bright panda

“Desire can be a powerful but capricious mistress. Despite your willful disobedience, I shall grant you what you seek. But know this…” Snoke’s hand waved, and Kylo felt the tendrils of Dark Magic settle uncomfortably around him like an ill-fitting cloak.
“The girl sees you as a monster. So a monster, you shall be.”

-All That’s Best of Dark and Bright

Gorgeous artwork by @panda-capuccino for a Beauty and the Beast retelling, based on the incredible prompts of @cobwebbing.  This fic and 55 others can be found on the Ring in the New Year with Reylo collection on AO3. 

I love it when people order long fluffy tails like this, they always look really good. :) This is a nice dark red and bright orange red panda tail for a customer on Etsy. It’s somewhere around five feet long and super cuddly! Big tails like this are a real eye-catcher, and I’ve been told they work as body pillows in a pinch.

The tail attaches to the wearer’s belt with two sturdy loops. The inside is lightly stuffed, and the tip is weighted to encourage it to swing back and forth as the wearer walks.

If you are interested in hiring us to make you a small parts commission (hands, feet, tail, ears), drop me a line at

Arrow Fic: Caveat Dator 1/1

Caveat Dator
Author: dettiot
Rating: Soft M?  Hard T?  Eye of the beholder.
Summary:  Oliver regrets giving Felicity a million dollars.  Because those dresses.  Set early season 2.
Author’s Note: Inspired by a conversation with @adiwriting.  Title means “Beware, donor”–i.e., you made your bed, Oliver, now you get to sleep in it.  Only lightly edited, so please forgive any rough patches.  Thanks for reading!


At the time, lost in a haze of grief and guilt and shame, giving Felicity and Digg a million dollars each was about showing them, in the only way he could, how important they were to him.  Although honestly, if he was to show them the true depth of his feelings for them, it would have taken much more than a million apiece.  But he knew that neither of them wanted the money and would feel like he was going too far.  After a while, though, once they realized that he was really gone and he wasn’t coming back, he figured they would stop being angry with him and would accept the gift.  Enjoy the money to make their lives easier.  
Oliver never thought he would see how they had spent the money.  On a new lair, brighter and more efficient and better than the haphazard setup he had thrown together.  On a new bow, custom-made, with everything he could have asked for in a bow.

And God help him, he did not think he would see the kind of clothes Felicity would buy if money was no object.  If only he had known.

When they had first met, he had noticed that Felicity’s sense of style was quirky.  The funky sweaters and cardigans, the bright mismatching nail polish, the flat shoes with panda bear faces on them … well, he liked it, but he also recognized that it let people get an impression of Felicity.  An impression that let them underestimate her.  To see her as young and inexperienced.  Perhaps he fell into that trap, too.  After all, he had been taken aback when on the Dodger case, Felicity had shown up in that gold sequin dress, displaying legs that he did not notice, a face perfectly made up and sans glasses, her hair falling in chunky curls that his fingers itched to touch.

But after that, she went right back to the sweaters and bright pants and panda bear flats, and he had made himself forget that gold dress.  

He shouldn’t have forgotten it.  He should have kept Felicity in that gold dress front and center in his mind, to prepare himself.  Although was there any way to prepare for one Felicity Megan Smoak, stomping toward him with fire in her eyes and very high heels on her feet, her hair almost as sleek as the form-fitting gray dress she was wearing?  

Short answer: there wasn’t.

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