bright lighs

Hey if youre autistic and want to share tell me
(Mine are in parenthesis)
1. Your fave color (pink!)
2. Song/piece of media you watch over and over (mythbusters, ocean documentaries, dinosaur docs)
3. Animal that you have a fascination with (reptiles!)
4. Bright lighs autistic or darkness autistic (dark)

I just can’t grieve today.
Of course I would give the world for him to be here with us again, but he taught me so much and made me the person I am today. I owe him everything.
I just am so happy to have known such a bright ligh, such a beautiful soul and today I haven’t been wasting my time crying, I’ve been cherishing him and smiling. ‘Cause you’re still here, with me, in my heart, my mind and in my soul.
Not just today, but every day.

Thank you, Cory.
I’ve been loving you for 8 years now and I won’t ever stop.