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Ok just don't imagine harry FTing your newborn asking her who daddy's favorite girl is or telling her how much he misses her or when she lets out a big yawn going "ooh such a big yawn baby girl" and just remarking on everything she does

This. Is. SO. Dangerous.

The missus would have the camera, on her phone, gripped tightly in her hands, flipped so that she could film the little baby snuggled up on her daddy’s side of the bed, dressed in her white baby-grow with her legs kicking out and her lips wrapped around her fingers. Her head propped up by the pillow he usually rested his head against, eyes bright green and her features shadowing her face from the lamps lit on the bedside table either side of the bed.

“Look at you bein’ a big girl and layin’ in mummy and daddy’s big bed,” he’d coo towards his daughter, a smile on his face, “daddy misses cuddles with you, Poppet. I miss you so, so much. Going to sleep without a cuddle from you and mummy doesn’t feel right.”

He’d smile when she’d whimper out, his mouth gaping open absentmindedly as her lips would open and a yawn would escape her.

“Oh, look at that!” He’d gasp softly, “that was such a big yawn, baby. Does that feel better?”

“I think someone’s getting sleepy,” the missus would coo, pushing her hand into the frame and dragging the back of her fingers down Persephone’s cheek, before tickling her belly softly, “I think that’s code for someone getting bored of daddy, too.”

“Hey,” he’d drawl out, “that’s so mean.”

“I’m kidding,” she’d laugh, tapping the screen to flip the camera, her face coming into view on his phone, “give about 10 minutes to get her ready and in bed and then it’s just me and you for the night, with some wine and some leftover Chinese takeout from last night.”

“Ooo,” he’d lick his lips with squinted eyes, “that sounds good.” xx

Like Calls to Like: Chapter 3

Nina/Sturmhond, Grisha Trilogy/Six of Crows crossover!
Nothing too scandalous here, but it will eventually get pretty mature/explicit.

Summary: Nina finds out more about the secret Sturmhond is keeping.

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@bharatanatyamandballet, @runesandfaes, @rowanismybae, here’s a new chapter for you! 

She looked Niko in the eyes and found the bright green clouded with shadow and shame and hunger and lust and exhaustion.

“What are you?” And under her hand, Niko shuddered

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