bright saturday

A beautiful green comet will fly by Earth this week

  • A bright green Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdušáková will come close enough to Earth for owners of binoculars or small telescopes to see, according to Seeker.
  • Those wanting to catch a glimpse of the comet will have to get up before dawn between the coming Thursday and Sunday.
  • The comet will reach maximum brightness on Saturday, when it’ll be located a mere 7.4 million miles from Earth.
  • Interested parties should keep their eyes fixed on the constellation Hercules and be on the alert for what looks — at least in pictures — somewhat like the beam of a green laser pointer. Read more

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2tired2care  asked:

Pst hi I LOVE YOUR FICS you have no idea how much they give me life <3 <3 I came across this really cute (and frankly heartbreaking) AU: "[burgler gently wakes me] you live like this?" (stolen from a post I saw on fb) and I kinda just need Stiles to do everything he can to make Derek's life better? THANK YOU SO MUCH :D

It IS frankly heartbreaking… which means I’m totally into it.

(now also on AO3!)


Derek definitely went to sleep alone. He always does, these days. It doesn’t explain why he drifts awake in the middle of the night to the feeling of someone lightly poking his shoulder.

It’s probably not a good sign that when he opens his eyes and sees a gangly teenage boy in a red hoodie and grubby-looking black fingerless gloves standing over him, he doesn’t startle. His claws don’t come out; his eyes don’t flash. He just feels… resigned.

“You live like this?” the guy says, soft. Almost pitying. “I mean. You actually live here?”

That seems too obvious, not to mention too insulting, to merit a response. “What are you doing here?” Derek asks instead. His voice comes out low and rough. This is the first time in days he’s had any reason to say anything. “This is private property.”

The guy shifts on his feet and sticks his hands under his armpits uncomfortably. “Okay, straight to the awkward questions. I like that.”

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{synopsis} platonic relationship between reader and bucky until bucky helps reader relieve some stress.

{warnings} lowkey dom!bucky, name calling (positive only), dirty talk, bucky being a really aggravating tease, no actual sex but the visuals will be on point if ya’ catch my drift

{pairing} bucky x fem!reader

{word count} 896

   Even if you were blind, you would be able to see that Y/N had been acting weird lately. Random mood swings, uncharacteristic brooding around, sulking away in her room, and snapping at anyone or anything that came within 10 feet of her. All of the Avengers (except maybe Nat) were in the dark about why she suddenly changed. And it’s not like they could go up to her and talk about it, in fear of their own lives. Everyone was confused, except Bucky. James Buchanan Barnes. He knew exactly what was going on with her; he was trained to comprehend body language and human emotions like no one else on the team (again, except maybe Nat), and if he was adding everything up correctly, Y/N was in dire need of a proper fucking. 

   So, being the good friend he is, Bucky wanted to help ol’ Y/N out. He just needed to test the waters first, get her riled up. See if what he was perceiving as sexual frustration was really sexual frustration, before diving head first into a very awkward disaster. 

   It was a very bright Saturday morning, the birds were chirping, Steve and Tony had gotten back from a mutually successful training session, and Wanda had helped Vision make pancakes for everyone. So, when Y/N stepped out of her room and into the kitchen, loaded her plate up with fluffy pancakey goodness, and sat down quietly (without biting anyone’s head off), the Avengers were quiet surprised. Wanda was the first to speak: “Y-Y/N, you’re up early…”

 “Is it so wrong to eat food, Wanda?” she snapped back.

   Ah, there was the Y/N they had grown to love. After that, everyone went back to their eating and small talk. About 10 minutes later, everyone slowly started to file out of the kitchen, onto getting through another day. Sam was the last to leave, and when he did, Y/N breathed a silent breathe of relief. She felt bad for acting like such a bitch, but she couldn’t help it. Ever since she broke up with her last partner, she just couldn’t find any sexual relief. She had tried masturbating, but that’s kinda hard when you live where she does, and it’s not like she could just go out to a bar and pick up a one night stand. She’s a respected public figure, and her reputation is literally everything. So, poor Y/N had been without some type of sexual relief for 3 months. And for Y/N, that was a long ass time. She was out of options, and her patience was running low.

   Being caught up in her own thoughts, Y/N didn’t even notice Bucky enter the kitchen. Bucky smiled deviously, happy that he had caught her alone, and off guard. He sauntered up behind the unsuspecting Y/N, and with one swift motion, had her pinned against the nearest wall with his hand over her mouth. She gave him a ludicrous look, and when Bucky was sure she wouldn’t scream, he took his hand off of her mouth. “Bucky!” she whispered harshly at him, her eyes blazing with anger, “What the fuck was that?”

   He only chuckled at her, “The rest of the team is oblivious as to why you’ve been so moody lately, Y/N. I’m not so stupid…”

   “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” she spat at him.

   His face became grave suddenly, and he leaned in so that his lips were touching her ear, “When was the last time you came, Y/N? Since you have been absolutely ruined?” his voice was low and gravelly as he spoke, and he internally reveled at the way she shivered underneath him. “Answer, the question, love.”

   She shook her head defiantly, “I don’t have to answer anything, you prick. And since when is my sex life any concern of - OH!”

   Bucky had interrupted lifting her up by her thighs, and, with her legs spread wide, grinding slowly against her clothed core. Y/N gasped as sparks of pleasure ignited her nerves, a irresistible fire building up in her core. It had been so long since she had felt anything remotely close to that… 

   Bucky smirked and began to grind a bit faster, “I’m gonna take care of you, Y/N. Gonna fucking wreck you, make you come on my fingers, my mouth, and my cock. By the time I’m done with you, you won’t be able to walk straight. You understand, Y/N? Don’t need you pouting around anymore, do we?”

   Y/N shook her head vigorously, “No, no more pouting Bucky…” the electric pleasure spreading throughout her body was building, and Y/N couldn’t get enough. The way Bucky was panting in her ear, how dominate he had been, I mean, for fuck’s sake, he had her pinned against a wall. She threw her head back and moaned, maybe she was actually going to come… it had been so long…

   Then, everything stopped. Bucky dropped her to the ground, stepped back and grinned from ear to ear at her shocked expression. “I’ll fuck you, Y/N. But I wanna see how riled up I can get you, princess, before I have any real fun.” The smug bastard ran his hands through his hair, then sauntered out of the room, leaving poor little Y/N a panting, even more sexually frustrated mess.

lol this is short asf but i’m really excited for this mini series thingy. totally inspired by @lenavonschweetz , who is honestly my favorite writer ever

Sick Day

Originally posted by m-pott

Tom Holland x Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: After finding out your boyfriend is sick, you come to his rescue with a shit ton of snuggles and medicine.

Word Count: 1,310

Warnings: Language, fluff, sick!Tom, phobia of being sick (?), needy!Tom, snuggles beyond this world (lemme tell ya, GEEZ.)

A/N: Guess who’s back, m'friends! I apologize for my sudden “disappearance” lol. School and personal stuff has been really weighing me down. I won’t share the juicy details. For the anon that requested this, I hope I did it justice. :// As always, feedback is appreciated. Enjoy reading!

Waking up on a bright, sunny Saturday, you jump out of bed with a giddiness in your bones.

Maybe it was because of the weekend… or possibly the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream you have saved for your binge day today.

Either way, you were bubbling with so much happiness that it started to alarm you. Especially since you weren’t one to really express emotions all the time. 

However, that was put to a halt when you got a text from your boyfriend, Tom.

Tom: To Y/N

Baaaabe, I think I’m sick.

Oh, c'mon!

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angeloaktree  asked:

Hello lovely! Just wanted to say that your imagines are beyond wonderful! I constantly read them through out the day and I wish I could write as good as you. I have a request if you don't mind. Can you write one where Betty somehow meets Jughead's father (you can come up with the scenario, if you want) and later Jughead finds out then panics, because he's worried that Betty's opinion about him will change since he's dad is a serpent. Thank you kindly and keep up the good work!!

Thankyou so much! I can’t tell you must I appreciate that!

Jughead pulled his heavy bag along the dirt, the trailer park was quiet at this time, everyone who lived here was usually sleeping or doing something illegal. He had just started living here, his dad and him were repairing their relationship, it was definitely a slow road but they were making progress.

Spotting his home in the distance, he lifted his bag. Suddenly a very familiar blonde ponytail was walking out the front door of his trailer, followed closely by his father.

“What the hell?” He was quick to duck behind a post, what was betty doing at his place? And why was she having a conversation with his father.

He was ready to jump in and Save her from whatever uncomfortable situation his father had gotten her mixed up in, when he noticed the pair laughing and smiling. His dad placed a hand on Betty’s shoulder and jughead could make out the words

“Thank you Betty, I really appreciate it.”

Betty nodded

“I’m doing this for Jughead. Don’t mess it up.” He could tell she was trying to be intimidating, but she just looked out of place. Her perfectly pressed light blue shirt, white tank top and pastel pink cardigan stuck out amongst the junkyard of dirt and trash.

“I won’t. You’re a good friend , girl.”

She blushed

“I better get home before Jughead shows up. So I’ll see you Saturday? Bright and early?”

He nodded as Betty walked down the step

“I’ll be there at 7:30 on the dot.”

She put her thumbs up and walked away smiling at his father as she left.

Leaning farther against the post as Betty walked past, he quickly slipped behind her, heading towards his house more angry than he had been in a long time.

Slamming the front door shut, he stood in front of his father, eyes narrowed as his bag hit the floor with a loud


His dad looked up from the paper he was reading “hey jug. How was school?”

Cutting to the chase

“Why was Betty here?”

His fathers eyes widened

“How did you..?”

“Oh please, like I wouldn’t see her, she doesn’t belong here dad. She doesn’t belong talking to you. And whatever mess you’ve gotten her in. I want her out of it. Now.” Jughead was fuming and his authoritative voice was loud

“Calm down Forsythe. Betty’s not in any mess. And if she was I have a feeling that girl can get herself out of any problem. She’s a good girl.”

Jughead slammed his hands on the table

“Yeah she is, exactly why I don’t want you talking to her. I don’t want her here. Why was she here?!”

“She was here to help me out.” His father said an underlying hint of embarrassment lacing his words

“What? What kind of help?”

“She got me a job Jughead. I’m gonna be working at her fathers mechanic shop. He needed someone to fix the motorcycles and Betty told him about me. It’s a real job, with benefits and everything.” It was obvious he was excited and jughead felt his shoulders lose all that tension he had been holding

“How did she know where we live?”

Jugheads dad shook his head, smiling slightly

“Come on boy, I didn’t raise you to be that oblivious did I? The girls got it bad for you. She was worried. She followed you home, found out who I was and didn’t give it a second thought. Just found a way to help. You can do much worse son. Much worse.”

Quickly jughead was out the door, heading towards Betty’s house, running faster than he thought possible.

Panting and out of breath he knocked on the door, leaning over and placing his hands to his knees.

Lifting his head at the sound of the opening door, his eyes caught Betty’s bright green ones, her normal tight pony tail was replaced by a messy bun on the top of her head.

“Juggie? Are you okay? What are you doing here?”

He had her in his arms in seconds flat. Lips on hers, delicious taste of strawberry lipgloss filling his mouth.

She squeaked in surprise but quickly adjusted, moving tighter into him and attacking his mouth with equal vigor.

He pulled away, hands still tight on her waist

“Oh” she whispered

“Betty Cooper, you really are something else.”

hedaoftheskaikru  asked:

Are you taking prompts? It's totally cool if you're not, but if you are, that sex toy prompts list also had "✥ this sculpting class is the bane of my existence and for the final project (where i’m supposed to use a non-clay medium) i’m going to troll my teacher and make a bunch of silicone dildos. will you donate your dick to my cause?" And that just seems like such a Bellarke situation.

Alright, I finally did it! It turned out a lot less smutty than the prompt suggests though and a lot more fluffy, I hope that’s okay. Thank you for prompting this - and yes, I do take prompt, always! 

[also on ao3]

“You need what?“

Bellamy can’t believe what he’s hearing. To be honest, he’s not entirely sure he isn’t hallucinating this entire conversation, tired as he is. The last few weeks have been brutal, and he’s barely managed to make the deadline for a paper that could make or break his career. So when he comes home after finally sending it off and then having to teach three classes back-to-back and reassure a bunch of panicking freshmen that they’ll get an extension on their own work, it seems perfectly plausible that he is in fact imagining it when he opens the door to find his best friend standing outside and exclaiming:

“I need your dick.”

It doesn’t sound any less crazy the second time, and Bellamy closes his eyes and pinches his arm, hard. But when he opens them again, Clarke is still standing outside his door, wearing tight jeans and a light grey, v-necked shirt and looking at him pleadingly. Not a hallucination then, even if the combination of that expression and that request – more like a demand, really, because Clarke is bossy as hell – seems to come straight out of one of the more vivid dreams he’s been having recently.

The thought must be showing on his face, because Clarke gasps and goes beet red.

“Not like that!” She pushes past him, smelling like the perfume he and Octavia chipped in together to buy her for her last birthday, and Bellamy takes a deep breath and then immediately feels pathetic.

“Well, what else would you need it for?” He snaps, a little defensive now because it’s hard to keep his cool around Clarke when he’s at his best, but dealing with her when he’s exhausted and she’s making nonsensical demands is damn near impossible.

“My sculpting class,” Clarke huffs, as if that would be sufficient explanation, then spots what he’s sure is a less than intelligent look on his face and keeps going. “We’re supposed to do a piece in a non-clay medium for our final project, and I want to piss my professor off.”

“The smug sexist one?” Bellamy asks, because even when his head feels like it’s filled with cotton balls, he apparently still remembers all the times Clarke ranted about the professor teaching her “Introduction to Sculpture”-class.

“Exactly. You know how he’s always showing us his “phallic art pieces” that are just plaster casts of his dick and making everyone uncomfortable?”

Bellamy nods. That habit in particular is one Clarke has been fuming about all semester.

“Well, I figured I’d give him a taste of his own medicine and make him look at someone else’s dick for a change. Or perhaps a whole bunch of dicks. A bag of dicks, so to speak.” She giggles a little at her own joke, then grins deviously. “So obviously, it’s got to be a better dick than the one he keeps shoving in our faces.”

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Bf! Baekhyun

  • Dating Baek is like dating your best friend, only that best friend is a lil shit most of the time
  • Baekhyun and you met at a diner, where you worked part time. He came in with his gang, laughing and wilding until he saw you
  • He stopped dead in his tracks and his laugher slowly turned into a thoughtful stare
  • Suho proceeded to order their food but he just tried to hide behind Chanyeol because he didn’t want you to see him
  • Most of the night he remained quiet, trying to seem more mature and manly and would look away as soon as you would walk past them and then proceed to look at you again
  • When you brought their food he kept his gaze on the table, he didnt dare to look at you and sighed with relief when you left
  • He then realised that he kept on hiding from you he wouldn’t have a mere chance to get to know you so when they were paying for the food, he placed his number with the receipt and handed it back to you. You stared at the tiny slip of paper, clueless and then looked up to see Baekhyun watching you intently. He smiled at you gently before shyly looking away
  • You spent the rest of the night recalling his adorable smile and fidgety demeanour which you had noticed the whole time he was there
  • So you decided to text him and god was baekhyun excited when saw your text. He was looking at his phone every two seconds in case there was a text from you. He literally jumped on the couch when he saw your text and cleared his throat when the members looked at him shocked and worried
  • You knew nothing about this boy but still went along to meet him by the river on a bright Saturday morning. Most people would condemn such an act but it had been a while since anyone had shown any interest in you so you were pretty excited
  • Baekhyun was already standing there against the cool breeze when you arrived. He was wearing loose blue jeans and a hoodie
  • “Hey,” you said, a little awkward since this wasn’t called for
  • And that’s when it all started
  • Baekhyun was the reason why you were always so happy
  • His excited texts with many cute emojis and his unexpected calls 
  • You were falling in love with the feeling of him being around
  • Although he was always happy and loud but when he was around you, he was 10000x more happier
  • Baekhyun would hug you a lot, like he would never stop hugging you and it sometimes took everything to get him off you and then he would pout
  • Sometimes you’d catch him looking at you and smiling and you’d smack him and he’d get all offended and would price a hug to compensate your smack
  • Baekhyun is actually so in love with you he doesn’t know how to express it
  • So he kisses you a lot, whether it be your cheeks or lips
  • He just holds your faces, squishes it a little, laughs to himself cuz you look so cute and just pulls you in for a kiss
  • And its so warm and loving and then he hugs you and its the best feeling in the world 
  • Whenever youre having a bad day, he’s always there to cheer you up,and it gets annoying sometimes because he’s so cheery and 0 help but you’re happy that at least you’re not alone
  • He makes fun of you all the time and always wants your attention
  • Like that one funny thing you did that one day in front of him? He’ll never let you forget it
  • Calls you by weird pet names based on that funny thing 
  • You sometimes want him to stop touching you but no, he’s always touching you
  • Playing with your hair, painting your nails, pulling you closer by the hips
  • Always touching you
  • Is a little shit 
  • Like smacks ur ass and then runs away expecting you to follow him
  • And then you HAVE to run after him cuz he’s still a child and it ends up with you playfully smacking him and him trying to kiss you
  • So many tickles and laughter
  • Like he’ll just start tickling you when you don’t pay any attention to him and that could either turn into a heated make out session or result in an injury
  • You both bicker a lot and one of the shop attendants said that you both seem like an elderly married couple
  • And he just smirked at you and said “soon”
  • He’s very picky about everything so its sort of a nuisance especially when you’re out shopping
  • “no that doesn’t look good or that skirt is too short or that top is too revealing” and you’re like “YOU DONT CONTROL ME” and he’s like “THEN WHY DID YOU ASK FOR MY HELP”
  • Forgets why you guys even fought in the first place and starts talking to you normally and then realises that he was supposed to be mad at you and then gives you the silent treatment
  • You both never fight on big issues, its just the smallest things which mostly results in him being offended
  • Your dates consist of amusement parks and lots of food. You both take silly selfies and then laugh after 
  • This is why Baek loves you because he can be himself around you and forget his daily problems
  • He doesn’t really talk about how stressed or depressed he is and you’re always worried about all the feelings he’s hiding inside
  • You told baek once that you want him to talk to you more but he was like wtf??? im ok??? let me live???? gosh???
  • Drama queen 
  • Acts more hurt than he actually is to get you all worried and then laughs at your face cuz you’re a fool
  • Back hugs you when you’re mad at him and this kisses your neck and rests his head on your shoulder how can u be mad at him when he’s like that
  • He knows your weaknesses and uses them against you all the time
  • Loves the fact that you’re shorter than him like if you call him to get something from the top shelf and then calls Chanyeol for help cuz he short af too
  • Cuddles you a lot (another reason why you want him to stop touching you)
  • And gets so worried when you’re not feeling well and takes care of you as much as he can 
  • Brings you all the junk food cuz you don’t trust him to cook in your kitchen cuz you know he’ll set something or himself on fire
  • Baekhyun is so dominant in bed like he loves taking control and watching you squirm beneath him
  • He loves the fact that he can make you feel in ways no one else can and wants to brag about it
  • smirks when he sees the hickeys on your neck
  • And then you threaten to flush his phone down the drain to get him to stop gloating 
  • You’re like a trophy for him, always putting you forward and talking about you and staring at you proudly
  • You love baek to bits and you’ve grown used to such excitement in your boring life
Deucalion Farms (I)

Farmer!Bellamy, and yes, there’s a part II on its way.  Snaps to @reblogginhood for the name, and dedicated to the ladies who inspired this little series.

Bellamy can’t help it— he’s a farmer’s market purist.  Farmer’s markets should be for fruits, vegetables, flowers, and maybe a stand or two of honey and beeswax products.  It’s right there in the name, after all: farmer’s market.  It’s a market for farmers, and bringing in things like jewelry booths and artisan weavers just clutters everything up and brings in hipsters who claim to want farm-to-table produce but then expect him to have tomatoes six weeks after the season is over.  Octavia (if she bothered to listen to his rants anymore) would probably point out that it brings in more customers and more customers are probably a good thing, but he didn’t care.

So when the Arkadia Collective set up next to his stall, he got annoyed.  And as Miller was fond of pointing out, Annoyed Bellamy was a jackass.  Even the fact that the Collective appeared to be entirely staffed by attractive people his age did not dissuade him from being irritated at their very presence, so naturally on the first day of the season he snapped at the blonde woman who asked if he could help her manage a tent pole.  “I’m a little busy here,” he grumped, and Miller rolled his eyes and went over.

“Don’t mind him; he just hates people.  And places, and things.  He’s like the worst parts of April Ludgate and Ron Swanson combined,” Miller said and Bellamy narrowed his eyes at the lettuce in the back of his truck.  She laughed, and he he was even more annoyed to find he liked the sound, and thus began the worst summer of his life.

Her name was Clarke and she was an artist.  Which was bad enough, except she was a good artist and Octavia bought a bracelet from her and then Lincoln spent a whole morning lurking in her booth, talking to her about her process.  And look, Bellamy liked art.  It had a place in the world and he understood that meant that some people would dedicate their lives to it, but he had a knee-jerk resentment towards anything that felt like privilege.  And I want to make beautiful things felt like the sort of thing you would only choose if you hadn’t ever worried about where your next meal was coming from.

So he did his best not to be a dick to her, but mostly he failed.  “Deucalion Farms?  What does that mean?” she asked their fourth saturday, a smile that might have been teasing on her lips.

“It means what it means,” he grumbled, because Octavia already made fun of his history-nerd tendencies enough— he didn’t need her doing it too.  Clarke looked taken aback (which he did feel bad about; he was just so bad at deciding when people were genuinely interested and when they were mocking him that he usually just assumed the latter and went on offense) and after that, she never bothered to make polite conversation with him again.  Which sucked, because when she did talk to Miller or her customers, she seemed smart and funny and like the sort of person he’d like to get to know.  But he’d screwed up twice and people like him didn’t get second chances, much less third ones, so he chalked it up to a lost cause and sank deeper into his Pretty-Artist-induced funk.

It was a bright Saturday in late June when Kane stopped by his stall.  Clarke wasn’t around that day— Luna was selling her scarves from their booth instead— so he was in a marginally less grumpy mood.  The County Commissioner shook his hand with a genial smile that Bellamy returned.  “Haven’t seen you at a meeting in a while,” Kane said.  “Abby, this is Bellamy— he owns a farm down Highway 13.

Bellamy nodded to the woman next to him who bent over a basket of blackberries, her brown braid swinging forward over her shoulder.  She looked vaguely familiar, especially when she wrinkled her forehead in contemplation.  “As long as you’re not planning on widening the road anymore, I’ve got better things to do with my time,” Bellamy chuckled.  He and Kane hadn’t gotten off to the best start— Bellamy might have called him a fascist during a particularly heated meeting about the road— but he had come to admire him.  

“Maybe we’ll put it back on the agenda, if only to get you involved again,” Kane teased.  “I heard you were in asking about permits last week?”

Abby picked up a basket of berries and motioned to it with a still-uncomfortably-familiar smile.  “I was thinking of doing some renovations, yeah,” Bellamy said, accepting her cash and counting out change.  He stuffed the bills into his cash box and flipped it shut with a snap.  “Heating that house costs a fortune in the winter— I want to see if I there’s anything I can do to bring that down, but I don’t know what I can afford yet.”

Abby piped up for the first time.  “My daughter does green design— I’m sure she’d be willing to do a consultation for you, if you’d like; give you an idea of what’s possible and what it would cost.”

“That’d be great, yeah,” he said, and Abby fished around in her purse to find a business card.  Griffin Design, it said, with a logo of a tree and an email address and a phone number in tiny script at the bottom.  He curled his hand around it and slipped it into his half apron.

He’d call her tomorrow, whoever she was.


YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 2193

Genre: Fluff

(A/N): Shameless self-promo warning!!! The fic mentioned is from our High School!Au series. You can find it here~

You woke up that morning to the sun in your eyes, but a great view of the clean and neat bedroom which you were proud to say belonged to you and your boyfriend, Junhui. The both of you had just moved into a new apartment together, and with his career on YouTube taking care of the rent, things were going extremely well.

And although you’d been dating Junhui for a little over a year, he hadn’t revealed the relationship to his viewers yet. He liked to keep his personal business far away from his YouTube channel, mostly because he didn’t think anyone cared. But with the amount of his subscribers growing and the curiosity building up, people had been bombarding him with requests to talk about his relationship status. Though, he refused to simply upload a video where he talked about his life and introduced you. He wanted to remain true to the nature of his channel, and introduce you to his followers in the most “Junhui way” possible, whatever that meant.

“Good morning, my little piggy,” Junhui’s soft voice hummed as he moved some hair out of your face, “How would sleeping beauty like some breakfast?”

Sitting up drowsily, you rubbed your heavy eyes as the picture of your boyfriend’s smiling face finally became clear.

“What is all this?” You asked him, being able to see him but not to understand what he was up to.

“What,” He started, getting jokingly defensive, “I can’t just do something nice for you without wanting something in return?”

“Jun, I never said anything about you wanting something in return.” You stated, growing a bit suspicious.

“Ok, you got me.”

He set the tray of various breakfast foods he’d made on the nightstand, and repositioned himself so that he was sitting next to you on the bed.

“I do need you to do me a favor, but don’t worry, it’s nothing too weird.”

“Too weird?” You repeated.

“Well, it’s for a YouTube video… Obviously it has to be weird.”

Just as you began to feel burdened by his strange request, you realized that him being ready to put you in a video was a huge step in your relationship. Plus, you wouldn’t want him to think that you couldn’t accept his video making style. It was a big part of him, and in actuality, you didn’t mind it at all. It was just like his real life personality: quirky and cute.

“Alright,” You gave in, “What do you need me to do?”

Junhui’s lips quickly formed the biggest grin you’d ever seen, as he excitedly peppered your cheeks with kisses.

“Thank you for agreeing!” He beamed between kisses.

“You’re welcome! You’re welcome!” You giggled, the feeling of his soft lips against your skin making you rather ticklish.

Once he stopped and allowed you to catch your breath, you asked again, “So, what is it that you need me to do for your video?”

“I was thinking of introducing you by recreating some kind of romantic fanfiction. I just found some pretty cringe-worthy stuff written about me online the other day.” He explained.

“What sort of fanfiction are we talking about?” You inquired, poking fun at your boyfriend’s reading of his own fanfiction.

“I found this one that has a really detailed plot. It takes place in a high school with some of my other YouTuber friends. You’ll finally get to meet Seokmin like you’ve always wanted!”

“Really? Well now I’m excited! When and where is the filming happening?”

“We’re filming all of the school scenes at this private high school on Saturday. Minghao and I rented the whole place out. I planned on shooting two scenes in our apartment and one scene in Jeonghan’s apartment. After that, there are some night time scenes that we can just film on the street. If you want a copy of my schedule, I could text it to you.”

You smiled and nodded, your heart fluttering at his adorable enthusiasm. You never really understood all the buzz behind YouTube, but you could listen to Junhui talk about it for days. His passion and vigor for making videos was unlike anything you’d ever seen before, and it comforted you because, as much as you were excited to be in his video, you were also terribly nervous.

“I would love that,” You said, pecking Junhui’s cheek as you maneuvered past him to get your breakfast from the nightstand, “And I can’t wait to finally be in one of your videos.”

“I can’t wait either.”


You and Junhui arrived at the high school bright and early on Saturday morning. You momentarily excused yourself to the girls’ bathroom to put on the costume that was chosen for you. Once you returned to the lobby, you discovered that your boyfriend was setting up the lights, so you stuck to Minghao, who you were relatively comfortable with.

“Nice outfit.” You said to him, pointing to his turtleneck sweater which looked entirely too small on him.

“Jun picked it out for me,” He responded, rolling his eyes, “He said it’s what he imagined I would’ve worn as a kid.”

One by one, the rest of the guys showed up and began mingling. You shyly introduced yourself to Seokmin who proceeded to tell you some quite embarrassing stories about Junhui. You appreciated the relaxed and fun atmosphere that always managed to linger amongst Junhui and his friends. They helped distract you from the anxiety you felt about shooting the video and gave you tips on how to handle the pressure.

Suddenly, Junhui called for everyone’s attention, “Ok guys, we’re all set. The first scene I want to do is the lunch scene.”

Jeonghan, who was not in the scene, manned the camera as everyone else hurried to their places.

“3, 2, 1, action!” Jeonghan called out.

You could see the camera following you as you walked into the cafeteria and joined Joshua at one of the tables.

“You look tired. Long week?” He recited his line.

“You have no idea,” You said, setting your backpack which was filled with Junhui’s old high school textbooks onto the floor, “I feel like this week has lasted a year.”

You turned around to see Mingyu, accompanied by Minghao and Junhui standing behind you.

“Hey guys, these are the exchange students from China, Minghao and Junhui.” He said.

The three of them sat down and the two Chinese boys introduced themselves.

“Hi, my name is Minghao.”

“I’m Junhui.”

Right on cue, the other boys began pouring into the room, with the exception of Jeonghan and Seungcheol. After everyone else was already sitting, Seungcheol bursted in and shouted his line.


“We’re dead.” Said Seungkwan.

The filming of the scene continued on, all of you restarting a couple of times because of someone laughing or forgetting their line. After a few costume changes and a lunch break, all of the school scenes were wrapped up and everyone went their separate ways.

Since it was still light outside, Junhui didn’t want to film the night time scenes, so he took you along with Seungcheol, Jihoon, and Chan with Jeonghan to shoot the scenes at Jeonghan’s apartment. You were still nervous about filming, though things somehow managed to become even more uncomfortable since you were very close with Jeonghan and you felt a bit awkward in his home. As you sat on the sofa waiting for the guys to finish, your whole body started to shake. At first, you figured it was just because you were cold, but you soon realized it was because you were so tense.

Junhui noticed your restlessness and tried to ask you about it, “Hey, what’s wrong, (Y/N)?”

“Nothing. I’m just cold.” You answered, flashing the most convincing smile you could muster.

He didn’t seem to be thoroughly persuaded, but he turned his attention back to his four friends as they practiced their lines. You sighed in relief, though your nerves were still quite prominent.


“Junhui? (Y/N)? Where are you guys?” A familiar voice called out from the darkness.

It was nearly pitch black outside and you and Junhui had just arrived at the final filming location of the day. He invited Minghao to come too, as the script called for a thief that would steal your phone.

“You called me here to be your punching bag?” Asked Minghao, after hearing Junhui’s explanation.

“It’s not like I’m going to beat you up,” Junhui reasoned, “Besides, I know you can take a kick to the neck. You know wushu.”

“Fine, but if you do the butterfly kick on me I swear to god Wen Junhui-”

“I won’t,” Minghao was cut off by your boyfriend, “It’ll be fine.”

Reluctantly agreeing, Minghao put on the oversized black hoodie and face mask that Junhui had prepared. You and Junhui had both changed your costumes too, his outfit being specified in the fanfiction as dark with a leather jacket.

Before filming the scene in which Minghao would have to endure Junhui’s foot, Minghao operated the camera as you and Junhui acted out the scene prior to that one. The scene included a big fight between you and him, and he assumed that either you or him would laugh and break character, but surprisingly, you both managed to shoot the entire thing in one take. Afterwards, all three of you quickly shot the fight scene, again in one take.

“Wow, (Y/N), your acting was so good in that last scene. I don’t think I’ve ever filmed anything in one take before.” Junhui congratulated you, his hand massaging your shoulder.

“Thanks.” You replied unenthusiastically.

“(Y/N)… You’re shaking again. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong. Really, I’m fine.”

Junhui frowned, wanting to help you but displeased that you wouldn’t tell him what was going on.

“Why won’t you tell me what’s wrong? You’ve been like this all day. I just want to help you get through it, whatever it is.”

You sighed, “It’s nothing you can help with. I’m just really nervous. I mean, you’re finally trusting me to be in a video and I’m worried I’ll make everything weird.”

“Oh, (Y/N),” His hand came up to your shoulder once more, rubbing a calming back and forth motion, “You haven’t been doing anything wrong. And even if you did, I wouldn’t care. I love you and I just want the world to know it. Who cares if you’re a bad actor? Which you’re not, by the way.”

“Aw, thanks for that, Junhui. And I love you too.” You said, the first genuine smile of the day appearing on your face as he pulled you in for a hug.

“Are you guys ready to film the last scene?” Minghao asked, forcing you and your boyfriend out of the sweet moment.

Junhui looked for your approval, which you gave with a nod. Minghao stood behind the camera again, waiting for you and Junhui to get into your positions before calling “action”.

The both of you ran along the sidewalk, Minghao following along with the camera. You stopped inside the lobby of a nearby apartment building, Junhui’s arm pinning you to the wall like the fanfiction said, and you gripped the sleeve of his leather jacket as the two of you panted heavily.

Slowly, both of your heads turned to look each other in the eye as Junhui spoke what was supposed to be his final line, “I care about you.”

Going off script, he leaned in for a short but intense kiss on the lips.

“Jun! What was that?” You asked, surprised at his sudden improvisation.

“I felt like we needed to!” He justified with a chuckle.


It was another sunny day. You walked around the apartment, more used to it than before, but still not believing how lucky you were to be able share it with such a wonderful person you could call your boyfriend.

As you came into the living room, you found him sitting on the couch, his laptop resting on his legs.

His face brightened up as soon as he saw you, “(Y/N), come look at this!”

You plopped down at his side, looking over at the computer screen. He was scrolling through the comments section of a YouTube video. You couldn’t tell what video he was looking at, but all the comments seemed to be very supportive.

“Look at this one,” He said, pointing to a particular comment that he liked, “This person said, ‘Wow Jun you’re such a lucky guy! Congrats on your relationship, you guys are so cute together!’”

“Are these the comments from the fanfiction video?”

“Of course. See, (Y/N)? They all love you. You had nothing to be worried about.”

Throwing an arm around your shoulder, he pulled you close and placed a kiss on your temple. You leaned into him, putting your hand on his chest. With a bond stronger than words could capture, no fanfiction writer could ever describe what you had with Junhui. You just thanked your lucky stars every day for having him with you, and for not having to live in some cheesy high school oneshot.

-Written by Admin Cali

Imagine Chris helping you through a hangover.

A/N: Part 2, y'all. ✌🏻️ You can read this as a standalone or go over and read Part 1, ‘Imagine admitting you want to marry Chris while you’re drunk.’ Whatever you feel like, this is for your enjoyment; you don’t have to feel obligated. Also- I’ve decided to make this a four part thing, maybe five if I decide to write the wedding. Inbox me if you want to be tagged to this mini-series. Anyhooooo, that’s all I have to say. Bisous 💋

You awoke with the world’s worst hangover; it wasn’t the first time but it’d been a long time since you’d one with this level of discomfort. You’d heard the saying ‘it hit me like a train’, now you were actually experiencing it. You couldn’t remember much of last night, you just knew you partied a little too hard at Carly’s bachelorette party. You couldn’t even remember how you got home, you suspected it was Luca- your best friend and only sober member- that put you in a cab. You made a mental note to call her, as well as Chris, to inform them that you were in fact alive.

You opened your eyes and immediately closed them again, wincing at the tiniest amount of sunlight peeping through the blue curtains. Blue curtains? Weren’t your curtains purple? You were in too much pain to take a second look; you weren’t overly concerned, you were sure it was just your hangover messing with your vision. You groaned and grabbed the nearest pillow, burying your face in blackout darkness because somehow closing your eyes weren’t enough. Fatigue and nausea washed over you, finalizing your decision to stay in bed all day. A bed that- oddly didn’t feel like your bed.

You pushed the pillow off your face and forced your eyes open to take in the room that was definitely not yours; you were in too much of a daze to realize it was Chris’. You sat up a little too quickly and your head spun, the urge to throw up everything you ate and drank last night overwhelmed you. You groaned and hunched over, burying your face in the bundle of sheets while pressing your fingers against your throbbing temples.

“Mornin’ sunshine.” You heard Chris’ voice and you realized you had somehow ended up at his place instead of your own. You looked up at him; he stood in the doorway with tightly pursed lips, obviously biting the inside of his cheek to suppress his urge to laugh at your misery. “How are you feeling?” He asked, a soft chuckle broke free as he walked over. “You look very beautiful.” He smiled as he teased, taking your hands in his as he sat down.

“I know, can’t you see that I’m on top of the world?” You joked and he chuckled softly; he was always sweet to keep his voice down around hungover you. “I really did it this time,” you managed a soft chuckle yourself, running a hand through your hair. You were surprised it wasn’t knotted or tainted with specks of vomit; did you throw up? You couldn’t remember. “What happened last night? How did I get here?”

“Well- according to drunk Y/N,” he began, brushing his thumbs gently up and down the back of your hands. “You can always find your way back to me.” He told you and you smiled. “I think Luca put you into a cab, there was a text from her on your phone for me.”

“Why didn’t she just text your phone?” You narrowed your eyes in confusion.

“Beats me,” he shrugged then chuckled, “she’s your weird best friend.” You chuckled at that. “Now-” he released your hands and rose to his feet. “I know you want to stay in bed all day but you need to eat something. I would bring your breakfast to you in bed but- we both know you have that insane rule of no food in bedrooms.”

“I’m sorry, do you want cockroaches and ants when you sleep?”

“C'mon,” he chuckled and held out his hand for you to take. “I got some coffee, pancakes and bacon waiting for you downstairs.” Your stomach growled with excitement at the sound of your breakfast. “Caffeine, grease, carbs, and sugar. Just what you need to get over this hangover,” he winked with a click of his tongue.

“Oh God.” You groaned and let him pull you to your feet. “Everything hurts, Chris.” You whined and rubbed your throbbing left temple when he released your hand and wrapped an arm around you. “That’s it, I am never drinking again.”

“You do realize you say that every time you wake up with a bad hangover, right?” He chuckled as the two of you made your way downstairs. Your eyes narrowed slightly at the two fully packed duffle bags by the door; one of them was yours. “Yet here we are,” he teased you and you rolled your eyes; somehow, that hurt too. “Look on the bright side, it’s Saturday and you don’t work on the weekends.”

“I’m a screen writer, as long as I’m breathing- I’m working.” You retorted and he chuckled softly. “But I don’t have to go into the studio which is good. But I do have a script to finish which-” you heaved a sigh, “I can’t seem to do, so not so good. Don’t you ever get sick of your job?” You asked, completely forgetting who you were talking to. “Right-” you pressed your lips together when you remembered. “Who could get sick of being Captain America?”

“You forget I’m not always Captain America, I’ve had my fair share of bad roles that make doing what I love a bit of a drag.” He reminded you and you sighed again. “Sweetheart, I know your work can get a little taxing but- you are doing what you love to do. Yes, you’ll get the occasional bad job but you’ve also had some really great ones. Shall I take you to your Oscar to remind you how much you love your job?”

“No,” you chuckled. “I’m very aware of how much I love my job, after all-” You looked up at him and planted a kiss on his jaw. “It is what brought us together. Don’t mind me, it’s just hangover me talking. She’s a bit of a bummer.”

“Yeah,” he chuckled, “drunk you is much more fun.” He took his arm off you as the two of you entered the kitchen. He went over to the coffee pot and poured you a cup, he creamed and sugared it before passing it to you. “Here,” he grabbed the plate of pancakes and bacon he prepared for you and put it in front of you as you took a seat at the breakfast bar.

“I’m sorry I woke you up last night,” you told him after taking a sip of your steaming hot coffee. “I bet you weren’t so happy to see me at such an ungodly hour,” you joked and chuckled softly. “Next time I go out and party without you, take your key from me.”

“Oh stop,” he chuckled. “I’m always happy to see you, you’re my girl- there will never be a bad time to see your beautiful face.” You smiled and he smiled back. “Plus- I’m an actor, ungodly hours are my sweet spot,” he shrugged nonchalantly and you laughed. “You are extremely lucky I made you take that Advil last night,” he pointed out with a smug smile, “otherwise you wouldn’t be laughing right now.”

“Can you catch me up on last night?” You placed your cup down and started cutting your pancakes up. “I’m sure I did something stupid, I always seem to do that when I’m drunk. So- what did I do this time?” You asked then forked a chunk of pancake into your mouth.

“You broke your favorite drinking glass,” he told you and your face fell at that new piece of information. “Don’t worry, I’m sure I can get Stan Lee’s team to send another one. I’ll probably ask for a plastic version so you can’t break it after a bender,” he teased and you chuckled. “But that was about it, nothing overly stupid.”

“That doesn’t sound like me, did I say anything stupid?”

“Nope,” he shook his head. “Well- you asked for Fruit Loops but- that’s not that stupid, you’re a bit of an addict when it comes to cereal.” You narrowed your eyes, pondering. “You were drunk off your face, what were you expecting from yourself? Oh- you did strip off your dress in the kitchen. That was fun for me, you were a sight to see.” He teased and you chuckled. “Not one of your best drunk moments but it was a pretty good one.”

“I’m glad you still found me amusing.” You giggled and he nodded, chuckling softly. “Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask.” You began when the image of the two duffles came back to you. “Why are there two duffles by the door? One of them is mine so- I know it’s not you going on some business trip. Are we going somewhere?” You quizzed.

“I was thinking of taking you to the cabin for the weekend,” he nodded. “I already packed everything and the car’s ready to go. I was just waiting for you to wake up to have breakfast before we leave.”

“For the weekend?” Your eyes narrowed in confusion. “But it’s Saturday and it’s-” you glanced at the clock. “Ten-thirty. By the time we get out to the cabin, it’ll be like four and we’d be exhausted from the drive. We won’t even spend a full day there 'cause we gotta get back before Monday, so what’s the point?”

“I just feel like it,” he shrugged. “Don’t be a bummer, it’ll be fun. I got a playlist and car snacks and- everything we usually get when we drive out there. Plus- I already called Scott to go out there and set things up for us, if I cancel now- he’s going to be pissed.”

“Chris, I am suffering from a major hangover and I have a script to finish writing. Do you really think now is the best time to go out to the cabin?” You asked and he nodded, smiling. “Can’t we just- go next weekend, or even wait until Christmas to go? We can get our families out there and do a whole thing. It’ll be so much more fun and less time constricted.”

“I can’t wait that long,” he shook his head.

“Why not?” You narrowed your eyes in confusion.

“I just can’t,” he answered vaguely, smiling. “Eat your breakfast while I go sort out the rest of our stuff,” he leaned over the bar top and kissed your cheek before walking out of the kitchen. “We’ll leaving in half an hour so-” he glanced back at you, “do what you need to do, take another Advil if you need.”

“You can call Alex if I don’t finish my script on time!” You called after him and winced at your own loud voice. “Honestly.” You muttered under your breath and continued to eat your breakfast as Chris picked the bags up off the floor and walked them out to the car.

He popped the trunk and unzipped his duffle, pulling away the first layer of his clothes to reveal the Tiffany&Co ring box that he’d been hiding for months now. After last night, he simply couldn’t wait any longer. There was no perfect timing, there was just the perfect person and you were his perfect person. He was ready for what was going to be the best weekend of his life whereas you were completely clueless and unaware of what was yet to come.

rilamelafin  asked:

If you've answered this before, I apologize. But I was wondering why you aren't doing anything related to the CGI show for Ladybug? I saw you mention it in your last response to an ask and it got me curious.

it just became a lot of pressure and i’m extremely tired. 

in short, the current version of ML isn’t what i signed up for. i became a fan when the PV was all fans really had to base expectations on - as in, when there was no evidence yet of the show going from a heavy, atmospheric story for a teen audience to a bright, peppy saturday morning cartoon for little kids. it’s a decent enough show the way it is now, but i’ve given up on trying to enjoy it as much as i loved the PV. i just don’t.

there’s also the issue of how popular my blog became because i was posting so much ML while it was in production - again, before anyone knew it had changed so much. i tried to balance things between PV and CGI content when it came to light that they weren’t the same thing any more, but a good percentage of the fandom (and astruc himself) have behaved absolutely appallingly when it comes to accepting the PV as an extension to the ML universe. getting literal hate mail along with watching other people on this side of the fandom be bullied (not to mention all the rampant art theft going on) simply for liking the production concepts really soured me to the culture built up around the CGI show, and earlier in the year it was depressing me to the point of finally needing to just let that culture go

cutting ties and stepping back took an enormous weight off my chest, and made me both far happier and mentally healthier. i shook off the sickening feeling of obligation to produce content that people wanted from me in favour of doing what i wanted - and that was devoting my fandom interaction exclusively to the PV, which was what i have always loved the most, and work on promoting enjoyment and inclusiveness of it to other fans. i still enjoy the CGI show and will probably watch season 2 whenever it arrives, but i’m not planning on discussing it with anyone except personal friends or otherwise creating any more content for that side of the fandom.

it might change in the future when i’m more comfortable (i did put out a piece with adrien and felix a little while ago to test the waters, but i don’t feel it’s the right time yet), we’ll see. until then i’d be grateful if no one pushed me to draw more in that area because it’s only going to hurt the recovery time. 

finally after weeks of chasing and facing rejections, chuuya accepted dazai’s offer to get coffee. 

 'it’s just coffee,’ chuuya thought. ‘not much harm can come from that.’

 in all honestly, chuuya missed dazai’s company, and turning down the other’s offers pained him as much as it did dazai judging by the brunet’s crest fallen face each time chuuya said no. 

 the two approached one of yokohama’s famed cafes on a bright saturday morning when dazai rushed towards the entrance ahead of chuuya and lavishly opened the door. 

“after you~” dazai exclaimed while gesturing to enter with his free arm.

 the look chuuya shot him caused the brunet to burst out in laughter.

 "dont give me such a sour look chuuya. has nobody ever opened-“ 

 dazai didnt get to finish his sentence as chuuya ignored him and entered the cafe first. 

 "chuuya! chuuya wait!” dazai rushed towards the executive side and poked the other’s cheek. “chuuya you’re so meannn~~~”

 chuuya let out a sigh. “whatever shitty dazai. stop poking me. what are you, twelve?”

 dazai’s eyes sparkled with mischief. “why chuuya on a scale of ten i am indeed a twelve. i’m glad you agree with me.”

 the redhead gave dazai another exasperated look before stepping forth to order something to drink. chuuya didn’t particularly enjoy coffee, but the fragnant smell of freshly ground coffee beans filled his nose so he decided to settle for an iced americano.

 after placing his order, chuuya sat down at one of the empty tables by the window and watched dazai order his drink. the morning sunlight lit the other’s hair a gold-brown, and chuuya felt something tug at his heart. the two of them had often spend their saturdays together during their childhood, and the current turn of events brought a sense of warm familiarity to chuuya.

 it wasnt till dazai returned with both of their drinks that chuuya snapped out of thoughts.

 "chuuya what’s occupying your mind~ wanna share with me?“

 "tch, thats none of your business dazai,” chuuya started turning his face towards the other when his sapphire eyes fell upon dazai’s drink.

 "you’re kidding me right,“ were the only words that escaped chuuya’s lips as he looked upon dazai’s choice in horror.

 the cup was heavily covered in whipped cream to the point chuuya wasn’t even sure if there was any coffee under it at all.

 the detective met chuuya’s eyes with a questioning look. "whats wrong with my latte?”

 chuuya nearly spit his coffee out. he always knew dazai was fond of sweet things, but adding what appeared to be half a can of whipped cream to a latte was nearly enough to make him want to walk out the door. he could already feel the headache forming in the back of his head and was starting to regret agreeing to spend the day with the other.

 "i guess there’s nothing wrong with it,“ chuuya huffed.

 dazai’s laughter filled the space between them. "chuuya i never knew you were a coffee elitist. i didnt even think you drank coffee.”

 a light pink dusted the executive’s cheeks. “i never said that dazai.”

 hazelnut eyes only twinkled in response. 

 "whatever you say chibi~“

 after that one coffee date, chuuya found himself spending more and more time with the bandaged detective. through their constant interactions, chuuya could see just how much the being in the agency had changed his former partner. dazai appeared to be more full of life despite his attempts at suicide every now and then, the cold, dead look in his hazelnut eyes no longer present like they were when he was a member of the port mafia.

 chuuya was relieved dazai had managed to find some light in his life, and he was willing to keep his own feelings and dazai’s past memories involving him in the dark if it meant dazai would continue to be happy. 

 a sudden knocking on his door jolted the executive out of his thoughts. chuuya glanced at the clock before getting up from his coach. it was a little bit past nine, and he wasn’t expecting anyone to show up. chuuya wondered if the boss required him for a sudden mission, but mori had always simply called him in instead of sending someone over.

 "coming!” chuuya yelled over his shoulder as placed down his glass of wine before coming to open the door expecting to see someone from the mafia but was instead met face to face with dazai.

 "chuuya! what took you so long.“

 chuuya felt his mouth slightly drop open. 

 "dazai what the hell are you doing here. how did you even find my address.”

 the brunet brought a finger to his chin while his eyes started at the ceiling appearing to be deep in thought.

 "hmmmm actually i have no idea. my feet just kinda let me here. funny huh?“ dazai shrugged at his comment before letting himself into chuuya’s apartment.

 the redhead growled. "who said you could come in shitty dazai.”

 "aww chuuya don’t be like that. besides i didn’t come to stay here.“


 dazai linked his arm to chuuya’s, dragging him out the door.

 "did you know they’re having the summer festival today? let’s go watch the fireworks together!” dazai proclaimed without not giving the executive a chance to protest. 

 the bustling of the city greeted chuuya’s ears as dazai dragged him towards the heart of the summer festival. children ran around in yukatas, exploring the different game and food stands while their parents walked behind them at a lazy pace. the summer festival wasn’t particularly an event chuuya attended, his position in the mafia required him to travel often, and he was almost always abroad during the summer.

 the constant tugging on his right arm reminded the redhead that dazai still had his arm intertwined with his, but for some reason, chuuya didnt particularly mind and continued to let the excited brunet pull him towards what dazai called the ideal spot for watching fireworks.

 chuuya found himself leaning against the railing of a bridge, far away from the heart of the festival. 

 "dazai are you sure this is the best place for this.“ 

 dazai tucked a stray strand of hair behind his h ear as the wind tousled his wavy brown locks.

 "trust me chuuya. it’ll definitely be worth it.”

 chuuya simply sighed and contemplated lighting a cigarette when a flash of bright light caught his eye. a firework burst in the night sky, lighting the darkness with shades of blue and gold. chuuya watched in wonder. in all his years in japan, he had only really witnessed a fireworks show once or twice, and the sight of the different shades mingling with the stars was breathtaking.

 dazai leaned against the rail next to chuuya. 

 "enjoying yourself?“

 chuuya smiled in response. "yah definitely.”

 the brunte turned his face towards the other. “hope this takes some of the burden placed on you due to work off.”

 pale blue eyes widened in surprise. “how’d you know i was stressed dazai.”

 dazai chuckled. “of course i’d noticed when the person i love is stressed.”

“what did you just say?" 

"i said i love you chuuya.”


Will has learned a lot from the files in his dad’s office. They’re interesting reading, even if he’s not sure how much is fiction.

He reads the file on his dad’s sister, Samantha, who disappeared when she was eight years old. The folder contains all kinds of stuff that almost certainly shouldn’t be in a file cabinet in a civilian home in rural Virginia: photocopies of police reports, a list of items in an evidence locker in Massachusetts, transcripts of interviews with suspects, including Will’s grandfather.

Samantha’s diary is in there, too. Will reads the whole thing even though it feels wrong. She’s dead, she’s been dead for decades. This is Will’s inheritance: the last words of his long-dead teenaged aunt, the way his dad’s eyes still cloud over whenever anyone mentions her name. Maybe he was just screwed from birth. His whole fucked-up family.

It’s a bright Saturday at the beginning of December when, after weeks of looking, Will finds his own file.

His dad’s organizational system is esoteric in the extreme, if there is a system at all. The files aren’t alphabetized or organized in any way that Will can discern, but he’s sure his dad knows exactly where everything is. Maybe you don’t need a filing system at all if you have a photographic memory. So it’s not like he could just go to W for William or S for Scully. But he’s in there, between a file marked Flukeman and another marked, mysteriously, Desperate Agglomerations. The tab says William 5-21-01. Will had found the other Williams, files marked William Mulder and William Scully Sr., ages ago. His eyes had glazed over reading a report about the blood spatter at the scene of his grandfather’s death.

Yeah. Will was definitely screwed from birth.

There isn’t much in Will’s file. His birth certificate and social security card are in there — good to know, he figures, in case the world ever rights itself again, though that possibility seems more remote every day — and a photograph of him as a baby, marked August 17th, 2001 on the back in his mom’s handwriting.

And there’s a copy of an ultrasound. Will traces his own outline with his fingertip. He looks like an alien, but that’s what all ultrasounds look like. In fourth grade his teacher was pregnant and she showed them an ultrasound picture, and this kid Mark asked her if she was having a monkey. Luckily for Mark, she’d thought he was kidding. Mrs. DeLuca was mean as hell.

Behind that there are just a few more pages — cheap computer paper, some of it starting to yellow, with fold marks.

Medical records. Blood tests, it looks like. One every few years, starting from when he was a baby, all the way until last year. Everything’s in medical-ese and covered in numbers and notes in his mom’s handwriting, and one column just says out of range all the way down on every page. Stuck to the back of the last page is a blood-typing card. He recognizes it from a picture in his AP Bio textbook.

Will doesn’t have his dad’s photographic memory, but he loved that class. He remembers the diagram that showed how to figure out your blood type. When he got home from school he’d asked his mom his blood type and she’d told him Type O, like hers, but Will wanted to see for himself. He ordered a test online, and his results had come back just like this one: invalid.

His teacher, Mr. Irwin, had just shrugged when Will brought it in. “Your sample was probably contaminated,” he’d said. “That’s why they put the control on there.” He’d grinned at Will. “Don’t worry, kid. You’re special, but you’re not that special.”

Now Will looks at the card and the post-it stuck to the front. He glances back at the other pages. Out of range out of range out of range out of range. His mom’s handwriting: Dr. R running additional tests. Another line circled and the word antibodies? next to it. That fucking word again.

What he’d wanted to tell Mr. Irwin was that he had never wanted to be special. That all he’d ever wanted, really, was to be just like everybody else.

There is one more piece of paper. He hadn’t noticed it because it was smaller than the others, lined paper, torn out of a notebook. This one is in his dad’s handwriting. It’s a list of dates, ending on June 21st, 2006. At the bottom it says, No add'l evidence of TK.

Just like everybody else.

hs au (part six)

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That weekend, Andrew realizes that he might actually be able to attend college.

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Welcome To Brisbane (Lin X Reader)

WC: 3688

Summary: Lin and the reader are internet friends, and Lin informs the reader that he’s visiting Brisbane. The reader plans a ‘best of’ tour for him.

Warnings: Language, australian slang, slow burn

A/N: Day 4 of the @hamwriters write-a-thon. These imagines just keep getting longer, but hey, I don’t mind.

I sighed, walking in to my place with an invisible weight on my shoulders. I checked the clock on my wall and saw that it was 9:30. I groaned at the fact that today was another case of late night, early morning classes the next day. I opened my laptop and scrolled through Tumblr, laughing at some of the posts that popped up on my dash. I suddenly heard my phone buzz and I picked it up, wincing slightly at the light. I noticed that it was from Lin and I felt myself perk up a little.

Linny: Hey Y/N! I know it’s probably late at night for you, but I thought I’d send you a text to let you know that you’ve got someone in your corner all the way across the sea. Keep fighting cariña. You can do it.

I read the text and felt my cheeks heat up at his pet name. I read it over once more and decided to pull up Skype on my laptop. I clicked on his contact and called him, hoping that he picked up. His face suddenly appeared on my laptop and I shot him a tired smile. “Buenos días Linny.” I said and Lin smiled brightly. “You should speak Spanish more often. It sounds good when you speak it.” Lin said and I felt my cheeks flush pink. “That’s not why I called you Miranda.” I said and Lin chuckled, yawning slightly. “Bad day?” He said and I nodded. “Like you wouldn’t believe. It’s 9:30 pm and I only just got home.” I said and Lin’s jaw dropped. “Seriously?” He said and I nodded. “Uni was hella stressful. Because it’s June it’s getting cold and midterm exams are coming up and I’m drowning in work. Not to mention my asshole boss and insensitive coworkers.” I ranted, running a hand through my hair as I spoke. Lin set his phone down against something so his full body was in shot, and I chuckled at his choice of pyjamas. “Well, I have exciting news for you mi reina.” Lin said and I froze momentarily. He called me his queen. “And what would that be Lin-Manuel?” I said and Lin shook his head slightly. “You know only my dad calls me that.” He said and I nodded, leaning back in my chair. “I know. Anyway, what’s your news?” I said and Lin’s face brightened, his smile widening greatly. “I’m coming to Brisbane!” Lin cheered and I felt my jaw drop so low it almost hit the floor. “Oh my god. Seriously?” I shouted and Lin nodded, his smile bright. “My flight leaves Friday morning, so I’ll get in Saturday morning!” Lin said and I laughed, shocked and in disbelief. “You’re coming here. To Brisbane. On Saturday.” I said, trying to process what I was hearing. “Yep. Technically I leave on Friday, but yes. I’m coming to Brisbane Y/N.” Lin said and I smiled widely. “I wanna hug you but I can’t.” I said and Lin laughed, nodding slightly. “Same here. I can, however, hug you on Saturday.” Lin said and I nodded vigorously. “I can’t wait.” I said and Lin’s cheeks went a dusty pink. “I wish we could talk a little longer, but you look incredibly tired and I have to get to work soon. I’ll see you on Saturday!” Lin said and I waved at the camera. “See you on Saturday. Adíos Lin.” I said and Lin smiled. “Adíos Y/N.” Lin said, waving slightly at the camera. I waved back, and pressed the end call button. I sunk down in my stool, praying for Saturday to come fast.

I woke up bright and early Saturday morning, at 6:30 to be precise. I got out of bed and pulled on a decent outfit and ate faster than normal, and began the drive to Brisbane International Airport. I made it to the arrivals section in record time and glanced at my sign once more. It read ‘Linny Boy!’ and I chuckled, hoping he liked it. I checked the time and saw that it was 7:30, and Lin’s flight landed in ten minutes. I spent about twenty minutes patiently waiting, tapping my foot on the clean airport floor. I suddenly heard the intercom call out something about a flight from Los Angeles landing and I perked up. I saw people make their way out to the arrival area and I held up my sign proudly, gaining some strange looks from other people.  I saw a familiar mop of unruly black hair and I gasped, realising that it was Lin. “Lin!” I shouted, hoping he could hear me over the crowds of people. Lin looked around and made eye contact with me, his eyes wide and his smile bright. He jogged over a little and I smiled, placing my sign in my bag. “Y/N!” Lin called just as eagerly, and almost tackled me in a hug. I wrapped my arms around him and held him tightly, overjoyed at having him here in the flesh. “Oh my god it’s you. You’re actually here.” I said and Lin chuckled, taking in a deep breath. “I’m here. Now, let’s go. I’ve had enough of airports.” Lin said and I laughed, reluctantly letting go of him. “You got your bags mate?” I said and Lin laughed a little. “You sound so Australian when you say mate.” Lin said and I groaned, my cheeks going a little pink. “Shut up and take your bags.” I said and Lin smiled and grabbed the two suitcases that lay near his feet. “Come on. My car’s not that far away.” I said and Lin nodded, wheeling his bags behind me as he walked. “Gosh, it’s so pretty here.” Lin said and I half-smiled, looking out at Brisbane city. “It’s not that great.” I said and Lin scoffed, mock hitting my shoulder. “It’s beautiful, so be quiet.” Lin said and I nodded, glancing over at him. He looked very good in person. “So, what’re the plans for today?” Lin said and I smiled, unlocking my car. “Well, I’m gonna take you back to my place and you can set up your room and dump your stuff. Then we’re gonna head down to Southbank for lunch and maybe a swim. Then I know this great Chinese place in the Valley that we can go for dinner.” I said and Lin looked at me with an amused smile. “The Valley? Do you just have this giant valley with restaurants along the side? God you Australians are weird.” Lin said and I groaned, shoving him as he entered the car. “Shut up. It’s this placed called Fortitude Valley. Australians are super lazy, so we shorten everything. It’s pretty schmick, but that’s where Chinatown is, and therefore, my favourite Chinese restaurant.” I said and Lin chuckled once more. “Schmick? Do you speak another language down here?” Lin said and I rolled my eyes, starting the car. “You haven’t heard the half of it Linny boy.” I said and Lin laughed, shaking his head slightly. “So, where’s your apartment?” Lin asked and I shot him a sly smile. “It’s near St Lucia. I go to uni at UQ, so I’ve gotta be close to school. Thank god for student accomodation.” I said and Lin laughed, nodding his head. “Amen to that.” He said and I smiled, turning on the radio. I decided to listen to whatever CD was in there, and I blushed as the opening notes to In The Heights filled the car. Lin looked at me with disbelief and surprise, before his smile turned into a smirk. “You’ve got my CD in your car.” Lin said and I nodded, desperately trying to hide my blush. “It’s cute.” Lin said and my eyes widened. We began singing along as Lin’s voice played over the speakers, and the drive to my flat seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye. “You know, you’d make a very good Vanessa.” Lin said as we got out of the car. I rolled my eyes to try and cover up the fact that I was freaking out internally. “My voice isn’t that great.” I said and Lin frowned, shaking his head. “I beg to differ. I just heard you singing It Won’t Be Long Now and lemme just say, you could give Karen a run for her money.” Lin said and I blushed slightly, shaking my head. “You’re too kind sir.” I said and Lin chuckled  taking his bag out of the boot. We chatted between ourselves as we approached my flat. “Here we are. Casa del Y/L/N.” I said and Lin smiled, looking around my place. “For student accomodation, this is really nice. My room in college was horrendous. Not to mention my dorm mate sucked.” Lin said and I laughed as he set his bags down on the couch. “So, how far away is this mysterious Southbank you speak of?” Lin said, sitting on my couch as if he were at home. “It’s about 5 to 10 minutes down the road. Did you pack your togs?” I said and Lin stared at me with blank eyes. “My what?” Lin asked and I laughed, realising he had no clue what I meant. “Your togs. Swimmers. Swimsuit. Bathers. Whatever the hell you yanks call them.” I said and Lin’s eyes widened in realisation. “Oh. I swear you speak another language down here, my god.” He said and I chuckled, nodding my head. “Yep. Now I suggest chucking your swimmers in my bag so that that way you can just change when we get there.” I said and Lin nodded, opening one of his suitcases and rifling through it. He pulled out a pair of black swim shorts and I caught them as he suddenly threw them at me. “Oh, and get your thongs out as well. You’ll need them if we go to the beach.” I said and Lin looked at me with horror written all over his face. I froze and then burst out into peals of laughter, seriously contemplating taking a photo of his face. “Oh my god. Flip flops. I forgot you Americans think thongs are underwear.” I said and Lin’s face slowly went red as he pulled out a pair of blue thongs. He threw them at me and I had to duck to avoid getting hit with one. “You Australians are so weird, dear lord.” Lin said and I nodded, picking up my already packed swimming bag. “Don’t be such a sour puss Miranda. Let’s get going.”

“You built, a beach?” Lin called when we got out of the car. “Uh huh. We built our own beach here. It’s pretty cool.” I said and Lin turned to me, his mouth agape. “That’s more than cool. That’s, god I have no words.” Lin said and I chuckled, resting an arm on his shoulder. “I know. Now, let’s go get some lunch. What’re you in the mood for?” I said and Lin paused, a thoughtful look in his face. “Anything. I’ll let the local choose.” He said and a smile bloomed on my face. “Then it’s time to reenact a Y/L/N family tradition. Vamos Miranda.” I said, grabbing Lin’s wrist and pulling him along behind me. “This is so cool.” He muttered to himself as we approached the small array of shops opposite the cinemas. “We’re getting fish and chips. Come on.” I said and we approached the store. I ordered the food, occasionally checking back with Lin to see what he wanted. “American, huh?” The lady at the counter said and I nodded. “It’s his first time in Brisbane. I’m showing him around.” I said and she smiled, handing us our food. “You two are so cute.” She said before we left, and I blushed bright pink. I didn’t notice that Lin’s cheeks were the same colour. “This is so nice.” Lin said as we sat down on the grassy area in front of the stores. “I know. My parents and my brother and sister used to come here all the time. We’d ride here on our bikes and then get fish and chips and a Boost. Then we’d head back home. It was always so much fun.” I said and Lin smiled softly, taking a bite of his chip. He suddenly dropped it and I gave him a curious look. “It’s so hot, oh my god.” Lin said, his voice slightly muffled. I laughed and picked up a chip, biting into it. “How do you do that?” Lin asked, looking at me with wide eyes. “Years of practice, my friend. Years of practice.” I said and Lin let out a small laugh. We enjoyed the rest of our food, and occasionally had to fight off the odd ibis who wanted some chips. “That was incredible. Watching you fight off that bird was truly the highlight of our lunch.” Lin said and I rolled my eyes, lightly punching his shoulder. “Shut up Lin. Anyway, seeing as lunch is done, it’s time to hit the man-made beach.” I said and Lin smiled, getting up off the grass. I groaned slightly and Lin looked at me disapprovingly. “Come on Y/N. Don’t be lazy.” He said and I groaned more dramatically this time, rolling over onto my back. “But I’m Australian. We’re all lazy.” I said and Lin let out a loud laugh. “That is kinda true. I saw a sign for McDonalds and the sign read Maccas. Do you all call it that?” Lin said and I nodded, reaching a hand up towards him. “Can you pull me up please?” I said and Lin sighed before grabbing my hand and pulling me up. I tried to ignore the tingly feeling in my hand as he tugged me upwards, and smiled at him once I was standing up. “Thanks. Now, it’s only a short walk so let’s get going.” I said and Lin smiled, grabbing my hand. My cheeks went a light pink and I laced my fingers with his. He smiled at me and we walked towards the beach. I had to occasionally shout a few directions but we eventually made it. “This is awesome.” Lin muttered and I nodded, walking towards the bathrooms, still holding his hand. “The guys bathroom is over there. I’ll meet you back here in a couple of minutes.” I said and Lin nodded. “You know, I might actually need my togs.” Lin said and I smiled widely as I fished through my bag. “You said togs.” I said and I didn’t notice Lin nod and flush pink. “It has a nice ring to it.” He said, scratching the back of his neck. I passed him his swimmers and he took them in his hands. “I’ll meet you back here.” He said and I nodded, walking off to the bathroom. I got changed quickly, hoping that my black and blue one-piece made me look someone decent. I walked out of the change rooms and I saw Lin standing there, his board shorts on and no shirt. I nearly froze but I tried to shake myself out of the trance I ended up in. “You ready to go?” I said and Lin smiled at me, looking me up and down briefly. “Yep.” Lin said and I smiled, hoisting my bag over my shoulder. We made our way to the beach and walked down, the sand soft under our feet. I dropped my bag in the sand and looked up at Lin. “Let’s go.”

I glanced at Lin as he pulled his shirt back on, his hair still damp. “Was that fun, or was that fun?” I said and Lin nodded, a bright smile on his face. “That was incredible. Never in my life did I think I’d be swimming in a manmade beach in October.” Lin said and I laughed, drying my hair with the towel. “Well, our next stop is The Enjoy Inn. Hands down the best Chinese restaurant I’ve ever been to.” I said and Lin nodded, hopping into the drivers side of my car. “Lin. That’s not the passenger side. Get your ass out.” I said and Lin shook his head, a smile on his face as he climbed into the passenger side. “Even your cars are weird.” Lin muttered and I rolled my eyes, sticking my tongue out at him. “If you insult me and my country again I will deny you Chinese food.” I said and Lin raised his arms in mock surrender. I chuckled and started the car. The radio played In The Heights, and we rocked out as we made our way into the Valley. “Here we are. The Enjoy Inn.” I said and Lin looked incredibly happy. “This better be as good as you say it is.” He said, opening the restaurant doors. “I can assure you that it is.” I said, approaching a waiter. “Table for two please?” I said and the waiter nodded, ushering us towards a booth. “That was incredible.” Lin said and I shrugged my shoulders, taking a seat in the booth. Lin sat down opposite me and took two menus from the waiter. “Thanks.” I said and the waiter smiled before walking away. “Saturday is, surprisingly enough, their least busy day.” I said and Lin nodded, a smile on his face. “Well, you can order. You seem to know this place well.” Lin said and I rolled my eyes. “Understatement of the century. I was born and raised in Brisbane. I know this place like the back of my hand.” I said and Lin chuckled slightly, waving the waiter back. I ordered our drinks as well as our food and he smiled, walking off. “So, what’s New York like? I thought I’d ask seeing as we’ve done so much Brissy sight seeing.” I said and Lin arched his brow. “It’s slang for Brisbane.” I answered quickly and he nodded, taking my menu and putting it on top of his near the back of the table. “New York is busy. Like, you can’t get on the subway without being shoved at least once.” Lin said and I snorted, gaining quizzical looks from the other patrons. “You think that’s bad? Queensland Rail is so unreliable. The trains are never on time, and they’re always boiling in summer and freezing in winter. And when I say boiling, I mean boiling. It can get to like 40 odd degrees on those trains in summer.” I said and Lin looked at me strangely. “40 degrees isn’t boiling, what the hell.” Lin said and I sighed, putting my head in my hands. “You bloody yanks. I forgot that you use Fahrenheit. 40 degrees Celsius is like 100 degrees Fahrenheit.” I said and Lin’s jaw dropped. “Holy shit. Are you Australians all right?” Lin said and I laughed, shaking my head slightly. “Everything here wants to kill you and it’s always hot, so no. We’re not ok.” I said, laughing as I spoke. Lin’s eyes lit up and he let out a loud laugh. “That was gold oh my god.” He said, looking up as the waiter placed the food down in front of us. “Here it is. Dig in Linny boy.”

“I swear I’m going to burst. I’ve never eaten this much food ever.” Lin said and I nodded, feeling as if I were going to explode. “You were right when you said that it was the best Chinese food. Because damn.” Lin said and I let out a laugh as we pulled into my complex. “I told you Miranda. I never disappoint.” I said, a smirk on my face. A yawn slipped out of his mouth as I unlocked the door and my smirk grew. “Tired are we?” I said and Lin nodded sheepishly. “You can get changed in the bathroom. It’s just down the hall next to your room.” I said and Lin smiled, picking up his bag and trudging down to the bathroom. “Hey Y/N?” Lin called and I made noise of acknowledgement. “The bathroom’s next to your room.” Lin said and I walked over to him. “Yeah. I’ll take the couch. It’s no biggie.” I said and Lin nodded, a look of annoyance on his face. “No, I’ll sleep on the couch. It’s fine.” Lin said and I folded my arms over my chest, shaking my head. “Absolutely not. You came all this way and I’m not having you sleep on my shitty couch.” I said, trying to get my point across desperately. Lin sighed, clearly not having it. “How about we both sleep in your room?” Lin suggested and I nearly dropped my pyjamas. “I uh, my, um. Sure.” I squeaked, surprised that my voice didn’t break too much. “Great. I’ll go get changed.” Lin said cheerily, ducking off to the bathroom. Once he was gone I let out a shaky sigh, wondering what would happen. Lin emerged and I smiled halfheartedly at him. I quickly changed into my pyjamas and made my way out of the bathroom. “I’m knackered, so I’m gonna head to bed.” I said and Lin chuckled, looking at me strangely. “I could only assume that means tired.” He said and I nodded, yawning slightly as I did. “Just saying, I call dibs on the left side of the bed.” Lin said, walking into my room with a smile on his face. “All yours Miranda.” I said, pulling back the covers on the bed. “How perfect is it that you have a double bed.” Lin said and I nodded sheepishly, my cheeks pink. Lin smirked slightly at me before launching himself on my bed. “Left side, as promised.” He said and I smiled at him, my eyelids beginning to feel heavy. “Goodnight Lin. It was so nice to finally see you in person.” I said, my voice trailing slightly. I closed my eyes and slipped down into my bed. Lin laughed lightly and pressed a feathery kiss to the top of my head. “You too Y/N. You too.”

The Surprises of Retirement


A part of me had always been drawn to the spiritual mysteries of the universe, and it was because of it that I wondered now whether there was a higher power at work ensuring that my encounters with John Watson remained measured. 

Mine was a strange personality, after all, caught between moments of abstinence and periods of boundless indulgence; and although I would not dare to diminish him by comparing my cravings for him to the dependency to my drugs, it hadn’t escaped me that I hungered for him desperately. 

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