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*~Venus Signs~*

Venus in Aries: Men with this placement are attracted to feisty, sassy, passionate women. They appeal to women by showing their boldness. Secretly, they want a woman to get on top and ride them! Women with Venus in Aries like to dominate a man, express sass, and they are full of va va voom as lovers! She gets herself in trouble as she sometimes speaks with a sharp tongue. She’ll just as easily knock someone down with her attitude, as she’ll stick up for herself without inhibition! Aphrodite carries a flaming torch thru unexplored lands, leading others behind her. Marching bravely, sometimes acting carelessly, she learns lessons the hard way as she assumes she knows what other people will say or how scenarios turn out. She doesn’t often look before she leaps, the vitality within her doesn’t have time to wait and think things thru; this could actually be a virtue in the sense that she can quickly respond to crisis. Acting on impulse propels her to be a go-getter; truth is, we need impulsive people just as much as we value cautious people. The zest in her soul drives her to persist, there’s hardly any joys she will have missed! Her adventurous spirit always finds something to do, in an instant, she rises anew.

Venus in Taurus: Men with this placement value commitment and stability in relationships. Either their lover is entirely committed to them or they don’t want a relationship at all. They savor comfort food and enjoy playing music. Their patience allows her to understand what’s going on before acting. Women with Venus in Taurus are very charming and have the ability to get along with many people because they have a pleasant disposition (unless other items in their chart indicate chaos). People with Venus in Taurus often indulge in sweets! Gee I wonder who raided the cookie jar? ;) Aphrodite basks in the sunlight, surrounded by the tenderness of newly sprouted daisies and newborn animals. Squirrels scurry up a budding tree, lizards saunter at her toes… She picks a fresh pair off the branch, playing a flute as the wind blows… Spring chicks chirp as she stops to smell the roses.

Venus in Gemini: Men with this will try to appeal to women by learning a variety of subjects, they know how to chat a woman into bed ;). They value women with intelligence. Venus in Gemini charms people on by being adaptable. Gaining knowledge is one of the greatest pleasures, as they can use their varied interests to appeal to many different love prospects. Their fickle nature is curious about many types of people that they don’t always know what they want. They can date around with a lighthearted attitude, appreciating people of various walks of life, cohorts, styles, and skillsets. A pleasing voice aids them in their talent of persuasion. Women with a Gemini Venus are curious to get with a variety of men (or women). The duality of Gemini may be inclined to attraction of more than one gender; or even power play, alternating between D/s roles. Kinks, toys, sex positions, and different kinds of sex are treated with an open mind, experimentation is playful! Venus in Gemini is a jester in love, sometimes they treat it like a game and don’t realize they’ve led someone on. They’d rather not be pinned down as they’re a natural flirt. Their intellect tends to be scattered, learning bits of many subjects without mastering any. They struggle with commitment in love or projects, unless other planets indicate otherwise. For the most part, they live to experience all that life has to offer, getting a taste of many flavors of romance, their sex life, food, and various art movements.

Venus in Cancer: The way to their heart is thru a home cooked meal. Their self-esteem is highest when they have a lifestyle that allows them to flow in their rhythms, they are likely not the type who thrive under pressure or like to be challenged, they’d rather experience security where they can allow their inner child to be expressed. Men with a Cancer Venus are attracted to nurturing women who are motherly. They may subconsciously seek women who resemble their mother, or women who heal their mommy issues. Women with Venus in Cancer express their femininity by intuiting how to appeal to others, they aren’t loud and proud with their female expression, more timid and imaginative. If she has honored the divine feminine, by caring for her body the way that feels right to her, she will shimmer with feminine mystique, pulling in men with her tides of alluring womanhood. Aphrodite dives in the dark creepy depths of the sea, unlocking secrets from a treasure chest buried under sand made of crushed up seashells that were formed thousands of years ago. A peek into the past, she yearns to feel the entire ocean in her heart, to swim in memories so vast… She carries an ocean jasper with her, to hold onto a lost love, she’ll never forget. She admires pearls with iridescence, hoping someone will cherish her essence.

Venus in Leo: Women with this can be bold and expressive, excited to pursue creative projects and they experience physical pleasure with vigor. Compliments make her swoon, she’s a well-groomed babe applying makeup oh so artfully. She is so bright and passionate, she can commit (as Leo is a fixed sign) but the fire of spontaneity can also enjoy flirting with someone just one time to validate herself as a bombshell. Men with Venus in Leo are attracted to confident women who are glamorous. They love to stroke a woman’s ego. Aphrodite dolls herself up with rosy cheeks, bright eye shadow, gold sequins contouring her dashing figure, her hairdo gains attention, and she speaks with pride from her juicy lips. She can daringly make out with someone she barely met.

Venus in Virgo: an earthly sensuality that is physically affectionate and turned off by those who brag. Discerning about how they give out their love, they know what they want in a partner and will not settle! They enjoy critiquing art and ideas. Men with a Virgo Venus respect women who value accuracy in the topics they speak of, and a woman who is willing to get down to work. They make a point to be courteous and considerate, as the Virgo archetype cares to put their best foot forward, realizing that you do need to care what others think in order to be a productive person. However, a life of nitty gritty work turns them cynical to the point of picking out the faults of others. The caution of Venus in Virgo is to become aware of one’s own negativity, learning to be more open and tolerant. These people are modest unless certain placements by the sun or Jupiter suggest otherwise. Aphrodite harvests the fruits of the earth for a feast, nourishing their loved ones with all the essential amino acids.

Venus in Libra: A soft sweet romantic who keeps an open mind, interested in others’ opinions. Libra is an ingenue, with many men drawn to her, she doesn’t want to hurt any of their feelings so she may accidentally lead them on! She can find the beauty in everyone, and she may need someone with strong Virgo in their chart to help her determine who is worth her time, and who may not have best intentions. Libra wishes to be the socialite, spending lots of time with many different kinds of friends without realizing how these friends are influencing her/his thoughts. Libra has that way of compromising discernment when it comes to the truth of a situation in order to go along with the viewpoint that is popular among their friends. A Venus in Libra girl will go along with what their man says, she probably likes to be dominated. An evolved Libra gathers a bunch of information, to seek justice and truth instead of what pleases others. Venus in Libra is very persuasive. With his/her friends, someone with Venus in Libra likes to make others feel included, their fair minded disposition brings everyone together with the goal of increasing harmony in this world.

Venus in Scorpio: This woman is daring and intense, she is not easily impressed! Her abilities of discernment and judgement protect her from getting hurt, but when they do get hurt, heartbreak stings them to the core… People with Venus in Scorpio radiate sexuality and like to have a dramatic appearance and attitude. Men with Venus in Scorpio have a dangerous appeal, they’ve explored darkness that many cannot handle and they might even be kinky. There has to be a genuine emotional connection in your relationships or else you’ll feel unfulfilled. Venus in Scorpio has a chaotic love life as they are addicted to feeling a love that shakes them to the bones! Aphrodite dangles spider webs from her fingertips, her skin is pale as she’s been plotting revenge in her cave instead of basking in the light, she brews a potion of hypnosis in her cauldron; whoever drinks it is doomed to fall madly in love with her… She likes knowing she has power over others, she doesn’t care for diplomacy unless if she’s using it to hide her suspicions…

Venus in Sagittarius: You enjoy dates where you’re exploring new territory, whether that be hiking trails, or conversing intriguing topics. You’re wild and adventurous in your love life even if you’re more cautious and sensible in other areas. Taking chances and trying new activities gives you a thrill. You’re curious about foreign cultures and other peoples’ perspectives. Men with Venus in Sagittarius desire women who are spontaneous and open minded, bonus points if she introduces him to new ideas and places. They tend to be loose with their money, as men with a Sagittarius Venus are generous to a fault, and put off by frugality. They’ll get caught up in the passion of the moment, using up too much of an item, to find themselves with none left later on. If someone with Venus in Sagittarius doesn’t have enough earth in their chart, they struggle with being unaware of consequences until the shit hits the fan. Aphrodite sings a prayer with 108 Tulsi beads, banging a gong under a pagoda, blowing a didgeridoo in the outback for dreamtime, hunting for mescalito in the Sonoran desert, trying a tribal dance on the savannah, playing a harp in the Scottish highlands with fairies…

Venus in Capricorn: You indulge in the pure physical sensation of sex and might not get so emotional about it (unless other factors in the chart say otherwise). You value good quality food and a love prospect has to meet certain standards of yours for you to commit to them, otherwise you enjoy entirely physical connections with the opposite sex. These people are cautious about falling in love, as they are hesitant to be tender and vulnerable in relationships. Men with Capricorn Venus value women with sensibility, superb taste in food, music, clothes, and art. They are horrendously turned off by people who are unrealistic, all over the place, impulsive, or assuming. They cannot stand it when people jump to conclusions, they’re “hold your horses” type of people. Aphrodite expresses herself in a classy suit, she may have flair but it is very refined. Her polished presentation of herself sets a respectable impression. It’s not that she never goes wild, but she waits for the correct time to do so. Underneath her self-conscious tendencies is a satyr enjoying themselves in the forest. Someone with Venus in Capricorn can thoroughly savor their connection to the earth, barefoot on the gems and minerals of the dirt, every pressure point of her toes receives the energy of the stones. Playing the pan flute while gaining a tan from sunbeams, eating their grapes one by one, sauntering thru meadows and mountains, having the patience to notice the mathematical beauty of the ferns in the Fibonacci sequence…

Venus in Aquarius: You appeal to others with adorable quirkiness. You may have the capacity to be detached during sex. From a psychological perspective, someone with an Aquarius Venus might have experienced a heartbreak or trauma that caused them to be detached in how they feel about relationships. Rationalizing one’s romantic life reinforces the idea of being in control of their feelings, even though their love life is chaotic. They can categorize lust from romance from lurve from infatuation, yet their feelings could be so erratic and unstable that they fool themselves into thinking they’re more logical when love isn’t meant to be logical. There can be a neurosis in attempting to understand relationship dynamics. A tendency to be kinky will make this person want to experiment with going wild in the bedroom. Unpredictable people hold their attention! They are turned on by people who stimulate their mind. Venus in Aquarius people value the broad spectrum of gender and sexuality, homophobes lose major points with them. Men with an Aquarius Venus are drawn to chatty women who flaunt their intellect and women who aren’t afraid of strange people. Aphrodite skips up the Ethernet cable, connecting humanity if the internet connection is stable. Networking a group together, harmonizing social dynamics for a grand plan. We’re comrades till the end, brainstorming ideas, testing theories, until you unfriend. Spurts of inspiration, an outcast in cynical contemplation. Seeking reactions by acting life a freakazoid, the free spirit could care less who’s annoyed!

Venus in Pisces gives you capacity to love freely, but the caution is that you put on “rose colored glasses” figuratively when it comes to love. You may put your love interests on a pedestal, getting caught up in the fantasy. You may fall for people who seem kinder than they turn out to be, as you can get carried away with your excitement, to the point of blinding yourself to the flaws of a love interest, only to get hurt in the end. You likely need to learn to understand boundaries, and be firm in sticking to them. Seeking pleasure in escapism, may enjoy having a glass of wine or smoke a bowl to release the pressure of the world. Men with a Pisces Venus are attracted to dreamy girls who go with the flow rather than women who challenge them. They value adaptability rather than someone stubborn. Aphrodite dreams endlessly, perceiving messages from the spirit world, peering into another reality… A sea of psychedelia stares back at her, where do all the whirlwinds lead? “How do I distinguish what I truly need?” Carried away on spending for indulgence, swept away by a new romance, she is enamored by her own brain chemistry. Lost in a blur of pure feeling, in her own world, the collective consciousness is revealing.

Remember, any given planetary placement can be overruled by other factors in the chart. Most of us are contradictory people. Some of your other planets may interact with your Venus in a way that is harmonious or a clash. Feel free to ask me about it!
If you’re interested in a reading that synthesizes your Venus placement with the effects of your Mars, with the power of Pluto in your chart, along with the gifts of your Jupiter, contact me, and I am happy to write up a report about your chart!

“Hey,“ said Shadow. "Huginn or Muninn, or whoever you are.”
The bird turned, head tipped, suspiciously, on one side, and it stared at him with bright eyes.
“Say ‘Nevermore,’” said Shadow.
“Fuck you,” said the raven.”

I finished reading American Gods last night and wow, what a book.

rich kid asshole paint me as a villain

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Dear Auntie Jilli, I was wondering what hair dye you use? It always seems to be beautifully bright and doesn't really fade when we get to see your wonderful face! (Is it an Eldergoth Cabal secret? Fab hair only for the Chosen Few? 👿)

Aww, thank you! I think part of the brightness is due to the grey/white strands really grabbing and holding my dye.

I use a 50/50 mix of Manic Panic “Vampire Red” and Special Effects “Burgundy Wine”. I apply it, put a plastic cap on my head, and leave it on for about 3 hours. Then I rinse (rinse, rinse, and rinse some more) with cool water, then do one final rinse with cool water mixed with a bit of apple cider vinegar.

I add about 1-2 teaspoons of my dye mix to my shampoo and conditioner, so I’m refreshing the color when I wash my hair. (Also, I only wash my hair once a week.) (Yes, I’m one of those people. But I don’t actually use a lot of hair products, so I don’t have to worry about product buildup.)

Aaaaand I made myself some custom dry shampoo! 

  •  1/2 cup of arrowroot powder (tho’ you can use cornstarch).
  • A few drops of BPAL Blood Popsicle. (Because of course I want my hair to smell like Blood Popsicle).
  • A bunch of burgundy, red, and bright pink eye shadow pigments that were not quite the shade I wanted for makeup. (And a dash of pink glitter. Because why not?)

I mixed all of that together in a ziplock bag, then decanted it into an empty jar. I apply it to my roots with a blush brush, then vigorously brush my hair. The burgundy/pink color of my custom dry shampoo means I don’t get that weird ashy-powdery look that regular dry shampoos leave on wacky-colored hair. And leaves the tiniest trace of glitter, which is important, dammit.

I work at at a tiny little Joann’s Fabric and Crafts. One side of our neighborhood is retirement villages and general SnowBird Land. The other side is sketchy, cheap motels and halfway homes.

I was working the cut-counter, with an enormous line of grandmas with carts filled to the brim with fabric. Since my store is chronically short-staffed, the regulars had taken it upon themselves to entertain the more impatient customers. God Bless these Grannies.

I was four yards into a ten yard cut, half-listening to the regulars banter, when I saw another customer approach from the corner of my eye. I immediately paused my measuring and looked up to tell them to get a ticket before they started shopping.

The customer was a middle aged woman with dirty clothes and bright blue eye shadow. She slowly walked over to the cut counter, stared intensely into my eyes. In a croaky voice, she asked- no- told me “I need a computer.”

The store was silent, the Grannies had paused their story to watch the newcomer, and I had no idea what to say. The poor woman was obviously stoned out of her mind, and I’m already a lump of social awkwardness. After stammering for a few seconds, I lifted up the bolt of flannel I was measuring and said “We’re a fabric store?”

The woman stared at me for ten more seconds.

“Okay.” She finally mumbled. “I don’t need a computer.”

Then left as slowly as she came.

Being Tony Stark’s Daughter would Include...

Being Tony stark’s Daughter would include… (Requested by ANON)

Originally posted by robertdowneyjrgif

(Age 1-10)

  • Him fainting when he first see’s you
  • Him spending a fortune on clothing you won’t be able to fit in three months
  • Steve teasing him about how devoted he is to you
  • Him crying the day you go to pre-school/Primary school  
  • “I Love you sweetie!”
  • “Love you too Daddy!”
  • Him crying to steve about how kids grow up too fast
  • Everyone wanting you in their class to get the good stuff on your birthday
  • Being number one in you class (Well duh)
  • Getting in trouble but somehow when tony took you back home the teacher feels like shit
  • Getting ice cream for swearing in class

Originally posted by sgt-luz

(Age 10-20)

  • Him crying on your first day of secondary school
  • “Love you sweetie!”
  • “DAD!”
  • Steve telling him this is just a phase
  • Going through the bright blue eye-shadow phase
  • “You are not leaving my house wearing that”
  • “But dad!”
  • You dad scaring away every boy that showed interest in you
  • Both of you going to Steve after an argument
  • “Dad this is my boyfriend,”
  • “Mr. Stark!” “Parker!”
  • “Steve this better be a phase!”
  • “I doubt it look at the way he looks at her,”

Originally posted by tonystarkandpepper

(Age 20)

  • Him crying on your wedding day
  • It wasn’t a phase
  • “You hurt her i swear to god i will…”
  • “Dad we’re in a church!” 
  • Him crying when you say your vows
  • Steve having to hold him down for the kiss
  • “You’ll always be my baby girl, I love you,”
  • “I love you too, Dad”
‘Hey,’ said Shadow. ‘Huginn or Muninn, or whoever you are.’
The bird turned, head tipped, suspiciously, on one side, and it stared at him with bright eyes.
'Say “Nevermore”,’ said Shadow.
'Fuck you,’ said the raven. It said nothing else as they went through the woodland together, the raven in the lead and flying from tree to tree, the man stomping heavily through the undergrowth trying to catch up.
—  – American Gods by Neil Gaiman
ME Fic: Over It

Well, I’ve got to do something with myself tonight. :)  And I figured it would be nice to actually post some of these moments instead of letting them sit in Scrivener forever.

Summary: Oh, that old crush? Tali’s over it. Or not. Shepard/Tali, pre-romance. Characters: Kasumi, Tali, Shepard.


“You must be Tali.”

Tali looked left and right, but the voice came out of nowhere, as far as she could tell. She turned around, wondering if someone had approached from behind, but she still saw no one. Only as she kept pivoting did a person shimmer into view, an electronic scatter field dissolving.

“Sorry, forgot my manners. I’m Kasumi Goto.”

The speaker was a human woman, about Tali’s size, dressed in a close-fitting dark suit with a hood that fell partly over her face, concealing her eyes. It didn’t conceal her mouth, curved in a friendly smile.

“Oh! Hello.” In spite of the peculiar entrance, Tali put out her hand, human-style. Around Shepard, you had to get used to peculiar greetings. Kasumi accepted it with a firm clasp. “Do you always sneak up on people that way?” Tali asked, and then added, because she couldn’t help herself: “That’s a very good tactical cloak, though.” It gave her an itchy feeling, in fact, since she’d so many geth hunter platforms use similar technology. The geth cloaking fields might not even be quite as good, in fact; with geth, you could usually see the shimmer if you knew what to look for.

“Not always,” Kasumi replied, releasing Tali’s hand. “Only when I forget myself. ‘Course, most people are lucky to see me at all.”

“You must be the thief Shepard mentioned.” This cheerfully smiling human was not quite what Tali would have imagined from a professional thief.

“In the flesh!” Kasumi spread her hands. “Shepard’s told me a lot about you. And thanks, by the way, I refined the cloak program myself.”

“You did?” Tali said, interest piqued, and then tilted her head, registering the rest of Kasumi’s remark. “Wait, he said a lot? About me?”

“Of course he did.” Kasumi’s smile broadened. “Are you on duty, or do you have time to talk?”

“Well…” Tali checked the time, surprised to find that her shift had ended forty minutes ago. She’d been dimly aware of Ken and Gabby signing out and heading off, bickering amiably with each other, but she’d been so absorbed in her own work that she hadn’t noticed how much time had passed. “I’m off-duty, technically.”

“Great! Why don’t you come up to the lounge with me and we can have a chat?”

“Lounge?” Tali asked, startled. The old Normandy hadn’t had much in the way of social space for the crew. “I don’t know, I’m still getting up to speed on everything…”

“I promise I’ve got dextro drinks, too.”

Tali wavered before giving in. She was curious, and it would be good to get to know some of the new crew. “All right, let’s see this lounge.”

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i have a. a rosemary focused au idea with strong side serving of scourge. clever rival mean girls rose and terezi are cashiers at local cvs, rose is bitter and steals books from the library to make highlighter poetry out of them when shifts are slow. coworkers awful loud tall obnoxious gf keeps harassing her when she comes to pick up terezi for lunch/smoke breaks. one day cute bxchy femme girl practically cleans out every bright eye shadow color from the wet n wild section, emo goth rose naturally snarks to said girl at checkout, to her surprise is met with equal snark back. she watches kanaya saunter through the automatic doors with her plastics semi transparent cvs bag with a rainbow of eye shadow pans + a sprite. its overcast but the sun starts shining on the gross dark carpets a lil brighter. its a metaphor.

Homeward, Part Seven

Pairings: Ward x friend!Reader, Danny x friend!Reader

Prompt: Reader is an abusive relationship with a member of the Hand and seeks out her childhood friends for help. (prompt by @rune-of-a-writer)

Warnings: Swearing, Implied Domestic Abuse, Angst

Word Count: 2,334


Homeward, Part Seven

“You gotta warn me next time, Danny,” you said after you managed to avert being asphyxiated by a piece of fruit, watching his face go from faintly tan to beet red within seconds. It was actually quite impressive.

“Warn him about what?”

The question came from a very groggy, very rumbly voice from the doorway. You looked up to see Ward slowly making his way toward the pair of you, his hair a mess as he rubbed his face with his hands. He hadn’t even bothered to button up his shirt, and the sight of his sock-covered feet shuffling across Danny’s tile floor made you want to start madly giggling. Clearly, you needed more sleep.

“Nothing,” Danny said quickly, moving away from you a few inches as he shook his head with a jerky, nervous motion. “Coffee’s in the pot.”

“Thanks,” Ward croaked as he stopped rubbing his eyes, converging on the coffee machine like a man in the desert finding an oasis. “Head hurts.”

“Yes, well…”

Don’t say it.”

Danny gave him a smug grin and stated, “Hangovers will do that.”

Ward gave him a dark look that would have been more intimidating if not for the redness around his eyes, and said, “I’m not hungover. I know you wouldn’t understand this, Mountain Man, but most of us are accustomed to sleeping in beds at night.”

“My couch is hardly roughing it, Ward,” Danny responded with a quirk of his brow. You continued to eat your breakfast while watching the exchange, trying to hide your inevitable smirk. “City life has made you soft.”

Ward scoffed and rolled his eyes before lifting the steaming mug to his lips, drinking the coffee black. As you watched, you must have made a face because he shifted his gaze to you and grumbled, “What?”

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how about "so much for not getting involved" for gladionoctnyx, mafia!au ? right and left-hand men gladio and nyx, mafia boss noct. everyone knows you don't touch the boss' men

idiots. all of them.

“So much for not getting involved.”

Noctis huffed out a sigh, setting down the ransom note that Prompto had dropped on his desk. He didn’t know what he was more disappointed about: the fact that Fleuret refused to cooperate, or that his two most invaluable assets were so hopeless sometimes that they went and got themselves captured. And here he had been assured that he could just sit back, relax, and let his enforcers settle the dispute without having to lift a finger himself.

“How do you want to play this?” Prompto asked. “Should I get Ignis?”

“No, leave him be. I’ll see to this myself.”

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