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You Teach Them How to Draw/Paint (RFA + V & Vanderwood)

The last one got really popular, so here’s a sequel!

▪he can’t see, obviously, but you came up with a solution!
▪finger painting with different textures of paint!
▪You mix some things into paint and then added different objects that’d give it different textures
▪this precious boy is so excited
▪you pull the smock over his head, a plain white t-shirt with paint speckles all over the front and sleeves and hand him a bowl of warm water to wash his hands in
▪you take V’s hand and touch each of his fingers to the paints (some gritty, glittery, smooth, clumpy, anything you could do to make them different from one another) and tell him which of the paints are which colors
▪he immediately goes to work smearing the paint on the canvas almost expertly, taking great care into this painting
▪V gets some red paint in his hair and there’s a smear of yellow glitter on his cheek but his smile is so wide and pure that you just m e l t
▪forgets about the paint on his hands and kisses you
▪your faces are bright yellow and fuscia and that’s the day V seriously considers getting the surgery
▪kind of pains him hearing you so ecstatic and knowing the lengths you’re going through to make him comfortable and happy
▪"MC…you’re so beautiful"
▪he insists the two of you take a selfie to immortalize the moment forever what a cheeseball I love him so much but he doesn’t tell you that when he does get the surgery, he wants to see what you looked like today
▪finally, he adds a signature: the letter V in braille
▪it’s a clunky, glittery mess but you hang it right in the living room where you can see it all the time!

▪dis boy ain’t got time for this
▪he takes the pencil and draws a lovely picture of a middle finger, titling it: “To 707”
▪707 finds it and pretends to be really touched, even goes as far to print out seven hundred and seven copies, and then proceeding to tape them all up on his wall

▪he doesn’t want to learn
▪he wants to model
▪"Draw me like one of your Korean guys, MC"
▪poses provocatively on the sofa and even tries his pose from Promiscuous Jalapeño
Zen pls keep this PG-13
▪Remember that Brandon Rogers quote? “This is my hippity house I like to do a lot of fun and creative poses here”
▪yeah that’s Zen
▪when you do sit him down and tell him to draw YOU instead, he nearly panics
▪turns out his behaivor was just a front
▪he’s not good at drawing and doesn’t want to disappoint you
▪tries his best and when it doesn’t come out quite right, he erases your face and draws a funnier one on to make you laugh

▪when he asked you to teach him, you were expecting him to want to draw an LOLOL character
▪so honestly, you were shocked when he pulled out his phone and snapped a quick pic of you
▪you give him guidelines and things that’ll help him
▪he pulls his bangs back and sticks his pencil between his teeth, scrunching his face up as he studies the drawing
▪something isn’t quite right about it…
▪he tried, at least!
▪he’s really proud of it (and tbh it’s really cute, just also really messed up)

▪Jaehee looooves watercolor painting
▪she has a few books of famous watercolor painters so when you offer to teach her, she’s beside herself
▪"Really? You’d teach me?“
Jaehee I’d eat my own foot if you asked me to
▪tries to paint a watercolor painting with different kinds of coffee and it actually looks pretty good, especially since painting with coffee is kind of hard!
▪her painting is almost as good as yours
▪You’re lowkey jealous since it was her first time but Jaehee was so excited that you let it slide
▪she hangs up her paintings in the coffee shop and her face lights up everytime she passes by them
▪paints Zen a few times
▪but when Jumin asks her to paint a picture of Elizabeth 3rd, she declines faster than Seven consuming a bag of Honey Buddha chips ▪literally lives for the days the two of you sit down at the table and open up all of the windows to paint
▪she thinks that you’re a whole different kind of beautiful when you’re focused, sunlight streaming through and bouncing off of your hair and eyes
▪she actually tells you one day though
▪you were surprised when she leaned over and brushed your hair behind your ears, telling you how pretty you were and how your eyes looked translucent in the pretty light
god Baehee makes me so gayhee

▪you suggest oil painting!
▪he has the best paint, canvases, and easels imported from God knows where just for this
▪how did you even get them here so quick??
“I have my ways, MC”
▪…you mean money.
▪chooses to paint a picture of a landscape
▪Wait, no Elizabeth?
▪"Am I not allowed to have other interests besides Elizabeth 3rd?“
▪the two of you step out for a moment, and that’s when Elizabeth decides to take revenge on Jumin
▪you come back to a green and brown cat, and have to chase her all over the penthouse to give her a bath
▪the painting actually turns out really nice, he doesn’t even wear a smock and manages to stay pristine the entire time
▪however, he does keep Elizabeth’s paw print on the painting, and insists she helped him with it

▪actually begs you to teach him
▪you finally agree and sit him down, pulling out a kit of acrylic paints and a pad of artist’s paper
▪he, for once, looks really happy
▪when you ask him what he’s painting and try to look, he shies away
▪"I-it’s a secret, baka!“
▪"if you must know, it’s a picture of my one true love! She’s beautiful, sweet, makes me happier than anyone in the world….”
▪You’re suddenly really happy
▪Elizabeth 3rd is a cat so she can’t like memes, so he must mean you!
▪*Donald Trump voice* wrooooong
▪turns the picture around
▪it’s a freaking painting of himself kissing a bag of Honey Buddha chips

Endless Pools of... (Uno x Jyugo)

Jyugo had noticed it for some time now. The long stares and discreet glances. He never mentioned anything about it, he was not too bothered by it after all. But as days passed and the more it happens, the more he got curious. So when they were alone, Rock and Nico being at the game room, he walked up to Uno who was braiding his own hair and straight out asked him.

“Why do you keep staring at me?”

Uno blinked, surprised at the question, and turned to look at Jyugo. He sighed, finishing his braid before answering him.

“It’s just…. Well.”

Jyugo raised his eyebrow, amused yet suspicious.

“Your eyes.” They were now a beautiful golden amber and a dazzling sapphire blue, captivating Uno as he stared at them.

Jyugo slowly put a hand over one of his eyes, a weird expression on his face. He knew he didn’t have any amazing features that could deem him as attractive, but he always thought that his heterochromatic eyes were special and he liked them. Now with Uno saying this, he suddenly felt self-conscious and wondered if they weren’t so special after all.

Uno noticed his expression and hurriedly cleared up the misunderstanding.

“No, wait. Hey, I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I just think they’re really… pretty. It’s hard not to stare, they’re so unique with how the colour always changing when the light reflects in different angles. They’re like endless pools of…” Uno trailed off, brows furrowed when he couldn’t find the right words to describe them.


“Endless pools of… of… captivating colours?” Uno tried.

“…Real smooth, Uno. Is that what you normally say to girls?” Jyugo smirked and teased him, but he couldn’t hide the slight blush from the somewhat compliment. He was practically preening from the praise.

“But of course, you’ll still never be as good looking as me, Jyugo.” Uno grinned and poked him on the cheek. Jyugo scoffed and swatted his hand away.

“I’m going to look for Rock and Nico. You can just stay here and keep admiring yourself, you narcissist.” With that, he walked out of the door, never noting the slightly serious expression Uno rarely wore on his face.

After nearly a whole day of playing in the game room, Uno following Jyugo after a few minutes of staying in their cell, they were finally dragged back by Hajime to their cell to sleep. It was past midnight and Rock and Nico were already knocked out on their futon, worn out from the games.

Uno turned to his side and looked at Jyugo who laid on the futon beside him. He was not asleep yet, but he seemed distracted and was staring at the ceiling blankly with half-lidded eyes.

Jyugo was right at the spot where the moonlight was shining fully on him. His eyes were now a silver blue, one slightly darker than the other, but no less beautiful.

Uno has been with Jyugo for a long time. Among the others, he knew Jyugo the best. His habits, his expressions and his reactions, he knew most of them. How his eyes lit up when he’s happy, and dimmed when he’s sad. For a moment, Uno wondered.

What would they look like… When they were filled with pleasure?

Under the moonlight, Jyugo looked almost ethereal. A silver white glow was cast around him, and the blue of his eyes shined brightly from the light.

Uno was overcome with the desire to kiss him. He was not clueless nor was he dense. He very well knew that he had developed some sort of crush on his best friend over the time spent together in different prinsons. And maybe it was even more than that. He had always the need to make Jyugo happy and comfortable around him, to protect him and make him feel loved. All his gestures could be interpreted as being buddies, but to him, it was different.

He didn’t realise he was leaning towards Jyugo, until a voice snapped him out of his stupor.

“Uno, what are you doing?”

Scarlet red and emerald green eyes turned to him, laced with pure curiousity.

They stared at each other. Jyugo beginning to shift awkwardly on his bed from the silence.

“Can I kiss you?” Uno blurted out without thinking, and almost regretted it. Almost.

“I… What?” Jyugo shared at him wide-eyed, dumbfounded and utterly confused.

“Well, you’ve never kissed anyone before, right? Haven’t you ever wondered how it’d feel like? Aren’t you curious?” Uno said quickly, wanting to bring back a sense of normalcy between them.

Jyugo stayed quiet for a moment before answering reluctantly.

“Don’t you usually do that with the people you like though?” Jyugo frowned, he really was clueless with these things after all, being in prinson for most of his life, he never had the chance to experience such activities.

“I guess I did thought of it before but-” and he was cut off by a pair of soft lips brushing against his.

They stayed like that for a while, not moving, before Uno pulled away and placed a hand on Jyugo’s cheek.

“I like you, Jyugo. Is this okay?”

Jyugo was still shocked and and it took some time for his mind to process this. His mind was apparently to slow to comprehend it and so his body did the work for him, because he felt himself nod before he could even refuse or protest. Uno slowly leaned in and kissed him gently, moving his lips against his, waiting patiently for the kiss to be reciprocated.

Jyugo’s lips were slightly chapped but plush and soft. So soft, and he tasted so good.

He wanted more.

Uno parted his lips, taking Jyugo’s lips between his and sucking lightly. Jyugo let out a small whimper at the feeling. He didn’t know what to expect from a kiss, but certainly not this. Not the heat that pooled around his stomach, not the gentle pressure of lips moving against his, and certainly not how his heart was beating as if he had just ran a marathon.

It felt good. Really good.

He realised Uno had been the only one doing the kissing and he was about to return the kiss when he felt a tongue licking tentatively at his bottom lip. He gasped at the sensation, letting the tongue enter his mouth. Uno’s tongue rubbed against the roof of his mouth and Jyugo let out a slight whine.

Encouraged by the sound that Jyugo made, Uno shifted to hover above him and settled himself in between Jyugo’s legs that parted unconsciously to accomodate him.

Uno pressed into him more and Jyugo kissed back clumsily with less experience but was soon moving in synchronization with one another. Uno began to deepened the kiss, kissing faster and harder with fervor that rendered their kisses wet and messy with less precision. Unsure where to put his hands, Jyugo settled with putting his arms around Uno’s shoulders, hands slightly tugging on the strawberry blonde locks every now and then.

Uno groaned as he felt Jyugo pulled on his hair. The pulsating heat they both felt intensified and Uno pulled back to let them breathe.

Assuming they were done, Jyugo relaxed and laid back on his futon, heaving for breath. He closed his eyes and turned his head to the side. He was about to tell Uno to move when he felt lips pressed against his cheek in a soft caress. Jyugo blinked his eyes open and tried to look at Uno. But then Uno started peppering kisses around his jaw, slowly sliding down to his neck.

Jyugo flinched and shivered as Uno’s lips made contact with his skin. The shackle around his neck, having been there for quite a long time, covering a part of his neck, caused it to be all the more sensitive as it was the one place where it was the least touched.

Uno kissed and licked his way down Jyugo’s neck, alternating between his collarbone and parts of his throat that were exposed and not covered up by the shackle. He stopped at one spot, and nibbled slightly on the pulse point, sucking and lightly biting the skin there.

Jyugo could only lay there, his hands clutching tightly at the tank top Uno wore, letting out soft gasps and mewls with each lick and bite.

“Ah… Uno…”

Uno looked up for a moment to look at Jyugo. His face was flushed, his lips slightly red and swollen from the kiss and his eyes… His eyes were glazed over with pleasure, pupils dilated and colour changed from it’s red and green to a bright amethyst and dark fuscia. At the moment, they were like endless pools of ecstasy and gazing back at him with a plethora of emotions.

Uno felt himself softened at the sight and smiled lovingly at Jyugo before inching closer, placing a kiss to both of his eyelids. When he pulled away, Jyugo was the one to pull him back into a kiss, cupping his hands around Uno’s face and smiling into the kiss.

Uno returned it eagerly, a hand braced itself beside Jyugo, rubbing against his side. The other slowly moving it’s way down to his thigh, caressing and squeezing him through the fabric of his clothes.

Jyugo let out a particularly loud moan as he felt the hand on his thigh and his grip on Uno’s hair tightened ever so slightly-

“Ha.. Hahaha.. Ha…”

They both froze and stopped what they were doing. Jyugo had his hands on Uno’s chest and one of Uno’s hand was placed at the inside of Jyugo’s thigh. They slowly turned towards the direction of the sound and sighed in relief when they realised it was just Nico laughing in his sleep again. Rock and Nico were still sound asleep in their cell. Uno and Jyugo had actually forgotten that they were not the only ones in the room and that they were in a prison with guards wandering around keeping watch.

Uno looked down at Jyugo sheepishly and rolled off him to lay on his own bed.

“Well… we should… stop, yeah. Goodnight, Uno.” Jyugo said awkwardly and turned away with his back facing Uno.


He felt Uno moving around behind him before a pair of arms wrapped around his waist as Uno spooned him.

Jyugo sighed contentedly as he felt the calming heartbeat behind his back. This was something that they’ve been doing. Ever since Jyugo started having nightmares, they’ve been sharing a bed with either Uno pressed against his back or Jyugo with his head laid on Uno’s chest where his heart would be.

Jyugo snuggled further into the embrace. While he was still confused about what just happened, he was starting to feel tired. He could always talk about it the next day.

Uno was quietly humming a melody from back at his country and Jyugo found himself lulled by the soothing voice of Uno. He was slowly slipping into darkness, and he felt a soft kiss placed atop his head. In a sleepy haze, Jyugo whispered a soft ‘I like you too, Uno’, before succumbing to slumber.

Jyugo never got the chance to see the slight blush on Uno, nor the giddy expression and wide grin on his face.


Welllll, see this was actually my first time ever writing kissing scenes or anything beyond that so I’m sorry if it sucked, I was never a really good writer in the first place. I also apologise if they’re ooc. And yes, I based this on one of my recent post about how pretty Jyugo’s eyes are. Also, sorry for any mistakes, I did read through again but I may have skimmed over some things. So, I hope you guys liked it as much as my previous story for this pair :3 this fandom needs to get more popular

Got tired of looking for Malec fanfic, so wrote my own.

“Don’t Let the Kuri Demons Bite”, a fanfic by themudbloodprincess/Snapesservant ( (ao3)

“Alex–Alec.  If I had given you the impression I had accepted the idea of your death, I can only apologize.  I tried to, I thought I had–and yet still I had pictured having you for fifty, sixty more years.  I thought I might be ready then to let you go.  But it’s you, and I realize now that I won’t be any more ready to lose you than I am right now.  Which is not at all.”

“So what do we do?”

“What everyone does–like you said.  We hope.”



The voice comes from the cedar doorway–one of the last wooden door frames in existence–and Magnus turns from his work to face the unexpected but far from unwelcome presence of his daughter.

He intends to put on a smile to greet her, but her cerulean eyes reflect barely-held back tears, and the rose, daisy, lily petals that make up her hair look like they are wilting.

Magnus is by her instantaneously, hands on her shoulder in a meaningless gesture of comfort for an unknown despair.  “Hope,” he whispers, voice as grave as it is more often than not these days, “What’s wrong?”

Keep reading