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C O S M O S ; ‘We are all made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.’

A mix inspired by the wonder and tranquility of gazing upon stars. For intimate silences that last long into the night, tracing patterns in a glitter-filled sky. (for kristin). | listen

i spend my time going from being hyped about one star wars thing to the next

You’re Mine-1

I got bored and still don’t have requests so yeah. Bold is dark, italics bold is Wilford. I don’t know how this is gonna go so let me know if you like it.

Warnings- None yet

Word Count- 1678

Your pov
I walk through the front door, kicking it closed as I make my way into the living room of my house. I walk into the room and make myself fall face first onto my couch. My face slams into a pile of pillows and I let out a large sigh. This is the first time I’ve actually relaxed since I moved to Georgia, a few weeks ago, to go to my dream college Georgia Tech.

Ever since I was younger, I wanted to become a biomedical engineer and this college was helping me to accomplish that goal. I looked at other colleges but this one really stood out to me. There was something that kept drawing me in.
While I loved everything about the school, it left me busy and exhausted. It also prevented me from doing much else outside of school or work. There were some bright sides to my schedule as well, though. It keeps me away from people and it also prevents me from being in large groups which is really helpful. I was and still am an extremely shy person and being in large groups was stressful for me. Most of the time I kept to myself. I was a loner.

I kept thinking it over in my head and came to the conclusion that my schedule was really a blessing in disguise.

I sit up and look at the clock right in front of me. It was 6:45 pm. ‘Have I already been home for 45 minutes? I guess time just seems to fly by when I have nothing to do.’ I laugh softly and slowly get off the couch. I make my way into the kitchen.

I walk into the room and look into my pantry to see what I could make for dinner. I see a box of pasta and decide to have that along with the homemade sauce I already had in the fridge. I grab the box of pasta along with a pot. I fill the pot with water and put it on the stove, turning the dial to medium. I wait a few minutes until the water starts to boil. I tossed the pasta into the boiling water and wait for it to cook. I dump the pasta into a strainer and wait for the water to drain. I put the pasta on to a plate and pour the sauce on top of it. I put the excess food into the fridge for tomorrow night and make my way back to the couch with my plate of food.

I sit down and turn on Netflix. I play my all time favorite show, “Once Upon A Time”.  I finish eating and continue to try and get caught up. After three hours of watching the show, I feel my eyes start to get heavy. I close my eyes and a few minutes later I drift into a deep sleep.

I wake up to the screeching of my alarm the next morning. I sit up, turn the alarm on my phone off and check the time. It’s 8 o'clock which means I have an hour to get ready before my first class. I get off the couch and walk into my room. I grab a pair of black leggings and a plain red shirt out of the closet. I walk down the hall to the bathroom. I close the door, start the shower, strip my clothes from yesterday and wait until the water get hot before I get in. I wash my hair and my body then get out. Trying not to waste any time, I dry myself off quickly and get dressed. I brush my hair and teeth and then do everything else I needed to do.
After I finished getting ready, I look at the time it’s 8:45. I need to hurry up. I grab my bag and walk out the front door. Luckily the campus wasn’t too far from my house. After about ten minutes of walking, I arrive at the campus. Looking down at my phone, I  check the time. It’s already 8:57 and my first class was all the way across campus. “Damn,” I  say under my breath. 'I can’t be late, they won’t let me in if I am.’  I start to run to class. I pull out my phone, still running, and check the time, 8:58. I suddenly fall to the ground, looking up from my phone to see the boy I ran into. By the looks of it, he was also late for class.

“I’m so so sorry.” the boy says. I look up at him. He had his hand out- offering it to me- and I grabbed it. He pulled me off the ground.

“I-I,” I said not having even a slight idea what to say. “It’s okay. It was my fault.” I said trying not to stutter again.

I stared at his eyes getting lost in them. They were just so pretty. 'I don’t know who he is but I really like him. Wait, why do I like him? I just met him. I don’t even know his name yet for god’s sake. I mean he’s good looking. He has black hair and light brown eyes. He was muscular built and medium height. By the looks of it, he is almost a foot taller than me. That can’t be the only reason I feel attracted to him could it?’

I suddenly jumped. “Are you okay?” he asks placing his hand on my shoulder.

“Why wouldn’t I be” I  respond a little confused.

“Well I was talking to you and you seemed to space out a little bit. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” he said smiling down at me nervously.

“I’m good but thank you for your concern. Anyway, what did you ask me before?”

“I wanted to ask for your name. I figured now that we were both late for class that we could talk a little bit if you wanted to”

I check my phone. “It’s 9:10, I guess we are. I’m really sorry” I say looking down at the ground.

“It’s alright, it wasn’t your fault so don’t worry about it. Anyway, my name is Mark. What’s yours?”

“My name is (your name).”

“Ok (your name), did you want to hang until next period?”

I thought about it for a minute. I was scared of messing up or him hating me even though he didn’t even know me but I  quickly overcame my stupid fear. I force the words to come out. “Sure Mark, I would love to.”

Mark and I walk to a small coffee shop a few minutes away from campus. We both order a small black coffee and sit down across from each other. We make small talk and learn a few things about each other.

“So Mark, how old are you?” I  ask.

“I’m 25, how about you?” he responds.

“I’m 23.”

“How long have you been at Georgia Tech, (your name)?”

“This is my first year. It took me a while to save up enough for college and for a house here. That’s why I started college so late. How long have you been here?”

“This is my third year here, At first I majored in civil engineering,  but I switched over to biomedical this year. What branch of engineering are you majoring in?”

“I’m actually in biomedical myself.”

“Really that’s cool.”

“You think we should leave, it’s 9:45 and I really don’t wanna be late for my next class.”

We both get up and leave the shop. We make our way back to campus. Starting to leave for my next class, I  notice Mark is following me. We compare each other’s schedules and find out that we have similar classes. In fact, our schedules were exactly the same. We hang out with each other all day.
After our last class, Mark and I walk to the front of the campus. I say goodbye and start to walk home. As I leave, I feel a hand grab my shoulder. I turn to see Mark smiling at me.

“(your name), wait. I wanted to ask if you wanted to keep hanging out.” Mark asked smiling nervously. I think it over, and since I didn’t have work or much homework tonight I  didn’t see the harm in going out. He was a good guy from what I’ve seen so far. Plus I really like him. He was honestly the first person I had made a connection with in the month that I’ve been in Georgia.

“Sure I would love to Mark. Where do you want to go?” I responded giving him a reassuring smile.

“I was thinking my house…if you want of course.” He replied.

“That sounds perfect Mark.”

Mark’s Point of View

After the last period of the day, we walked to the parking lot together. She said goodbye and I watched her walk away.

'Don’t be stupid Mark, Don’t go after her. Even if you like her you can’t just freak her out by being super clingy. You don’t even know her!’

“Just do it stupid we both know you like her.”

Before I could do anything to stop myself, I felt myself put a hand on her shoulder. Well, I was already near her. What do I say now?

“Y/n wait, um did you want to keep hanging out?” I asked nervously. Just looking at her made me even more anxious for her answer. She was just so perfect. She was sweet and kind but also shy. She was also gorgeous but it didn’t seem like she knew it.

“Sure Mark, I would love to.” she said giving me a reassuring smile.

'Yes! Oh, my god, she said yes!’

My heart felt like it was going to burst from how happy I was. I can’t believe she wanted to spend time with me of all people. I can’t wait.

“Neither can I Mr.Iplier, neither can I.”

dwarf headcanon bc i haven’t gone on about that in a while:

dwarves don’t operate on anything like a ‘day’ schedule like men do. the sun’s position in the sky isn’t important. (as with most things, when among men they do as their hosts do; it simplifies things, really.)

bu the mountains never sleep; the fires never burn down.

it’s not at all uncommon for shops and taverns to be open around the clock, because people are busy all the time. if you close your tavern while the sun’s down, where will the midnight guards get their drinks when their shift is done? it’s not practical not to be up and running most of the day.

it’s not as if dwarves don’t sleep, of course (they do, though the men who live near them always whisper that they don’t.); it’s just that they don’t all sleep at once. people work when they please (or when their guild agrees to) and sleep when they need to.

it’s not really so complicated, and they’re never really sure why men are so confused by the idea.

relatablesquish-deactivated2017  asked:

what should my morning/night routine be to be happier and healthier?

Everyone has a different way of managing their health and wellness, but here are a few recommendations!

Morning routine:

- (Go to bed and) wake up at the same time every day. Part of this involves your nightly routine, but we’ll get to that. Waking up at the same time every day helps your body to establish a regular sleep schedule, which will make it easier for you to fall asleep at night and feel refreshed in the morning. And if you are able to have a schedule where you wake up early, that’s great! Sunlight is known to lift your mood so the more hours you can spend in the daylight, the better.

- Drink water. This isn’t something people usually think about in the morning, but your body can get slightly dehydrated overnight. Drinking water in the morning helps you stay hydrated. Bonus: Being properly hydrated helps your skin to look healthy and bright!

- Eat breakfast. I know there’s a lot of talk about how it’s the most important meal of the day, but even if you just grab a bagel or a granola bar on your way out the door, eating something in the morning will give you an energy boost and curb your hunger so that you’re not starving by lunchtime.

- Stretch, do yoga, or exercise if you have the time. I just read a great article about a woman who did yoga for 10 minutes every day for a month. Even that small amount of time made a difference in her day! It’s a great idea to go for a walk or jog in the morning if you have the time. It boosts your mood and energy levels, plus it keeps you healthy! If you don’t have time, try something like the 10-minute yoga sesh or even just stretch our your tired muscles. It helps! 

Tip for exercise: Do something you think is fun. It doesn’t have to be intensive cardio. Exercise shouldn’t be torturous; it should be energizing.

Nighttime routine:

-  Get ready for the next day. To save yourself some time in the morning, make your breakfast and/or lunch ahead of time. This also helps you to stay healthy, because you have the time to think about what you’re going to eat and make sure it’s a balanced meal. And if you’re the type of person who likes lists, make a to-do list for the next day (if this stresses you out, then don’t do it. But for some people, like myself, it decreases stress/anxiety to know I’ll be ready to go in the morning.)

- Develop a skin care routine. (This can be in the morning, too, obviously.) If you wear make up, don’t forget to take it off at night! Your skin will feel and look so much better if you do. A skin care routine can be as simple as just washing your face, or it can be several steps, that’s up to you, but it will help you feel clean and refreshed before bedtime. And again, having any kind of routine at bedtime will help your body to get used to a sleep schedule.

- Limit your use of electronics and go to bed on time. I’m certainly guilty of scrolling through Instagram before I go to sleep, but try to limit the amount of time you spend looking at bright screens before you go to bed. Bright lights interrupt your sleep schedule and can even make you feel groggy in the morning. Try reading a book instead. The things you do before bed should be calming.

Hope this helps!

          “Hey, you,” Ginger chirped as she leaned against the door frame and looked into Viserys’ office with a bright smile. Her schedule was more manageable this year, her days not packed with classes from sunrise to sundown. She’d wanted to get everything boring out of the way so she could focus on the stuff that she actually cared about, which she was happily doing now. Especially since she had more time to see Viserys. She got school and him now. She got to have her cake and eat it, too. “I know you said you had a lighter day today, so I wanted to pop in and see if you wanted to go get lunch, or maybe we can order something and eat here?” She wasn’t particularly picky either way. Mostly she’d just wanted to see him. // @formidablesouls

Our Final Problem ( Poem )

We profess to “adore” Sherlock

We confess to be “in love” with it too

Please will someone tell me

Why is it then that we criticise its every move

That instead of giving our thanks

 We say we disapprove

Something did not go as planned

Maybe your ship did not find dry land 

Perhaps your favourite character just died 

Conceivably the trailer blatantly lied 

Everyone seems to have his cares only around this

They don’t realise the effort made by Moffat and Gatiss

Two Sherlock geeks

Who had an idea in 2006

Together they brought back a most famous detective 

That is now a true masterpiece

By the hands of a certain Benedict

Working day and night

Making sure all content grew to the same height 

Caring the show is always bright 

Getting the scheduling right

Possibly we need to go back 

To when series one was a crack 

To when we all were a pack

Not divided by our wack 

But united by our wreck

If you really do profess to love Sherlock

Turn from the flak

If you want the true purpose of the series to unlock

You should remember why you chose it at all

Not to have the writer hear your bawl

Not to make your partner get in a brawl

Neither for your selfish desires to be fulfilled 

That is why fanfictions are built

But because we like to be thrilled 

By watching from a window 

A self-declared non-hero

The life of the brilliant detective 

And his affective best friend

Solving crimes together 

Defeating villains that would be from the nether

Through thick and thin

In good and bad weather

By good wits will always win

And make our hearts tailspin

Stop with this blether

Make the fandom come together 

Make the fandom be one

This is our final problem

The Final Problem

To forget our differences

No matter our preferences

Make it blossom 

Let the world see this fandom stand solemn

As a whole column 

And solve The Final Problem

 -Rebecca Holmes


With a sigh, Leo drapes his lab coat over his left arm and uses his right to heave his messenger bag over his shoulder. Even though his chemistry class met Mondays and Wednesdays, his professors apparently had the bright idea of scheduling their lab days on Saturday afternoons. Never mind that he had stayed for a bit to talk to his professor, it was now 5:30 and he was late for dinner with Takumi and both of their families.

He’s ready to leave when he notices an engagement ring on a table top. One of his classmates must’ve forgotten it. He suppose there wouldn’t be any harm in leaving it there but still… He takes it and drops it in his pocket. He could take it to the lost and found later.

Right then his phone vibrates. The text is from Takumi, reading: “We’re all here waiting for you pls hurry Elise n Camilla are asking me about you again also Xander and Ryoma keep passively bragging”.

With a sigh, he quickly makes his way to his car and takes off. The restaurant wasn’t so far and he manages to make it just under half an hour, to Takumi’s apparent relief.

“I think that’s the happiest you’ve ever been to see me,” Leo comments as they walk in behind everyone else. Takumi snorts.

“I’m pretty sure our brothers were seconds away from a verbal fist fight. Also, Elise asked me what my favorite feature of yours was.” Takumi looks physically annoyed at this point.

“Oh? And what did you say?” Leo asks for the sake of annoying the other further and out of partial curiosity. The other glares at him.

“I didn’t answer, you know, since you have so many amazing qualities.”

Leo rolls his eyes at his obvious sarcasm. At this point he realizes his shoes are untied and he kneels down by Takumi, who pauses to continue complaining about what happened while waiting for Leo. He reaches into his pocket when he feels something strange in it and pulls it out.

Right. The engagement ring he found at his chemistry lab. Before he can put it away again, he hears a gasp from Elise. At this, everyone else turns around with a similar shocked look on their faces.

Oh no.

Takumi stops talking and looks down at Leo and the pieces click in his mind. Gods no. No. This could not be happening.

“You’re going to propose now?! You couldn’t wait till after dinner?!” Elise all but yells and everyone else in the restaurant turns around. Great.

“U-um, well…” Leo looks up to Takumi, who’s face is beet red from the sudden attention. “I just… couldn’t wait.”

His eyes widen, as if asking, “Leo what the FUCK are you doing?!” but Leo’s mouth misses the memo and he continues with his “proposal”.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

There’s a tense silence followed by a small and quiet “yes” from Takumi and now Leo’s eyes widen. He was expecting a “no”, why did he say “yes”?! He stands up as Ryoma places a firm hand on his shoulder and says he’s happy for them and happy to welcome him to his family. Xander nods and says he’s happy to see his brother engaged to someone so hardworking and skilled.

The two continue to stare at each other, wondering if they really just went from fake boyfriends to fake fiancés.

After dinner, the two part ways from the families, Takumi says he’ll be spending more time with Leo. As soon as they enter his car, Takumi’s face is in his hands as he groans loudly.

“That did not just happen.”

“It did. It did.”

Takumi looks up at Leo, disbelief written on his face. “Why did you propose?!”

“I didn’t mean to!” Leo’s eyebrows are furrowed together and he’s frowning deeply. “You think I meant to chain myself to you?!”

“Why did you have a ring?!”

“I found it in my chem lab! I was going to take it to the lost in found but I was running late…” He presses his forehead to the steering wheel momentarily, a loud honk has him and Takumi flinching back into their seats. “Wait- why did you say yes?!”

“Your brother’s the only reason I got into that school, do you think I want him to see me break his little brother’s heart in public?” He looks down at the ring on his finger. He stares and stares at it, as if he was expecting it to just disappear at any moment before he begins laughing in disbelief. “This is stupid. This is so stupid. This can’t be happening.” 

Silence settles between them for a bit before Leo speaks again.

“I’m going to need that ring back, by the way.”

I fucking HATE THEM


Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest of them all? ♪

i’ll be seeing you.

[or, the one in which it’s two in the afternoon, and bellamy and clarke are wasted]

a/n: this was in my head all throughout the long haul to st. lucia, so here goes nothing. also, some of this fic references themes from the film ‘after the dark’. hardcore the 100 fans, please watch that movie. it’s right up your alley.

“Shit,” Bellamy murmurs under his breath as the world snaps back into focus. “Man.”

His hand slides over the pleather-y covering on his couch, catches warm skin under his grip. And there she still is, Clarke Griffin, staring up at the damn ceiling, head tilted back against the rest, with this dazed yet serious look in her eyes.

She whispers, “Yeah?”

“I’m really fucked up right now, Clarke, I’m sorry,” Bellamy admits, sheepish. He sits up, sees three of her and groans. His mismatched set of candle sticks are flickering out beside an abandoned bottle of wine, a dripping empty flask, and cold remnants of the lunch he’d made them. He frowns, embarrassed. “I must have blacked out for a second.”

An angry flush spreads like a hot storm over his freckles.

Clarke eyes him, licks her lips. “It’s okay.” She smiles, gentle and guarded, like she finds this hot mess of a first date endearing. “You’re actually sort of charming in your sleep. I like you better that way.” She raises her brows at him, and he smirks in return. Clarke tries to jab him in the side, but she misses by more than an inch and stifles a hiccup, clearly wasted as well.

Bellamy grins, “Yeah?”

Clarke’s slurring, but she still looks like the sun. “You were talking Ptolemy to me.”

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