Summer is coming! And this image was inspired by the carnival colours & brightness it brings. I’ll do a tutorial on this look.

I used a range of colours from brands such as: Sleek, Grimas & Sugar Pill!

Makeup - ShowMe MakeUp (Me - Shonagh Scott)
Model - Kate Errington
Photography - Martin Higgs
Retoucher - Stefka Pavlova


Wow I just sprited all the shit in like 2 hours, yay for me! But yeah, I got a happy Tim sprite done, and a sorta ‘Wow Jay calm the fuck down babe’ one done, and then I got bored so I added hands to it and even made a sorta ‘none broken wing’ one :o

But yeah, thanks for the suggestions guys!!! :D I hope to make more Jay ones or even Brian soon!!