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“Peter! You do not know how to do makeup! I know you.”

He shook his head, “I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve.”

You burst out in laughter, “Let’s be real here.”

“No, seriously. I’m an expert.”

“Fine,” you stated, handing over your makeup bag, “Do your worst.” 

Peter grinned, flipping the bag over and letting the contents spill all over the counter. 

He picked up your foundation bottle. “I think, I’ll start with this. I do know what this is.” 

He then proceeded to put a glob of it onto his fingers and spread it all over your face. 

You squirmed, unable to keep still as Peter rubbed attempted to blend it in with his fingers. He continued until he was satisfied and then reached for your blush palette. 

“There’s a brush for this right?” 

“Somewhere in there.” 

“Ah hah, here we go.” You could already tell he’d gotten way too much powder on the brush. Once he’d had his fun, he began messily drawing a line across your eyelid and then attempting to make a wing. 

“I think its pretty good,” he commented. “Where’s the little curler thing?”

“Oh hell no, you aren’t going anywhere near me with that!”

He nodded, deciding on a bright red lipstick instead. Bless his heart, he really did try. He was applying it very slowly, making sure not to get it all over the place. Once he was done, he stepped back and gave you a once over. 

“It’s a solid 5 Y/N, I think I did pretty good.” 

You turned to the mirror, not at all surprised with what you saw. Uneven foundation, overdrawn liner, and bright pink cheeks. You gave him a look, before playfully punching his shoulder.  “Expert, my ass.” 

my pal gave me a big bottle of Marc Jacobs Honey because it didn’t work well with her skin chemistry and I love it so much. I wasn’t even looking for a summer scent (I’ve been using either Tokyo Milk’s Gin&Rosewater or this one honey blend from Solstice Scents) and I got the perfect one. Nice!

Okay girlss today i wanna talk about makeup and in particular about my products by Wycon. 💋
✔️WYCON COSMETICS is an italian brand born in the 2009✔️

Soo moving on, these are my favorite products✨:


1 LIP LINER n. 29

3 LIPSTAIN MATTE n. 31/ n. 04/ n. 15

4 LIPSTICK MATTE n. 02/ n.03/ n.04/ n.05

Mhh so do you like these products or nah?✨