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For My Secret Santa.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVERYONE! And hiya my lovely lost-n-stereo, my lovely Cece, it is I! Your Secret Santa! Surprise! It’s been incredibly awesome getting to know you, and harass you, and I hope you’ll enjoy the first part of many things to come! Tomorrow you’ll get the bulk of your present so I hope for now this will make you smile and maybe even make you feel a little more festive ;) And I look forward to spamming you with even more tomorrow! You did say you enjoyed Holiday fics soooooo that’s what you’re about to get a whole lot of! Enjoy the prompt and the manip, there is plenty more to come (like 6 things)! 

Killian slipped the last button through the hole, making sure to leave the top few of his shirt open. He looked down at the crossing lines, the bright colors, and pursed his lips. He wasn’t sure about it, but after being in town for a few months, it became clear that this was the style. So for the night he was trading out his leather for a new flannel. David had even gone with him to pick it out.

“You ready?” Emma yelled up the stairs, listening to the movement upstairs. Grabbing her beanie, she carefully slid it onto her head, pulling it over her hair. It sat delicately on the back of her head, her recently curled hair hanging out in the front, loosely draping over her shoulders. She looked down at the watch, catching the time and reaching for her keys.

“Come on, Killian. We can’t be late.”

“It takes some time to look this good,” He called out, meeting her by the front door. The left side of his mouth lifted when he caught sight of her. His gaze shifted from her head all the way down to her toes. Pulling her to him, he met her lips with his, kissing her lightly. With one more small smirk, he took her hand. He led her from the house, down waterfront and up the street to Granny’s where everyone in town was gathered, swinging their hands as they went. 

The patio of Granny’s had been cleaned, the tables and chairs put away; now replaced with a large tree, a few rocking chairs. Lights decorated the small area, strung from the building and the surrounding fence. Emma leaned into Killian as the festivities began, ornaments being passed out, lights getting untangled by anyone who could get their hands on a strand. Emma gathered a mass of lights, working them through, trying her best to get the knots out. Every now and then, she would look up, catching the eye of her pirate who was milling with the dwarves- the group attempting to get the star on the top of the tree.

While all of Storybrooke worked, so did the sky. It darkened while they worked, and soon the clouds could no longer hold the amount of moisture accumulating. Snow began to fall in a light flurry. The light danced off the gleaming, falling crystals, giving Storybrooke a magical glow. The kids dropped what they were doing, opting to run down main street, their faces turned up and their tongues out in hopes of catching some of the falling ice. Emma smiled, looking down at the lights aglow in her hand. Some days it still felt like it was a dream, something out of a fairytale; the lost girl finding home. And maybe it was.

“What’s got you thinking so hard over here love?” Killian asked as he made his way over to her, the star now safely in place on the tip of the tree.

“Nothing much, just thinking about how happy I am,” She told him, her features lit up with not only the gentle glow of the lights, but also with her answering soft smile. He smiled back, his hand cupping her cheek, his hook wrapping gently around her waist.

“Happiness looks good on you Swan,” he told her with a crooked grin, leaning down slowly his eyes flittering from her eyes to her lips, and back. When their lips met, Emma smiled against him, her own hand moving to cup the side of his face. He tasted sweet, of hot chocolate, and sugar cookies. (He had decided the sweets of this realm were something to be treasured.) He pulled back to look at her, not letting her go completely, even leaning in and stealing a few more quick kisses.

“I love you Swan.”

“I love you too. Even if you steal cookies like a child,” She teased him, dusting fake crumbs off the collar of his red shirt. Killian scoffed and pretended to look offended, his hand flying to cover his chest, and his wounded heart. Emma let out a soft laugh, stepping up on her tiptoes to kiss him lightly.

The snow continued to fall, and the tree continued to gain decorations. However, both were lost on Killian and Emma, the two wrapped in their own bubble, oblivious to what was going on around them, (even when Regina muttered something about the two being worse than Snow and Charming). 

“Merry Christmas, Swan.”

“It’s not Christmas yet Jones. We still have a few more hours.”

Killian groaned simply in response, muttering a quick complaint about how she had to ruin every moment. Emma simply laughed, her hands running down his chest and an apology spilling from her lips.

“Merry Christmas Eve,” She told him with a small smile, grabbing his hand in hers. After that the two got back to work, but not without a few more distractions.

That was the night Killian discovered mistletoe and what it stood for. He spent the rest of the night with one dangling off the end of his hook, lifting it whenever Emma got close enough. She would tease him; push him slightly with a small laugh, before leaning up a catching his lips quickly. Then with a soft mutter, and a quick utterance of love, they would separate once more.

Emma couldn’t help but think once more that she had landed herself in a fairytale indeed, had found that feeling only read about in books. The thought brought another smile to her lips. Not to mention, it was only Christmas Eve, there was no telling what wonders tomorrow would hold for her;  or all the days that followed.