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july 15 2017. my new dotted notebook for my bullet journal! i really hope i keep up with this one. my calendar page is inspired from this post, i’ve been dying to make one like it! ft. my new pusheen mouse pad, i am so in love with it!!!

Fun Moments With Autism™ (*sarcasm*):

“wow you’re so rude”

“what are you upset about?”

“you have a serious case of Resting Bitch Face haha”


*only realizes social faux-pas 3 days later when someone points it out to me*


 [randomsong] (10 hours)

*paces around room, consumed w/ rage bc of minor change in routine* 

“why would i order something different to eat if i already know what i like??? what do you mean i’ve eaten the same 2 dishes for a month?”


me: *doesn’t understand innuendo/dirty joke*

friend: “omg you’re SO INNOCENT lmao”


me: *watching asmr, squeezing play-doh, touching random objects for hours, while playing w/ a mermaid pillow, flapping hands and jumping* ummmmm what is this stimming you speak of?


*overwhelmed by my burning love for my SpIn* … when will i be free…


relative: “we almost never talk. sometimes i wonder if you actually love me”

me: *confused and heartbroken bc i thought that my feelings were obvious*


“why are you so weird”

“you need to be more friendly”

“omg rou’re SO antisocial”

“stop doing this you look stupid”

“do you have photographic memory?”

“i don’t understand why you’re struggling w/ this it’s so simple”

*talks non-stop abt my SpIn* *only afterwards realizes that my audience might not care abt the thing as much as i do*

“what difference does it even make if the dirty dishes are close to the clean ones???”


*has to order something/have a ordinary social interaction/talk to someone* *practices what to say beforehand*


“why are you always in the dark? why do you have your phone/notebook brightness so low? don’t you know it’s bad for your eyes?”


*goes on vacation* *feels lost w/o the routine provided by school/college/extracurricular activities*

Roses |Joe Sugg|

Summary -  could I please have an imagine where Joe and the reader (his fiancé) have an argument over the wedding planning in front of the boys and then the reader walks out and the boys get them back together!! Thank you!❤

Word Count - 1,874

Warnings - N/A

A/N - I changed it slightly so it was Joe that walked out and not Y/N.

You sighed as you leaned your elbows against the table, your chin resting on the palm of your left hand, staring down at the bright purple notebook that was lead in front of you.

You wished you had the peace and quiet that you needed to be able to figure out which flowers would look better as centre pieces but no. You were currently joined with 7 incredibly, loud, annoying guys. Your fiancé and his 6 best men. Yeah, that’s right. 6 of them.

“Well, what are we thinking? Roses or lilies?” you asked, trying to bring the conversation back to the wedding. The boys were currently sat talking about a new video game that was coming out in a few days, not exactly your topic of choice at the minute.

“Whichever you want, love.” Joe smiled, gently kissing your cheek. You sighed quietly as he turned back to his friends.

What was the point of you being sat at the table with them, being disrupted every time you tried to ask a question about the wedding?

Joe didn’t even seem bothered, he had basically let you pick everything out and he’d just be happy showing up on the day, not knowing any plans.

You buried your head in your notebook again; thankful that there were only a few details left, most of the wedding had already been planned. By yourself, obviously because Joe’s input wasn’t needed apparently.

“I think this Outlast game is going to be better than the last.” Oli told the rest of the boys, taking a sip of beer from one of the bottles in the middle of the table.

“You shit yourself when the last one came out,” Caspar laughed loudly.

“Only because Joe kept screaming when he was playing it, he kept making me jump.” Oli argued in protest.

Even though you were slightly annoyed that Joe wasn’t being very helpful, Oli’s memory made you smile. You remember that night very clearly. Oli and Caspar had stayed over the night, and all three of them were downstairs playing the asylum based video game.

Every few minutes, you would hear a girly scream, and it would be coming from Joe. Then seconds later, Oli and Caspar would tell him to shut up as they had both fallen asleep on the sofa and Joe’s screams had woken them up as he had been playing the video game with his headphones in. Though hours later, Joe had joined you in bed but had refused to go to sleep, so spent most of the night sat up with you nuzzled up to him, your head resting in his lap. He had spent most of the night telling you about the game, because apparently people were telling his character to go down the drains.

And Joe didn’t want to go down the drains.

That memory seemed like it was years ago, when in actual fact it was weeks ago but a lot had happened since then.

Joe had spent most days at meetings, and most nights with the boys. Usually this wouldn’t have bothered you, but with you and Joe getting married in just a few weeks, you would have thought the wedding would have been Joe’s priority, but clearly not.

His priority was his stag party.

Where as you had spent the days planning the wedding, and the nights well … Still planning the wedding.

Joe had decided his stag party was going to be a mad one around London, with all 6 of his best men. Your hen party was a little more low-key. You were spending it in Brighton, having a girly night with Zoë.

You weren’t much of a drinker anyway, so a quiet one was much better in your opinion.

Caspar dropping his beer bottle on the wooden floor disrupted your thoughts as you sighed quietly, standing up.

“Shit, Y/N. I’m really sorry.” Caspar looked up at you, like a child that was about to be told off.

“It’s fine Caspar.” You smiled slightly, going into the kitchen and grabbing some towels before starting to clean the mess up, not even noticing the cut on the palm of your hand until Caspar did.

“Come on, I’ll clean it up,” Caspar smiled sympathetically as he took you over to the sink in the kitchen. You have spoken to Caspar about the wedding, more than anyone. More than Joe. He wanted to be as helpful as possible as he was the one, out of all of the boys, that you were closest to and you had been close since you and Joe first started dating.

The others were completely out of ear shot of yours and Caspar’s conversation at the minute, not that they were listening anyway.

Caspar quickly took the towels off you with the glass inside and binned them, before running the cold water and sticking your hand underneath it.

“Is he doing your head in again?” Caspar mumbled lowly, but still keeping his eyes on your hand.

“How did you guess?” you chuckled weakly, watching Caspar intently as he started to wash the blood off your hand.

“Just a wild guess, you’ve hardly spoken to him, or looked at him for that matter.” Caspar commented.

You shrugged your shoulders and sighed.

“It’s just that, he’s seeing his stag party as being more important than the actual wedding. Joe’s using the wedding as an excuse to get pissed and he doesn’t really seem interested in the wedding at all Caspar. I don’t really see the point of it. He doesn’t even seem like he wants to marry me anymore.” You told Caspar, tears brimming your eyes before something out the corner of your eye, caught your attention.

“That’s what you think?” Joe mumbled, glancing at Caspar as a signal for him to leave the room.

Caspar nodded silently and gave you a weak smile before leaving, closing the door behind him.

“Well its true isn’t it?” you frowned, looking back down at your hand as the blood continued to flow.

Joe stayed quiet until you heard his footsteps approaching and the clicking of a box before he reached over you and turned the water off, drying it with a towel and started wrapping a bandage around your hand.

But still, he said nothing at all.

“Joe?” you said, wanting an answer off him.

“I know it seems like I only care about this stag party, but it’s sort of my last night out as a free man.” He shrugged, still concentrating on your hand.

“Free man? Before you get tied to me for the rest of your life?” you frowned, pulling your hand away from him as Joe let out a deep sigh.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.”

“That’s what you said though.” You narrowed your eyes at him. Maybe you were being paranoid, or maybe your thoughts were confirmed and he really wasn’t bothered whether you got married in 3 weeks time or not.

“Don’t assume that I don’t want to marry you, just because I’m excited about my stag party. Don’t put words into my mouth and expect me to be alright with it!” Joe frowned; raising his voice at you as you flinched, not expecting this kind of behaviour from him at all.

He had never raised his voice at you, because whenever you normally had disagreements, he normally walked away until you both calmed down… And it looked like he was about to do that now, as you watched him grab his jacket and walk out the door without a second glance.

You let out a shaky sigh as you wiped your eyes with the back of your hand, before going back into the living room.

“What just happened?” Jack asked, looking at you concerned.

Maybe they couldn’t hear you and Caspar talking quietly before, but they had definitely heard yours and Joe’s disagreement.

“Joe knows he just walked out of his own apartment, right?” Conor asked stupidly.

“Erm, guys. I really don’t mean to sound rude but I think it would be best if you all left. You can organise his stag party another night.” You told them, your eyes still fresh with tears.

That’s if there will be a stag party, you thought.

All of them got up, grabbed their jackets and left, quickly. Except Caspar who stayed where he was, arms folded across his chest.

“Caspar,” you started, before he shook his head.

“Say what you want, I’m staying.” Caspar protested, grabbing his phone. “I’m just going to let Maddie know where I am, don’t move.”

You nodded slightly as he went into the kitchen and sat down at the table where Josh was previously sat as you looked down at your cut hand, the blood starting to seep through the bandage and even though the pain was now striking through your hand, it didn’t bother you.

Caspar came back minutes later and sat next to you.

“I’m guessing you heard everything.” You mumbled, glancing up from your hand as Caspar simply nodded.

“Couldn’t help but hear.” You chuckled weakly as a tear rolled down your cheek.

“Joe will calm down soon, you know he will.” Caspar told you, gently rubbing your hand. “Maybe just sleep on it and see how things are in the morning?”

You nodded slightly, looking at the clock that was nailed to the wall as it read the time.


“I didn’t even realise it was that late.” You sighed, standing up and rubbing your eyes. “Sleeping on the sofa?”

Caspar nodded and gently hugged you, kissing the top of your head.

“I’m not leaving you, but I’ll grab pillows and stuff, you just go to bed.” He told you.

Caspar had stayed over more than enough times to know where you kept spare bedding, so you did as he sad and dragged yourself to your bedroom.

Your eyes felt like they were burning but you weren’t really sure why. Because you’d been crying? Or because you were extremely tired? I guess the reason didn’t matter.

You didn’t even go to the effort of changing your clothes, you simply got into bed in what you were wearing, which was grey joggers and one of Joe’s hoodies and you instantly fell asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow.

Though after a few minutes, you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist.

“I’m sorry.” You heard a deep voice mumble, nuzzling into your neck.

You sighed slightly in relief as you heard Joe’s voice, his strong arms around you.

“Just forget it happened.” You told him, turning onto your other side as you looked up at him, the moonlight shining through your window.

“Caspar called me, told me I was being a dickhead.” Joe chuckled, his eyes still shining with tears, making his eyes look like glass.

“I’m not saying anything.” You chuckled, gently wiping his eyes with your thumbs as you nuzzled into his chest.

“Y/N?” Joe mumbled, his voice sounding tired.

You looked up at him, waiting for his next sentence.

“I think roses are better for the centre pieces.” He grinned sleepily before falling asleep with your bodies intertwined in each other.

Maybe he was listening after all.

Cold Feet | JIMIN

Originally posted by bwipsul

pairing: jimin x reader

↝ genre: angst & fluff | best friends to lovers

↝ length: 6.8k

↝ summary: snippets of your years with park jimin. you have an awful habit of getting cold feet when it comes to jimin but lucky for you, he’s a trooper. 

“Can I sit here?” The boy in front of you asks gently.

“No,” comes your brutally immediate reply.

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anonymous asked:

Who's religious out of the characters? And for those who are, what religion?

Okay, I’m going to do a thing that I never do, which is copy my own personal notes directly into an answer. I have a whole section on my TBS Evernote that has “character stats” - birthdays, heights, sexualities, full names, etc. - and the below is from that. Religion isn’t a big aspect of The Bright Sessions, and I doubt it will become a major focal point, so I’m just going to share my unedited notes from the religion section: 

Dr. Bright - Religion is an interesting area of study 
Sam - Vaguely Christian
Caleb - Christian
Chloe - Christian but like, old school, closer to witches kind of stuff - actually basically paganism
Damien - What’s the point
Frank - Christian, fairly religious
Mark - Religion is weird but interesting
Adam - Jewish and Christian - double the presents!
Agent Green - Atheist
Annabelle - Oh, who cares.
Sarah - Unitarian 
Charlie Decker - Christian
Rose - Jewish 


“When I was 10, I started writing letters to Mark - even though we spent so much of the day together, there was something soothing about keeping a journal I knew someone else would read. Even as a child, I didn’t relish face-to-face conversations about my own feelings.

It became a shared diary of sorts - one of us would write in it and hide it somewhere in the house for the other to find and add to; a continuous conversation that we knew wouldn’t be overheard. Out of all our quirky childhood traditions, this one is probably my favorite. I’ve kept the habit going since Mark went missing but it isn’t quite the same without his entries.

A good deal of the pages have been lost to time and various wear and tear. But since July, I’ve been going through them again, organizing and digitizing the ones I can. It’s a frivolous project, from which nothing can be gained. But it has been bringing me some measure of comfort.”

- Joan + Mark’s Secret Notebook

Dear Future Husband...(Nam Joo Hyuk)

Type: Fluff Angst

Request: Can you do a Nam joo hyuk scenario which you can see the future in your dreams.I mean you can see your wedding your husband your children and the beautiful memories in your dreams and then in reality when you see your future husband you know who he is but he doesn’t who you are.Happy end please.Thanks a lot.

~Changing it slightly! Hope you don’t mind!~

~Also this one is pretty long because of how I wrote it haha~

Since you were young you could remember dreams like this. You swear as a preteen you saw what you would look like when you were an adult and now you could see you looked just like you did  when you dreamed. Then their was the blurry faced man who was always there as well. His tall slim figure as you two hung off of each other. You always smiled in your sleep according to your friends when you had your dreams like this. You could see your son, your daughter, the adorable baby bump you could hear your mother’s voice cooing out “they look just like their father” which made you want to just stare at them and build a perfect face of your husband. 

That’s when you started writing down in a notebook your thoughts about this guy, your future lover.

Dear feature husband, 

What did you do today? Did you have a sweet dream like me about our life together? Mine was a time when you took us, our children and I to the carnival. I wasn’t sure why you did that though. We have two. A boy and a girl. Our daughter can’t even walk yet and you’re wanting her to ride rides. So cute. Our son is a few years older than her, maybe 6 or something like that and he’s a lean boy just like you!!! With a black mop top on his head. 

 I don’t know the name yet of our babies but I think our son’s name starts with a D and our daughter’s starts with a T. We have such cute babies, you know? Chubby cheeked and and chubby little tummy, you know they will be super gorgeous when they grow up. My mother says they look just like you and since they are so cute. I know you have to be too. 

It seems so lame to write to you, like you would see these. I would die if you did. It’s embarrassing to think these things about you. But it helps me relive my dreams of you and I together as the days go on and the dreams become clearer. I’m only 12 there’s no rush right? I won’t meet you tomorrow, Will I?


Y/N  Age: 12


Dear future husband,

This boy in my class asked me out today, I almost told him I was taken by you haha. Just not yet right? I don’t have much to say today, I didn’t dream of you last night sadly. But I think I started dreaming of us before the happy memories I had a 12 year old. :(


Y/N  Age: 14


Dear future husband,

I’m actually really disappointed in you. Today you left me. I told you I was pregnant and you left telling me you weren’t ready to be a dad :( why though? Don’t you love me? Didn’t you want to start your life with me someday? You left me. Do you get it? My sweet little boy. I finally know his name, it’s Daeyeon. I only know it because you made me sob so hard that I was crying to my baby boy. 

How did you make me forgive you? How could I trust you would stay the rest of my life?


Y/N Age: 15


Dear (maybe) future husband, 

I haven’t dreamed of you in a year, that’s why I haven’t been writing much to you. Up until this one I’ve been writing to Daeyeon. To show him his mommy loves him. Even though he’ll never see it…hehe. 

Daeyeon looks like he’s almost a toddler now. Knowing you still aren’t back hurts still but I’m writing this because I met someone else in my dream tonight…he’s really really handsome but I know he’s not the one I end up with because his face isn’t blurred but he’s so kind to me and Daeyeon. I seemed so happy today with him then I saw you. Well you know everything but your face. You had your arms around some other girl and you looked so happy with her. We said our hellos and you told me something that broke my heart so much. You were engaged! I just smiled the whole time, I didn’t want you to see my pain. 

Now I’m really questioning if I really ever forgive you…

The broken hearted ex,

Y/N Age: 16


Dear Man, 

I’m calling you man now. You have become a horrible thing to me. You had the guts to invite me to your wedding. You even hand delivered it to me. I was really proud of myself though I told you to wait and I picked up a pen and marked ‘Not Attending’ and I can’t believe the only time I saw your lips was when I made you frown, when I shoved the invitation into your chest and told you to never come near me again. That I hated you so much. You looked like you were trying so hard to tell me something but I just slammed the door in your face.

My life seems like a Kdrama with you. Are you really worth all this?

Not so happy, 

Y/N Age: 16


Dear future husband, 

I guess I can call you that again. In my dream today it was raining so hard, it made me happy though because I knew it was your wedding day with her. But a cute moment between Daeyeon and I happened when we played in the rain, he was wearing such cute rain boots and jacket. We played until I was soaked because I wasn’t dressed like him just simple clothing. 

We went back inside after that and took a bath together (it was still cute because he’s so young) until the doorbell rang. I answered it in a robe after I wrapped Daeyeon up(can’t leave a child in a tub unattended, he could hurt himself). You were there. Soaked head to toe. Shivering heavily. You told me you couldn’t go through with it. Inviting me was a way to see me, to see Daeyeon again. That you couldn’t stop thinking about me. You told me you didn’t leave when you were saying your vows though, you left when you were at the entry of the reception in front of everyone. 

I know I would forgive you there but I knew it was the start.

Slightly happier. 

Y/N Age: 17


Dear Husband,

Yay! I’m calling you this because we finally married!! I’m dreaming of you less which worried and excites me. Maybe we meet soon! Who knows. I’m kind of glad though, I don’t want to know my whole life with you, I want some mystery. Last night I felt your lips on mine when I woke up, it tingled so much! So much love was there but back to the actual dream!! 

You looked so handsome in your suit. I felt like a princess when all eyes were on me when I was walking down the isle. Daeyeon was our ring bearer. He isn’t sure yet what to think of you but I think he knows you his daddy, that makes me happy. I learned your name started with a ‘J’ as well. I know now that when I meet you, I might not be able to know for sure you’re my ‘J’ until I feel the tingles on my lips when I finally kiss you. I’ll be waiting for you now and think this is the best way to end my letters to you.

Forever your love,

Y/N Age: 19


You closed your journal as you glanced around the park smiling. It wasn’t your first journal, in fact it was like your 4 or filth filled with your dreams from yours since you were 12. Your life with ‘J’ was growing closer. At least you prayed it was or spend your youth dreaming of a man you would never have or meet. You rested your face on your hands as you took in everything completely and you were glad you did because a frisbee with throwing star-like accuracy hit the spot of where your head used to be positioned. “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” a voice calls as you were offered his hand as you stood up locking eyes with him. 

A sweet smile crossed his lips as he looked at you “my name is Joohyuk” he said as you couldn’t contain yourself and pulled him in for a kiss. He didn’t pull back either as he simply melted into the kiss, the world seemed to disappear around you two until you sadly had to pull back for air. Lips tingling the whole time you rested your forehead against his. “I’ve waited so long for you” you whispered “what?” Joohyuk panted as you smiled pulling him in for another long kiss with a lack of protest again as you pulled him down into the grass where the kiss continued until someone kicked him. 

“Dude you ditched us like 10 minutes ago to suck on this chick’s face” the male told him as Joohyuk looked at you before reaching behind you tossing the frisbee out. “Sorry I’m gonna stay here with…” “Y/N” “Y/N okay? Okay, see you later” he said waving him off his friend who rolled his eyes and left as you were pulled in for another kiss by him. It was much short but you ended up straddling his lap “this feels really right for some reason” he whispered as you chuckled. “You don’t even know” you tell him before you kissed him again. His hands rested on your back as he tugged you closer to him. 


Joohyuk looked through many boxes in your closet looking for the box you had marked as baby clothing just in case. In this case it was for your third child. Swear words left his mouth as one of the boxes tipped from beside the baby clothing sending the box to the ground. Sighing he caught sight of the bright notebooks, he couldn’t make out what they said so his curiosity was even more peaked than ever. 

He walked the box over to your bed with the journals on top before he grabbed the top one. He noticed the messy writing on it but could still tell it was yours. The first one had hearts around the title ‘Dear Future Husband’ he smiled largely before grabbing the next one the hearts went to ‘:/’ beside the same title of ‘Dear Future Husband Daeyeon’ he grabbed the next frowning as he saw the sad face clear on it and grabbed the next where he saw it was happy again.

He glanced at the open door before grabbing the first journal again and opening it to the first page. ‘Dear future husband’ he smiled as he could hear your cute little 12 year old voice ring through his head before he continued reading.


You carried your 2 year old daughter Taehee to her room. Her legs were swinging different ways as her limp passed out body was against you. You opened her door and tucked her into bed before you heading to check on Daeyeon the ever so cute 7 year old who was passed out on his bed as you turned off his light, tv, and saved his game before shutting down his gaming device. Your hands pressed to your belly as you waddled slightly entering your room. 

You caught Joohyuk wiping his eyes as he sniffled “baby what’s wrong? You’ve been in here for hours. Did you not find Daeyeon’s old clothing?-” “I’m so sorry” he spoke as you looked at him in concern. Your eyes drifted to the journal in his hands before he sniffled again. “You weren’t supposed to know about these” you mumble as you sat down on the bed. “This all came to you in dreams? Your future husband, our life played out almost exactly like this” he starts as his voice wavered and eyes welled again. 

“You knew all the horrible things I was going to do to you somehow” he said as tears slid down his cheeks. You fanned your face feeling the warmth take over and the fear you were going to cry take over. “Why?” he asked as you gave a shaky smile cupping his cheek rubbing some of the tears away. “Sweetie, I knew that in the end we would have a great love” you whispered as he took your hand. “I wish I never hurt you. I wish I stayed with you told me about Daeyeon. I missed so much about him” he rambled as you shushed him “I don’t wish anything different. because I have my dear husband” you say pulling him in for a kiss. “I love you so much” he whispered as pressed his forehead to yours. “I love you too Joohyuk” you told him.