bright polish

Houses as Summer Things

Hufflepuff- Eating ice cream, sundresses and shorts, teen romance, juicy fruits, toes in the salty in water and slurpees

Ravenclaw- Reading in a hammock, hair in beachy waves, neon lips,shorts and bingeing Netflix’s  

Slytherin- Getting a sun tan, highlights in the hair, cool summer nights,frappes and hair in messy braids

Gryffindor- A day out on the beach, bright nail polish, camping under the night sky, water fights and sleepovers

back to school: little edition

school is one heck of a time for almost everyone (even grown-ups) so here are some suggestions for the little ones who get easily stressed out between bells.

▹ appearance: dressing small is a large part of little space for some. whether you have an open dress code or uniforms, i’m sure you can find an article to make you feel young throughout the day!
✱ crazy or mismatched socks - a subtle way to let your childish side out.
✱ twirly dresses with pockets
✱ overalls
✱ jeans rolled up at the bottom (that might even show off those socks!)
✱ fluffy coats
✱ oversized shirts/sweaters
✱ mittens - can also be paired with earmuffs for the super cold weather.
✱ velcro or slip-on shoes
✱ bright shoe laces or lace charms
✱ bold makeup - for the littles who love extra glam throughout the school day. even just a bright colored eyeliner or pigmented blush will do!
✱ bright nail polish or crazy nail art
✱ braids - french/dutch pigtails remind anyone of their younger days.
✱ colorful hair ties or ribbons

▹ lunches: a filling lunch is always a must in school, especially for the littles who rush out the door to quick for breakfast. pack these items to make lunchtime fun time!
✱ peanut butter & jelly sandwiches - bonus if the crust is cut off beforehand.
✱ macaroni & cheese
✱ fish sticks
✱ dinosaur chicken nuggets w/ sauce of choice
✱ microwaveable soup cups - alphabet soup is a favorite along with tomato because you can add goldfish crackers or dunk grilled cheese.
✱ lunchables
✱ fruit & cheese kabobs - use a cookie cutter to cut melons into little shapes!
✱ fruit cups or applesauce cups
✱ deconstructed salad w/ ranch
✱ chocolate milk

▹ snacks: we an all agree this time is always the best time. make sure you keep energized through the day with these little foods!
✱ goldfish crackers
✱ teddy grahams w/ peanut butter
✱ honey nut cheerios
✱ mini pretzels w/ peanut butter or cheese dip
✱ baby carrots w/ ranch
✱ broccoli w/ ranch or cheese dip
✱ hard boiled eggs
✱ cheese sticks
✱ apple slices w/ peanut butter or yogurt
✱ tangerines (peeled beforehand)
✱ caprisun pouches

▹ supplies: even though education is important, it isn’t exactly what a little dreams of in little space. use some of these items to make those geometry or reading assignments a little less intimidating!
✱ colorful gel pens
✱ scented markers
✱ pencil toppers or glitter grips
✱ stickers - to decorate stationary or class notes. you can even reward yourself with gold stars on homework you’ve completed the night before.
✱ cartoon bookmarks or sticky notes
✱ colorful book covers/protectors
✱ cute pencil pouches

▹ extras: some more ways to feel small that didn’t fit into any other category.
✱ stuffed animal key chains - to squeeze when you’re missing your favorite stuffie!
✱ stress balls
✱ fidget toys
✱ lollipops
✱ cartoon band-aids - in case of those pesky paper cuts!
✱ water bottles w/ the sucker straw
✱ playlists - break out those disney soundtracks or cartoon theme songs to brighten up your day!

although similarities exist, school is a different experience for everyone. if you find just walking through the doors in the morning difficult, i am so proud of you for traveling down those halls. i know it’s scary at times, but you will make it. stay focused, stay incredible. you will be okay this year ♡

Yay for bright gradients that come out just as awesome as you pictured in your head!

Used in this mani:

Salon Perfect - Purple POP! Mer-made Of Money, Honeydew Honey Don’t

Color Club - Under The Blacklight

Glisten & Glow - Wedding Gown  White, Little Black Dress

Pure Ice - What’s The Splatter

HK GIrl Topcoat

Single Chevron Vinyls from @Twinkled_T


When he tells you he loves you, do not believe him.
When he offers you a puff of his cigarette, say no, go home.
When your crush kisses you at a party and says he sees a future with you, do not proceed to kiss his best friend, no matter how drunk you are.
When the girl with no friends sits at your lunch table, do not get up and leave.
When he pulls up outside of your house in the middle of the night and claims that if you don’t come outside then he’s coming in, lock the windows, lock the doors, wake your father.
When your high school gym teacher puts his hands on your waist, pins you to the wall and whispers in your ear, do not take this as a compliment, do not turn red, call the headmaster, call his wife.
When the boy on the football team takes you to the attic and pins you down until you agree to have sex with him, explain that you’d rather kick him in the balls.
Then kick him in the balls.
When they say you remind them of Kendall Jenner, laugh, thank them, do not turn red.
When he tells you he loves you, do not believe him.
When your English teacher publically mocks you for confusing verbs and nouns, do not cuss him out, do not turn red.
When you lose your virginity, make sure it’s with someone you love.
When your best friend tells you she’s been opening her wrists, hide her razors, pour out the vodka, take her in your arms. Every time.
When you fail a test that you didn’t study for, learn from your mistakes.
When you fail a test that you did study for, do not beat yourself up over it.
When he leaves you for a girl with skinnier legs, let it sting for a while but don’t let it kill you. Never let it kill you.
When you crash your first car, apologise to your parents.
When he tells you he loves you, do not believe him.
When your math teacher threatens to call the headmaster if you don’t remove your bright red nail polish, show him how neatly you painted your middle finger.
When the most popular boy in school corners you at a party and whispers in your ear calling you a tease, do not just stand there, do not turn red.
When you and your brother’s best friend fall in love, don’t hide it from your family.
When your brother’s best friend moves across the world to pursue his dreams, let him go, let your heart heal.
When your brother’s best friend moves back a year later with tanned skin and a new tattoo, smile, ask him how his trip was, make sure you’re wearing a push up bra.
When the head chef at your first job kisses your neck in the stock cupboard, push him off, slap him, do not accept it, do not wait.
When the policewoman claims you were driving recklessly, accept the fine, accept the license points, do not fight back.
When he laughs at the way you pronounce the letter R, leave him.
When he pushes you down and refuses to take no for an answer, leave him.
When he litters bruises around your body with his once caring hands, leave him.
Do not regret this.
Do not turn red.
When he tells you he loves you, do not believe him.

—  everything wish i’d done the first time around