bright lights and havoc

J is for Jet Lag (10/26)

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: Fic 10 of 26 in the CMO’s Log – A to Z series.  Click here for a listing of all the fics in this series!  J is for Jet Lag.
Word Count:
Warnings: Moderate injury (somewhat graphic).
Rating: Teen+.
Author’s Note: I know this isn’t technically “jet” lag because it’s not induced by travel, but it’s the same principle so I’m going with it! As for the chemistry in this, I’ve never injured myself with an acid (save for a minor nitric acid burn once), but I’ve experienced nitrile degradation and it’s pretty gross.

J is for Jet Lag

You’ve been on the alpha shift for as long as you’ve been on the Enterprise, and so, when you get the message that staffing changes are coming in the wake of the Enterprise’s destruction and rebuilding after the whole situation with Krall, you’re a little bit nervous about the pending changes.

Now, on the third beta shift of your rotation, the change is really catching up with you.  You haven’t quite managed to turn your sleep-wake cycle around yet, and the ship’s perpetually active bright, white lights are wreaking havoc on your body.  Your eyes are stinging from the illumination and a headache is pounding in your temples, but you push through the physical discomfort, bypassing it in favor of the emotional turmoil haunting your thoughts.

You’ve never been good at being a civil person when you’re exhausted, and now is no exception.  You’ve sealed yourself off in your lab and you’re working on recrystallizing some newly discovered acids you had isolated from samples the crew of the last away mission had returned.  Thankfully it’s a lonely job and so you have plenty of time to lament your situation and doze off here and there.

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