the amazing feedback and love.  

Warnings: Violence for sure. Maybe a tiny bit of smut.

He had insisted on helping me bathe. I stood nearby as he filled the tub with scalding water and poured a generous amount of bubble bath inside. He advanced on me, his mannerisms predatory, and I just stood my ground as he circled around me, one of his hands coming up to drag a finger along my flesh. My heart pounded in my chest as his hands met at my hips and he pulled my panties down to ankles in one quick motion. I stepped out of them, kicking them away with a toe, and from his position behind me I heard a purring sound. I looked over my shoulder meeting his intense gaze and his tongue came out to lick at his lips as his bright eyes darted around my body. Without a word, he took my hand in his and steered me over to the tub. I stepped up, moaning when my foot hit the hot water. My other foot joined and he helped ease me down into the soapy water, my head lolling back against the tub in ecstasy. It was glorious and I grabbed a nearby bar of soap and began to lather it in my hand. I couldn’t remember much, but I knew I’d never felt as dirty as I felt at this moment. The soap smelled sweet and inviting as I brought it to my face.

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anonymous asked:

Companions react to asking Sole if they can play some of the games on their pip-boy and sole says "Sure, but you have to sit in my lap ;)


Curie - Blushes profusely, but does as they ask, trying not to squirm as she took her seat. Her face was red the entire time.

Cait - Winks at Sole and immediately follows, making her own moves by nibbling a bit on Sole’s ear. In the end, Sole was bright red.

Piper - Starts to stutter and says that she has something else she wanted to do instead, but Sole grabbed her by the wrist down she went, and down she stayed.

Magnolia - Chuckles, finding Sole’s advances to be amusing. Taking her position, she found the game quite intriguing, but there was something else that caught her eyes.

Haylen - Though her face is red, she chuckles and sits in Sole’s lap only to be completely enthralled with the game, forgetting where she was in the end.

Glory - Pinches Sole’s cheeks harshly, but complies to their request, enjoying the feel of them looking over her shoulder as she topped their high score.


MacCready - Face is entirely red as he lets out an embarrassed chuckle, pulling his hat down as he took his seat. Once he started playing, he felt his nerves calm down, but only a little bit.

Danse - He scolds Sole and starts to walk away, only to come back and actually sits on their laps, mindful not to crush them.

Hancock - Like to smooth person he is, he slips into Sole’s lap, breathing a few naughty thoughts in their ears each time he completed a level.

Preston - Questions Sole for a minute but when they show that they are serious, he lets out a nervous laugh, but complies, feeling a little embarrassed.

Nick - Feels his fans start to spin faster as soon as they said that. He just lets out a short chuckle and tells them to stop kidding around, but when they insist they aren’t he leaves to calm himself down.

Dogmeat - Is happy to comply, he loves laying in Sole’s lap.

Deacon - Teases Sole about fraternization and how Desdemona wouldn’t like it, but still sits in their lap, cracking a few jokes just to make them keel over in laughter.

X6-88 - Tells them that their request is completely inappropriate, but would do it if it made them happy. Sole then tells him that he should only do it if he wants to. In the end, X6 still sits on their lap to play the game.

Codsworth -  He wonders exactly how he could do that and end up declining Sole’s offer.

Strong - Accidentally squishes them.

Maxson - Glares at Sole for a moment, then looks around to make sure no one is looking and does as they ask, more curious about the game then Sole’s obvious advances.

hermioneskellington  asked:

Companions +Maxson react to Sole asking what their biggest fantasy is so they can make it come true. (Romanced and non?)

So I figured I’d add what that lil fantasy might be just to double the sin points. Have fun kiddies. (I really couldn’t think of anything for non romanced companions I’m super sorry :c )

CAIT: she’s a little surprised that sole is asking, but hey, she’s not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth, so she tells them she’d really like to be the dominant one, maybe even tie them up and spank them a little. Sole is bright red by the time she’s done talking.

CURIE: she’s so innocent but she’s really interested in sexual role-play (a concept she’s heard some of the men talk about). She asks sole to play a patient while she plays nurse. It’s the typical pre-war porno scenario but sole is happy to oblige.

DANSE: face bright red, he confesses that he’s always wanted to try power play again. Last time they did it, he outranked sole so he got to be in charge. This time, sole outranks him, so they get to be the dominant one. Smirking, sole is more than happy to oblige the request, even though they never saw Danse as being a submissive.

DEACON: stereotypical “fuck like pornstars” fantasy. It’s so simple that sole almost laughs, but doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. It actually turns out to be pretty fun - and sole learns a couple of new positions that they never did before the war.

HANCOCK: doesn’t even hesitate before he tells sole he wants to do it on the balcony of the state house in Goodneighbor. Although sole blushes at the thought, they don’t hesitate to agree to it.
They end up so caught up in it that they don’t care whether the entire city can hear them. Everyone (unsurprisingly) avoided them the next day.

MACCREADY: another sort of stereotypical fantasy; he likes the whole “strangers in a bar” scenario. Sole turns out to find it really fun, though that could be because they both get absolutely wasted before pawing at each other’s clothes in the Third Rail.

NICK VALENTINE: major noir stereotype kink. Loves the whole femme fatale / damsel in distress scenario. Sole plays the part really well, wearing something less than appropriate for the wasteland and calling him “detective” in a low purr before he sweeps everything off his desk and lifts them onto it with the intention of entirely ravishing them.

PIPER: tells sole that she doesn’t care how they do it, she just wants them. They end up having sex on the roof of Piper’s house, looking up at the stars afterwards.

PRESTON: wants to be dominant for once, he’s usually so submissive but he wants to try it for once. Produces a pair of handcuffs trying not to blush red as a tato as he tells sole that he’d like to dominate them.

X6-88: sole is used to him being extremely rough to the point of painful, so it surprises them when he says he’d like sole to teach him how to make love. That’s one request sole is happy to oblige.

+ MAXSON: he’s secretly a massive history nerd, fascinated by pre-war society. He tells sole that he’d like to go on a date the way people used to before the war. So they have dinner together, listen to some music on sole’s pip-boy, and then have sex (or maybe it’s making love for the first time rather than just sex) in his bed rather than against whatever surface they reach first.

The History of Canada (According to Stephen Harper):

ca. 15,000 BC - 1496 AD: Nothing at all happened.

1497: John Cabot (who was definitively not named Giovanni Caboto) discovered Newfoundland while in the service of England, at which point Canada entered history.

1608 - 1758: A bunch of Frenchy Catholic dudes held-down the fort for the British to arrive.

1759: In days of yore/ From Britain’s shore/ Wolfe the dauntless hero came/ and planted firm/ Britannia’s flag/ On Canada’s fair domain (and there were probably some French people there too or something)

1760-1812: Canada came into existence when heroic Tory loyalists fled their traitorous neighbours.

1812-1814: The Seminal Epic of Canadian History!!!!!!!!!! General Brock! Laura Secord! Charles da Salaberry! Tecumseh! (the natives having quietly popped into existence sometime after the French arrived) Standing firm against the vile Yankee invader (except not too vile, because we’ve still got to sign a free trade agreement with them in about 200 years)

1814-1914: Oh man, it was epic! There was “Royal” everything, and railroads all over the place, and pioneers, and that traitorous scum Riel got executed, and they beat those liberals Mackenzie and Papineau, and the Hand of Franklin Reaching for the Beaufort Sea, and fuck yeah, British North America!

1914-1918: The Other Seminal Epic of Canadian History!!! Vimy Ridge! Ypres! Passchendaele! White flowers for all of the cowards!!!!

1919-2006: The Canadian Dark Ages, characterized by socialism and devolution. Sole bright spots included only the reign of John George Diefenbaker, and Mulroney signing a free trade agreement with the traitorous rebel scum our heroic American allies, whose conservative movement is a light unto the world!

2006-End of Time: The Canadian Renaissance!  Pipelines everywhere! No more socialism!  Everything is “Royal” again!