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Makeup Mondays:

Anja Konstantinova in graphic neon avant garde makeup photographed by Elliot & Erick for Schön magazine.

From ‘Sapphire Blue to ‘Polished Purple’, rim your eyes with the bold pop of color you want using Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.

Softly diffused winged eyeliner!

I love to sport a diffused winged liner with top & bottom lashes, and minimal face makeup for a subtle glam look. 
Many of our female celebs are photographed on the red carpet wearing what appears to be minimal makeup, yet they still look manage to look glam - how? Well it’s all about the eyes!
If you take a closer look, they usually have on a nude / subtle shimmery eyeshadow with winged eyeliner & lashes, and minimal face makeup.
Such celebrities include Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone and iconic model, Kate Moss

The above image is a close-up of my eye makeup from a recent tutorial I created - ‘Diffused Winged Liner with Bright Lips’ 
You can either wear this eye makeup with a nude lip for that celeb inspired subtle glam look, or swipe on a bright Coral colour to bring some Summer fun to your face. 

If you would like to see how to recreate this beautiful eyeliner, then go checkout my ’Diffused Winged Eyeliner’ tutorial on my channel.  

I’m wearing Velour Lashes in ’Doll Me Up’ for my top set. And ’Keep It On Low’ for my bottom set. You can use discount code ‘SHONAGHVELOUR’ for 15% off at the Velour checkout (excluding Cluster-holics, Custom lashes, Red boxes and Lash sticks)

Seventeen Reaction- Hip Hop unit +Joshua

“Seventeen hip-hop unit + Joshua react to seeing you in stage makeup when you normally don’t wear that much makeup” 

Seungcheol: He’d see you walking over with your makeup all done with your stage outfit and he’d blush a little hiding his face “You are so beautiful y/n” 

Wonwoo: He would like you either way but when he sees you with dark eye liner or bright lipstick he wouldnt be able to control himself, stumbling over words “I’m sorry you just looks so good” 

Mingyu: His eyes would widen upon seeing you all done up. He’d probably tease you a little “i love your make up baby but you should just let me do your hair…” in reality you just look so good he doesn’t know what to say 

Vernon: Vernon would be the type to not like so much makeup on his girlfriend he would like it more natural “Baby you look beautiful but Why are they covering up your natural beauty” 

Joshua: He would look down at you and smirk, running his hands down your sides “mmm you look good”  he’d love seeing you like this. 



Well, here in the UK it is… So it means that festivals, carnivals and concerts are fast approaching. 
I decided I wanted to create a look that is fun and bright, but something that wouldn’t crease or smudge in the warm weather. 
I hope you love it as much as I do! 

Enjoy x

I filmed this summery makeup look today for my channel - diffused winged liner, teamed with some vibrant lips!

I received some beautiful eyelashes from Velour Lashes, so I wanted to create something around those. And I also wanted to include a bright lipstick from Colour Pop Cosmetics, as I’ve had them for ages but not had much time to use them.

This tutorial will be up on my channel tomorrow!
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