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  • Uber driver: Hey, it’s you Uber here, where are you?
  • Aizawa: I see you.
  • Uber driver: Are you the person laying down in the middle of the road?
  • Aizawa: Yeah. Floor it.
Don't worry, I've already rolled another character

Here’s the situation : In this game, our Paladin was basically given a character to play. The player isn’t much for pre-made characters and has a tendency to make more flashy and roleplay-centric characters and the Paladin (which he said ‘Sure I’ll take it’) has the personality of paste. Former soldier, not very bright, likes to hit things really hard, but otherwise is a very bland character due to the way he was designed. The player has been trying desperately to get him killed but keeps rolling extremely well in fights and damage, and the DM knows it. Now, at level 8, he’s staring up at an Adult Red Dragon who is demanding tribute.

DM : (as dragon) You enter my domain, expect passage, and yet you bring nothing of value to lay at my feet as tribute? Your insolence will cost you your lives!

Paladin : I have something. I’ve brought it far from the seas of Peralon, where we sailed in search of riches. Riches we found. Food, wine, gold, items of magical nature. Valuables even I have never seen before, and I’ve marched on many lands and fought on the soils of many kingdoms.

Dragon : And what is this tribute? This rarity you speak of? Is it gold? Is it weaponry? Magic stones? Show me.

Paladin : It’s far more rare than any of those. You can find gold and weaponry and magical stones in abundance. But to find one of these…. It is a purely one of a kind thing. (OOC) And I drop trow, squat, and leave a dump on the ground.

The resulting fight saw the Paladin crit the dragon 5 times, with good damage rolls and lots of divine smites. The dm couldn’t seem to roll well for the dragon and missed a lot of attacks, but eventually hit him with the fire breath and barbecued him. One other party member had joined him but the rest held back out of fear. To be fair this beast was way out of our league. Both characters died. The other players offered the paladin’s armor and sword and boots as tribute. The dragon accepted and let them through. The DM then informed us that the dragon only had 27 hit points left.

His new character is a charlatan Illusionist wizard who runs cons and has managed to get the city watch on our asses in three cities. But it’s been amazing to see him work in the RP. Dude should have been an actor.


Wednesday and Amelia are officially owners of their very own townhouse! 💛🌱


I’ve made my peace. Still… knowing this is it, and seeing you here, now, it’s… more than I can take.

…What can I say? You guys… are the best.

Valentine’s Day

“can you do an imagine of your bestfriend and your crushs friend are going out so one day your crush and friends boyfriend go pick you guys up from the movies and then you guys go to your crushes house and you guys hangout and it’s awkward at first between you guys but then you guys end up admitting each others feelings after walking around outside alone while your friend and her boyfriend are inside”

I know it’s been YEARS but I finally finished another imagine! Where I live Valentine’s Day is almost over; I probably missed the deadline completely for a lot of you. In any case, I hope you enjoy it, and happy (belated?) Valentine’s Day! ;)

Word count: 2.5k

The bright afternoon sunlight hits your face, nearly blinding you as you and your best friend exit the dimly lit movie theater. “Ahh, my eyes,” you shriek, shielding your face with your hands.

(F/n) grunts in agreement. “I feel like a vampire exiting my coffin for the first time.”

“Strange analogy. Even stranger that it makes sense.”

(F/n) pulls out her phone, looks at the screen, and puts it back in her pocket.

“Is he on his way?” you ask, referring to her boyfriend, who agreed to pick the two of you up.

“Yeah. (C/n) is coming too,” says (f/n), looking sideways at you. You can’t hide anything from your best friend, and though you haven’t said anything outright, she can tell you’re interested in (c/n).

“Okay,” you reply nonchalantly.

(F/n) laughs. “Oh, come on, I know you like him. When are you going to do something about it?”

You sigh, dropping the act. “I don’t know. We’re not that close yet…and anyway, I don’t like him that much!”

“Puh-lease! You’re obsessed with him. It’s plain as day.” (F/n) elbows you teasingly. “And apparently the four of us will be going to his house today, so this is your chance to get close!” She winks.

You try to control the bubbling excitement. You’ve been to your crush’s house maybe once or twice before, what with him being close friends with (f/n)’s boyfriend. But, due to your crippling awkwardness, you can barely hold a conversation with him. Maybe today will be different. After all, the romantic movie you and (f/n) just watched has inspired you a little.

A car pulls up in front of the theater and honks obnoxiously. “Shut up, we’re coming,” (f/n) hollers through the open window at her boyfriend, (c/f/n). She opens the door and climbs into the shotgun seat, leaving the back seat to you…and presumably (c/n). You wipe your palms on your pants and open the door.

And there he is, grinning at you as you climb in and sit down next to him. “Hey, (y/n),” he says, and that simple greeting is suddenly the sexiest, smoothest thing you’ve ever heard. You sigh involuntarily, then quickly remember yourself and try to act cool. “Oh, hey, (c/n),” you reply, buckling your seat belt.

“So. Your house, (c/n)?” asks (c/f/n) as he pulls out of the parking lot.

“Yeah, my parents aren’t home so we can get turnt,” (c/n) jokes. “As in, like, bust out the root beer.”

You laugh, a little too loudly, considering it wasn’t that funny. (F/n) is right, you’re really not subtle about your crush. But thankfully, (c/n) seems oblivious.

“You can stay pretty late, too, if you want,” he continues.

Turning away to face the window, you smile a little to yourself. Spending the whole evening with (c/n) sounds like a pretty good time to you. You just hope you won’t screw anything up with your awkwardness.

(C/f/n) pulls into (c/n)’s driveway and you all hop out. When you’re all inside the house, (c/n) grabs a few root beers from the fridge. You take one from him and your fingers touch for a second.

You crack open the soda, enjoying the satisfying fizz. “Cheers,” says (c/n), holding out his can. You and your friends laugh and bump cans and then collapse onto the living room couches together. (F/n) and (c/f/n) immediately cuddle up next to each other on the loveseat. Meanwhile, you and (c/n) sit on armchairs opposite each other, occasionally making awkward eye contact.

“Hey, baby, I have something for you,” says (c/f/n) suddenly, reaching into his back pocket. As you and (c/n) look on with interest, he pulls out a small jewelry box and hands it to (f/n). She gasps before even opening it. “No way! You didn’t have to!!” she shrieks. Then she opens the box gently to reveal a beautiful chain necklace, and shrieks even more. You laugh quietly, enjoying her happiness, as she pounces on her boyfriend and hugs him tightly.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” (c/f/n) says with an affectionate grin. Your good mood evaporates as you remember what day it is. Your least favorite holiday, this is the one day a year when you are constantly forced to acknowledge that you are single, and probably will be for the rest of your life. Seeing happy couples together only worsens the constant suffering of this wretched holiday. Unfortunately, the couple in front of you is no different. As cute as they are, you suddenly feel like an incredibly awkward spectator to their romantic moment. Sneaking a quick glance at (c/n), you can tell he feels the same.

As your friend and her boyfriend start making out, (c/n) meets your eyes and attempts an awkward smile. His face is a little pink, and you’re sure yours is even redder. What an uncomfortable atmosphere to be sitting in with your crush.

Finally (c/n) clears his throat. Your friends continue unperturbed. (C/n) sighs, rolls his eyes playfully at you, and picks up the TV remote, turning it on. The weather report comes on at full volume, startling your friends out of their makeout session. “Oh, sorry,” (f/n) says breathily, giggling when she sees your exasperated faces. She makes eye contact with you, and you raise an eyebrow, jerking your head in (c/n)’s direction as if to say, Thanks a lot for making this awkward!

(F/n) just winks back before grabbing the remote from (c/n). “For fuck’s sake, put on something other than the weather!” She flips through the channels and stops abruptly when a rerun of High School Musical appears. “Hell yes. This is my favorite movie ever.”

You chuckle and settle back in your armchair, taking a sip of your root beer and trying to relax. Though the movie is moderately entertaining, your mind is occupied by (c/n)’s presence just a few feet away. You try to force your eyes to stay on the screen, but despite your best efforts, they continually wander over to (c/n) in his armchair watching him as he watches the movie. The light from the TV screen gives his face an ethereal glow. He is so pretty, you can’t help but think. So. Pretty. At one point he senses you staring and turns to look at you, tilting his head to the side inquisitively. You quickly look away, cheeks burning.

“KISS! KISS! COME ON! DO IT!” (F/n) barks out from her perch on (c/f/n)’s lap, and your head snaps in her direction. Thankfully, she seems to be yelling at the TV. Troy and Gabriella are leaning in, gazing romantically into each other’s eyes as they get closer and closer. But for like the third or fourth time, they’re interrupted before they get the chance to kiss. Damn, the sexual frustration must really be getting to them by now. “NOOO!” moans (f/n) dramatically, falling back into (c/f/n)’s arms.

“Drama queen,” he teases. “Don’t act like you haven’t seen this a thousand times.”

“Every time, I believe in them, and every time, I am let down,” (f/n) sighs. “Come on, let’s show them how it’s done.” She straddles his lap and plunges them both into what looks like another long makeout session.

You sigh and scratch your neck, as if the discomfort is an itch you can rub out. But the uneasy feeling persists. You avoid meeting (c/n)’s eyes, knowing your face is probably bright pink again. At last, unable to stand the awkwardness, you stand up. “Okay, I think I should leave you two alone,” you announce casually. There’s little response. It’s unlikely that either of them can hear anything you’re saying. “I’m just gonna go outside for a bit. Have fun, use protection, don’t forget to breathe!”

As you start to leave, (c/n) jumps up too. “I’ll come with!” he says quickly. “No way am I third wheeling for the rest of the movie.”

He follows you out the door, and for a moment you stand together on the porch, unsure of what to do. “Shall we go for a stroll?” (c/n) proposes overdramatically.

“Oh, yes, let’s,” you reply in a silly high-pitched voice. You immediately feel stupid, kicking yourself internally. But (c/n) laughs anyway and starts walking, so you follow him on a slow path around the house.

“Good thinking, getting out of there while you could,” he says, nudging your arm with his elbow. You try to calm the nerves that are firing up inside you, making you jittery. “Thanks, it was my defense mechanism against aggressive PDA. I’ve picked it up after years of Valentine’s Days.”

“Not your favorite holiday?” (C/n)’s mouth curves upwards, looking sideways at you in amusement.

You make a face. “God no. I hate Valentine’s Day. I’m convinced it was created purely to make single people like me feel bad about themselves.” You stop yourself before you can launch into your familiar rant.

“Well, I like the part where you get to eat ice cream and cry alone,” (c/n) jokes.

“While listening to sad music,” you add. “There’s no way you do that though!”

“What? Surprised? I have a sensitive side too!” he chuckles. You fake a shocked look, while secretly dying inside. Who’d have thought you’d be strolling alone with your crush, talking about romance? And to top it off, the sun is starting to set.

You reach the front of the house again. From here, you can see the sun sinking over the horizon. Without speaking, you stop walking and stand together in the front yard, watching the sky slowly getting set on fire.

As beautiful as it is, you’re again distracted by the presence of your crush, this time right next to you. You glance sideways at him, thinking, This view is so much better though! Then you realize he’s looking sideways at you too, a small smirk on his lips. You quickly look back at the sky. Why is this becoming a pattern? Control yourself! You curse inwardly.

The sky grows darker and you start to shiver. You have a sweater on, but considering it’s the middle of February, the fabric is quickly becoming too thin to keep you warm. (C/n) notices and furrows his eyebrows. “Are you cold?”

“No,” you lie through your chattering teeth.

(C/n) smiles and, in one easy movement, pulls his sweatshirt off. “Put this on.” He holds it out to you.

“Keep it, I’m fine,” you insist.

He shrugs nonchalantly. “I don’t need it, I’m too hot anyway.”

“Yeah you are,” you shoot back flirtatiously before you can stop yourself. (C/n) looks at you in faint surprise and chuckles. You blush and quickly grab the sweatshirt, putting it on. You breathe in the heavenly smell, trying not to be obvious. Oh man, you’re wearing his hoodie. Could it get any better than this?

Apparently it could, because just then (c/n) reaches around you and rubs your arm with his hand to warm it up. “Better?” he asks, grinning.

“Uh huh,” you reply breathlessly. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” You wait for him to move away, shove his hands back into his pockets, or even turn around to go back inside. But he doesn’t. His arm remains circled around your waist, holding you against him. You breathe out slowly, trying to stay calm even though you’re certain you must be dreaming. Real life does not go like this. And more importantly, good things just don’t happen to you on Valentine’s Day.

Your mind flashes back to (f/n) and her boyfriend. The sky is dark and starry now, indicating that some time must have passed. You wonder why no one has come to look for you or called you back inside, but you figure (f/n) must have something to do with it. Thank goodness your friend knows when you need to be left alone.

To break the silence, you say, “Think they’re done making out yet?”

(C/n) laughs lightly. “Probably not,” he responds. A moment passes before he adds, “Besides, this is nice.”

“Yeah,” you agree. “I don’t spend enough time outside. I didn’t even know this many stars were visible from where we live.”

“Amazing what you discover when you’re not huddled in your room on the internet,” he teases.

“Painfully accurate,” you admit. “I leave the house for one day and I get to wear a boy’s sweatshirt. I should try this more often.” After the sentence leaves your mouth you realize how awkward it is, but you can’t take it back now. You wait anxiously for (c/n)’s reaction, but it’s nothing like you’re expecting.

“I get to watch the sunset with a pretty girl, so I think I’m the real winner here.” His arm tightens slightly around you. You turn your face towards him, trying to read his expression. He smiles gently down at you. “(Y/n), I don’t want to be too forward or anything…but I can’t keep this a secret anymore. I really, really like you.”

Your mouth flops open clumsily as your mind races, trying to make sure you didn’t hear him wrong. “Uhh. You mean, like…like-like?”

(C/n) chuckles. “Yes, (y/n), I like-like you. I’ve had a crush on you for, like, ever.” His eyes, shining in the darkness, search yours. “Is there any chance that…I don’t know, maybe…you might feel the same way?”

It would be impossible to fight the grin that splits your face. “Are you kidding? I like you so much, you have no idea!”

“Oh my God” is all (c/n) says before crashing his lips onto yours. Taken completely by surprise, you stand frozen for a moment before melting into the kiss, throwing your arms around his neck. You feel completely delirious, giddy beyond belief at this literal dream-come-true. And it should be noted that (c/n)’s lips are even softer than in your dreams. It’s perfect. You’re in (c/n)’s sweatshirt, kissing under the stars, and it’s absolutely perfect.

Wrapped up in the kiss, you almost miss the muffled shout of “GET IT GIRL!” coming from the house. You pull apart and glance over to see (f/n)’s face pressed against the window, grinning from ear to ear. (C/n) starts to laugh and you join in, leaning your forehead against his.

“So, (y/n)…” (c/n) cups your face in his hands. “Still hate Valentine’s Day?”

You pretend to think it over. “Well, I guess I can make an exception for this one.” You smile up at him and he grins back, pulling your face towards his once more.

Well… since I’m bored and I love Joan Bright, I guess I’m just gonna have to write about the year of sessions she had while dealing with Damien’s fucking bullshit. Because someone needs to build a monument to her patience and self control because GOD KNOWS she could have devised a way to hit him with a car if she really wanted. She probably DID devise a way to hit him with a car then sadly did not do that.

Fic Summary: Joan Bright does NOT hit Damien with a car. Everyone is disappointed. Huge mistake. 

Say Hello

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Washington, DC, USA

“You should contact him.”

McGee looked up from his computer and gave Bishop a sad smile. She had tried so hard to convince him over the past weeks, and she did not seem to be planning on giving up any time soon.

He sighed, “Bishop, we’ve been over this.”

She rolled her eyes at him, “If you would just stop being so stubborn.”

“I’m not,” he huffed.

“Look, if you won’t contact Tony about the wedding, I will,” she said, crossing her arms over her chest.

He shrugged, “Whatever.”


She started typing on her computer, but could still feel McGee’s gaze on her.

“Fine,” he huffed loudly.

She looked up at him, a sparkle in her eyes, challenging him, “Fine.”

Paris, France

The loud ping of his phone woke Tony up and he rolled over with a groan. He reached for his phone blindly and blinked as the bright light hit his eyes. An email notification had popped up on his screen. A small smile formed on his face when he saw who it was from.


The sleepy voice brought an even bigger smile to his face, the email suddenly less interesting than it had been a second ago. He put his phone back onto the nightstand and turned back around.

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i might get your heart racing 3/3

When Blaine Anderson’s plan to lose his virginity to Sebastian Smythe goes awry, he finds comfort in the arms of the last person he expected - Kurt Hummel, known throughout Dalton Academy as “the de-virginator”

Hello everybody and welcome to the conclusion of this little fic!! Thank you all so much for your comments, kudos, likes, and reblogs <3 I love you all so much.

warning: the fall out to the miscommunication experienced between our two boys comes out in this chapter, so there’s a bit of angst. happy ending, though. i promise :)

See you guys next time, and I hope you enjoy :)

Also on AO3

Chapter One  |  Chapter Two

Blaine wakes up on Saturday naked, hard, and cold. He shivers as his eyes flutter open, though he shuts them again almost immediately when a bright ray of sunlight hits them directly.

He forgot to close his blinds last night.

He can hear his phone buzzing on his nightstand, and manages to open one eye to see what’s going on. He sees Nick’s name on the screen and frowns. Picking up his phone, he swipes to answer and pulls it up to his ear.


“Dude, where are you?” Nick says in lieu of greeting. “Did you forget about Warbler practice?”

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MorMor-ning Cuddles Ficlet

A birthday ficlet for:
@imayjustbesherlockholmes!!! Happy birthday dude!!!
Word count: 300

Jim’s eyes fluttered open. The sun was peering in through the window, lightening everything yet nothing but a stream of brightness hitting the bed. Ah, how he liked these lazy days. Who wouldn’t love staying in bed til noon? Let alone, sleeping late while cuddled against your assassin boyfriend? I mean really- who wouldn’t love that?

Sitting up lazily, the mastermind placed soft kisses on his lover’s scarred brow. He watched as wrinkles began to form on the oddly innocent expression of the former colonel. Sebastian cracked an eye slowly, pale eyes meeting dark ones.

“Morning handsome,” came the purr of Jim’s silky Irish accent.

Sebastian grinned, finally rumbling a sleepy “mornin..” back. He dragged his around Jim’s waist, yanking him into his chest once again.
“need more sleep,” the sniper murmured with a yawn.

“More sleep..? Bastian’, it’s the afternoon..” Jim gave a weak yawn. Damn, Sebastian was cheating. How dare he be so comfortable?
“You’re the one who kept me up til 6 in the fuckin’ mornin’…” the sniper grumbled with a smirk.
Jim’s lips twitched up into a dirty grin, “you know you liked it.. All of it.”
The sniper cracked a careful eye, glancing at Jim he snickered, “yeah yeah, I enjoyed it- but I’m sore, too..“  Sebastian swooped down stealing a kiss from his precious boss.

"Hm~ guess you need more stamina,” James teased softly. A quiet rumble was all he got from his dozing tiger. Soon, the room was filled with a quiet snoring, leaving Jim laying in warmth.. Content? Yes, content.

He queried a moment, is this what love felt like? Safe and warm in your partner’s arms? Wishing to stay as a constant for an infinity?

Jim Moriarty fell asleep to that thought, well that and the sound of Sebastian’s rumbling chest.

The hotel room blinds open, the bright sunshine hitting your face. You groan out loud, feeling a hangover begin to creep up on you.

“Rise and shine baby girl,” Gerald says in a cheery mood. Since when has he been a morning person? You figured he was just happy because the rolls were now reversed. To your surprise, G didn’t get drunk last night. You on the other hand went a little heavy on the liquor, definitely regretting it right now.

“Babe get up,” he lays his body on top of yours, squishing you.

“Gerald, it’s only 8 in the morning, and you are already annoying me.” Your voice was monotone, no emotion behind it. You kept your eyes closed, knowing that if you opened them the bright sun rays shining through the hotel window would be the deal breaker for the major headache that you’re about to get.

You feel G’s chest rumble on your back, he was laughing at you. He’s been so used to hangovers, it’s like they were part of his everyday morning routine. It felt odd for him not wake up with a headache.

“We need to be on the road in half an hour babe,” G kisses your temple a few times.

 "5 more minutes.“

"You wanna date a superstar baby girl, you gotta get used to the superstar life, now up,” G kisses you once more, running his thumb over your temple a few times and inhaling your scent. 

You roll around, facing him, finally opening your eyes, meeting G’s. 

“I love you, superstar.” 

G smiles, mumbling an ‘I love you’ before connecting your lips together. Even with a hangover, starting morning with Gerald were always your favorite. 


(A/N): I’m kinda running out of titles and I have limited creativity when it comes to trying to make new ones up 

Request: Can I request a fluffy Nat x reader? Where they are dating and it snowed overnight and the reader gets super excited because they’ve never seen snow before and Nat bundles them up and takes them outside for a snowball fight and making snowmen. After awhile, they go inside and cuddle where it’s warm and fall asleep watching the snow:)

Warnings: none

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x

Originally posted by ilmiosupereroefallito

    What seemed to be an obscenely white light is what pulled you from your sleep, the bright rays hitting your eyes and making it impossible to sleep peacefully. With a groan you rolled over, casually throwing an arm over your eyes to keep the lights out. Unfortunately the little groan woke up none other than Nat herself, who just so happened to be a very light sleeper. 

   “What’s the matter with you?” Is the first thing she asks, her still sleepy face scrunched up in the cutest fashion. 

   “The lights are too bright,” You mutter, burying your face into your pillow in a last ditch effort to block out the light. Nat seems to perk up a bit at this, her eyes opening to squint about the room. 

   “(Y/N) it’s not the lights,” She sighs, a small smile on her face. “It snowed last night,” Now it was your turn to perk up, a wide smile on your face. 

   “It snowed?” You whip around to look out the window only to be met with a snowy canvas of ground and sky. With almost childlike curiosity you jump from the bed, running to the window to stare out at all the snow. From her place on the bed Nat smile, sitting up to rub at her eyes. 

   “It’s nothing special (Y/N)-” 

   “I’ve never seen snow before,” You quietly murmur, placing your hands on the freezing window. At this Nat turns to look at you, a look of pure shock on her face. 

   “You’ve never seen snow before?” She asks, her tone as incredulous as could be. 

   “Well, we didn’t ever get snow where I came from and-” Without another word Nat jumps from the bed, running to the closet to grab some clothes. You turn to look at her with a curious expression on your face as she rummages around in your clothes, only stopping to grab a sweater and coat. 

   “What are you-” 

   “If you’ve never seen snow then you’ve never played in it which is unacceptable,” She grabs some more clothes, laying them out on the bed. You smile at her, walking from the window to the bed, staring at the clothes she’d picked out for you. “Hurry and get dressed and then we can go play in the snow,” You nod, already stripping of the little amount of clothing you had, reaching out to grab the pants she’d laid out for you. She too, strips of her clothing only to quickly get dressed in the best winter clothes the two of you had. 

   It took little time for you either of you to get dressed and within no time you were out in the cold, playing in snow for the first time in your life. You must have looked completely silly for standing there in your yard, staring up at the sky with such wonder but you couldn’t give a damn and apparently neither could Tasha. With a smile she watched as you fondly stared up at the sky, your eyes twinkling as you experienced snow for the first time. 

   “(Y/N),” Nat finally interrupts your little staring session. “I’m gonna show you how to make a snowman, okay?” You nod excitedly, more than ready to learn. 

   Nat showed you how to make the perfect snowman and although you didn’t help much it was much more satisfying to watch Nat create it, the way her eyes shined, her cute little nose red from the cold, the way she’d turn to you and give you a smile whenever she could. You were almost sad when she was done because watching her was all too cute for you and you’d much rather watch it some more than do anything else. 

   “Okay, so snowman done, what else could we do?”

  “Well um-” You smile shyly, picking at a loose string on your sweater. “I always see kids on TV and movies making snow angels?” You look up to her hesitantly only to be met with a huge smile. 

    “Okay so Snow angels then?” You nod your head, smiling too. “Well get down here and make snow angels with me,” You rise from the steps of your home, walking to Nat’s side. With a smile she tugs you into the snow, laughing when you squealed in shock. “Too cold?” She asks, you nod your head, despite the ever growing smile on your face. “Well, we’ll go inside after this, I can make you cocoa if you want,” You nod your head, regretting it when the snow gathers in your hair, only making you that much colder. “Okay, hurry up and make an angel because I’m getting cold too,” Casting you one last smile she begins to leisurely move her  arms and legs, slowly but surely creating a snow angel. You follow her movements, only stopping when she had too.

    “This is the hard part, trying to get up without damaging your work.” With slow and careful movements she pushes herself up and away from the snow angel, smiling when she had succeeded. You mirror her actions, smiling proudly to yourself when you’d gotten up, leaving little damage to the snow angel. You admire your work, stopping when a rather violent shiver overtook your body. 

   “You did good for your first day but I think it’s time we go inside now,” Nat smiles, reaching out with a gloved hand to take yours, guiding you away from the beautiful and still falling snow. “Tomorrow we can come out and play again, this time we can have a snowball fight?” You nod excitedly, unable to contain your wide smile. “But for now, we need to get some clothes on that aren’t soaked,” With that she drags you back in the house, demanding that you strip in the doorway to help prevent the snow getting anywhere else so you hurriedly strip of all your clothes in the doorway, shivering when the chill of the snow finally set in. “Go get grab us some sweats,” Nat murmurs as she attempts to take her jacket off. “Please?” You smile sweetly at her, giving her lips a quick peck before scurrying off, returning a few moments later with sweats and some dry sweaters. 

   “Here,” You hand her the clothes, smiling when she hurriedly puts them on. You follow suit, quickly getting dressed as your body shivers once more. 

   “I’ll go get started on that cocoa,” Nat smiles at you, her nose still red from the freezing air outside. “You better be making use a damn good pillow fort by the time I get back,” You nod, saluting here jokingly. 

   “Yes M’am,” Nat smiles sweetly, leaning in to press a kiss to your own red and freezing nose. 

   “You want peppermint or salted caramel?” 

   “Peppermint,” You answer immediately.

  “Peppermint it is,”  Nat gives you one last kiss and smile before turning on the balls of her feet and meandering into the kitchen, preparing all the materials for the cocoa whereas you begin to rummage around your home, finding all your pillows and blankets for a rather cozy fort. 

   Only moments after finishing the fort Nat returned to the room, two cups of cocoa in her hands. She smiles at the fort, staring at it with a twinkle of happiness in her eyes. 

   “I see you delivered on your part,” She states as she hands you a cup, her eyes wandering about the fort you had made. 

   “Yeah, let’s see if you did too,” You raise the steaming cup of cocoa to your lips. You nearly groan at the taste, it was absolutely perfect, damn Nat and her amazing cooking abilities. 

   “I’m assuming I did okay?” You nod your head, murmuring something against the rim of the cup. 

   “Oh, very okay, more than okay,” You take another sip of the drink, smiling at the taste. 

   “Well rather than listening to this pornographic moans of yours I’m tired again and I think it would be lovely to sleep so if you’d so kindly join me in this fort of yours,” You smile at her as you set your cup of cocoa down only long enough to curl up in the fort you’d made, snuggling against Nat’s side. She hums softly, gently running her fingers through your still freezing hair. 

   “So,” She murmurs as she presses a kiss to your hair. “Good first snowday?” You nod your head, smiling sleepily as the warmth of your home begins to settle into your bones, making you feel pleasantly tired. 

   “Best first snow day,” You whisper, snuggling back against Nat more. “It was lovely, thank you Nat,” Nat merely smiles as she kisses the top of your head again, sighing softly as she does. 

   “Anything for you моя любовь,” Nat murmurs, her eyes slipping closed as she does. You too allow yourself to slip into a soft but rather satisfying nap, the sound of Nat’s heartbeat in your ear the only thing you could truly focus on. Unbeknownst to either of you the snow begins to fall heavier outside, hitting the window with a soft pitter of multiple flakes but the two of you were safe from the storm, wrapped up in each other’s arms in the safety of your own home. 

Okay this one is so awful and I am so so so sorry to anyone who read this or the person who requested this. I know I didn’t do the super cute request justice and I’m so sorry for that :(

It’s Over, Isn’t It?

Pairing: Jungkook/Reader

Genre: Angst, with a bit of fluff and implied smut

Description: Even though you and Jungkook are over, both of you can’t seem to leave each other’s life.

The bright sunbeams hit your face as you sink your body deeper into the comfort of the soft silky sheets. Remaining in that position, your eyes flutter open to meet a dazzling sight you find all too familiar. Next to you lie a beautiful boy, delicate as a feather, snuggled in your embrace. His skin shines as he basks in the rays of the sun that highlight his toned chest. With muscles that were probably sculpted by the gods themselves, Jungkook looked ethereal.
It seems that you have found yourself in the same complex situation yet again. Chills spread through your whole body as memories of the previous night flashes through your mind causing a deep blush to creep upon your cheeks. Lustful moans, savoury kisses, sinful acts, and empty promises filled this room the previous night. And the night before that. And the night before that one. It was like a vicious cycle, an order that you and Jungkook could not defy.
Both of you had promised each other that it will never happen again, yet, here you both are. Your naked bodies are tangled together, like a tied string, with his hands wrapping around your bare torso and your head resting on his chest. No matter how hard you try to resist him, no one can deny how you both fit together like two jigsaw pieces. No matter how right it felt, it was still wrong. Besides, you and Jungkook are supposed to be over.

 Your muffled sobs filled your small apartment as you heart shattered into a million pieces. You tried to understand the situation for it was such an unforeseen circumstance. You harshly wiped the tears away as you tried to reason with Jungkook. “I don’t understand. What are you saying Jungkook? Where is this coming from?”

It broke him to see you cry. With tears flowing down your face and redness surrounding your eyes, it was not a pleasant sight. The guilt dragged him down for he knew he was the cause of your pain but deep down, he understood that it was all for the best. Even if he accepted the position he was in, he couldn’t understand if it was the best for you or for him.

He masked his feelings with an emotionless exterior as he spoke, “What is there to understand? I don’t love you anymore. I don’t think I ever did. We shouldn’t continue to try and hold on to what isn’t there anymore.” His cold voice almost made Jungkook believe in his own cruel lies.

Your body shivered as you furiously shook your head, refusing to trust his bitter words. Your voice trembled as you used all the courage you had left to tell him, “No, I don’t believe you. You said you love me. You said—.”

You were cut off by Jungkook. While you were shaking, your words barely making sense, Jungkook was collected, his voice showed no sign of unstableness. “Loved.” He corrected me, reaching up and placed his smooth palms on my wet cheeks, wiping away the tears that were flowing down my face. “I’m sorry, ______. I think we should break up.” As he finished his statement, Jungkook dropped his arms to his sides and made his way towards your door, wishing he could exit your life without any more damage.

You ran after him, desperately tugging on his arm, grasping it tightly as if you never want him to leave, wishing he could stay with your for eternity. “Please, Jungkook. Don’t do this. You don’t know what you’re doing. You can’t—.”

“Please, _______, just move on already.” Jungkook cut you off again with his final words echoing through the halls of your apartment. You dropped on your knees after hearing the loud slam of your front door, indicating that Jungkook had left your apartment and maybe your life. You repeated his last words over and over, and the words slowly turning into unrecognizable syllables. “It’s over.”
Perhaps those words didn’t make sense at all.

Over. That’s the word. That was the word that was supposed to summarize your relationship with him, the relationship that no longer was. It was supposed to end months ago, but none of you had the courage to fully cut the other person off. Each time one of you appeared in the other person’s life, no one dared end the connection you two had. It was cruel fate, you and Jungkook were bound to find your way back together again. No matter how much you tried to resist him, you were unable to do so, for you and Jungkook believed that you two were meant for each other.

After your break up, the only time Jungkook had the courage to talk to you again was late at night when he was drunk and at your door when you least expected it. The first time it happened, you were angry. The second time, you were hesitant. The third time, you caved into his comfort without much thoughts knowing you needed him, you craved his touch. Before you knew it, Jungkook’s late night visits became so frequent that you lost count of how many times it had happened. These visits had soon become a commonplace in your life, and you could not bring them to a stop no matter how hard it was.

The first time he visited you was exactly a month after your break up. You dreaded the memories, unable to cope with them at that time, you confined yourself in the loneliness of your apartment for you wanted time to yourself tonight. Your wishes became unfulfilled as a heavy knock could be heard throughout your house. You looked at the digital clock next to the television to see that it was already 12:15 am. Crazy ideas flooded your mind as you questioned who could be visiting you this late at night?

You rushed to the door, hesitant to open it at first, but once you did, regret instantly filled your body. Your muscles tensed as you took in the sight before you. There, the almighty Jeon Jungkook stood with sweat dripping down his forehead, his balance being distorted, and a goofy grin spreading across his face as if he was unaware of where he was. His tall figure fell on your body, pulling you into an uncomfortable embrace. Your eyebrows furrowed at the strong stench of alcohol that reeked from his body. Of course, he had come to you when he’s drunk. How typical of him. As he nuzzled his face closer, Jungkook muttered in your hair. “I miss you, _____. I miss you so much.”

You had to use all of your strength to push him off, as he had a larger frame than you. As he stumbled back, rage burned from the pits of your stomach and fury spread through your body as you looked at his confused expression. “What are you doing here Jungkook?”

He tried to approach you once more but you held your hands up, motioning him to stop. Sadness grew in his eyes, and he searched your face for any sign of love you still have left for him. “I miss you, baby. I was so stupid for kicking you out of my life. I need you so bad. I made a mistake leaving you but I thought—.”

Now it was your turn to cut him off and let him have a taste of his own medicine. “Jungkook, I’m going to ask you again. What are you doing here? Because I obviously know you don’t miss me after what you said last time you were here.”

“I thought breaking up with you was the only choice. Please, babe!” Jungkook pleaded desperately, his hands reaching out to hold yours, but you quickly snatched your hand away from his grasp. You scoffed in amusement as you marvelled at the display in front of you, for Jeon Jungkook was begging for your forgiveness.

“Don’t call me that, Jungkook! You don’t get to say that anymore! You and I both know you don’t mean it anymore after last time. I don’t know why you’re here since we’re over. You broke up with me remember?” Your words were seething with the burning hatred you held onto for a full month as you continuously brought up your previous encounter. In one swift motion, he was pushed out of your apartment. You harshly slammed the door in his face as he did to you the previous month and left him in the empty hallway. Through the thin walls, you could hear him weeping, and the sound broke your heart. No matter how much you tried to convince yourself that you did not love him, deep down, you know it’s just a mere lie.

The second time he showed up was a day after the first time. Not wanting to retain memories from the previous night, you bought several bottles of soju and caged yourself in the isolation of your apartment like you did for several lonely nights. Tears streamed down your face, the small droplets created a puddle on the floor, as you pulled your knees closer to your body with the green bottle still in your firm grasp.
A heavy knock can be heard and you had an idea on who it was at your door this late at night. A scowl was plastered across your face you Jungkook appeared in front of you. The potent smell of alcohol reeked from his clothes, indicating that he can only talk to you once he had a bit of liquid courage. Seeing him before you once more only made the familiar urge to run into his arms much more tempting. However, you restrained yourself from doing so. “What are you doing here again, Jungkook?”

In one swift stride, Jungkook stood before you. You could not see the distinct features on his face due to the dim light in the hallway outside of your door, but you could sense he was hurting upon hearing his quiet sniffs and his puffy red eyes. Just the sight of him, pretending to be hurt like you were, made you absolutely sick. You had no clue on why he was crying. He was in no position to do so since he was the one that broke your heart.

Jungkook, avoiding making eye contact with you, gripped on you hand and pulled you into your own apartment, closing the door behind him. He placed both of his palms on both sides of your face. Brushing the loose hair away from your face, he took in the beauty of your face as if it was the only thing he wanted to see for all of eternity. He harshly placed his lips upon yours, but in contrast with the roughness of the kiss, his lips were soft and sweet. You froze, your body unable to comprehend what was happening.

You pulled away, the tears glazing in your eyes as you stared at him through your blurry vision. Your raspy voice sounded quiet yet Jungkook could make out every word you said. “Jungkook, you’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re doing. You broke my heart yet you keep running back to me. I can’t do this. I can’t—.”

Jungkook cuts you off by placing his smooth lips on yours once again. This time, you did not hold back and allowed him to kiss you. None of you dared pull away as you Jungkook eagerly advanced towards your bedroom. Craving each other’s touch with each kiss, his hands roamed your body as he places kisses on where your tears once were and mumbled sweet apologies in your ear. Soon, his clothes were mixed with your clothes as random pieces with scattered around the hardwood floor of your bedroom. His deep grunts blended perfectly with loud moans as desire seeped through the sheets of your bed. You wanted to remain like this forever while both of you reached your high, collapsing on the bouncy mattress bellow you. He pulled your body closer to his with his face nuzzled in your hair. “I love you.” He didn’t think you’d hear his faint whispers, but you did. You smiled as you snuggled deeper into Jungkook’s embrace, falling sleeping in his comfort.

The next morning, all of your dreams were crushed and the familiar feeling of heartbreak replaced memories of last night. You woke up to see Jungkook was not beside you, but instead an empty spot took his place. Confused, you sat up and found a pack of blue sticky notes on your nightstand. 

I’m sorry ______. Last night was a mistake. I have too much to lose. I’m an idol, I can’t be with anyone without feeling guilt for betraying my fans, but I can’t help but feel guilt for betraying you whenever I’m with my fans. I wish I could be selfish and be with you, but I can’t. I have to constantly remind myself that I broke up with you, but I can’t stop running back to you. I keep forgetting the fact that we’re supposed to be over and each time I run back to you, I know it breaks your heart. It hurts me to know that I’m the one causing you pain. I’m sorry______. We’re supposed to be over and I want to keep my promise. From now one, let’s just pretend we don’t know each other.

After a week of self-conflict and debating, you found yourself in front of Bangtan’s dorm. This would be the third time you would see him this late at night, but unlike the other times, this would be the first time you made the first advance. You knew that Hoseok, Yoongi, and Namjoon would be at the studios at this time at night due to them working late. You assumed that Jin, Taehyung, and Jimin would spend time practicing the dance for an upcoming comeback, perfecting every sharp move, making sure it’s good enough for ARMY’s standards. There you stood, in front of the door, debating if you should knock.

You knew the chances of Jungkook being present at the dorm at that time was slim so you left without another word. On your way out, you kept your head low, looking at the ground, not wanting to look up at the hallways of the apartment building. You realized it was a major mistake as you walked into a large figure. Your look up to meet the eyes of your ex-boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook, with a shocked expression carved out on both of your faces. 

“______?” He asked, surprised that he would see you once more. Jungkook secretly wanted to see you again, but not after what all the cruel things he had told you in the small note. “What are you doing here?” He made his way towards the shared apartment, and opened the door, stepping aside to let you into his home. You both took your shoes off, leaving them in the mountain of shoes stacked near the door, and made your way towards the living room where both of you sat down across from each other.

You stood up and stared at his eyes, searching for any remorse, as you inquired the answer you wanted to know for days. “Jungkook, what the hell? What the fuck happened? What the hell was that note? Is that the reason why you’re avoiding me?”

“Wasn’t the note obvious.” Jungkook stood up as well to meet your eyes as he continued. “We shouldn’t do this anymore. The other night was a mistake. I thought both of us would want some closure.” Even though there was genuine tenderness in his voice, you couldn’t help but feel a pierce through your heart.

Slowly, you made your way towards him, taking small steps in case he hesitated. Your raspy voice appeared quiet yet you sounded like you knew what you were talking about. “Closure!” You exclaimed. “You’re unbelievable. I know you don’t mean it Jungkook. The other night wasn’t a mistake and you know it. I know you still love me and no matter how many times I lie to myself, I still love you.”

Before you knew it, you were in front of Jungkook. His deep, brown eyes pulled you into a trance for you could not help but stare at his beautiful features. Your hypnotic state was dispersed when Jungkook’s voice broke the silence with his tempting question. “Do you know how hard it is for me to resist kissing you right now?”

You smirked and your arms slid up Jungkook’s chest and wrapped themselves around his neck. You leaned in closer until you could feel his hot, unsteady breath hitting your top lip. “So what’s stopping you?”

His arms pulled you closer and pressed your body against his as his lips attacked you. In an instant, your back is pressed up against the wall with your legs wrapped around his torso. He placed harsh kisses on your collar bones, trailing the kisses up your neck and your jawline. “How do I get over someone like you, ______?” He growled in my ear. “It’s impossible to get over someone as perfect as you, baby.”

“Jungkook.” You moaned his name, making it hard for him to stop. You loud cries echoed through the halls of the dorm as he made love to you. All the pain you’ve felt for the last week, all the questions, and all the doubts disappeared as his kisses covered your entire body, making sure that nothing remained untouched by him. You were so caught up in the pleasure that you stupidly believed that this time would be different from the last.

Unfortunately, you were wrong. When you woke up the next morning, Jungkook was already up and dressed, waiting for you to awaken from your slumber. With each sentence shattering your heart little by little, your throat felt clogged as you listened to his words. You stayed quiet, staring at the blanket, as he told you that the previous night was a mistake over and over again. Of course, he had his career to worry about. The golden maknae of BTS could not be caught in a dating scandal. Jungkook ended the lecture with the words that repeated in your head like a mantra since the day we broke up. It’s over.

Over. That was what you and Jungkook were supposed to be. Even though he said it was over, somehow it didn’t feel like that at all. With the late night meet ups with Jungkook, it seems that neither one of you could let the other go.

Trying to get out of bed, you unwrap his arms from your waist, slowly scooting farther away from him. Feeling the sudden balance shift in the bed, Jungkook finally wakes up to see you trying to get away. As you pull up your underwear, you were unaware that Jungkook was behind you, ready to pounce on you at any moment. He places a delicate kiss on your shoulder as his arms rest on the soft skin of your hips. “What are you doing out of bed, baby?” 

You chuckle as you pull his arms off of you. “I have to get dressed Jungkook.” You turn around to see a playful pout on the boy’s face as he starts to wrap his arms around your body once more. In one swift motion, your back hit the comfort of your mattress, and Jungkook crawls on top of you with a devilish grin on his face. He collapses on your body and kisses you. With his head resting on your breast and his arms holding onto you, you find comfort in uncertainty.

You know damn well that once both of you leave the privacy of your apartment, you and Jungkook are nothing but mere strangers to each other. Behind closed doors, you were everything he could wish for, but to the world, you two were over.

Shout out to @yoongigay for editing this.



I groaned softly, as the bright lights hit me face harshly, I tried moving my arms but I was not allowed to. My eyes opening quickly as I moved them roughly. Realization hit, I was tied up, I tried to take in my surroundings but I was too scared to even know where I was at.
“She’s up” a voice called out, causing my head to snap to the left, noticing a man, he was pale man with emerald greens eyes, his jaw angular in shape which gave him more of an unique look, he looked as though he was chiseled into perfection. Suddenly, three more figures appear from the shadows, causing my heart to pound roughly, I begin to yank on the restraints that bounding me, tears pooling out of my eyes as I did so.
“There is no use sweetheart but we can speed up this process if you tell us of Klaus’s plans.” A man stated, he seemed to be older, his Raven black falling over his ice blue eyes, he looked as if his demeanor was an asshole, he cared for no ones feelings but his own, I could be judging… Well hell I am, they kidnapped me.. I have a right to judge.
“Please let me go, I know nothing about Nik’s plan” I begged
“But you’re his girlfriend–”
“Yes, but he likes to keep me out of his affairs dealing with the supernatural, for reasons like this” I spoke rather quickly
“Just tell us what you know” the olive color women hissed, I begin to open my mouth but was cut off by Nik.
“Where is she?” His voiced boomed, my eyes widened, not in rejoice but in fear, he was going to kill someone, didn’t they even learn not to touch what is his.
“I have no clue what you mean” the raven hair man smirked, my eyes flickered between the three of them.
“I’m not leaving until she is with me, so does that mean I have to torture–”
“Nik please” I whimpered, knowing that he can hear me. “Just talk to them” I let out a shaken breath as I could feel them stare at me, me eyes caught sight of the man, as confusion was written on his face. Nik slowly walked in the room, along with the raven haired man, he fist clenched tightly, as his jaw was set.
“Let her go” he forced out as calmly as he could “I would rather discuss this with her safe at home”
“I don’t think-” the Raven haired man begun, but was cut by Nik wrapping his hands around his throat as he promptly appear pushing the man against the wall
“I asked nicely for the sake of [Y/N], but if you don’t let her go now, I will have no problem killing each and everyone of you, slowly and painfully” Nik threatened
“That would be unnecessary” the blonde man stated as he untied me from the chair, I stared at him for a moment, he offered an apologetic smile, in which I returned . Promptly, I realized I was at our house, worry filled in Nik’s eyes.
“Did they hurt you?” He questioned as his hands instantly cuffed my cheeks.
“No, they wanted to know about your plan… What were they going on about?” I questioned
“Nothing important princess just some affairs I’d rather not discuss” he pronounced, I slowly wrapped myself around him before hiding my head in the crook of his neck.
“I love you” he whispered
“I love you too”