bright night sky

where to find jonghyun

-in the songs of morning birds that at first seem annoying, but if you care to listen, those are the purest songs on earth
-the distinct rays of light that shine down from breaks in the clouds, almost like an angel is putting the spotlight on something
-the moment when the clouds part just enough on a cold night to see the moon
-when the first golden rays of sunlight melt through your window and you cant help but feel the warmth it brings
-the urge you have to sing along to your favorite music
-a bright star in the night sky that keeps catching your eye even when you look at other stars
-the part inside you that tells you to keep going even when the odds are against you
-he is within all those who loved him, as a newly found source of strength to do better, be better, and to carry forward the kindness and love that he gave