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“What’s the deal?” You laughed as you followed your close, skeletal pal up the grassy hill. Sans hadn’t let go of your hand once, even though he was holding a telescope in his hand.

“what?” Sans grinned towards you, turning back lazily for just a second. “wondering where the hill i’m taking you?”

You snorted. His jokes were dumb, and you didn’t know why they made you laugh everytime. “Yes, actually.”

“don’t trust me?”

“Hard to trust someone who doesn’t have a brain.” You teased, tugging his hand back and leaving him to crash against your chest. You playfully pocked at his chest. “Or a heart.”

The most curious blue flushed across his cheek bones. He seemed to do that a lot around you, so you figured it must be a skeleton thing.

“h-haha, yeah…” No witty quip? He must have alot on his mind…

Sans led you along, occasionally inserting a pun or two, which you would laugh for, until you finally made it to the top of the hill.

“alright, here we are.” Sans stopped setting his telescope down.

You looked at the view and hummed, “It’s nice up here.”

“nice will be an understatement in just a second, kid.” Sans winked at you before coming up behind you and covering your eyes. “here, give it a second.”

You chuckled, “What’s this all about?”

“i may not have a heart or a brain, but you can trust me on this one, kid.”

“Will this trust involve your sweaty hands on my eyes for five minutes?”

“er…” You could practically feel him getting warmer. “i-it won’t be too much longer, kid.”

You laughed, “I’m only teasing, Sans! You know I don’t mind your company!”

For some reason, he only got warmer at that. “right…”

Finally, after some comfortable silence, Sans spoke up.

“alright, here you go.”

As soon as his hands left your eyes, you looked up and felt your soul fill with child-like wonder. It was beautiful, the sky was filled with stars. You had never seen the sky so clear, especially being so close to the city. It was like an array of dark blues and purples of every shade with scattered freckles of white starlight. It was beautiful.

“It’s… Amazing.” You said, almost breathless.

You hadn’t even noticed, but Sans was staring at you with that same wonder. “stars, i love you.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

You turned to face him, and Sans went bright blue. “uh, i-i was talking to the stars! the stars! i love ‘em, good ‘ol flaming balls of gas and whatnot…”

“Yes,” You turned back to the sky. “It’s beyond gorgeous. Sans. Thank you.”

“of course…” Sans sat down, quietly. “…i’m glad you like it.”



You blinked. 

“Uhm…” You looked at your hands, which were currently being held captive by the seven-foot-tall skeleton on his knees as he gazed into your eyes with a bright orange glow across his cheekbones.

“I LOVE YOU WITH THE BURNING ROMANCE OF A THOUSAND LOVERS!!” He leaned closer to you, causing you to lean back.

“You, uh…” You looked around. No wonder there were rose petals scattered literally everywhere. When he invited you to “THE MOST AMAZING AND ROMANTIC DINNER OF YOUR LIFE”, you thought he meant ‘romantic’ as in ‘fantasy-filled’ not ‘actually romantic’. Sometimes he just talks like that, with his fancy words and strange double meetings. Yet, there you are, three bites into his ‘LOVE-SPAGHETTI’ and he’s confessing to you. You wondered if all these candles were a fire hazard… “… Love me?”




“Papyrus!” You almost squeaked out, “We’ve known eachother for barely a week!”


“Hoh, boi.” You took your hand to rub your temples. At least he was cute… “Look, Papyrus, you can’t just, uhm, proclaim your love for someone after only a week of knowing them.”

“BUT I HAVE!” Papyrus smiled too bright for this world. “AND I’LL DO IT AGAIN! I LOVE YO-!”

You put your hands over his teeth, “Papyrus, please!”


You exhaled.


You groaned, looking at the starry-eyed skeleton in front of you. One date wouldn’t be too bad, if he could stop it with all the ‘love’ talk. “One date, Papyrus. One. And that’s it.”

Papyrus stood with confidence and conviction, “THAT’S ALL I NEED TO HAVE YOU FALL FOR ME, TOO!”

-Orange (Underswap Papyrus)-

“Honey, do you want any popcorn?” You called back from in the kitchen.

You heard Papyrus’ faint voice from the living room, “yeah.”

“I didn’t hear a please in that.” You called back.

“because i didn’t give one.”

Snarky jerk. “Fine! No popcorn for you, Honey!” You said, smirking. You pulled out the popcorn when the timer beeped and poured it in a bowl, before making your way into the living room.

“what’s poppin’, kid.” Orange replied with a lazy smirk.

“Nothing for you, Honey.” You replied, a small grin on your face. You saw him twitch ever so slightly. You knew he hated that nickname, and that’s why you used it.

“aw, pouting again?” That received an angry glare from you, which only made him laugh. “come on, kid, learn to share.”

“No.” You said, plopping down on the opposite end of the couch. “Now turn on the movie, I want to see some murder clowns.”

“sure thing, but you know what goes really good with popcorn?” Orange leaned towards you, which made you quirk a brow.

“What?” You eyed him suspiciously.

And before you could make any protests, you suddenly saw him dumping his entire bottle of honey on your lovely popcorn bowl. “a little honey.”

You shoved the popcorn bowl toward him in a fit and fumed, “You jerk! I made that for me!”

Papyrus laughed loudly, “heheh! don’t knock it ‘til you try it, kid!”

“You ruined it! You-! You stupid-! Stop staring at me like that!”

“i can’t help it.” He mused, chuckling only slightly. “you’re so cute.”

Your face flushed a bright red, “Don’t say things like that!”

“like what? like…” Suddenly, Papyrus was too close for comfort. “i love you.”

You shoved his face away from you, “Yes! Like that! Ugh, your teasing is insufferable!”

Was… Was that a bright orange dusted across his cheeks? No, no you must have been imagining things. “right… well, let’s get this movie started, shall we?”

-Blue (Underswap Sans)-


You turned around to see your adorable and bubbly, skeletal friend bounding towards you.

“Blueberry,” You smiled as he finally caught up to you. “Where did you come from?”

Sans took a moment to catch his breath, before jumping back up with blue stars in his eye sockets. “I FOLLOWED YOU DOWN THE STREET!”



You giggled softly. What a funny guy. “Truly amazing, Blueberry. You never cease to amaze me.”

Sans flushed a bright cyan, “MWEHEHE!” 

“Well, while your here, can I buy you a crepe?” You smiled. “Something to reward the great detective?”

His eye lights went from stars to hearts in mere seconds. He must truly love crepes. “R-REWARD?”

You giggled again, “Of course! Blueberry flavor for my favorite Blueberry, right?”

“HNNNNNNGH!” He whined, squirming ever so slightly.

“Oh, dear!” You lifted his chin to feel his forehead, he was a burning blue! “Are you feeling alright? You’re so warm to the touch, sweetie!”

Sans melted into your touch, an almost goofy grin accompanying his heart-filled eyes. “Y-Y/N!”

“Sans, you’re taking care of yourself aren’t you?” You worried, “I don’t know what I’d do if you fell ill… I’d be worried sick!”


You stopped. 

Suddenly, Sans realized the words that just fell out of his mouth.


“UHM! I MEAN! I! UH!” Suddenly, Sans was running down the street, “GOTTA GO!!”


-Red (Underfell Sans)-

You downed yet another drink and laughed. “Fine, it’s true! I unironically like anime, but can you blame me?”

“haha! yes! i can!” Sans rumbled with laughter as he chugged his own shot. “stars, you’re such an idiot!”

“Says the loser who thinks wearing all black is cool!”

“hey, you take that back!” Sans rumbled, trying to poke at you but too drunk to actually land any hits. “black is cool, it makes me look edgy!”

Hahaha! Do you hear yourself?” You poured some more of that sweet brown liquid in your glass, only missing slightly. “Edgy? Okay, Emo-Kid-2000!”

“your suuuuuuuuch a bi-”

“Okay, you’ve had enough!” You laughed, swiping the bottle he was currently trying to drink from him.

“oh, you stiff!” He slurred. “your a hypocritical stiff!”

“And you’re a drunk idiot!”

“so are ya!”

“Well, you got me there, emo kid.” You took a swig from the bottle and laughed.

Sans leaned on the counter and stared at you in awe. “stars, i love you.”

“Haha, what?” What was this all about?

“your sooooooo pretty.” He started drooling. “i wanna make you mine alllll night loooong.”

You rolled your eyes, “Whatever, perv.”

“no no no no not just like that,” He drawled on. “i wanna bang ya, but i also wanna kiss ya, you know what i mean?”


“stars, i wanna kiss you so bad…” He leaned closer to you. “i wanna lean into you, and see you, and be with you, and to love you soooooo cloooose. i want you to love me as much as i love you.”

“S-Sans…” You could feel the blush across your face.

“i love y-” And then he threw up next to you.

-Black (Underfell Papyrus)-

You were sleeping on the couch when you heard it. The soft sound of the door closing. You rubbed your eyes and sat up. Was he home already?

You looked toward the door, only seeing a vague silhouette.



“I was waiting for you.” You yawned. “You always get home so late so I… !!”


“Papyrus!” You pushed the blanket off of you and rushed to his side, “You’re covered in blood! Are you alright, you didn’t-!”

He grabbed your wrist harshly and hissed, “I’M FINE.”

You were almost startled by his sharp reaction, but you knew him too well to let him scare you off. “No. You’re not.” You used this as an opportunity to grab his own wrist and drag him to the kitchen. 

He recoiled, trying to pull his wrist back, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

You turned to him roughly and poked a finger at his chest, “I’m helping you out, you ungrateful idiot!”

Papyrus reeled back, incredibly offended, “I’M NOT-!!”

“Now shut your mouth, and accept someone’s kindness for once, or so help me!”

He finally closed his mouth, only letting out a few grumblings in response.

You set him down on the kitchen table and grabbed a damp washcloth as you began wiping away the stains on his bones and armor.

“YOU…” You saw a faint glow on his cheekbones, “YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS.”

“And you don’t have to get in fights when I’m not around!” You huffed. “Honestly, I wish you wouldn’t, Papyrus! I don’t like you hurting others, and I… I don’t know what I’d do if you came home seriously hurt!”


He didn’t reply for a while, as you took your time cleaning his wounds. It seems… there was a lot more blood from whoever he was fighting… 


“Of course, I waited for you.” You shook your previous thought away.


“Because I worry for you.” You huffed.

“… Iloveyou…”

“What did you say?” You tilted your head.



(Shorter ones for these guys)

-Yellow (Echotale G Sans)-

Wait, what did you say?” You turned toward your bad boy of a friend.

“I said I love you.” G Sans said, nonchalantly as he lit a cigarette.

“… You’re not serious, are you?”

“I am.” 

“Oh…” You didn’t know how to respond. He was so… casual?


“Well, what?” You asked.

“Usually, people say something other than “oh” after someone tells them those three little words.”

“What do you want me to say?”

His eye lights grew a ominous yellow, almost in an eery way if you hadn’t known G Sans for so long. His eye lights scrolled over to you, his unreadable expression unchanging, “You know the answer to that.”

-Green (Echotale G Papyrus)-

“Er, uhm, I don’t…” G Papyrus cleared his throat, nervously. “I don’t usually, uh…”

“Oh, G, are you alright?” You put a hand on his shoulder, but that seemed to have the opposite of the intended effect. “Why are you so nervous?”

G Papyrus raked a hand across his scroll, as if trying to clear his head, “S-Sorry! I’m not used to, well…”

“Hey.” You made a point to show him your most comforting smile. “It’s okay. Just relax. I’m your friend.”

“Right… That might actually just be…” With another clear of his throat, G Papyrus straightened his back, and said with the greenest face, “Y/n!”

“Uhm, yes?”

“I! I love you!”


“Wait, what?!” You recoil.

-Purple (Swapfell Papyrus)-

You were just cooking dinner as you always do, when you suddenly felt two familiar arms encase you completely from behind you, prohibiting you from finishing dinner.


“shut up.” Whoa. His voice was dark. What was he-? “don’t say anything. don’t move anything. don’t think anything. don’t. do. anything.”

You went completely still. He just stood there like that, his skull in the crook of your neck and his arms wrapped around your body, squeezing you too tight for comfort.

Just as you were about to say something (which may or may not result in some serious injuries), you heard something just below a whisper in your ear.

“i love you.”

And just like that, he let go of you, and you sucked in a breath you didn’t know you needed. When you turned around, he was gone, and you were left alone to your thoughts and a slowly burning dinner.

-Indigo (Swapfell Sans)-


“Raspberry.” You replied, coyly.

Sans rolled his eye lights, before he continued, “I HAVE FINALLY DECIDED… TO SAY YES!”

“Yes?” You tilted your head, “To what?”


“Oh, don’t worry, Raspberry.” You smiled, “I’m not trying to date you.”


“The explanation for what?”



“You…” You blinked. “You love me?”

Sans looked like a dear in the headlights, and you finally noticed the bright magenta color he was beaming. “THIS! THIS WAS A MISTAKE!!”

“Wait, Sans!” But he was already running away… Wait, did he not realize that was the opposite direction of his house? Looks like you’d be seeing him sooner than expected.

Gajevy Week: Prompt: Trouble Twins Colorful Revenge


Rated: T

Prompt: Trouble Twins


Colorful Revenge

Gajeel gets revenge on Metalicana in the best of ways.

Gajeel was in the kitchen with Levy, sighing as he buried his face in her neck. Their four-year-old twins were a rambunctious set that left both adults exhausted at times.

“How long did they keep you up last night?” Levy asked lightly, leaning back into her husband after filling two coffee mugs.

“A lil’ while. Shutora was having nightmares.” He grumbled.

Levy had never seen Gajeel jump out of bed so fast. Their daughter’s cry and sob of “Daddy!” Had him tripping over himself to rush out of the bed. Levy wasn’t far behind. When the man cradled the girl, he quietly waved his wife off to go back to bed as he was soon taking care of the twins, calming them both down, since Yajeh woke up to his sister’s cries.

Turns out while they had Natsu and Lucy watching the twins so they could make some repairs around the house before the kids came back, Natsu decided to tell the story of a monster.

He was gonna kill Natsu if Lucy hadn’t already. Likely Nashi, Natsu and Lucy’s daughter, would have nightmares from it as well.

“Think Metalicana will be able to handle them?” Levy asked, looking at her daughter who was chasing her brother. The little girl was so much like her father it was frightening sometimes.

“Nah. Probably not. But, eh.” He shrugged before smirking slightly. Maybe he could use that against his old man.

The male eventually sighed, grabbing his cup to take a long drink before catching his wife’s lips. “Then we get some time away from the kids…”

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jehanproudaisy  asked:

a concept: Feuilly and Bahorel accidentally inherit an orchard from some distant relative and spend their days tending to apples and strawberries and raspberries and just being?? content?? living that farm lifestyle?? baking pies??? pretending not to see the people who steal an apple or two because they obviously need it more than them

I like how this would entail Bahorel and Feuilly being like “guess we have an orchard and this is our life now.“
But also yes the warm kitchen on chilly evenings after going out and picking apples all bright cheeks and orange lighting and dancing and an overwhelming amount of love.
They’d purposely leave the best apples on certain trees people pick from “stealthily” and even leave out full baskets after they’ve picked extra at the ends of their property with signs that say to take as many as possible, all the profits they get from people who pay to pick from their orchard would go to upkeep and then donated to homeless shelters and orphanages, especially shelter for kids like them, and the orphanage Feuilly remembered most fondly (to his surprise the same people are still kicking and working there and he bakes so many pies for them and the kids.)
They’d hold huge feasts for any and everyone to come when it’s still warm enough to do outside and they built an addition to their home at one point for a giant dining room when it isn’t. Everyone leaves with their own personal pie.
They have a dog, or like, five dogs.

Fic: Twenties

Pairing/Characters: SaruMi + Yata siblings adorableness
Word-count: 5.628
Genre: this thing is so sugary i am disgusted at myself, so i added some occasional angst here and there. still pretty sugary though like whoa what the
Summary: It might or might not be Yata’s birthday, and Fushimi might or might have not stumbled upon all the tiny people he never wanted to stumble upon at once.

(available on ao3 as well)

Notes: I AM BACK FROM THE VOID I WROTE A THING and it’s!!!!! sarumi!!!!! <3 I honestly love these two to death. Three years later and here I am, back with more tooth-rotting fluff. Btw, I wrote this for Yata’s birthday after someone sent me a prompt for it but oOPS WE’RE ALREADY 12 MINUTES INTO JULY 21TH HERE WHERE I LIVE let’s not talk about it just hold my hand and whisper these two shits will hug and make up on season 2 pls i only ask for that 

Not my problem, Saruhiko reflected absent-mindedly in between his thoughts of wanting to take a long nap.

And yet, it was right in front of him.

The girl was alone. She was small and young, or, at least, too small and young to be on her own. A lot of passers-by crowded the large streets, but none of them seemed to acknowledge the presence of the child, not even the mothers that strolled by him with infants clutched against their chests. Wow. Wasn’t motherly instinct supposed to be a thing? Saruhiko’s mom never really had one, sure, but, well, she wasn’t really a reference for moms around the world.

He wanted to go back to his quarters and take a nap, he really did. But of course Enomoto would get sick. Of course no one else would be available to take over his patrols. Of bloody course Awashima would ask him – not ask him, order him – to patrol the area designated to Enomoto. Yes, just send the third-in-command, he’s not doing anything anyway, except for a lot of important paperwork (“You can multi-task! It’s good for your brain”, Reishi suggested happily, as if it wasn’t really his problem, and it really wasn’t, was it).

Of course there was a child with no parents or guardians around, right under his nose.

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The Bog Turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) is the smallest turtle in North America, if not the world. However, because of this it’s often overlooked and is also North America’s most endangered species of turtle or tortoise. They are native to sphagnum bogs and vernal pools along the eastern United States and create elaborate networks of tunnels in native grasses and the mud, which they sometimes share with other animals. Their populations are threatened by development of wetlands and the pet trade. Sadly, most do not survive long in captivity due to their very specific habitat requirements.

They are famous for their bright orange cheeks, which some of our staff were lucky enough to see this past weekend near our New York office!