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Positive story from Cold Topics

On 8/16 there was a little girl who came in with her mother. She had on what could easily be considered like Sunday church clothes (Orange dress, white kitten heels). She had never been this type of store before, so she was super excited. Her mother laughed and let her look at everything while she talked to us for a minute. This little girl in this bright orange dress and heels, loved anime and metal music.
She was running around the store and pointing out item after item to her mom. I was sad that we didn’t have any clothes that would really fit her since she was a small girl, but she just shrugged it off and looked at everything else. She was so well behaved too and they couldn’t have been nicer people!

Word of the Week: Farbenfroh

Are you wearing red pants, a blue shirt and green socks? If so, we’re sure you stand out - and you’re definitely farbenfroh today!

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The German word farbenfroh means “color happy”. It is an adjective used to describe someone or something with many colors. Someone’s outfit is farbenfroh if they are wearing many different colors - or even just one bright color that catches people’s attention. An apartment can be described as farbenfroh if its decorations are colorful or if the walls are painted in different colors. Even a program of events can be described as farbenfroh if it includes a diverse program (in English, we would call this a “colorful event”).

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Most of the time, farbenfroh is used in a positive context (because after all, who doesn’t like colors?). But if you notice your coworker proudly wearing a bright orange dress that makes her look a little ridiculous, you can simply call her farbenfroh (which is more of a fact and in this context and neither an insult nor a compliment).

Although you can be farbenfroh at any time of the year, it might brighten up a rainy, cloudy or cold day if you add a little bit of Farbe to your life!

The Alphabet of Love // Rafael Casal

Here I am, this was not the first thing in writing queue but it just begged to be written.

I blame Ren ( @alexanderhamllton ) for turning me into Rafa trash and thank Charley ( @always-blame-jefferson ) for listening to my ideas.

My other stuff is here!

Requests are always  open!

Word Count:3743, I’m not even sorry.


The Alphabet of Love

A is for Airport.

That’s where you first met.

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c-jay321  asked:

Can I get a jealous Izuku izuocha fanfic? 030 (that's bad wording lol)

   Note: Wow, 3 fics in 3 days HAHA, I’m in love with writing these so thanks for the ask and also for being so supportive! Yay, Eri and Kaibara Sen (Class B guy) play a role in this story. The wiki had no info on Kaibara’s quirk; it just mentions that he does some swirling thing. Also was inspired by a scene from Heiji x Kazuha from Conan. Happy Reading!

In which Midoriya goes undercover 

“Just check out the bridge, Midoriya,” Todoroki uttered into the phone, “Iida and I will split up and check out the stations.”

“Got it,” the green haired boy replied as he stepped to the side a bit, eyes lingering on the next location, “I’m a few steps away so I’ll see if there’s anything. I’ll give you a call if he turns up.”

“Thanks. Be careful out there.”


Midoriya hung up without looking and stuffed his phone into his back pocket. If experience had taught him anything (other than not to underestimate your enemy), Midoriya knew that it’s always best to wear a disguise before heading to a drug deal.

Todoroki, Iida and Midoriya were assigned by their agencies to check out various locations where an infamous yakuza gang were doing their drug exchange. It had been a few years since he, Mirio and the others successfully rescued Eri and despite having minor panic attacks once in a while, Eri had decided to work for Midoriya in order to contribute her knowledge on gang raids and their functions. It lifted Midoriya’s spirits to think how impressive it was for Eri to have grown this much since the incident.

Pulling down his baseball cap and zipping up his navy blue windbreaker, Midoriya slogged through the busy, wet streets of Kamino and stopped at the west side of the bridge. According to Eri, yakuza members would usually send a young guy whose appearance isn’t anything conspicuous to do the trade. Optimal time should be around 6 o’clock where everyone’s rushing back home from work too. Midoriya lifted his arm to glance at his bulky sports watch. 5:30 p.m, it read, meaning anything could happen within the next hour.

Hopefully Eri’s right and they didn’t miss it.

As he watched one of the ducks swim across the river below where he stood, he rested his arms on the railings and held his chin in his hand. Such trifling scenery was to be admired often. Particularly for heroes whose lives and reputation were always at stake. Midoriya knew his career was not all glorious even for an optimistic guy like him, and finding work-life balance was challenging.

At the corner of his eye, a slender girl wearing a bright orange off-the-shoulder dress appeared within his range of view and he turned his head slightly, still resting on his palm. He looked at the girl, round-eyed.

It was Uraraka, and she wasn’t alone.

“Kaibara-kun,” Uraraka said, standing too close to the boy in front of her in Midoriya’s opinion, “How’ve you been?”

Kaibara was a dark-haired boy from Class B, Midoriya remembered, and the way he portrayed himself to Uraraka made his head steam. Since both of them had a busy schedule, Midoriya and Uraraka had been hanging out with one another only on the rare occasion that their old classmates would meet up. It’s unfortunate, but being the best of the best was everyone’s priority so no one had the courage or the time to focus on their love lives. Midoriya groaned to himself, his eyes peeled at the pair a few meters away from him. Should he say hi? Midoriya pondered but fought against it. He had a mission. This was not the time to be doing anything other than his duty as a hero.

However, it was quite odd as to why Uraraka hasn’t noticed him at all. Given their somewhat close proximity, he would have expected her to at least do a wave. The green-haired boy shook his head from side to side, attempting to clear his mind completely but failed.

And so he continued to observe from afar.

“I bought the tickets,” Kaibara spoke as he stuck his hands in his jacket, “see?” He pulled out two pieces of wrinkled paper and Midoriya assumed they were the tickets, “Beauty and the Beast, you said you wanted to watch it.”

Uraraka’s face brightened, “yeah! I can’t believe you remembered!” She had the voice of an angel and the face of a princess, but Midoriya wished it was directed at him instead. The boy’s fists clenched watching those two and he cursed under his breath. Why would they need to watch the movie when Kaibara could easily be the beast?!

Midoriya grunted. Kaibara’s presence was cringe-worthy, and his ass was clearly asking for a beating. Suddenly, to his right, a man holding a bouquet of roses stopped right between Midoriya and the pair, distracting the one-for-all hero from his pensive gaze. The green-haired boy turned around and took a few steps back, eyes still locked onto Uraraka and felt a vibration.

“Hello?” Midoriya picked up his phone and began to talk softly, “It’s cool over here. How about you guys?”

Todoroki’s voice was stern, “Nothing over here, Eri messaged and said it’s most likely gonna be at the bridge. Keep your eyes opened.”

“Ah alrig—“ Midoriya froze without warning and stared with his mouth wide open. Was Kaibara holding onto Uraraka’s waist? And she seems to be totally fine with it? Impeding himself from yelling right then, he noticed the two were positioned like peas in a pod. He exhaled to keep composed.

It’s fine. They’re friends, he tried to convince himself, yet he couldn’t drag his focus away. Patience is virtue. Patience is —

“Wait a minute, Todoroki.”

 Without letting go of the phone, his arms swung fervently back and forth as he pushed a stranger, who was receiving the bouquet from the previous man, away. He stomped right through that couple and pulled heavily on Kaibara’s jacket, receiving a stupefied look from the latter.

The next sounds that came from Midoriya’s side of the phone to Todoroki’s was a cry of anguish.

“Midoriya, what’s happening?“ Todoroki inquired as he felt himself sweating from the disturbance. Was Midoriya engaging the yakuza now?

“What are you doing to my Uraraka?!” Midoriya yelled as bystanders formed a semi-circle to watch, pointing and whispering.

Uraraka innately grasped onto Midoriya’s arm, causing the boy to drop his phone, “Deku-kun, what are you doing? Let go of Kaibara-kun now!”

“Midoriya, could you still hear me? I’m heading over right now!” Todoroki was still yelling into the phone and Uraraka’s eyebrows looked as if they were knitted together in annoyance.

With a quick push, Kaibara pried himself out of Midoriya’s fierce restraint, the former taking the heated accusation in stride. There was something else Kaibara seemed to be focused on at the moment and as quick as a bullet, Kaibara turned to face the other way.

Midoriya darted his eyes towards the same direction and realized that the couple that were beside them were now running off. The crowd seemed to be in a panic as the bridge began to rumble all of a sudden.  Crap, Midoriya muttered to himself, so it was them all along!

“Uraraka,” Kaibara cried out, readying his quirk, “stand in front of me, without my quirk we can’t catch up to them!”

Uraraka nodded quickly, pulling Midoriya behind her in one swift movement as the concrete bridge swayed back at forth. Must be the villain’s powers. Midoriya knew he compromised their mission, and his heart paced, feeling as though a void had swallowed him whole.

Kaibara motioned his fingers with ease and let out a small puff of air from his mouth. Within seconds, the puff of air became a torrent and a giant tornado shot out, lifting Uraraka forward in a blink of an eye. Uraraka elongated her arms, timing perfectly as she reached the villains and their shocked faces were the last thing she saw as both of them started to levitate into the air. Writhing their arms and legs, the villain’s bouquet slipped out of their grasp and soon, what assumed to be bags of quirk enhancing drugs floated out of the tissue wrapping of the roses. The gravity heroine detained them with handcuffs and within minutes a team of policemen came.

Uraraka huffed and wiped a sweat off her forehead as Kaibara and Midoriya ran towards her.

“Excellent job!” Kaibara lifted his palm up and they did a high-five in victory. Midoriya’s gaze fixated on her in disappointment.

“I’m so sorry,” Midoriya let out and Uraraka stifled a giggle.

“I can’t believe you thought we were dating! I’ve never seen you so…irrational before!” Uraraka playfully punched Midoriya and Kaibara began to laugh as well.

“I’d suggest you don’t let your boss find out that your cover got blown because of jealousy though,” Kaibara said, looking at the embarrassed expression on Midoriya’s face.

Uraraka sighed, “Our agency was also on this case, so Kaibara-kun and I were undercover. But we weren’t allowed to tell you Deku-kun.” She scratched her cheek gingerly and a blush appeared on her face, “What was it that you said again? Something about me being yours?”

Kaibara smirked and walked away from the two, allowing them privacy.

“I didn’t say that!” Midoriya denied. Abruptly, the eerie sound of his own voice appeared behind him. Turning on his heel, Todoroki stood there, one hand on a button of his phone and the other ensconced in his front pocket.

“What are you doing to my Uraraka—what are you doing to my—what are you—“ Todoroki kept pressing ‘rewind’ and ‘play’ one after the other on his phone, and thwarted his phone away from getting seized by a perturbed Midoriya as the green-haired boy headed to him.

Todoroki had an uncanny knack for irritating others without twitching a muscle.

Hearing the awkward replay of Midoriya’s inadvertent confession, Uraraka greeted Todoroki with a wave of her hand. Her actions were flustered, and she began to occupy herself with the police team.

“Ugh, you’re ruthless,” Midoriya groaned, “tell me you’ll delete that from your phone.”

“Nope,” Todoroki said, uncaring, “I want to show Iida. And probably Yaoyorozu too. And your mom.”

“….Todoroki, you better not…”

Uraraka shifted her eyes over to the two boys as the policemen drove away and her lips tugged upwards toward Midoriya, who would always be displaying his protective side for her sake.

She’s going to confront him about today for sure. But right now, she needed to concentrate on the responsibilities that await behind the closed doors of her office.

39. Must You Make A Scene?

d r a b b l e l i s t 

d r a b b l e  m a s t e r l i s t

[ jae x reader ]

word count; 500

“How did I ever think that this would remotely be a good idea,” you frustratingly muttered as you furiously flicked through rails of clothing.

“Hmm, what was that?” Jae piped up, turning to look at you.

A sigh escaped your lips as you tried to remain calm.

“Wait, Jae why did you even want to come shopping with me in the first place, especially clothes shopping?” you questioned, giving your boyfriend a puzzled expression.

“I don’t know, I thought it would have been fun,” he replied, walking over to another stand of clothes. You shrugged your shoulders at you Jae’s response.

After what felt like hours of tediously scouring clothes store after clothes store, Jae was starting to irritate you a little bit. He kept picking out dresses and blouses and jeans that you would never wear, especially since they were not your style and pieces of clothing that wouldn’t suit you. You don’t know whether he was doing this on purpose to annoy you jokingly or whether he was being serious and hadn’t a clue of your style.

A couple of hours later and you returned to the first store to check again for something. You had a family gathering that you had to attend and you needed a dress since you couldn’t find anything to wear.

“What about this one?” Jae hopefully exclaimed, holding up a bright orange dress. You hit your forehead and sighed.

“No Jae, I’ll keep looking,” you muttered. Jae walked aimlessly around the aisles, flicking through the rails of clothing whilst mix and matching different pieces. You liked Jae’s fashion sense since it suited him so perfectly, so how come he was no help to you. He must only be messing with you.

Jae walked further and further away, leaving you to search the rails a lone in peace and silence. However, this did not last. At all.

“Y/N!!!!!!” Jae’s all too familiar voice boomed from the very opposite side of the busy clothes store.

You spun around to glare at your boyfriend, shocked at his slightly embarrassing behaviour. Why did he have to shout so loud and draw unnecessary attention to you?

He waved his long arms, a bright smile plastered on his cute face as he held up a ridiculous pink and yellow dress with flowers on it up in the air. That was it. He was doing this on purpose now. You mostly wore only neutral colours. Plain and simple in dresses in pretty neutral colours.

You angrily stomped down towards the end of the shop coming closer and closer to Jae. He smiled teasingly at you as he used his advantage of being tall to hold the dress high above your head.

“Must you make a scene?” you hissed, trying to jump up and snatch the dress from him.

“Are we nearly done? I am soooo bored here,” he complained.

“Yes, fine we can leave. Just please don’t make a scene again,” you sighed in defeat.

He picked up your hand and laced his fingers with yours, swinging both of your arms as you both left the store. You probably would not go clothes shopping again with Jae for a while.

m a s t e r l i s t 

Miraculous Fluff: Day 15

Forgive me for the cheesiness. I am tired. Here is the super ridiculous @miraculousfluffmonth Day 15: Sunshower. 

                                      - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Adrien ran quickly to the scene of the most recent akuma attack. Alyas’ blog had sent out the alert, but only said that it was… different. Before she could say anything, she had been hit by the akuma, along with Nino. So, Adrien ran, ready for anything. Well, almost anything. As it turned out, that small amount of what he was not prepared for was what he got.

The akuma was dressed in a bright yellow and orange dress, and his hair was done up in light, almost pink, spikes. Not punk spikes, or the “cool” spikes, but messy spikes, poking every which way. But, the strangest thing was not how he looked, but what he did to people. This akuma was one of the rare akumas that seemed to do something… nice.

The akuma would see two people walking together, and would wave his hand. Over the two people, a beam of light would shine from the sky. It seemed to vary from couple to couple, such as two people at the corner had a reddish glow around them, and Alya and Nino had a bright golden glow. Adrien had no idea what that meant, but he didn’t much care to find out.

Literally two seconds after he landed, Ladybug landed beside him. “What do we have here?”

Adrien gestured. “Just an akuma who really knows how to lighten the mood.”

Ladybug rolled her eyes, smiling. “I think that a direct attack might work on this one. He doesn’t seem to have too much to give offensively. He just shines a light around people.”

Adrien grabbed her arm. “Before you go, can we laugh at his name? Sunshower. An akuma, the deadly villains of Paris, created by the evil Supervillain Hawkmoth, is named Sunshower.”

Ladybug laughed. “Well, when you put it that way…”


The two heroes jumped and looked at the akuma, who was standing on the street right below them. He waved his hand, and a bright light shone over the two of them. Adrien had to cover his eyes with his arm to block out the light. He heard Ladybug shout for her lucky charm, and then felt her put something over his eyes. Sunglasses.

Adrien opened his eyes to see that they were in the middle of a bright golden light. The gold was almost white, and bright enough to light all of Paris in the middle of the night. Of course, right now was the middle of the day, but Adrien imagined that it would do the job. The akuma down below seemed incredulous.


Adrien looked at Ladybug, who was sporting red and black spotted glasses that seemed fit to be on a diva. “Well, Marinette. Shall we go learn who we really are?”

“Sure, Adrien.”

They jumped off of the roof, and Adrien immediately put the akuma in a headlock, allowing Ladybug to examine him for the cursed object, and purify it. Once that was done, and the light was gone, they went to a rooftop, as they commonly did nowadays.

“Well, that was certainly unique.” Adrien leaned against a chimney.

“Yep. Now we know that we are the perfect couple!” Marinette leaned against the chimney with him.

“We know more than that. We also know that Alya and Nino are also a pretty great couple. Their light was a pretty bright gold as well.”

Marinette nodded. “I only wish that Chloe and Nathanael were there too. I am curious about those two.”

Adrien nodded. “Me too. But, for now, let’s focus on how good of a couple we are.”

When Marinette smiled at him, Adrien leaned in. As was now almost as customary as their fist bump, they kissed on top of a random Parisian rooftop after a battle.

Videos from friends of Adam Young (Owl City) that exist on the world wide web

  • the ‘behind the scenes’ footage of a music video that’s mainly screwing around a huge empty building
  • a very odd abstract compilation of clips of him walking through fields, spinning around with a hula hoop, and sitting in a dark room with classical style background music
  • standing on top of a van wearing a Santa hat, throwing a TV on the ground and yelling
  • standing on top of a two-story house, wearing overalls with the Santa hat AND beard, throwing a TV on the ground and yelling
  • a nearly 7 minute video of a fictional croquet championship in which he is the bright orange dress shirt wearing villain
  • running shirtless up the street into a snowy driveway, with the Santa hat again, and failing at dunking a basketball with a trampoline
  • him pushing a friend wearing a Jar Jar Binks mask, badly edited to him throwing a dummy at a van
  • a ripoff James Bond series filmed when he was 14 (year 2000) and it’s even worse than you’d expect
  • this

this man makes me cry



(because I have yet to see anything vampire related in the Kylux fandom and I am honestly surprised?)

(don’t take this too seriously)

  • Ben Solo is the 17yo emo, loner who has no real friends
  • Everyone thinks he’s weird because he’s OBSESSED with vampires and full-heartedly believes they exist
  • He does extensive research on vampires, and believes all the common tropes
  • He has been known to get into very heated arguments of anything vampire related
  • He’s part of an online chat-room for “vampires” or other emo kids like him
  • He believes vampirism was meant for him, because “no one gets him” except for his “vampire” friends online
  • He calls himself Kylo Ren because, “that’s his vampire name”
  • He wears all black, and tries not to go out in the sun so he can maintain his pale “vampire” skin
  • he tried to drink blood one time but got sick, he was very sad
  • Hux is the new-in-town, 18 year old exchange student from Europe
  • Hes very pale with striking bright orange hair
  • He’s always dressed to the highest perfection, never a hair out of place
  • People try to befriend him at first, but he gives off creepy vibes, therefore, everyone steers clear of him
  • He mostly keeps to himself, never outwardly drawing attention
  • Kylo knows from the second he sees him that Hux is a vampire
  • He’s right
  • He begins to stalk Hux, following him around and taking notes in hopes to fully understand what a vampire is
  • He keeps all of his “findings” in a journal, its pretty much blank
  • Kylo think’s he’s being sneaky
  • He’s not
  • Hux knows about the lankly, emo boy following him from the very first day
  • He makes sure to act as any other normal 18yo would
  • Kylo starts to question himself, nevertheless, keeps the investigation up
  • After a couple weeks and no suspicious activity from Hux, Kylo is very frustrated, and is about to give up, when- 
  • He is sitting in some bushes, spying on Hux through binoculars. He puts the binoculars down for one moment to rub his eyes, when he looks again, HUX IS GONE.
  • He hurries to find him, in doing so, falls right out of the bushes, onto the sidewalk
  • Hux is standing on the sidewalk, watching him
  • Kylo starts to freak out, scrambling away and reaching for the makeshift cross stake he keeps in his back pocket
  • He threatens Hux, backing against the wall
  • Hux watches bemused, then easily plucks the stake from Kylo’s hands, tossing it away
  • Kylo freaks, and figures this is where he dies
  • Hux drags Kylo up by the collar, hearing him audibly swallow
  • He questions Kylo, “Why do you keep spying on me?”
  • Kylo tries to stammer out some lie, but there is no use, he finally admits it
  • “I want to become a vampire!”
  • Hux releases his grip in surprise, Kylo drops to the ground on his knees, and begins to beg Hux to make him into a vampire
  • Hux of course says “no”
  • Kylo pleads, and pleads, almost on the brink of tears, 
  • Hux takes pity on him, and allows Kylo to befriend him
  • They become one of the hot gossip topics of the school
  • Someway, somehow, these two fall in looooovvvvvveeeee
Seeing Stars: A Riarkle Fanfic

Summary: Five times that Riley and Farkle touched

Words: 4,150

Dedication: so this fic is dedicated to @thypoqueen, @donniebaarnes, @darlingpanslove, @nadiagisela, @riarkle-trash@jasperjvrdan, @ohispancake and @riarklefluff. I don’t thank you guys enough for being my friends and so this is for you.

i. The first time that Riley touched Farkle, she held his hand.

They had just met and Riley’s hair swung in a tangled mess as she used the swings when she spotted him, a shy boy, on the outskirts of the playground. She jumped fearlessly from the swing, landing in a tumble of limbs as she hit the wood chips. She hadn’t even noticed him rush over. But she had sat up with a large smile and a booming laugh, confusing the boy with knitted eyebrows. 

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Happy New Year!

summary: The Agreste family is hosing a party for the New Year, and Adrien is more than happy to have his friends with him



Adrien sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. Plagg was resting on his shoulder.

“I don’t think I can do this.” He muttered, glancing in the mirror. He was wearing a black suit, a white shirt under it, a green tie, and black shoes.

“Relax. It’s just a party. Just smuggle me some cheese while you’re there.” Plagg said lazily. Adrien shrugged his kwami of his shoulder.

“I can’t. I’ll be greeting people all night. I can’t smell like cheese.” He said. Plagg groaned and fell onto the sink.

“I’m going to die.” He complained.

“Oh shush. I’ve got to go.” Adrien said. He ran his hand through his hair one more time.

“What’s got you all worked up anyways?” Plagg asked, sitting on the faucet. Adrien groaned. His face flushed.

“Marinette.” He muttered.

Over the year, he had gotten to know Marinette better. He had asked, her, Alya and Nino to come to their party at the beginning of December. In that time, Marinette had grown on Adrien, and he started to fall for her. Slowly, but he knew it was bound to be a full blown crush. The same thing had happened with Ladybug.

Adrien’s mind didn’t stay on Ladybug. It was stuck on his Princess.

Plagg snorted. “Really? Her? Don’t tell me you fell for her too.” He said.

Adrien groaned again. Plagg sighed.

“Really though, you can do it.”

“But there’s this tradition that on midnight, you kiss someone and I don’t know what to do!” He said. Plagg face palmed.

“Listen, I don’t understand how you humans fall in love when there’s cheese, but you gotta get through it. You can do this.” Plagg said.

Adrien perked up a little.

“You’re right! Besides, if needed, I cn let a little Cat Noir charm out.” He said. Plagg rolled his eyes.

“Just bring me some cheese later.”

“No promises. Gotta go!” And with that, Adrien left the bathroom and headed out to the outside where his father was waiting.

“Are your friends on their way?” His father asked.

“I’m not sure. I’ll ask them.” Adrien responded, pulled out his phone. He walked away so he could ask without his father’s unnerving stare.

Yo Adrien!” Nino answered. Adrien smiled.

“Are you guys on your way?” He asked.

Yup! Almost there. See you in a bit dude.

“Great. The people are starting to arrive. See ya.” Adrien said and hung up. He slipped his phone back in his pocket and headed back over to his father.

It was cold out, and there was snow beginning to fall. His father hummed in thought.

“I guess you were right about saying that we should hold it inside, just in case Thank you.” His father said, glancing at Adrien. The teen smiled at the praise.

“You’re welcome.” He said. Gabriel’s mouth twitched, threatening a smile at his young and naive son.

Gabriel sent for a few maids to welcome people in while he and Adrien went inside.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to wait at the door to help greet people and help direct them to the room, if that’s okay.” Adrien said. Gabriel nodded after a moment.

“Alright, but inside only.” He said. Gabriel turned on his heel and went indoors, Adrien trailing behind.

Adrien waited by the doors, multiple people already coming in. He greeted them and gestured to the area.

One person could tell he was nervous.

“I’m guessing a special someone is coming, are they not?” She asked gently. Adrien felt his neck heat up.

“S-something like that.” He said. She smiled and gripped his elbow.

“I’m sure everything will be fantastic.” She said and walked away.

More people came in, Adrien greeting them and telling them where to go. Soon, Nino, Alya and Mairnette entered. They were the last ones.

“Nino got distracted.” Alya said. Adrien chuckled.

“What? The headphones were on sale. I could’ve bought them.” Nino grumbled.

Alya was wearing a bright orange dress that went down to her knees. It was a long sleeve, with a silver scarf hanging from her neck, and her shoulders exposed. Her glasses had been exchanged for contacts. Her hair rested on her shoulders, and she gripped a silver clutch purse.

Nino was wearing a suit almost like Adrien’s except the tie was a dark blue, almost navy. His glasses stayed the same, but his hat was gone.

Adrien’s gestured to the room. Alya tugged Nino away, knowing what was coming next. Adrien turned to Marinette to say something, but his mouth fell open, no sound coming out.

Marinette was wearing a black dress that went down to her ankles. The dress was held up on one shoulder with silver jewels, and the other was bare. She had a silver jeweled necklace, and her usual black earrings. Her shoes were about an inch high wedges, and her hair was falling down to her shoulders. She held a jacket in one arm that matched her dress.

Adrien shut his mouth promptly and his face went red.

“Y-you look beautiful Marinette.” He said. She looked at him in surprise.

“Th-thank you. You look handsome in that. Green’s a good color on you.” She said, her face turning pink.

Adrien offered his arm out to her, and she took it. The two headed over to the room.

They stopped right before hand. Adrien could feel her shaking.

“You okay?” He asked. Marinette nodded, taking in a shaky breath.

“Y-yeah. Just a little nervous.” She said. Adrien gave her a smile.

“It’s okay. Me, Alya and Nino are here for you.” He said. Marinette nodded.


The duo entered, thankfully it wasn’t dramatic to see that they were the last ones. They found Alya and Nino by the punch bowl and headed over.

“Hey! This is fantastic!” Alya said. Adrien smiled.

“This was the complete opposite of what I expected.” Nino addmited.

“What did you expect?” Marinette asked. Nino looked around before whispering, “Old people.”

The four friends laughed. Alya flashed Adrien a smile.

“Sorry to take your princess away, but I need to talk to her for a moment.” She said, grabbing Marinette’s arm and dragging her away.

“Dude, Alya said that you’d be speechless when you saw Mari’s dress. Were you?” Nino asked. Adrien nodded.

“Were you speechless when you saw Alya?” Adrien asked. Nino’s face went red.

“Kinda.” He muttered. Adrien laughed.

“You were speechless. Don’t deny it.”

“Okay okay! So maybe I was, but that’s not the point.” He said.

“What is the point?” Adrien asked.

“That you’re head over heels for Mari.” Nino said. Adrien’s face went red. He had no protests, no counter arguments- nothing.

He sighed.

“Maybe I am.” He muttered. Nino grinned.

“Dude, I didn’t think you would admit it!” Adrien groaned.

“Shut up already.” He muttered. “So I like Mari. What’s the big deal?” He asked.

“The big deal is that you have someone in your league. C’mon, where’s Cat Noir when you need him?” Nino asked. Adrien looked at him.

“I am Cat Noir. And quite frankly, that means Ladybug is in my league.” Adrien hissed. Nino face palmed.

“Dude, not the point.” He said.

“Then what is it?”

“I don’t know! Do you think I figure this out by myself?”

“Sometimes.” Adrien admitted. Nino rolled his eyes.

“That’s Alya’s job.” Adrien opened his mouth to speak, but stopped when he spotted Alya and Marinette heading over to them.

For a long time, it was just the four of them, talking, laughing, and every now and then, Adrien meeting people.

Soon, his father came by.

“Ah, so these are your friends.” He said. Adrien felt a shiver go down his spine.

“I recognize the two of you from the bowler hat competition. Marinette, correct?” Gabriel said, looking at Marinette. She smiled and nodded.

Gabriel held out his hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you in person.” Marinette shook it timidly.

“Now, is this dress your own design?” Gabriel asked.

“Y-Yes. I also made Alya’s dress and Nino suit.” She said.

“Very impressive.” He said. Glancing at his watch, he let out a soft hum.

“I would love to talk more, but alas, the new year awaits.” He said. Gabriel passed by his son and paused. He whispered something in his ear.

“She’s a keeper. I approve.” All the hairs stood on Adrien’s neck. His face exploded with color as his father walked away like nothing happened.

“What did he say?” Marinette asked.

“Uh… It- it was n-nothing. D-don’t worry a-about it.” He stammered. Damn, where was his Cat Noir charm when he needed it?

Marinette shrugged lightly. She pulled her phone out of the jacket pocket and checked it.

“It’s almost midnight.” She said. Her friends crowded around to see.

“Three minutes.” Alya said.

There was a tapping of a microphone, gathering everyone’s attention. There was a large TV in the front, counting down the time.

Adrien felt somethind surge in him. Every cell screamed at him to do it.

“M-Marinette.” He said gently. She looked at him. Catching on, Alya dragged NIno away.

“Well, y-you know h-how it’s the new year and there’s a- a tradition…” He said numbly. Marinette blinked.

He now had a miniute and a half.

“I al-also wanted to say that I en-enjoyed spending time with you to get to know you better, since you were really shy around me and… I…” He trailed off, his face red. He glanced up and saw his father looking at him. Gabriel smiled a genuine smile and gave him two thumbs up.

30 seconds.

“Marinette, I guess I just wanted to say that, you really helped me with my emotions and feelings and for a long time I liked one person, then I liked two, and now… I’m down to one and…”

15 seconds.

“Adrien… I get what you’re saying. I’m happy that you found someone. You should be with her.” Marinette said.

10 seconds. Everyone was counting down. Adrien looked Marinette right in the eye. He found himself leaning in, and she was doing the same.




“I am.” His voice was husky and low, his eyes on her lips. Her eyes widened slightly.


“So am I.”


Their lips met, eyes closed, both hoping this wasn’t a dream. Marinette found herself pulling Adrien into the kiss by wrapping her arms around his neck. His hands pulled her in, resting on her hips. It was just them, the cheers and whistles falling deaf at their ears. All they heard were fireworks, either in their head or in real life. Adrien played with a loose string on her dress, while Marinette tangled her hands in his hair.

They pulled away, both gasping for breath. Adrien opened his eyes slowly, only to see Marinette’s eyes already open, lips parted slightly, and her face flushed.

To be honest, Adrien felt the same way. A smile was on his lips anyways.

“Happy New Year.” He said. Marinette smiled.

“Shut up and kiss me.” She commanded, looking into his eyes. Adrien obliged quickly.

“I love it when you read my mind.” His whispered on her lips.

“Happy New Year.” She mumbled, and when they kissed again, they stayed there, not caring about who was watching them. It was a new year, and Adrien thought this was a perfect way to start.

When they kissed the first time, Gabriel had a smile on his face. It was rare for his son to be genuinely happy, and he was proud that now, he found someone to be happy with. And it just so happened to be the girl who was in the fashion industry. When they pulled away, Adrien said something, then Marinette did, and they kissed again. Adrien whispered something, she said something back, then they kissed again.

Their two friends, Nino and Alya were taking as many pictures as they could, before Alya turned around and kissed Nino. Gabriel chuckled.

“Young love.” He muttered.

When Adrien and Marinette pulled back again, she started giggling.

“What?” He asked.

“I just realized how ridiculous it is that we’ve been right in front of each other the entire time.” She said.

“Wh-what do you mean?” Adrien asked.

“I know it’s you kitten.” She said. Suddenly, everything clicked. He smiled and took her hand.

“My Ladybug.” He whispered, and pressed a kiss to her hand. She pulled him close and kissed his nose.

“My kitten.”


“Silly kitty.”

“You win.” He muttered.

“Happy New Year.” She said again.

“Happy New Year indeed.”



Happy New Year! Stay safe yall!