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“Breathe. It’s only a bad day, not a bad life.” -Johnny Depp✖️a message I need to instill into my brain, as we all should.✖️ so this smoothie was so good. too good. mango and papaya and banana and juice from the dragon fruit I bought which happened to be a pink one👅 recipe will be on my website which is soooo close to being ready🙌🏼 HAPPY MONDAY🌞

anonymous asked:

The more you fuck with a lot of random people the more the light and brightness of your soul goes out. Virginity means everything, i am not a virgin tho and enjoy sex with my one and only sexpartner a lot. Virginity means a lot tho. Its like that. Sophisticated Queenthinking..

On the contrary I love sex and I don’t need to be in a relationship to have it nor do I feel the need to count my partners as if it’s relevant and I’d like to think I shine pretty bright. I’m happy and healthy as can be. My self worth is not determined by my sexual history. Sex is beautiful, if someone wants to have it with multiple people then good for them. Stop shaming women for acting on their NATURAL impulses. You do you. I’ll mind my business and you mind yours. Don’t project your misogynistic bull shit on me.