bright hai

music for summer nights

1.) I just don´t I´ll ever get over you : colin hay
2.) nine million bicycles : katie melua
3.) somewhere only we know: keane
4.) with you: the subways ( acoustic)
5.) showels and dirt: the strumbellas
6.) backseat: deep sea river
7.) wait for you: kelvin jones
8.) road to joy: bright eyes
9.) old pine :ben howard
10.) angel: jack johnson
11.) love drunk: boys like girls (acoustic!)
12.) sweater weather: the neighbourhood
13.) bad blood: bastille
14.) comes and goes ( in waves) : greg laswell
15.) ganz schön okay: casper
16.) boats and birds: gregory and the hawk
17.) i got you: jack johnson
18.) yellow: coldplay
19.) home: philip philips
20.) hang me up to dry: cold war kids
21.) hard sun : eddie vedder
22.) jungebug: robert francis
23.) the dreamer: the tallest man on earth

April's Fool, Love Fool. ( a Hogwarts!Mingyu AU)

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Title: April’s Fool, Love Fool
Genre: 10 spoons of fluff and a teensy bit of angst
Summary: in which where a prank wasn’t really even an actual prank.
Word Count: 

31st March 2017

It’s the last day of March, less than 24 hours before the day that some anticipates, but mostly dreads. It’s April’s Fool, the day where pranks and jokes was allowed in Hogwarts, without any detention awaits for them at the end of the day.

April’s Fool at Hogwarts are well, if you must say, slightly special and unique. But of course, that coming from a magic oriented school, it’s no longer a surprise.

Since not everyone in the school appreciates the day that much, it’s quite easy to guess who did the pranks. Either it’s one of the playful ghosts who just have so much time to spare, or-

Goood afternoon, Y/N~” A sing-song voice greets you, following by another one as the other said, “And even a better day coming tomorrow~”

Kwon Soonyoung and Yoon Jeonghan.

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requested by days-of-dust: Every second of the red shirt kiss. All the red shirt kiss things. ALL OF THEM. 

Phew! Sorry this took so long! But in fairness you did say ‘every second’ lol hope you like love!

Oct 31st 2016
Pudding is back to her usual self today, thank goodness!! Gladly eating plenty of hay, looking bright and inquisitive and doing some binkies, and has gone back to excitedly eating her wet fresh veggies. I’m sure many rabbit owners can relate to the emotional rollercoaster that having a sick bunny entails! They can fall to fatally ill to spry and happy in a matter of 24 hours with quick, vetinary medical treatment.

Puds had a follow-up visit to the vets last night for a new shot of painkillers, and was also given subcutaneous fluid shots to prevent skin and organ complications from her lack of drinking.

For a while we didn’t witness Pudding drink any water from her bowl for ages even after her new shots, but finally after a whole day as of an hour ago she’s back to drinking from her bowl regularly. We have no idea why she had barely drank her water since all the way back at saturday afternoon(!!), especially since we’d repeatedly change it with fresh water and rinse the bowl. Whatever was the issue, we’re quite sure it was the dehydration that developed her GI-stasis and gas pain at the weekend.

For the rest of the week we still need to give her Ranitidine every 12 hours, and put painkillers in her evening pellets every night. This is because even though a rabbit may look fine, this doesn’t mean the issue is over, and the medicaiton should finish its course as prescribed. Bunnies naturally try to hide illness and often look okay when they are not. For now, we are just relieved Pudding is acting just like her normal, silly self and eating with enthusiasm again. :)