bright orange cheeks

Gajevy Week: Prompt: Trouble Twins Colorful Revenge


Rated: T

Prompt: Trouble Twins


Colorful Revenge

Gajeel gets revenge on Metalicana in the best of ways.

Gajeel was in the kitchen with Levy, sighing as he buried his face in her neck. Their four-year-old twins were a rambunctious set that left both adults exhausted at times.

“How long did they keep you up last night?” Levy asked lightly, leaning back into her husband after filling two coffee mugs.

“A lil’ while. Shutora was having nightmares.” He grumbled.

Levy had never seen Gajeel jump out of bed so fast. Their daughter’s cry and sob of “Daddy!” Had him tripping over himself to rush out of the bed. Levy wasn’t far behind. When the man cradled the girl, he quietly waved his wife off to go back to bed as he was soon taking care of the twins, calming them both down, since Yajeh woke up to his sister’s cries.

Turns out while they had Natsu and Lucy watching the twins so they could make some repairs around the house before the kids came back, Natsu decided to tell the story of a monster.

He was gonna kill Natsu if Lucy hadn’t already. Likely Nashi, Natsu and Lucy’s daughter, would have nightmares from it as well.

“Think Metalicana will be able to handle them?” Levy asked, looking at her daughter who was chasing her brother. The little girl was so much like her father it was frightening sometimes.

“Nah. Probably not. But, eh.” He shrugged before smirking slightly. Maybe he could use that against his old man.

The male eventually sighed, grabbing his cup to take a long drink before catching his wife’s lips. “Then we get some time away from the kids…”

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Fic: Twenties

Pairing/Characters: SaruMi + Yata siblings adorableness
Word-count: 5.628
Genre: this thing is so sugary i am disgusted at myself, so i added some occasional angst here and there. still pretty sugary though like whoa what the
Summary: It might or might not be Yata’s birthday, and Fushimi might or might have not stumbled upon all the tiny people he never wanted to stumble upon at once.

(available on ao3 as well)

Notes: I AM BACK FROM THE VOID I WROTE A THING and it’s!!!!! sarumi!!!!! <3 I honestly love these two to death. Three years later and here I am, back with more tooth-rotting fluff. Btw, I wrote this for Yata’s birthday after someone sent me a prompt for it but oOPS WE’RE ALREADY 12 MINUTES INTO JULY 21TH HERE WHERE I LIVE let’s not talk about it just hold my hand and whisper these two shits will hug and make up on season 2 pls i only ask for that 

Not my problem, Saruhiko reflected absent-mindedly in between his thoughts of wanting to take a long nap.

And yet, it was right in front of him.

The girl was alone. She was small and young, or, at least, too small and young to be on her own. A lot of passers-by crowded the large streets, but none of them seemed to acknowledge the presence of the child, not even the mothers that strolled by him with infants clutched against their chests. Wow. Wasn’t motherly instinct supposed to be a thing? Saruhiko’s mom never really had one, sure, but, well, she wasn’t really a reference for moms around the world.

He wanted to go back to his quarters and take a nap, he really did. But of course Enomoto would get sick. Of course no one else would be available to take over his patrols. Of bloody course Awashima would ask him – not ask him, order him – to patrol the area designated to Enomoto. Yes, just send the third-in-command, he’s not doing anything anyway, except for a lot of important paperwork (“You can multi-task! It’s good for your brain”, Reishi suggested happily, as if it wasn’t really his problem, and it really wasn’t, was it).

Of course there was a child with no parents or guardians around, right under his nose.

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The Bog Turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) is the smallest turtle in North America, if not the world. However, because of this it’s often overlooked and is also North America’s most endangered species of turtle or tortoise. They are native to sphagnum bogs and vernal pools along the eastern United States and create elaborate networks of tunnels in native grasses and the mud, which they sometimes share with other animals. Their populations are threatened by development of wetlands and the pet trade. Sadly, most do not survive long in captivity due to their very specific habitat requirements.

They are famous for their bright orange cheeks, which some of our staff were lucky enough to see this past weekend near our New York office!