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Let’s talk about a child AU. [part 2]

Part 2 of me and Mar’s baby AU that we’re dying over.

This child has taken over our lives and there’s really nothing we can do to stop it.

(A Bakugou/Kirishima/Kaminari AU in which they find a baby.)  

[find part 1 here]

  • Gogo is a brilliant baby.
  • Brilliant.
  • She begins walking early. Really early. Cue Gogo at 15/16 months just zipping around the house and the guys just chasing after her at all times.
    She’s laughing hysterically, they’re all terrified that she’s going to trip and faceplant.
  • ((She never does))
  • She likes to hide, too, so that doesn’t help anything. They’ll find her under the sink, in the laundry hamper, in the closet under a pie of clothes. Once they found her in the dryer and Bakugou nearly had a heart attack.
  • Bakugou is insanely proud of his genius daughter and shows her off to literally anyone who will listen. ((Denki and Eijirou are definitely just as proud, but they don’t have nearly as many pictures as Bakugou, who had to get a new phone with bigger gigs to hold all of the pictures that he has of Gogo))
  • She asks so many questions. About everything.
  • Shapes, colors, textures, animals, names… She wants to know everything about everything and when the guys have no idea what the answer is, they completely make up an answer just to satisfy her questions.
  • She’s absolutely spoiled honestly.
  • Denki comes home from hero-ing with giant teddybears or candy or toys, and they hardly have enough room
  • Whenever Uncle Deku comes to visit he always brings her candy
  • Bakugou hates it bc he doesn’t want her eating that stuff. It’s not healthy.
  • Denki and Eijirou help him sneak it in tho
  • Once she starts talking, she gives them all separate names.
  • Kirishima is “Dada” and “Daddy”
  • Kaminari is “Papa”
  • …. Bakugou is “Mama”.
    He doesn’t mind at all.

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Meat Cute 1/?

Or, how Mabel Pines and Henry Corduroy wooed and won each other, but more importantly, how Dipper Pines despite his best efforts, gained a brother in law.

Guise, this was supposed to be a one shot, and now it’s going to be several chapters I BLAME Y'ALL Y'ALL ARE THE WORST.


The first time Henry Corduroy saw the woman he would marry, she was finishing up a keg stand. When she was put back down on the ground, she screamed “SONGS ARE HUGS FOR YOUR EARS.” Then Mabel Pines immediately went to run around the party, ululating and waving her hands in the air.

It wasn’t love at first sight, but it was certainly interest at first sight.

Backtrack a bit, to a week before.

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