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Wait For It - Jason Todd Soulmate AU

A/N: This was originally posted on @dcvalentineexchange as a gift for @rent-a-bat. I am really glad you liked it, doll.

Everyone is born with a bracelet. No one knows for sure why, whether it be evolution, fate, or God trying to makes things easier on humanity, but before you even take your first breath, the bracelet appears on your wrist. The color always starts out muted, on the very coldest end of the color spectrum. It is different for everyone, but most are born with a deep true blue. Very rarely is a person born with a green or even a purple bracelet, closer to the warmth of meeting their soulmate. Scientists had figured out long ago that the color of your bracelet changed with age, not distance, which kept many a lonely heart from wandering the world in search of their love.

Y/N’s parents were both born with purple bracelets. They met in middle school and continued on to be high school sweethearts. Even after being together so long, the bright white of their bracelets had yet to fade in the slightest.

Y/N, like the majority of the world, was born with the deep blue that meant she wouldn’t meet her soulmate for many years. She tried not to be jealous of her baby sister’s green wrist. Everyone has a soulmate right? And all good things come to those who wait. Everyday of her life she would wake up and check for any hint of change on her wrist, but for many years it remained blue.

She and her family, like many, decided to take pictures of the bands on birthdays to see the color change over the years. One of the happiest days in her memory was the day she realized that her band had become the slightest bit more purple since last year.

The day her little sister’s band turned white was painful and yet she was still happy. Her band was a lot more purple than it had once been, and she still had a long time to meet her mate. She watched many of her friends meet their soulmates in middle school and high school. She watched them and was content with the blue-purple of her band.

Until one day, she woke up in the middle of the night to see the purple fading into black. She turned on the light just in time to see the darkness spread until it engulfed every bit of pigment. She felt a cold chill engulf her entire body.

They were dead. Whoever they were. She would never meet her soulmate. She felt like oxygen was no longer enough for her body. She was lightheaded and the room was spinning, but no matter how much air she gulped, it didn’t change the emptiness in her chest.

She didn’t realize she was making noise until her parents burst into the room to find her sobbing and clutching her wrist to her chest.

Things changed after that. She tended to wear long sleeves or tie a wide ribbon over her band. For a little while she would pretend the band wasn’t black underneath. For a while she even would have sworn it was dark purple, but when she finally had the courage to look again, it was just as black as she remembered.

After several months, she grew used to it. The pain wasn’t as constant and seeing the black didn’t sting as bad. So she embraced it. She stopped trying to cover the fact that her soulmate was dead. People still flinched when they saw the black band on the wrist of one so young, only 17 and already alone. Many even went so far as to apologize, as if the words of a stranger could possibly change the color of her wrist.

One day, long after she had come to terms with the fact that she would never have a soulmate, she woke up to find her bracelet of magenta. Something had changed and she was much closer to meeting her soulmate than she had ever been before. She felt that same breathless feeling she had felt so long ago when her bracelet had first turned black. She had spent so long coming to terms with never meeting her soulmate that the idea of suddenly having one again was world shattering. What had suddenly changed? Why now? After all she had been through? Asking questions wasn’t going to change the color of her wrist and only time would bring the answers so she continued on best she could.

She heard about the new vigilante in town. He was shaking things up and making life hard for a lot of bad people, but he also stood against Batman. She didn’t really have a strong opinion about him, other than she didn’t want to get on his bad side.

She pretended not to notice how warm her bracelet was beginning to look. The fiery red her band was becoming, but it almost seemed to glow at times. She took to wearing long sleeved shirts again.

She didn’t expect her life to change again so soon, but not too long later she found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was walking home from work when the Red Hood stumbled out of an alley and fell onto the sidewalk in front of her. She didn’t really put a lot into helping him, but before she knew it he was lying unconscious on her couch while she patched up his wounds.

She knew the moment he woke up. His breathing changed before he grabbed her wrist, his hand closing over her band. She let him gain his bearings and stayed silent while he realized he wasn’t in danger. Even though she had left his helmet on, she could tell the moment his eyes fixed on hers.

“Who are you?” His voice came out, garbled and a bit unnatural.

“Nobody.” She answered quietly.

They sat studying each other for several seconds before his eyes caught sight of his band. It was a vibrant snowy white against his skin. He slowly released her hand and gently moved the fabric of her sleeve to find that her band was the same.

That now familiar breathless feeling came back. Luckily her soulmate has good reflexes and caught her before she slipped of the couch and onto the floor.

“Are you okay?” He asked, extremely concerned at how his soulmate had reacted.

She nodded and steadied herself. He cautiously let her go and reached for his helmet. He lifted it off to reveal an attractive young man with dark hair and bright blue eyes.

“Hi, I’m Jason. And I guess I’m your soulmate, doll.”

7 minutes in heaven with Ha Sungwoon

Requested by anon  ♡ I write it in bullet points because I find it easier for me. |NO SMUT|

  • “Which dress should I wear?” you asked to your bestfriend
  • “What do you think Sungwoon would like?” she laughed
  • “Shut up! I already told you that Sungwoon is just my friend” you playfully hit her
  • “But he invited you for prom! He may have feelings for you” she winked at you
  • you just rolled your eyes and wear the purple dress
  • after 45 minutes you and your bestfriend got out the house
  • Sungwoon was standing in front of your house with a bouquet of flowers and a flower bracelet
  • you waved at him with a bright smile
  • he put the bracelet on your wrist
  • “You’re so pretty” he smiled timidly
  • you saw your dumbass bestfriend giving you 23 winks
  • so when you arrived at your school
  • there was already a lot of people partying
  • “(y/n) let’s go there” Sunwoon said as he pointed two empty chairs
  • during 2 hours you laughed a lot, talked with people
  • that was very fun
  • “I’ll have to go now” Sungwoon stood up
  • “Wai-wait are you coming back home already” you grabbed his arm
  • “ahah no I don’t” he chuckled “don’t you know that I have to sing?”
  • “uhm?” you looked at him, raising an eyebrow
  • “yeah, since I’m in the art club. My teacher asked me to do a little presentation and I chose to sing” he smiled
  • “Oh really? I didn’t know about that… And I haven’t heard you sing yet”
  • “See you!” he left the room
  • “And now Art club’s student Ha Sungwoon” everyone applaused
  • As soon as you heard the song your heart stopped
  • It was Dean - D (Half Moon) aka your favorite song of all time
  • he then started to sing
  • you were totally captivated by his honey vocals
  • you couldn’t take your eyes off him
  • “Thank you for this presentation!” the teacher said
  • this moment past like a shooting star
  • you went “backstage” to see Sungwoon
  • “Wow Sungwoon you did really well~~” you smiled at him
  • “Oh you liked it?” he smiled shyly at you, schratching the back of his neck
  • “Should we walk around a bit? There are a lot of stands here” you asked
  • “I saw games over there! Let’s play some!” he took your arm, smiling like a kid
  • you walked around a bit
  • he bought you a cookie tho
  • then you finally arrived at the ‘games stand’
  • “(y/n) let’s play 7 minutes in heaven!” Sungwoon proposed
  • “what is this?” you asked
  • “uhm it’s a game where 2 people goes into a closet and they kiss or JUST NOTHING LIKE TALK” he corrected himself after seeing your weird expression
  • “uhm ok let’s play” you winked
  • “really?” he asked with a baby-like smile
  • “Excuse me, can we participate? Where is the bottle?” Sungwoon asked to the stand’s owner
  • “There is no bottle here. You just go in with the person you want to go with” she said
  • you and Sungwoon looked at each other
  • he was feeling a bit uneasy to ask you to go in a closet with him wtf(?)
  • “uhm okay let’s go” you smiled at Sungwoon’s surprised face
  • you entered in the closet first
  • then Sungwoon
  • “Ahhh what is this really” he entered the closet saying this like it’s a punishment (I can hear Sungwoon saying this in Korean in my head lmao)
  • “7 minutes in heaven start!” the door is now locked
  • Sungwoon cleared his throat
  • “So…what can we talk about” he asked seriously
  • “How can we talk in a place like this” you two started to laugh out loud
  • this was followed by a 2 minutes long awkward silence
  • “hey (y/n) what’s your favorite fruit?” Sungwoon asked you out of nowhere
  • “me? I like pineapples”
  • “oh really because if you were one, you’d be a fine-apple”
  • “what is this” you chuckled, blushing a little
  • “yeah thank you” Sungwoon chuckled and applauded at his cheesy pick-up line
  • “hey Sungwoon”
  • “yeah?”
  • “You must be a banana because I find you a peeling” you chuckled
  • Sungwwon laughed
  • “You got something here” you pointed at Sungwoon’s lips
  • “oh really” he become uneasy
  • “Let me remove it for you~~”
  • you then softly pressed your lips on his
  • you pulled away from Sungwoon’s blank, surprised and blushy face
  • “I like you” you whispers
  • Sungwoon hid his wide opened mouth with his right hand
  • “please say it again! that was so cute” he whispers, being excited like a kid who got a lollipop
  • you laughed
  • “I love you too” he whispered
  • “Time’s up” Someone opened the door
  • you both got out the closet and went outside to watch the stars
  • you sat on a bench while holding hands
  • “(y/n) did I really get something on my lips or did you just flirt with me?” he winked
  • “I’m not flirting! you really got something on your lips!” you pouted
  • “then what?”
  • “my lipstick.”

this ending is the best ending I’ve ever thought in my life lmao

JISUNG BAGSU EVERYONE!  👏 Please send your requests here

Which were you?

Did you identify as emo or scene?

Full face makeup or just eye makeup? Did you wear more skirts or skinny jeans? Were you a screamo- Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil or a Paramore, Never Shout Never, 3 Days Grace, Fall Out Boy, MCR, Panic! At the Disco, Linkin Park listener? Boots or Converse? A gazillion bracelets or like 4? Usually wear nail polish? If so, black or bright polish? Long, medium, or short hair? Were you a fringe or no fringe? Multiple necklaces or one or two? Chokers or no chokers? Layers or no layers? Dyed or natural? If dyed, did you dye a new color each week or usually have the same color for a long while? When did you discover MCR? Bright colored clothes or all black? Who was your idol? Who was your style icon? How long did your phase last? If you're​ a boy did you wear nail polish or eyeliner? Raccoon eyes or regular amount of liner? Are you still in your emo/scene phase? Or are you out but it’s still there inside. You never really leave it; let’s be real.

i am branded for life. eyes full of rainwater. a bright red metal bracelet on my wrist with “PTSD” written across the band in large white letters. a bracelet, so that the police are not called when my fist meets someone’s face after a startle; after mimicking a child’s cry. a bracelet, so that the paramedics are not called when i vomit saliva and lunch, hiding under a table, a crawlspace, hands covering my ears. 

i remember, all of the dates that these things have happened. a glance to my wrist and it may as well iron itself into my flesh. 

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could you do a sequel to King at some point? it was really good and so is you're writing 💕

Steve never thought he would ever meet him again. After all, it had been five years, and neither he or any other ghost had showed their face on the earth. Not since he got blasted to Ghost Zone by Loki and then kidnapped by Fright Knight.

But then again, anything could happen in a HYDRA cell.

He was sharing one with a little girl, who had green skin and white hair. She had thorns poking out of her arms, and her eyes were green with bright red irises. She was just a little kid. A small, cute, glowing kid.

“Hi, there,” he said in a soft, gentle voice in an attempt to calm her down. She flinched away from him, curling into herself, and Steve couldn’t help but notice the bright green bracelet around her ankle, blinking methodically. “My name is Captain America,” he tried again. “What’s yours?”

“I-Ivory,” she whimpered. Ivory sniffed and wiped away the tear that fell off of her cheek.

“Hey, listen,” he said, voice still gentle. “I’m gonna get us out of here, okay?”

“H-how?” Ivory didn’t sound as scared, and Steve couldn’t tell whether or not she was faking it.

“Really carefully. Um…Do you have anything sharp? I cold pick the lock on the door.”

She shrugged and stood up, her pink sundress bouncing as she did so. She searched her pockets and pulled out a plastic screwdriver.

“Will this work?” She asked. Steve nodded and took it from her before getting to work. It was a perfect fit, but it was also plastic, so he didn’t actually know how well it was going to work. He might just have to break his shoulder to get the large, metal door down. But then there would be no stealth.

After a couple minutes of trying, he pulled the screwdriver out and handed it back to Ivory.

“I’m sorry it didn’t work,” she said sadly. Steve waved her off.

“Don’t worry about it. Where are you from?” He needed to take her mind off of what could happen to them. She shrugged and started to play with her long, white hair. He had a feeling he already knew the answer, though.

“Um…Daddy told me to never tell anybody…” She said nervously. Steve gave her a warm smile.

“And who is your father?”

“King of the Ghosts,” she said proudly. “I’m a princess!”

“I actually know him,” Steve said. “He’s a good friend of mine.”

That meant that the anklet was suppressing her powers. He scooted closer to her, trying to make himself as small as possible.

“I might be able to break this,” he told her. “And then you can walk us through the walls. Does that sound okay to you?” She nodded and stuck out her ankle. Apparently knowing her father had its perks. It meant you were automatically on his daughter’s good side.

Steve gripped both sides of it and pulled as hard as he could. His face was turning red with exertion, but after a few tries at finally crumpled in his hands, the pieces flying everywhere as he tore it to shreds. He helped her up and held out his hand for her to take. She wrapped her hand around three of his fingers, and he could feel the tingle run down his spine as they walked through the door together.

Hoewver, there were several guards down the long hallway. He pulled Ivory into his arms and covered her with his body as they shot at him. e dodged and rolled, keeping her safely tucked into his chest as he took them down one by one before running down to the armory to retrieve his shield. Once he had that, he told her it was safe to look again.

“You’re damn right it is.”

Steve whirled around, only to see his old friend Danny with a big grin on his face. He held out his arms and Ivory jumped out of Steve’s and into Danny’s. But Steve had seen through the fake smile. His eyes were burning with hatred for the people who kidnapped his daughter.

“Where’s mommy?” Ivory asked.

“Well, let’s go see,” Danny said. He put Ivory on his shoulders and grabbed Steve’s arm, and within the blink of an eye hey were in the main lab. But it wasn’t how Steve remembered it.

Everything was covered in large plants and mutant Venus fly traps. It was truly a sight to see. In the middle of it all was a woman with short, black hair and a green knee-length dress with glowing red eyes. Danny looked at her lovingly.

“There she is!” he said excitedly. “Look at what she did with all of the bad guys!”

It was true. All of them had been taken down by the vines or eaten by the mutant plants. Skull, though, was nowhere to be seen.

The woman walked over to them, looking as strong as ever, and hugged her daughter tightly. Then she turned to Steve.

“You’re Captain America?” She asked. He nodded, and she stuck out her hand. “I’m Sam, Danny’s wife. It’s so nice to finally meet you,” they shook hands, and Steve ind of felt like he was dreaming. Everything was so surreal.

“Do you-wanna join us for dinner?” He asked stupidly. What else was he supposed to say to the Queen of the Ghosts. Ivory lit up at the thought, and both she and Danny gave Sam the pouty face. Sam rolled her eyes and sighed, a smile gracing her lips.

“Yes, we would be happy to,” she said. “Thank you. For everything.” Steve smiled and scratched the back of his head.

“It was my pleasure, Ma’am.”

Next to them, Danny laughed as he spun Ivory around.

“So,” he said, “What’s for dinner?”


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 10.11.16

beaded wrap bracelet by boutiqueminimaliste

loop this multicolored beaded strand around your wrist for an instant vibrant and boho accessory that’s sure to add a pop of brightness to your tuesday. can also be styled as a necklace!

Wally and Dick having friendship bracelets gives me life.
Wally’s bracelet was bright red and yellow while Dick’s was red and black ( “dude, your bracelet remembers me of a ladybu-” sHUT UP KID MOUTH") they both wore the bracelets with their civilian clothes because wearing them in costume usually leads to friction burns or getting caught in bat-grapples. Both of them continued to them even after Wally left the hero game and Dick was leading the team.
Then drama™ happens and nether wanted to be best friends anymore. Bracelet were thrown in desk drawers or never seen again period.
And suddenly there was only one friendship bracelet left.

Things That Remind me of the Signs
  • Aries: Leather Jackets with patches from favorite bands, Aftermath of concerts, Skies that look like fire,
  • Taurus: Wishes on Shooting stars, Cotton Candy, Rose Gold Eyeshadow
  • Gemini: Rainbow Sherbert, Palm Trees, Stacked Bright Friendship bracelets,
  • Cancer: Candy Hearts,Catching Fireflies,Baby pink nail polish
  • Leo: The Jungle, Sex Hair, Lightening Crashing
  • Virgo: Shiny Blue Sunglasses, Shadows of Lac on Bare Skin
  • Libra: Dainty Frilly Bikinis, Silver Charm Bracelets, Real Flower Crowns,
  • Scorpio: Sparkler lit skies, Vanilla Ice Cream with Rainbow Sprinkles, High- Waisted Jean shorts with no top and Long flowy hair, Light Pink Sheer Lingerie
  • Sagittarius: Skinny Dipping,Notebooks with Endless Doodles in the margins,
  • Capricorn: Sunrises over a flower field, Bonfires, Solid Gold Beaded Dresses, Bikes Covered in Bright Flowers,
  • Aquarius: The Ocean, Watching the clouds, Maps with Push Pins everywhere, Outer Space,
  • Pisces: Old Yellow Volkswagon Beetles, Fairy Lights, Rainbow Macoroons

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sterek kissing under the fireworks

For the past hour, Derek’s nerves have been steadily creeping up.

He’s waved to Scott and Allison as they screeched around on the dodgem carts; Allison looking fiercely determined and Scott beaming with pride. He’s sat in horrified silence all the way round the big wheel; Lydia squeezing his arm and pointing out the view every few seconds. He’s amused himself, and Stiles, watching his face change in the hall of mirrors. Stiles was particularly tickled by how long Derek’s eyebrows went.

“You look like a really surprised cartoon!” He’d crowed before cackling at his fingers as he lifted his hands high above his head. Derek was vaguely distracted by the strip of skin showing between Stiles’ jeans and jacket as he stretched his arms up. He’d had to move on to the next mirror where Boyd and Erica were trying to scare some small children by making their eyes flash in the mirrors all around them.

He’s even wearing a cheap, ridiculous bright green bracelet Stiles won him on the shooting game. 

Derek has had a nice, normal, fun evening at a carnival, and now he’d like to go home. He’d like to leave immediately, if he’s honest, because in about three minutes he’s going to make a total fool of himself, and wish he’d never agreed to come out in the first place.

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