bright hits

  • Uber driver: Hey, it’s you Uber here, where are you?
  • Aizawa: I see you.
  • Uber driver: Are you the person laying down in the middle of the road?
  • Aizawa: Yeah. Floor it.
Don't worry, I've already rolled another character

Here’s the situation : In this game, our Paladin was basically given a character to play. The player isn’t much for pre-made characters and has a tendency to make more flashy and roleplay-centric characters and the Paladin (which he said ‘Sure I’ll take it’) has the personality of paste. Former soldier, not very bright, likes to hit things really hard, but otherwise is a very bland character due to the way he was designed. The player has been trying desperately to get him killed but keeps rolling extremely well in fights and damage, and the DM knows it. Now, at level 8, he’s staring up at an Adult Red Dragon who is demanding tribute.

DM : (as dragon) You enter my domain, expect passage, and yet you bring nothing of value to lay at my feet as tribute? Your insolence will cost you your lives!

Paladin : I have something. I’ve brought it far from the seas of Peralon, where we sailed in search of riches. Riches we found. Food, wine, gold, items of magical nature. Valuables even I have never seen before, and I’ve marched on many lands and fought on the soils of many kingdoms.

Dragon : And what is this tribute? This rarity you speak of? Is it gold? Is it weaponry? Magic stones? Show me.

Paladin : It’s far more rare than any of those. You can find gold and weaponry and magical stones in abundance. But to find one of these…. It is a purely one of a kind thing. (OOC) And I drop trow, squat, and leave a dump on the ground.

The resulting fight saw the Paladin crit the dragon 5 times, with good damage rolls and lots of divine smites. The dm couldn’t seem to roll well for the dragon and missed a lot of attacks, but eventually hit him with the fire breath and barbecued him. One other party member had joined him but the rest held back out of fear. To be fair this beast was way out of our league. Both characters died. The other players offered the paladin’s armor and sword and boots as tribute. The dragon accepted and let them through. The DM then informed us that the dragon only had 27 hit points left.

His new character is a charlatan Illusionist wizard who runs cons and has managed to get the city watch on our asses in three cities. But it’s been amazing to see him work in the RP. Dude should have been an actor.


Wednesday and Amelia are officially owners of their very own townhouse! 💛🌱

‘These University Guys’ (Maknae smut- Lie 1)

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A/N: Legit just finished it. Will edit later, lol.

Summary: You meet the devilishly handsome Jungkook while having to deal with your turbulent relationship with Taehyung and the charming Jimin.

Pairings: You x Taehyung, You x Jimin, You x Jungkook (lol)

Genre: Angst, Smut, Fluff

Word count: 3583

Trigger warnings: Swear words, smut, age difference relationships (not weird though), hint of a death (barely), sad Jimin

part 2

Jungkook- the obliviously popular University guy. The hot, charming, sweet and shy boy with great hair.

The kind, honest Jungkook.

Well, I guess that was the first lie.

The first of 15.

4 months ago

“Come on, guys. Do you realize how pathetic you sound? You’re literally one of tens, maybe hundreds, of people who are falling all over this guy.” You scoff and stuff another spoon of yogurt into your mouth.

“Oh, please, Y/N!” One of your friends, Kylie, the most logical of them all, pipes up. “Like you wouldn’t drop your panties the second his fingers grazed your shoulder.”

You laugh again and shake your head at the group of girls sitting around the lawn outside the school. Seriously, of all these high school girls, you thought you had befriended the few that weren’t in love with Jungkook.

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The Arrangement: Part 5

Title:  The Arrangement: Part 5

Summary:  He’s a mechanic. She’s a lonely woman with more money than she knows what to do with. Fate brings them together and sparks fly. But only for six weeks. That’s the arrangement.

Need to catch up? The Arrangement Master Post

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count:  2971

Warnings: NSFW, explicit language, sexual content, angst

Author’s Notes:  This is a multi-part series. Shifts between multiple points of view.

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I’ve made my peace. Still… knowing this is it, and seeing you here, now, it’s… more than I can take.

…What can I say? You guys… are the best.



Desc: Kai’s father kidnaps reader, causing Kai to burst into a frantic, bloody, and violent rage as he does everything he can to protect you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

She woke up in the back of his trunk, hands bound with cloth, hair sprawled around her precious face. She blinked her bright eyes open and rolled to her side, the pain that seared through her like hot red fire. She was wearing the same outfit of that as when she’d been knocked out by Joshua parker, a black tee and dark skinnies. She began to kick into the trunk, screaming out, not for herself, but for him.

“KAI!” She screeched in desperation, unable to break the magically sealed binds on her wrists.

It had been early nightfall when Kai’s father had come after her. She’d been able to catch only a moment’s peace with her treasured heretic before a bright blast had hit her in the back, and she’d crumpled onto the floor, the last sound she heard being Kai’s voice crying her name. She knew why Joshua had kidnapped her; it was the only way he could get Kai, and end him once and for all. Now it was dark out, probably around midnight, she presumed from the stars in the pitch black sky.

Suddenly, the car trunk was thrown open, shimmering rays of silver moonlight illuminating her saviors face.

“Kai,” she choked.

His hands were drenched in fresh ruby red blood, big blue eyes lacking their usual glow, lips bent downwards in such a way that the goofball she’d gotten to know seemed almost unrecognizable. His white tee was torn and covered in dirt, long arms stretching into the trunk as he grasped her curled and feeble form in his strong hold.

“Oh god, oh god,” he whispered frantically, more to himself than her. He scooped her bridal style into his arms, eyes flickering across her confused face. His slender fingers came up to brush a stray strand of hair back behind her ears, whispering an incantation under his breath that melted the binds on her wrists.

“I’m okay,” she reassured him as he gingerly set her on her feet and onto the soil.

“This is all my fault,” he breathed, hands cupping at her face, tears coming to his eyes. “Y/N, please, run.”

“I’m not leaving you,” she protested, locking her fingers around his, eyebrows furrowed.

“Now would be a good time to say your goodbye’s,” a voice said from behind her.

Joshua Parker stood with his right hand raised, the left side of his face bruised up from where she assumed Kai had hit him. The look in his eyes was dark and cold, he had no regret for what he was going to do to his own son, nor what he had done in the past. The green grass seemed to droop where he walked, an aura of relentless hatred around his body.

Kai spun away from her at once, eyes locking on his father, his hands raising in front of her like a shield, silver rings glinting under the starlight.

“Don’t you dare touch her,” he growled, his voice dropping low, expression hardening. “Or I swear, I will gladly rip your throat out and tear you apart limb from limb.” Kai’s jaw was set, eyes hooded, and something about the way he spoke and held himself almost scared her, he never acted like this.

His father raised an eyebrow and took a step forward, eyes landing on the girl.

“Ka-” she began.

But in another moment she was thrown forward, her body ragdolling as she went soaring through the air and crumbling onto the ground at Joshua’s feet. A searing pain burst through her arm, and she went rolling onto her side, vision momentarily going black. Joshua parker raised a finger and drew a slit in the air, which began to slice a long red mark across her pale cheeks. Kai leapt forward, her name tumbling off his lips as he dashed into an invisible wall that held him back from her. An orange glow appeared as he began to siphon the magic, but it was so slow that nothing seemed to happen.

“Fool,” his father spat. “I didn’t want to kill you, that would be too kind. So instead you’ll watch as I take the one thing from your life that brought you happiness.”

He drew another slice in the air, now cutting down the flesh of her stomach, and she screamed out in agony as blood spilled across her front and over her trembling hands, tears flooding down her cheeks as Kai screamed out in anguish, his hands clawing at the barrier, knees shaking as he sobbed at the sight of her, looking more broken than ever.

“Please, PAPA!” Kai begged, so scared and fragile, just like the boy who had once been abused and isolated by everyone he loved.

She stretched an arm across the grass, fingertips touching the invisible shield. She was too weak to talk, but her fingers spread across the wall, he knew exactly what she wanted to say.

“Don’t,” he cried, raising his palm against the other side, fingers spreading out against hers, lower lip trembling as his own tears travelled across them.

She gasped out, body convulsing suddenly, the blood draining from her body and onto the grass. She gave a feeble smile to him, unable to utter how much she loved him in any other way.

All at once, where their fingers touched, the invisible barrier began to crack, shattering into a thousand pieces as it disintegrated under their contact. Kai stared in awe as the spell melted into his skin, his eyes closing as the magic flooded into his system like a drug. His fingers traced patterns across her flesh, wounds closing at once, the electricity from his magic sending electrical currents into her healed body. He stood up, eyes fluttering open as he cracked his neck with a faint smirk. His father stared in disbelief, taking a step back when he realized his defense system was down. Joshua gulped down the nervous lump in his throat as Kai approached him slowly, lips splitting into a twisted grin. Kai lifted two of his fingers into the air, and his father began to rise from the ground, panic spreading across his features. Kai released him at just the position where he wouldn’t die, but would instead be filled with intense agony. 

“How does that feel, papa?” he asked, snapping his father’s legs with a flick of his wrist. He twisted his fingers, and blood went exploding from his father’s body and onto Kai’s front, to which Kai chuckled, drunk off the rush.

Joshua screamed out in pain, his voice filling the empty night, begging Kai to let him live.

“Kai, stop,” she gasped, watching in horror as he assumed an identity so unlike his own. She dragged herself off the earth and onto her feet, eyes pleading with his own.

Kai froze, dark glare softening under her gaze, “he tried to hurt you, and anyone who tries to lay so much as a finger on you deserves worse than death,” he snarled.

She grabbed his wrists before he could turn away, defiant as she grasped him tightly. 

“You’re better than him,” she stated.

Kai tried to turn his head away, unable to resist her control, but she forced his jaw back to hers. 

“Hey, hey, look at me,” she commanded.

Kai’s teeth gritted together as he blinked through his long lashes with a shake of his head.

“You’re better,” she whispered softly.

She brought him back down from his craze, and Kai sighed, his shoulders relaxing, full lips parting as he went to speak.

Suddenly, from the corner of her eye, she made out Joshua parker, raising his arm to give one final move before he collapsed for good. He coughed out a spell, and Kai’s ears began to ring, hands flying to his temples as he crumpled to the ground from the noise flooding his body. The girl caught Kai’s body as he sunk to the dirt and cried out, his blue eyes pained as they held to hers, and in the second where she saw him like that, where she was unable to do anything but watch him die, she understood.

“GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM!” she snarled and dashed over to Kai’s father, arm swinging out as she dove towards his crumpled form. Her fist went smashing into his jaw, which cracked under the force, blood exploding across her knuckles. She slammed her fist in one more time for good measure, heart racing as Joshua Parker went still under her blow. She didn’t even care when his eyes met with hers before glazing over, she didn’t care when his heart failed to beat, nor when his body went still.

“Y/N,” Kai’s voice was distant as he pulled himself up to approach her.

She breathed heavily, hair all across her eyes as she stared in disbelief at her bloodied hands. She spun around, eyes locking with Kai’s blue ones. He looked at her with bewilderment, which was fair enough considering he’d never seen her act this way.

“Are you going to make me apologize,” she murmured, voice low. “Because I am sorry, but not for what I did to him. I’m sorry I let you let him live another second.”

Kai was close to her now, eyes flickering across her dark facial expression, wanting to feel scared or sad because of her newfound rage, but with blood on her hands and black in her eyes, he just couldn’t stop himself. His hands grabbed at her cheeks, forcing her face into his as her lips went crashing against his own. Her hands came up against his jaw, and both of them groaned softly against each other’s mouths as their bloody hands left red across their faces.

“I’ve never felt more scared of anything than I have about losing you,” her voice cracked as she pulled back, nose squishing against his. “I love you so so much Malachai Parker,” he face softened, eyes glistening with tears. “I don’t want you to think I’m a bad person, I just-” she stumbled softly.

He pecked at her lips, bringing his bloodied fingers to her cheek and drawing a crimson heart on her flesh.

“Love makes us do crazy things,” he finished.

Don’t Go

I do not own the photo: Image Source

Title: Don’t Go
Character: Ivar the Boneless
Summary: You are injured in battle.

Warning: Blood
Word Count: 1,420

Unlike the Saxon army that quivered before you in fear, you were having a hard time containing your excitement. You could barely keep yourself from charging forward by yourself, your body responding to the tension that thickened the air. The short moment before a battle always felt like eternity. You weren’t the only one feeling this way either. The Vikings that surrounded you twitched and shuffled forward little by little, ready to surge forward with the sound of the horn.

You weren’t entirely sure what was taking so long, Björn’s form stalking in front of the army. But, however handsome he was, that wasn’t the brother that caught your attention. Thick dark hair smoothed back, jaw line clenching and his striking eyes glaring at the enemy, Ivar’s hands clenched the reigns. He was always an impatient one, this you knew personally.

As if feeling your gaze, his eyes snapped to yours. Leaning slightly towards you, he let a feral smile tilt his lips before turning away. While you wouldn’t say he loved you, it was clear that he felt something for you. Nights spent together, his harsh touch dragging against your skin and scorching your very being, there was something there. Last night was no different, his arms wrapped around your form all night.

‘Stay close.’ He had ordered, his lips brushing against your neck before leaving that morning.

Looking now, the amount of bodies surrounding you, it would be hard to heed his order. But the Gods know you will try your hardest, there wasn’t anything you wouldn’t attempt for Ivar. While he may not feel the same, you did love the man. Enough to die for his cause and help him achieve his destiny.

With that thought, you tightened your fingers around the handle of your shield and looked forward once again just in time for the horn to sound.

It was something Odin would be proud of as we all moved forward as one, our voices booming across the field. Time slowed briefly as both sides collided together, the sound almost as loud as Thor’s hammer before everything sped up.

Ducking and swiping, you couldn’t keep the smile off your face as blood splattered with every downward strike of your ax. Your body jolted almost painfully with ever block you managed to make but it was almost a pleasurable ache. Even the slight sting when someone had managed to connect with your swift body was exciting.

It could have been hours or even minutes, the battle seeming to make time go faster. It was clear who the winners of this battle would be as your brothers and sisters outnumbered the others. Turning around, you could see Ivar’s chariot fly by, his once white horse dripping crimson and his body painted in red. Your body suddenly felt hotter as you watched his muscled frame flex with every movement, his movements swift and precise.

A glimmer of something silver had caught your attention from the far side of the field. A Saxon soldier cowardly pointing his weapon from a distance. Following the path his arrow would take; it was clear he had his eyes on killing the Prince- your Prince.

Without even thinking about it, you placed yourself between the archer and Ivar. You had lost your shield a while ago but you stood unafraid. Ivar’s blue eyes lightened with pride, perhaps thinking the battle was truly over as he slowed his chariot to a stop. Your name escaped Ivar’s lips as you turned away from him and released your ax from your hand.

You smiled as your ax stayed true and hit dead center, even as you wheezed in a shaky breath. You had felt the arrow connect with a dull ‘thunk’ that sent shockwaves through your body. Your hand flew to the arrow as you sank to your knees.

Your eyelids felt heavy as you struggled to keep them open. Ivar was suddenly in front of you, his hands shaking as they pushed your hands away and replaced them with his own. You grunted softly as he pressed hard to stop the blood.

“No, no, no, no,” Ivar murmured over and over through his teeth as he dragged himself closer to you.

“You’re safe,” you managed to say, your hand brushing softly against his cheek.

“Stop talking,” He hissed.

You knew he was trying to remain strong but the desperation that lingered beneath his hard stare was clear. You could feel yourself slipping, your body feeling so heavy and every movement beginning to seem impossible to do.

“It’s okay,” you slowly dragged your hand over his. “You can let go, Ivar.”

“Don’t be stupid,” Ivar growled, his eyes starting to glisten. “If I let go- “

His voice cracked, not being able to finish the sentence.

You didn’t want him to be sad, “We’ll meet again in Valhalla.”

“Stop talking!” Ivar roared, his face cracking as he let his emotions show. “Please don’t go. Stay with me.”

His voice was more of a whisper now. He sounded so far away but still, even as you were dying, you wanted to please him.

“I love you, Ivar,” you muttered, you needed him to know.

You could barely feel the pressure of his lips against yours as he roughly kissed you.

“Don’t close your eyes,” Ivar pulled away, deep blue filling your vision.

“I can’t- I can’t- “Your lips just couldn’t form words, your voice sounding jumbled.

“You can’t disobey me,” Ivar growled out, “You must do as I say!”

Try as you might, your eyes slid close against your wishes.

‘I love you. Don’t go.’

Your chest hurt with every shallow breath you took. Slowly, you opened your eyes, squinting as the top of the tent came into focus. You felt stiff but alive. You were alone in the tent but it was clear someone had been there earlier if the blankets on the ground next to you were anything to go by.

Slowly and painfully, you managed to sit up. Your body protested but you refused to remain in the cot. With a grunt, you rose to your feet and walked to the entrance. Flinching slightly as the bright sun hit your eyes, you were surprised when your name was suddenly shouted.

Watching as Helga waved at you, your eyes landed on the figured hunched on the ground beside her. Ivar stared at you, his blue eyes wide as he took you in before a scowl took over his features. As quick as he could, he dragged himself to you.

“What are you doing up?” He snapped, pushing your leg with his hand once he was in reach. “Lay back down you, fool.”

Rolling your eyes, you let him herd you back into the tent and to the cot. “I have rested enough, Ivar.”

“No,” he shook his head, “you are not ready.”

“Ivar,” you sighed, ready to argue.

“No,” He said louder. “You have been shot with an arrow, you could have died. You need to rest. I need you to be okay. I can’t- I can’t do that again.”

It was then that you realized just how tired and worn down Ivar looked. Before, you didn’t think he could love you but now you knew he did.

“Oh Ivar,” you smiled softly, shifting so that you could hold him close to you. “I am sorry you had to go through that.”

“It was foolish,” He pushed away from you, his anger causing his blue eyes to spark. “How dare you take an arrow for me, how dare you almost die!”

“I had- “you started but was cut off.

“No you didn’t have to do anything,” Ivar snarled. “I’d rather die than have you die for me. I love you, woman. Why can’t you see that?”

His confession sent shivers down your spine and straight to your heart. “I love you too, Ivar. But if I could go back, I’d do it all over again.”

“I know you would, you daft woman. A complete fool for wanting to die for me,” He muttered softly, heaving himself onto the cot so that he could sit beside you. “For loving me.”

“If I’m a fool for loving you,” you whispered, wrapping your arms around him, “then so be it.”

“Foolish,” he whispered against your neck, pressing a kiss against your pulse. “Leave me again and I swear to the Gods I will drag you back.”

He trapped your eyes in a fierce gaze before crashing his lips to yours.

when we get there

“I’m glad you’re okay.”

Lena looks up, and oh, Kara’s looking at her with soft eyes, an even softer smile. 

(It’s funny how everything about her is that. Soft. Soft touches and glances, that little intake of breath whenever Lena brushes their hands together. A soft embrace, arms wrapped around her shoulders.

It’s so opposite of what she’d think. Of what she knows Kara can be. So different from the sharp words she shared with her mother, from the grip on her as Kara flew them away from the explosion.

She wonders if she just imagined Kara’s quick words I’ve got you, you’re okay.)

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anonymous asked:

Omg I love your writing !!! Could you please write a soulmate fic where the characters only see the world in black and white until they meet their soulmate. The events of the first episode are the same except it jughead that was new to riverdale not veronica. Archie introduces his friend jughead to the gang and bettys world is changed forever :) please if you could :)))

I love this! Thank you so much!

Running her fingers over the soft cashmere cardigan she was holding, Betty frowned. Suddenly a hand was on her shoulder,

“It’s yellow, it’s really pretty and it matches your hair. Yellow is happy.” Veronica said softly, helping Betty put her arms through the sleeves.

Giving Ronnie a weak smile

“Maybe I should go with something of a different color, I’m not feeling too happy today.”

Veronica frowned as Betty walked towards the table.

She felt for her best friend, she couldn’t imagine having to still live life without color. It was such a sad way to live.

Suddenly the reason for the color in her life was standing in front of her, ducking to meet her eyes.

“What’s got you frowning darling?”

Archie Andrews, love of her life and her soulmate.

“I just wish Betty would find her soulmate ya know? , she deserves to see your bright red hair, and how sparkly green her eyes are. it makes me so upset that she may never be able to see color.”

His hand went to squeeze hers.

“She will Ronnie, give it time, not everyone can be as lucky as us.”

“Hey lovebirds. Lunch is getting cold and I’m surely not sharing my creme brûlée.” Cheryl blossom shouted from her place at the table.

The couple walked over and sat down, Archie resting his hand on Betty’s shoulder, she was his best friend too and it sucked, but she would find her soulmate, she just had to be patient.

Betty picked up an apple in her hands, frowning she reached across to Cheryl, gently tapping her hand her blue eyes turning to hers.

“What’s up B?”

“It’s bad isn’t it? The apple. It’s bad? I can’t tell.”

Cheryl grabbed the apple turning it over, frowning as she saw the brown, rotted piece.

“Imbeciles I swear to god. Here take mine, I didn’t even want it.” Cheryl squeezed her hand smiling gently.

Cheryl had found her soulmate in dilton doiley, the two complete opposites made a beautiful couple and it always made her happy too see them together.

Suddenly Archie was jumping up, holding his phone up with the biggest grin she had ever seen.

“I’ll be right back guys, and I’m bringing a friend.” He practically tripped over himself as he jumped the table.

Betty scanned the courtyard, there were flowers and they smelt beautiful, Veronica had told her they looked even better.

Sometimes Kevin would tell her, her eyes matched the soft grass she was constantly running her fingers through.

Kevin and Joaquin met at the movies and were inseparable since. Now Kevin wore much more intricate sweaters, she knew they had patterns but she wished she could see the colors.

“I’m back and look what the cat dragged in! Jughead jones meet the gang.”

Turning to smile at the new comer, Betty was instantly shoved back by the bright light hitting her eyes.

After steadying herself she opened her eyes.

It was so beautiful she could cry.

Quickly glancing around. She took in everything, the sky, the grass, the dark black almost purple of her best friends hair. When her eyes landed on Archie, she couldn’t help the giggle that came from her mouth. His hair was the oddest color she had ever seen.

Everyone was staring at her confused, and Archie reached up to scratch his neck, looking embarrassed as Betty nearly collapsed in a fit of giggles while staring at him

“What’s so funny?”

She couldn’t manage to even get a word out, she couldn’t stop laughing.

Suddenly a voice beside her broke the spell

“I think she’s laughing at that mop of color on top of your head, you call that hair?”
Jughead joked, his expression dazed as he turned to stare deep into her eyes.

They hardly heard the gasps of their friends behind them.

Jughead reached a hand out to grab a piece of her silky hair.

“It’s the color of the sun.” He said looking up and smiling

She giggled

“I guess it is, you wear a lot of black.”

“I used to, I guess I’ll have to incorporate more colors into my wardrobe.” His fingers went to rest on her waist.“I’ve been waiting for you, I’m sad to say my imagination failed me. What did I do to deserve the most beautiful soulmate in the world?”

She blushed bright pink.

“I like that color too.” His hand stroked her cheek.

Suddenly her eyes caught on to his, and wow if she thought the sky was beautiful, his eyes were from another world.

“Blue, I love blue.” She whispered their faces inches away.

“How convenient, I happen to love green.”

Suddenly his lips were on hers, and she couldn’t help but think.


Valentine’s Day

“can you do an imagine of your bestfriend and your crushs friend are going out so one day your crush and friends boyfriend go pick you guys up from the movies and then you guys go to your crushes house and you guys hangout and it’s awkward at first between you guys but then you guys end up admitting each others feelings after walking around outside alone while your friend and her boyfriend are inside”

I know it’s been YEARS but I finally finished another imagine! Where I live Valentine’s Day is almost over; I probably missed the deadline completely for a lot of you. In any case, I hope you enjoy it, and happy (belated?) Valentine’s Day! ;)

Word count: 2.5k

The bright afternoon sunlight hits your face, nearly blinding you as you and your best friend exit the dimly lit movie theater. “Ahh, my eyes,” you shriek, shielding your face with your hands.

(F/n) grunts in agreement. “I feel like a vampire exiting my coffin for the first time.”

“Strange analogy. Even stranger that it makes sense.”

(F/n) pulls out her phone, looks at the screen, and puts it back in her pocket.

“Is he on his way?” you ask, referring to her boyfriend, who agreed to pick the two of you up.

“Yeah. (C/n) is coming too,” says (f/n), looking sideways at you. You can’t hide anything from your best friend, and though you haven’t said anything outright, she can tell you’re interested in (c/n).

“Okay,” you reply nonchalantly.

(F/n) laughs. “Oh, come on, I know you like him. When are you going to do something about it?”

You sigh, dropping the act. “I don’t know. We’re not that close yet…and anyway, I don’t like him that much!”

“Puh-lease! You’re obsessed with him. It’s plain as day.” (F/n) elbows you teasingly. “And apparently the four of us will be going to his house today, so this is your chance to get close!” She winks.

You try to control the bubbling excitement. You’ve been to your crush’s house maybe once or twice before, what with him being close friends with (f/n)’s boyfriend. But, due to your crippling awkwardness, you can barely hold a conversation with him. Maybe today will be different. After all, the romantic movie you and (f/n) just watched has inspired you a little.

A car pulls up in front of the theater and honks obnoxiously. “Shut up, we’re coming,” (f/n) hollers through the open window at her boyfriend, (c/f/n). She opens the door and climbs into the shotgun seat, leaving the back seat to you…and presumably (c/n). You wipe your palms on your pants and open the door.

And there he is, grinning at you as you climb in and sit down next to him. “Hey, (y/n),” he says, and that simple greeting is suddenly the sexiest, smoothest thing you’ve ever heard. You sigh involuntarily, then quickly remember yourself and try to act cool. “Oh, hey, (c/n),” you reply, buckling your seat belt.

“So. Your house, (c/n)?” asks (c/f/n) as he pulls out of the parking lot.

“Yeah, my parents aren’t home so we can get turnt,” (c/n) jokes. “As in, like, bust out the root beer.”

You laugh, a little too loudly, considering it wasn’t that funny. (F/n) is right, you’re really not subtle about your crush. But thankfully, (c/n) seems oblivious.

“You can stay pretty late, too, if you want,” he continues.

Turning away to face the window, you smile a little to yourself. Spending the whole evening with (c/n) sounds like a pretty good time to you. You just hope you won’t screw anything up with your awkwardness.

(C/f/n) pulls into (c/n)’s driveway and you all hop out. When you’re all inside the house, (c/n) grabs a few root beers from the fridge. You take one from him and your fingers touch for a second.

You crack open the soda, enjoying the satisfying fizz. “Cheers,” says (c/n), holding out his can. You and your friends laugh and bump cans and then collapse onto the living room couches together. (F/n) and (c/f/n) immediately cuddle up next to each other on the loveseat. Meanwhile, you and (c/n) sit on armchairs opposite each other, occasionally making awkward eye contact.

“Hey, baby, I have something for you,” says (c/f/n) suddenly, reaching into his back pocket. As you and (c/n) look on with interest, he pulls out a small jewelry box and hands it to (f/n). She gasps before even opening it. “No way! You didn’t have to!!” she shrieks. Then she opens the box gently to reveal a beautiful chain necklace, and shrieks even more. You laugh quietly, enjoying her happiness, as she pounces on her boyfriend and hugs him tightly.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” (c/f/n) says with an affectionate grin. Your good mood evaporates as you remember what day it is. Your least favorite holiday, this is the one day a year when you are constantly forced to acknowledge that you are single, and probably will be for the rest of your life. Seeing happy couples together only worsens the constant suffering of this wretched holiday. Unfortunately, the couple in front of you is no different. As cute as they are, you suddenly feel like an incredibly awkward spectator to their romantic moment. Sneaking a quick glance at (c/n), you can tell he feels the same.

As your friend and her boyfriend start making out, (c/n) meets your eyes and attempts an awkward smile. His face is a little pink, and you’re sure yours is even redder. What an uncomfortable atmosphere to be sitting in with your crush.

Finally (c/n) clears his throat. Your friends continue unperturbed. (C/n) sighs, rolls his eyes playfully at you, and picks up the TV remote, turning it on. The weather report comes on at full volume, startling your friends out of their makeout session. “Oh, sorry,” (f/n) says breathily, giggling when she sees your exasperated faces. She makes eye contact with you, and you raise an eyebrow, jerking your head in (c/n)’s direction as if to say, Thanks a lot for making this awkward!

(F/n) just winks back before grabbing the remote from (c/n). “For fuck’s sake, put on something other than the weather!” She flips through the channels and stops abruptly when a rerun of High School Musical appears. “Hell yes. This is my favorite movie ever.”

You chuckle and settle back in your armchair, taking a sip of your root beer and trying to relax. Though the movie is moderately entertaining, your mind is occupied by (c/n)’s presence just a few feet away. You try to force your eyes to stay on the screen, but despite your best efforts, they continually wander over to (c/n) in his armchair watching him as he watches the movie. The light from the TV screen gives his face an ethereal glow. He is so pretty, you can’t help but think. So. Pretty. At one point he senses you staring and turns to look at you, tilting his head to the side inquisitively. You quickly look away, cheeks burning.

“KISS! KISS! COME ON! DO IT!” (F/n) barks out from her perch on (c/f/n)’s lap, and your head snaps in her direction. Thankfully, she seems to be yelling at the TV. Troy and Gabriella are leaning in, gazing romantically into each other’s eyes as they get closer and closer. But for like the third or fourth time, they’re interrupted before they get the chance to kiss. Damn, the sexual frustration must really be getting to them by now. “NOOO!” moans (f/n) dramatically, falling back into (c/f/n)’s arms.

“Drama queen,” he teases. “Don’t act like you haven’t seen this a thousand times.”

“Every time, I believe in them, and every time, I am let down,” (f/n) sighs. “Come on, let’s show them how it’s done.” She straddles his lap and plunges them both into what looks like another long makeout session.

You sigh and scratch your neck, as if the discomfort is an itch you can rub out. But the uneasy feeling persists. You avoid meeting (c/n)’s eyes, knowing your face is probably bright pink again. At last, unable to stand the awkwardness, you stand up. “Okay, I think I should leave you two alone,” you announce casually. There’s little response. It’s unlikely that either of them can hear anything you’re saying. “I’m just gonna go outside for a bit. Have fun, use protection, don’t forget to breathe!”

As you start to leave, (c/n) jumps up too. “I’ll come with!” he says quickly. “No way am I third wheeling for the rest of the movie.”

He follows you out the door, and for a moment you stand together on the porch, unsure of what to do. “Shall we go for a stroll?” (c/n) proposes overdramatically.

“Oh, yes, let’s,” you reply in a silly high-pitched voice. You immediately feel stupid, kicking yourself internally. But (c/n) laughs anyway and starts walking, so you follow him on a slow path around the house.

“Good thinking, getting out of there while you could,” he says, nudging your arm with his elbow. You try to calm the nerves that are firing up inside you, making you jittery. “Thanks, it was my defense mechanism against aggressive PDA. I’ve picked it up after years of Valentine’s Days.”

“Not your favorite holiday?” (C/n)’s mouth curves upwards, looking sideways at you in amusement.

You make a face. “God no. I hate Valentine’s Day. I’m convinced it was created purely to make single people like me feel bad about themselves.” You stop yourself before you can launch into your familiar rant.

“Well, I like the part where you get to eat ice cream and cry alone,” (c/n) jokes.

“While listening to sad music,” you add. “There’s no way you do that though!”

“What? Surprised? I have a sensitive side too!” he chuckles. You fake a shocked look, while secretly dying inside. Who’d have thought you’d be strolling alone with your crush, talking about romance? And to top it off, the sun is starting to set.

You reach the front of the house again. From here, you can see the sun sinking over the horizon. Without speaking, you stop walking and stand together in the front yard, watching the sky slowly getting set on fire.

As beautiful as it is, you’re again distracted by the presence of your crush, this time right next to you. You glance sideways at him, thinking, This view is so much better though! Then you realize he’s looking sideways at you too, a small smirk on his lips. You quickly look back at the sky. Why is this becoming a pattern? Control yourself! You curse inwardly.

The sky grows darker and you start to shiver. You have a sweater on, but considering it’s the middle of February, the fabric is quickly becoming too thin to keep you warm. (C/n) notices and furrows his eyebrows. “Are you cold?”

“No,” you lie through your chattering teeth.

(C/n) smiles and, in one easy movement, pulls his sweatshirt off. “Put this on.” He holds it out to you.

“Keep it, I’m fine,” you insist.

He shrugs nonchalantly. “I don’t need it, I’m too hot anyway.”

“Yeah you are,” you shoot back flirtatiously before you can stop yourself. (C/n) looks at you in faint surprise and chuckles. You blush and quickly grab the sweatshirt, putting it on. You breathe in the heavenly smell, trying not to be obvious. Oh man, you’re wearing his hoodie. Could it get any better than this?

Apparently it could, because just then (c/n) reaches around you and rubs your arm with his hand to warm it up. “Better?” he asks, grinning.

“Uh huh,” you reply breathlessly. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” You wait for him to move away, shove his hands back into his pockets, or even turn around to go back inside. But he doesn’t. His arm remains circled around your waist, holding you against him. You breathe out slowly, trying to stay calm even though you’re certain you must be dreaming. Real life does not go like this. And more importantly, good things just don’t happen to you on Valentine’s Day.

Your mind flashes back to (f/n) and her boyfriend. The sky is dark and starry now, indicating that some time must have passed. You wonder why no one has come to look for you or called you back inside, but you figure (f/n) must have something to do with it. Thank goodness your friend knows when you need to be left alone.

To break the silence, you say, “Think they’re done making out yet?”

(C/n) laughs lightly. “Probably not,” he responds. A moment passes before he adds, “Besides, this is nice.”

“Yeah,” you agree. “I don’t spend enough time outside. I didn’t even know this many stars were visible from where we live.”

“Amazing what you discover when you’re not huddled in your room on the internet,” he teases.

“Painfully accurate,” you admit. “I leave the house for one day and I get to wear a boy’s sweatshirt. I should try this more often.” After the sentence leaves your mouth you realize how awkward it is, but you can’t take it back now. You wait anxiously for (c/n)’s reaction, but it’s nothing like you’re expecting.

“I get to watch the sunset with a pretty girl, so I think I’m the real winner here.” His arm tightens slightly around you. You turn your face towards him, trying to read his expression. He smiles gently down at you. “(Y/n), I don’t want to be too forward or anything…but I can’t keep this a secret anymore. I really, really like you.”

Your mouth flops open clumsily as your mind races, trying to make sure you didn’t hear him wrong. “Uhh. You mean, like…like-like?”

(C/n) chuckles. “Yes, (y/n), I like-like you. I’ve had a crush on you for, like, ever.” His eyes, shining in the darkness, search yours. “Is there any chance that…I don’t know, maybe…you might feel the same way?”

It would be impossible to fight the grin that splits your face. “Are you kidding? I like you so much, you have no idea!”

“Oh my God” is all (c/n) says before crashing his lips onto yours. Taken completely by surprise, you stand frozen for a moment before melting into the kiss, throwing your arms around his neck. You feel completely delirious, giddy beyond belief at this literal dream-come-true. And it should be noted that (c/n)’s lips are even softer than in your dreams. It’s perfect. You’re in (c/n)’s sweatshirt, kissing under the stars, and it’s absolutely perfect.

Wrapped up in the kiss, you almost miss the muffled shout of “GET IT GIRL!” coming from the house. You pull apart and glance over to see (f/n)’s face pressed against the window, grinning from ear to ear. (C/n) starts to laugh and you join in, leaning your forehead against his.

“So, (y/n)…” (c/n) cups your face in his hands. “Still hate Valentine’s Day?”

You pretend to think it over. “Well, I guess I can make an exception for this one.” You smile up at him and he grins back, pulling your face towards his once more.

Mark ; 45 (Drabble Challenge)

Mark Scenario

Prompt: “I’m your lock screen?!” - “You weren’t supposed to see that.”

words: 416

list of prompts

   You and Mark were in your room where he waited for you do make a decision. Mark had come to pick you up for your guys date but when he arrived you were having a outfit dilemma.

   “Hey Mark do you know what the weather is going to be.” You ask staring at your jacket.

   “No why” Mark responded.

   “Because I want to know whether I should take my jacket or not.” 

   “Just take it, if it’s hot wear it and don’t wear it if its cold.” Mark replied simply. You frowned starring at your jacket as if it would give you the answer to what the weather would be.

  “But I don’t want to have to carry it around,” You complained and continued  staring at the jacket. 

   “Staring at your jacket won’t give you the answer to your problem (Y/N).” Mark stated. You sighed and plopped onto the bed and kicked up your feet in frustration which caused Mark to laugh. You whipped your head around to look at Mark who tried to hide his laughing face. 

  “Mark help me.” You plead in an exaggerated voice.

  “Why don’t you use your phone to find out what the weather is.”

   “But my phone is so far away,”you whine. You looked around your room and spotted Mark’s phone on the edge of your bed.

   “Hey Mark I’m going to borrow your phone okay.”

   “What no!”

   “Don’t worry it’ll be fine, can you tell me the pass-” You stopped mid sentence as the light from the bright screen hit your face. You were met with a picture of your smiling face. It was on one of the many selfies that you had taken with his phone that he had gotten annoyed with you for. Or at least pretended he was annoyed with you.

   “I’m your lock screen?!” you asked slightly shocked.

   “You weren’t supposed to see that.” Mark replied awkwardly. 

   “I’m so touched.” You said, not as a joke but as a completely genuine statement and continued it look at the photo in awe.

  “Yeah,” Mark laughed nervously still a little embarrassed. “We should probably get going.”

   You snapped out of you daze and looked at the time. “Shoot, your right.” You said as you leaped off the bed and started towards the door.

  “Wait!” Mark yelled


  “Aren’t you going to check the weather?”

  “Oh yeah, almost forgot about that.”

This was so fun to make, the prompts are so adorable.

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- Ary💞

If anyone’s feeling down, take heart! 

The timeline could have been MUCH worse. 

Imagine for a moment you’re a Chinese solder in the Korean war. This isn’t the Korean war of our universe. This is a longer, much more violent one.

The conflict has entered its fourth year now. You yourself, are storming a hill occupied by Australian forces. Or they may have been Canadian, you’re not entirely sure. Regardless, you grab your ‘burp’ gun, and start rushing up the hill. Fire is light, but quickens heavily, although you don’t have to worry too much, as you aren’t in the first wave. Luckily, enemy air power isn’t present so early in the morning, and their artillery crews seem off the ball. Your regiment presses hard once combat picks up, but it’s difficult as you’re fighting into the rising morning sun. You crawl into a shell hole, one of the many that dot the hill from your sides preparatory mortar barrage. Its not that deep, but every millimetre counts when you’re under Bren gun fire. You’re on your back, facing away, checking your kit, when you feel the sun crest the mountains in the distance, incredibly bright. 

Then it hits you. You’re facing West on a crisp winter morning and the sun only rises in the east.

A mushroom cloud rises, kilometers in the distance, the fireball having just crested a hill from your line of sight. You wonder how the higher ups in your regiment will deal with having their logistics and command elements quite literally atomized. In the far distance, you can make out four contrails and a tiny bright dot flying west ward.

As the combined shockwave and boom of the bomb hit you, the firing on the hill dies down. In the silence, a new sound is picked up. You hear what can only be described as a cheer from the enemy lines, and more ominously, a buzzing. It gets louder and louder, the men around you nervous. One of them in a panic stands and charges, being cut down mercilessly from a burst of machine gun fire. The buzzing is extremely loud, and approaching rapidly.

There’s a flash of a black object, low and fast, followed by more. A small object lands a meter from you, but your eyes are on the objects flying past. Like bicycles, they have riders, but they move with the propellers of aircraft. The object on the hill rolls into your lap. Its what looks like grenade.

>Yfw you get killed by these assholes?


A/N, there were so many requests for this one for Darry, Ponyboy, Sodapop and Dally… so I have to compromise. I hope you like it. 

Prompt #23: “Oh God, there’s so much blood.”

They heard you before they saw the blood. They heard the whimpers that you were trying your absolute hardest to muffle, and then they heard the ‘thump’ reverberate throughout the confines of the door. 

“Y/N!” Ponyboy called, hoping that you had just stubbed your toe on the bed post again. “You alright?” 

“Hey, Pone, you watch over dinner, I’m gonna check on her, alright?” Sodapop didn’t waste a single moment, he strolled over to the room and rapped his knuckles against the door. 

“You alright in there?” He asked softly. 

“Is Darry home yet?” He could barely hear your voice through the shallow fits of breath that was beginning to turn in an episode of hyperventilation. 

“No. What’s wrong?” 

“N- nothing… I’m fine. Please, just go.” You were beginning to choke on the tears that were spilling like waterfalls from your eyes. You clutched at your middle, trying your hardest to breathe through the pain. They didn’t need to see this.

He knew something was wrong. He knew with every fiber of his being, that’s why he didn’t listen to you. He opened the door swiftly and his stomach churned with sick realization the moment his eyes met yours. 

“Oh God, there’s so much blood.” Sodapop whispered, he dropped to the floor beside you. 

“We were going to tell you all.” You whispered, feeling as though you needed to explain yourself. “But this has happened once before and I didn’t want to get your hopes up.” 

“You don’t have to explain.” Sodapop murmured gently, his fingers played with your hair gently as he wrapped you up in his arms. “We need to get you to a hospital, okay?”

“I can’t move.” The pains were just too great and you felt as though you were going to pass out. “I-” 

“Shh.” He hushed you as gently as he could as he lifted you up in his arms. “It’s okay. I got you. Everything is going to be okay.”

“Is Y/N okay?” Ponyboy stood at the oven, stirring whatever mixture Soda had started to cook, he was mindlessly reading a book you had bought him not too long ago. 

“Oh God- Y/N!” Ponyboy cried, his book fell from his grasp as Sodapop carried you past. “What’s happening, are you okay?” 

“Steve!” Sodapop bellowed breathlessly. “Stay with Ponyboy!” 

Swarms of black began to cloud your vision and you were pulled into a vast ocean of nothingness. And you were glad. 

“She’s waking!” The voice was foreign and suddenly a bright light hit your eyes. “She’s responsive.” 

“Baby.” Darry whispered, his voice was croaky and you could tell he had been crying. His eyes were red and his shirt was stained with his tears. “Hi.” 

“I’m so sorry” You don’t think you could bear to look in his eyes any longer. “It happened again, it’s all my fault.” 

“It’s not your fault. Okay? I’m just glad you’re okay… you went into shock, y- God Y/N, you almost died! Listen, I know that you want kids, but maybe we should put this off, okay? I- I can’t lose you too.”

You couldn’t look at him, you just couldn’t. You had wanted that child more than anything. You knew the sex. It was going to be a girl. And she was going to be beautiful. Would she have had your eyes? Or Darry’s? Was she going to have your hair? Or Darry’s nose? 

You hadn’t even named her. 

The doctors tried to talk to you, but you couldn’t hear them. You were stuck inside your head, trying your absolute hardest to figure out just where you went wrong. Because this was your fault. There was something wrong with you.

Well… since I’m bored and I love Joan Bright, I guess I’m just gonna have to write about the year of sessions she had while dealing with Damien’s fucking bullshit. Because someone needs to build a monument to her patience and self control because GOD KNOWS she could have devised a way to hit him with a car if she really wanted. She probably DID devise a way to hit him with a car then sadly did not do that.

Fic Summary: Joan Bright does NOT hit Damien with a car. Everyone is disappointed. Huge mistake. 

anonymous asked:

Your story with the demon and Todd's grandmother is so amazing, I've read it at least 20 times (not exaggerating). It's wonderful as it is, but I would also love to see a continuation. You added so much character detail for this grandmother, I'd love to learn more about her. I'd love to see how the demon takes care of her, how they slowly become a family together. I wonder what happened between her and her son, I wonder why she doesn't have friends or visitors very often. I love this so much! <3

hey anon! i’d love to expand on that story sometime because there is clearly more of that character and of the relationship between those two to be explored. i’ll definitely keep it in mind. thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!