bright box

heartbreak doesn’t come with a warning sign and you’ll never see it coming. it doesn’t make you feel unsafe or uncomfortable or sad, it makes you feel happy and it makes you feel beautiful and it makes you feel like it’s love. heartbreak will destroy you, heartbreak will eat you alive. it will raise you up with every word it says and it will tear you down with every step it takes closer to the door. heartbreak doesn’t have dark eyes with a wardrobe that says “trouble.” heartbreak has green eyes and a bright smile with a box behind its back filled with the hearts of those who came before you.
—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write #4
- when the waves get too strong

request: I’ve been down lately a lot has been going on but it’s getting better thank God… can I request a one shot where the reader is usually the one all giggly and happy and Jug is the one that’s always down and being himself but it’s vice versa now and he’s trying everything he can to make the reader feel better and trying to make her smile and laugh so he’ll do dumb cute things that he usually wouldn’t do and she can’t explain why she’s down she just hasn’t been herself with everything going on

pairing: jughead jones x reader 

a/n: to the reader who requested this, I hope you find some happiness in the small day to day things and when you wake up; the sun shines a little brighter than the day before. 

The pumping music was too much for her ears, the shouts of the power hungry red head were beginning to become lost to her ears. The simplest of dance moves were almost impossible to conquer with her sleep deprived limbs. She attempted a twirl along with the rest of the girls on the squad but it was halfhearted and pitiful, not elegant or graceful like Cheryl’s.

She now turned with her eyes as cold as ice and as sharp as daggers, turned directly towards the baggy eyed girl at the back. She flipped a long piece of her ginger hair over her shoulder, the undeniable look of Blossom superiority morphing into her once soft features.

“I’m sorry, do you need a break?” Cheryl asked, no hint of actually offering a break in her tone. She strode purposefully up and down the line of now waiting cheerleaders - that included a wide eyed Betty and a curious Veronica.

“It seems that y/n here can’t keep up with the simplest routine!” the Blossom heir snipped, her head whipping in the girls direction.

“I’m sorry Cheryl, I didn’t get much sleep last night” y/n mumbled, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I can tell” the red head snapped “those bags under your eyes clearly aren’t designer”

“Cheryl!” Betty quipped with a gasp, her bright eyes flitting from Cheryl to her best friend that now sported cheeks that were red with irritation.

“Excuse me Elizabeth but I can’t afford to have girls on my cheer squad that are just going to bring the rest of us down” Cheryl’s expression was cold and unyielding, she flashed her eyes back to y/n “you’re excused from practice today. You can leave now”

Cheryl never backed down with her glare and y/n stood there at the back of the line contemplating what to do. She felt like grabbing Cheryl by her long hair and swinging her around the gymnasium a few times to shake the evil out of her, or maybe snap back with an equally insulting comment. But there was a tiredness inside her that she couldn’t explain, and that exhaustion was even causing her to abandon standing up for herself.

With one last look at Betty and Veronica, she threw her pompoms on the ground with a heavy sigh and stalked away from the gym.

“What do you think is up with y/n?” Archie leaned back in the armchair in Betty’s living room “this is the second time this week she’s blown off our studying sessions”

The rest of the group were gathered around the coffee table, Kevin sat with Veronica and Betty sat near a sprawling pile of study notes. Jughead was quite comfortable with his legs crossed on the ground, an elbow resting on his knee.

“She seemed really down at cheer practice, she’s normally one of the most involved cheerleaders” Betty added, looking at Veronica for confirmation of her statement. The dark haired girl gave a nod in return.

“You know she hasn’t come to Pop’s with us in a while either” Kevin said, a frown playing on his lips.

“Hey Jug, she’s your girlfriend” Archie leaned towards the beanie wearing boy “you know her better than anyone, do you know what’s up?”

Jughead sighed a little, turning his eyes towards the glass of the table he sat near instead of the questioning ones of the russet haired boy. He didn’t like the idea of discussing y/ns constant down behaviour before she spoke about it first. It wasn’t his place to say, and besides he didn’t know enough to openly talk about it.

“Look guys, I don’t know what’s wrong. She’s been pretty quiet with me this week so I couldn’t say” he gave a shrug, as if he was nonchalant towards the whole situation. But in truth he wasn’t.

Smiles had faltered to frowns. Warm hugs and wet kisses had become somewhat non existent in their relationship, and long talks beneath the stars had turned to brief texts. At first Jughead had thought that maybe her heart wasn’t in it anymore, that maybe that heart didn’t want his any longer. He could understand that, and accept it no matter how much it hurt. Maybe being with the same person since you were thirteen could become cold after that long.

But then Jughead began to notice that it wasn’t just his jokes she didn’t laugh at, or it wasn’t just him she didn’t have the energy to talk to. It was everyone. Slowly but surely she began giving excuses why she couldn’t go to Pop’s or to their study sessions, and after a while she stopped giving excuses at all. She just wouldn’t turn up.

Her school work was faltering and Jughead could notice how her once sparkling eyes now dulled like the blackest sky. But y/n had never given a reason, never told a tale of how the darkness had gripped her or why she never laughed anymore.

She had always been - since they were kids- the one to hold out a hand or offer a smile when someone was needing it. She needed it now, and Jughead wanted to help. His friends fell back into steady conversation while his head was doing the complete opposite, twirling and pounding with worry but also coming up with ideas to put a smile back on his girlfriends face.

Another day. Another drama.

This time around it came in the form of a teacher and not the usual red haired Blossom witch, which in a way was a sort of relief. Having a break from Cheryl’s snappy comments and cold glares seemed like a weight had lifted from y/ns shoulders.

The relief and gratitude of not being under Blossom scrutiny during cheer practice had been short lived however. It had been replaced by the schools history teacher and a very disappointing C grade. Y/n had stood there while her teacher had told her how her grades were slowly slipping and how he was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to pull herself up. Then the really bad thing had happened- they had the talk. That talk between student and teacher that usually ended with something like “If there’s anything you need to talk about, my door is always open”

Could everyone see how drained she looked? How sad she seemed? Did everyone now notice the heavy bags under her eyes?

Now there was another sort of heaviness on her shoulders; one that was weighed down with unsaid troubles and sobs that wanted to crawl up from her chest. Why was it so hard to just talk?

Maybe it was because she was afraid that she really had no excuse to be this way. Her parents weren’t fighting, there was no pressure at home, she had a group of friends she loved and a boyfriend any girl would be lucky to have. Maybe that was it. Maybe it was because she had no excuse and that just made it all worse; to know that she was living a perfectly happy life but wasn’t happy.

Y/n tried to push the thoughts of heaviness from her already clouded mind. The corridors were full of people as she made her way through them; the bell for lunch ringing proudly around the school. Kevin and Veronica stood gossiping ten lockers down and they both flashed her a smile she was sure she returned dully. The raven haired Lodge just frowned a little around her perfect glossed lips, and that just made y/n feel even worse. Sympathy for being sad was something she repressed.

She turned her eyes towards her locker and in one swift movement opened it up. A picture of Jughead and herself smiling met her like it did everyday; pinned to the grey of the inside of her locker door. It had been taken by Archie last summer when he had become overly enthusiastic about the new camera his dad had bought him. It was a rare photo of Jughead without his hat; instead the grey beanie was placed on y/ns head and her boyfriends smile was the widest she’d ever seen.

Her eyes however, did not stay on the photo for long but instead landed on the very unusual sight of a white box sitting inside. She got that automatic paranoid feeling that someone had been in her locker when she had been in class. Her hand trembled slightly as it picked up the cardboard box, a bright yellow post it note stuck to the top.

Smile more often it read you’re beautiful when you do

Her heart skipped a beat as she looked all around her, trying to see if anyone suspicious was lurking around. No one was however. She turned her attention to the box, and inside was something that made her lips twitch rapidly. Her favourite red velvet cupcakes sat inside, and somehow her bad grade in history didn’t seem so bad anymore with the promise of confectionery comfort.

She slowly closed her locker door and made her way over to Veronica and Kevin who were a few of the only people left in the corridor. Kevin looked up as he heard her light footsteps and quickly nudged Veronica who turned around instantly.

“Hey girl, what’s up?” she asked, her dark lidded eyes suddenly flooding in a warmth y/n felt right in her stomach.

“Were any of you in my locker? Or did you see anyone at it?” y/n asked with a furrowed brow, eyeing her two friends closely.

“No, and I never seen anyone either. Did you Kev?” Veronica asked but the boy just shook his head, leaving y/n feeling as confused as ever.

“It’s just someone left these cupcakes for me, and I’ve no idea who” she let her shoulders drop.

“Hey do you want to come to lunch with us today?” Kevin softly asked. She contemplated it for a moment, knowing how she hadn’t sat with her friends at lunch in forever; always giving the excuse that she was in the library. Her eyes dropped to the yellow note that she held in both hands.

Smile more often, you’re beautiful when you do

“Yeah, I think I will” she told them, matching their smiles just as wide.

The cafeteria was buzzing with loud conversation; mostly coming from the football teams table and loud high pitched laughter from the River Vixens usual spot. Right in the middle however, was a table that hosted a red head, a blonde girl next door and the unmistakable hat of Jughead Jones. All three of them looked as equally surprised to see y/n joining them today for lunch.

“Y/n” Betty smiled that eye twinkling smile “glad you could join us”

“Well I had these cupckaes and didn’t know who to share them with” she smiled back at her, swinging a leg over the bench and sitting beside her boyfriend.

“Hey” Jughead whispered, trying to share a somewhat private moment within the noise of the cafeteria.

“Hey” y/n whispered back, a hand placing itself on the warm skin of Jughead’s neck. He leaned in with a crooked smile, those turned up lips touching hers. She sighed against his mouth, wishing that it was just the two of them and she could kiss him like she used to.

But she broke away with the trace of her happiness etched onto her features. Jughead grabbed her hand under the table and it was almost like he knew; knew exactly that she needed something to hold onto. The note in the back of her pocket burned like it was on fire.

The notes had kept on coming, all day long. They had turned up in the most unexpected places; like the inside of her English folder or on the mirror of her makeup compact, and then at the end of the day there had been more inside her locker.

All were written with positive messages encouraging her in every aspect, and praising the way she looked when she smiled or the way her laugh sounded like music. It lessened a little of the burden of everyday sadness, and was one of the many reasons she was able to face the onslaught of Cheryl and the effort of the River Vixens routine at that nights football game.

The throngs of celebrating Riverdale inhabitants had slowly faded out from the football field while the losing team had trudged back to their school bus. Y/n now sat on the bleachers among the darkness of the night and the twinkling stars. the echos of the crowd still hauntingly ringing in her ears.

The notes that had been left for her now lay scattered on her lap, the inked words staring back at her. Some were longer than others, some more poetic, and all of them had the same resounding echo of a voice she knew. She could hear the shuffle of footsteps behind her, and in a moment she knew who was there.

“You not joining in the celebrating at Pop’s?” it was Jughead, and he now came towards her, his eyes dropping to the expanse of her cheer skirt, the one that held all the notes.

“I’m not really up for being around all those people right now” she told him, meeting his eyes as he knelt right in front of her “I know it was you” she added with a small smile.

“What do you mean?” her boyfriend asked her, the shadow of the field lights bouncing off his features but she could see his mouth was twisting into a grin.

“I know it was you; who left all those notes for me” she told him, her hands coming to clasp the soft skin of his face. He brought one hand up to hers and let his thumb rub circles along the back of it.

“How did you guess?” Jughead asked with a shaky laugh, his light eyes tracing every line of her face.

“I thought it was Veronica at first, it seemed like a very Veronica thing to do” she breathed “but then I remembered you’re the only one with my locker combination”

“I just thought that you…..needed some cheering up, you know? You just seem so down lately and I don’t know why” she dropped her hands from his face but he took them up immediately, holding them close to him “you can talk to me, baby”

“I don’t know what’s wrong” y/n let out in a whisper, her eyes dropping to their clasped hands “I’m just drained and sad all the time and I don’t know why. Nothing is wrong but at the same time everything’s wrong. Forget it I’m not making sense”

“Stop right there” Jughead softly told her, holding her hands tighter “see this is the problem with so many people. You think you’re not making sense or what you have on your mind isn’t important enough for anyone to listen to. But I’m listening y/n. Just talk to me”

She looked at him with tear filled eyes and he looked back just as sad. She knew she could tell him everything, and he’d listen. There was no doubt about that.

“There’s just this sadness inside me and I don’t know why it’s there or why it came on me all of a sudden. My parents love me, and support everything I do. I’ve great friends, I have you Juggy and I normally have good grades but I just feel like everything is slipping away, and that I can’t get a hold on it anymore” the tears escaped down her cheeks but Jughead shushed her with a soothing kiss to her cheek. He sat beside her and let her head fall into his chest.

“Sometimes you don’t have to have a horrible life to be sad all the time. But I don’t want that sadness to turn into a horrible life for you. I don’t want you to feel like this forever” Jughead said. 

“I just feel so selfish for moping around all the time when there’s people at school who have it worse than me and -” 

“Hey, don’t do that. You don’t get to beat yourself up because of that, that’s not fair. This isn’t your fault, this is something inside you that’s making you feel this way. Someone just needs to reach in deep enough to fix it” he told her, rubbing away the black smudges under her eyes. 

“I feel sometimes that you’re going to leave me, and it scares me” she whispered and his heart beat echoed dully in his chest when she spoke those words. 

“I would never leave you, baby” he reassured her, sweeping her hair back from her face to look at her properly “you’re the only thing in this world that means everything to me and I love you” 

“I love you too, Jug” was her response; like it always was when he said it first.

“Look, I’m not naive enough to believe this will be fixed with a few love notes and cupcakes” he said “but if it made you smile for a few moments then that’s the reason why I done it. But you need something more long term. You and I should go tomorrow and make an appointment with the school counselor, you need to talk to someone other than me and I really think that it would help. I understand if you don’t want to, but just think about it” 

“You’ll be there with me, right?” she asked him and he nodded with a smile. 

“Right by your side” 

Maybe Jughead was right, talking to someone else would be a good idea. Someone who was qualified to deal with these sort of things and maybe then she could walk around school with a genuine smile and not with one so forced and empty. Jughead took her hand, and in the other she held the notes he had left her throughout the day, the message of each one resonating deeper than they had earlier. 

That feeling of drowning in a sea of sadness was slowly ebbing as they both walked away from the football field, hand in hand. She knew that the waves weren’t going to subside right away, and that maybe they’d swallow her from time to time like they did to so many others. 

But one comforting thought remained with her; no matter how deep she was dragged under, Jughead would always be there to pull her up. 

Thinkin’ of the C-Cube discourse lol
Why is the foam’s colour mentioned? (specifically, it’s blue in both versions, regardless of the Cube’s colour.)

I need to speak to Artemis about his colouration choices. Make the foam… idk grey or something. CONTRAST, ARTY!

So instead of me continuing the dreaded “what colour is the cube?” argument (which ended like, a year ago), I propose another, more agreeable one:

WHY, if the Cube was blue, would the foam also be blue?

Artemis Fowl II, genius, has absolutely no grasp on how much colour would help his flair for dramatics.
If I were Spiro, I would have laughed at the concept of a bright red box surrounded by blue foam. I would have laughed at it if it were blue as well, just for the sheer fact that it’s blue-on-blue. You wouldn’t be able to see it properly, and it would look tacky! 

This boy, with a flair for the dramatics, has absolutely no idea that he would make my inner artist cringe at this one passing line on page ten of the book.

Now, if it were red/grey, or red/black, or blue/grey or whatever the Cube’s colour is, then I’d be happy with it all. But it’s red/blue, (or blue/blue) so I’m not happy with it all. 

So, a note: Artemis doesn’t wear coloured ties. But if he did, it’s probably a red tie with a blue shirt/jacket.

And that’s terrible.

Groceries - Josh Pieters Imagine

Summary : sometimes it was the little things that meant the most to you

Word Count : 1090

Author’s note: this was the first josh request I ever got and it made me absolutely squeal, also if you guys could boost this and get it to @fabulous-fictitious-feels that would be awesome, because she was the first josh writer I ever read and it’s really shitty what happened to her to make her take down her stories and it would just mean the world to me if she’d read this :) Also dedicated to @thatcherjoesuggimagines for actually believing I could get over this writing funk and Tanis is just generally my favourite person in the world and she always loves what I write and I just adore her, she’s so cuute :)))

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You had always been able to find a sense of calm out of the most mundane of things; you took great pleasure in organisation and list making. Folding laundry eased your worries and allowed you to gather your thoughts. Your mind was quite the jumbled heap at the best of times, so when you were around about the age of eighteen and realised that doing your chores were the only time when you weren’t frantic with worry, you began to look forward to these things.

Amongst these mundane activities, however, grocery shopping was at the top of your list. You relished in the entire purpose; from compiling a list of everything that you needed to get for the following week, to actually setting aside time to do it, to going home and immediately cooking something delicious out of the ingredients you had purchased - you loved it all.

When you had first moved in with Josh and the Maynards, the first thing you noticed was that they were awful at shopping for food, almost as bad as they were at actually cooking the food. But when you took Josh with you one day to do the groceries, it slowly became more than your process, it became your new tradition with the ginger boy. 

You always had a great time with him and it was often the only proper time you would get with him during certain weeks, so you came to treasure this vaguely bizarre tradition that you had formed with him.

Which is also how you had managed to find yourself with Josh in a supermarket at nine am on a Thursday morning, both of you having put off work and university for a couple of hours in order to do this strange little activity together. It had been going quite well too, any time that you spent with Josh never failed to bring a smile to your face and butterflies to your stomach, that is, until Josh had answered a phone call from Caspar … nearly twenty-five minutes ago.

You weren’t usually a jealous girlfriend - that isn’t to say that you appreciated random girls batting their fake eyelashes at Josh in the clubs, but you trusted him enough to not endanger your relationship - however, it had been nearly half an hour and this was supposed to be your thing, your time. Not yours and Josh’s with Caspar as a phone-a-friend. 

You knew they were discussing work and that it was important and you were trying really really hard to not be the whiny, jealous, attention-seeking girlfriend that you usually cringed at when Josh would tell you stories of Jack and Conor’s latest squeeze’s, but this had gone too far.

Not only were you being neglected by your oblivious boyfriend, but you were also in the cereal aisle and at a measly 5'4, were far far too short to reach your favourite cereal. Josh always got it down for you. And while you weren’t exactly thrilled with Josh’s attachment to his phone today, you had been raised to be overly polite and courteous and you knew that distracting someone while they were on the phone was quite rude indeed.

But you really loved that cereal … and Josh probably wouldn’t be done for a while …

Taking a deep breath and trying to gather your nerve, you stood on your tip toes and tapped Josh on the shoulder gently, feeling the butterflies swarm into your stomach as soon as his bright eyes met your own, that familiar lazy grin spreading across his face as he looked at you. 

Pulling the phone away from his ear, he looked over at you expectantly, “Yeah, babe, what’s up?” he asked you sweetly, meanwhile you could still hear Caspar prattling on over the phone.

Wringing your hands together tightly, you looked down at your shoes shyly, trying to fight back the blush spreading from the apples of your cheeks across to your ears and down and over your neck and chest. When you finally picked your head up, you looked up from your hands to Josh’s wide smile, to the cereal on the top shelf, the bright orange box taunting you slightly.

“I’m really sorry to bother you, but I can’t reach the cereal box, do you think you could maybe get it for me?” you mumbled shyly, peering up at him over the brim of your glasses and breathing out in relief when he reached up easily and plucked the box off of the shelf before depositing it in your basket.

Smiling up at him shyly, you stood on your tiptoes again and brushed a kiss against his stubble covered jaw, “Thanks, doll, you can go back to your phone call now, I didn’t mean to interrupt,” you tell him quietly before lowering yourself back down to your flat-footed position.You fished out the shopping list that you had painstakingly written in perfect cursive the night before, using the pen you always carried with you to cross off the cereal. 

Tapping your pen against the paper as you tried to think of what you needed to get more; milk or cheese, you were surprised to feel an arm wrap around your shoulders firmly.

Jumping slightly, you were shocked when you lifted your head to see your boyfriend sliding his phone into his back pocket before tightening his grip on you and pressing a light kiss to your temple, his arm around you squeezing you slightly. 

“What happened to your phone call? I didn’t ruin it did I?” you asked him innocently, your concern for him shining through your word. 

Josh had told you from day one that his favourite thing about you was how much you cared about everyone else and how you took care of not only him but the rest of the boys as well.

“Of course not, Baby, I only picked it up because Caspar told me it was an emergency and then I couldn’t get him to shut up for long enough to make an excuse to leave. But this is our thing, our time, our day,” he tells you as he leads you further down the aisle, missing the bashful and grateful smile that lights up your face. 

“Oh and we definitely need milk more than cheese, think of all the tea we’d miss out on!” he chuckles as he twists a lock of your hair around his finger lightly.

Maybe things were a little crazy most of the time, and you were friends with some dead set lunatics, but this was still your thing. And it wasn’t going anywhere.

Strangers in the night

Group/member: BTS // Taehyung

Genre: fluff??

Word count: 673

Summary: Based of the song “strangers in the night - Frank Sinatra

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Strangers in the night

Exchanging glances

Wondering in the night
What were the chances

 You sat in the beautiful restaurant with your best friend, BF/N. The place was warm and full of people dancing and laughing. The band was keeping the cold night happy with melodies and fun. You sat there in your red dress, with a grin on your face as you scanned the place. “Y/N, there’s been a boy staring at you for quite some time now”, she told you as she nodded towards the guy sitting across from your table. As your glance slowly landed on the mysterious boy in front of you he gave you a small smile, you smiling back, with a wink. As the night went on you kept exchanging glances.

 You decided to go to the toilet you told your best friend as she answered with a, “okay, then I can ask the dark haired boy dancing out there, for a dance too”, she laughed and stood up. You went to the toilet and fixed on your makeup and curled hair. On your way back you bumped into a tall figure your high heels being a little too tall so you lost your balance only to feel some strong arms around you. You looked up at the stranger in front of you with sparks in his eyes. You got out of his grip “thank you” you giggled looking down on your feet. “No problem, love”, he said, his eyes still focused on the features of your face.

We’d be sharing love

Before the night was through?

Something in your eyes
Was so inviting

 ”You look beautiful”, he suddenly said as you looked up at him pink rushing up to your cheeks. ”Thanks again, you look good yourself” you said as confidence slowly hit you. His eyes were bright and inviting as he chuckled looking down on the floor before his eyes meet yours again.

Something in your smile was so exciting

Something in my heart told me I must have you

 His smile was bright, you felt butterflies in your stomach as you knew his smile was meant for you. He held out his hand “would you like a dance, my lady?” He asked, your smile growing bigger. “I would love to, sir”, you chuckled as you placed your hand in his.

Strangers in the night, two lonely people

We were strangers in the night
Up to the moment when we said our first hello

 You thought this excitement was because he was handsome and you hadn’t been with a man since forever, little did you know it was so much more. You followed after him, on your way over to the dance floor. The song slowed down as you found your spot.

Little did we know

Love was just a glance away, a warm embracing dance away

 You placed your left hand on his shoulder, your right hand in his. You felt his warm skin on yours with his right arm on your back. Your eyes never left his thinking it was only for one night, making sure to remember his face.

And ever since that night

We’ve been together

Lovers at first sight
In love forever

 “What are you thinking about?” You felt strong familiar arms around your waist. “Nothing”, you said with a smile on your face putting the picture from that late summer night down. He chuckled giving u a peck on your cheek, feeling his head on your shoulder and his breath on your neck. “What do you think your parents will say when we tell them the big news?” Your husband of two years asked placing his hands on your stomach. “That you’re gonna be a great father”, you chuckled turning around to give him a kiss. “I love you”, he smiled his bright box smile before giving you another one. “I love you too, Taehyung”, you smiled at the man in front of you, your eyes never leaving his.

 It turned out so right

For strangers in the night

Note: Thank you so much to the person who requested this! I’m sorry it’s short and it’s my first time writing something based of a song, but it was interesting :)

Saw this on my Facebook feed from a teacher. Thought it was a helpful little infographic, so I’m reposting it here.

Image Description: A chart titled “When is it okay to use r****ded?”. First choice: “Is it describing a person?”. If you say no, it leads to “Did something not go your way?” which, if you answer no, goes to “Are you otherwise displeased?”. If you answer yes on the first question, it takes you to “Is the person developmentally disabled?” and if you answer no there, it takes you to “Are they behaving foolishly?”. If you answer yes on any question that is not “Is it describing a person?”, the chart points you to a center box in bright red that says “Find a different word”. All possible paths of the chart lead to this box. End Image Description.

Sorry if that image description was a little confusing.

// thank you for being such a cutie!! grocery shopping is so fun tbh I feel u fam

I added everyone but Zen’s is the longest since you asked for him!!


- He never really went shopping very often when he was single? Only if basically all he had to eat was ketchup and some bread that’s when he knows it’s time>

- Will not even fucking touch the handle bar of a cart without drowning it out in hand sanitizer honestly

- Same with restrooms he hates to use public bathrooms unless he’s taking a selfie in them

- He’s not really a germaphobic he just doesn’t like the thought of how many other people touched that

- And I touch my face afterwards? disgusting

- He doesn’t know how to make anything other than basic meals so help him out with finding ingredients and such

- If you have a little list he thinks that’s so cute you’re so organized aw

- Has a habit of tossing things in the cart without really thinking, especially protein shakes and face masks like no Zen we need food damnit

- He likes looking at the movies too, he’ll pick up some cheesy looking romantic stuff to watch later with you

- Could spend 14 hours in the skin care section alone he has to read every single ingredient, google every single review, Zen hurry up good god

- If he gets complimented by someone in public he loves thinking that you’re being jealous because of it. It’s so cute to see you angrily throw fruit in the cart or stomp through isles. What a babe.

- He looks so cute when he goes to the grocery store he has his hair in a bun, a casual teeshirt and some jeans what a babe x2

- Usually he gets kind of impatient after an hour or two because he’s hungry and there’s so much food around that he can’t eat

- He always helps with unloading the groceries for you when you two get home why is he so cute


- He never goes shopping like good luck getting him to go because he gets everyone to get whatever he needs for him honestly

- So he thinks everything’s kind of new, he just stays by you and looks around at all the stuff.

- He’s so shook at the fact of all that fruit they have laying out in the store ?? does that not go bad? how do they do this he refuses to believe the human species would seriously buy 67 rhubarbs in 3-4 days

- What a waste of profit pft

- Loves looking at the clothes, gets a shirt with a cat holding its middle finger out inside the pocket for whenever he sees Zen ~


- He loves shopping! But only when he has money to do so. He gets food, video games, shirts. But his true home is dollar general. Literally everything is a dollar. how and why?

- It’s always fun with Yoosung, but he has a problem with getting things he doesn’t need.

- ” Why do you need a 6 pack of pink scarves Yoosung

- “ In case I get cold.. ”

- Usually brings out those puppy eyes and you let him get the scarves anyways. He’s so cute save me


- She likes shopping when she has time. Usually she doesn’t.

- It’s fun though, especially going to the clothes section. She was so used to the same old pencil skirts and tights that being with you lets her wear bright out of the box things.

- Imagine Jaehee in a giraffe onesie thank you

- Make inappropriate jokes like holding grapefruit up to your chest or stand above a “caution: wet floor” sign to embarrass the hell out of her in the best possible way :’)



- He’s so loud to shop with, if he looses you he will scream marco polo until you’re found

- CART RACING winner gets to choose where you both get to eat

- Also starts to open things and eat them in the middle of the store what the fuck are you doing

- “I’m going to buy it regardless” why are you like this

- He’ll find a sign that says “sweet dreams” and put things over it to spell out wet dreams or texts you a pic of him next to a sign that says “ my prince did come: his name is daddy ” with him dabbing

- god is watching you luciel

A Long Time Coming // Cisco x Reader

Request: Could you do a Cisco smut where him and the reader have been best friends since childhood and they’re maybe like having their weekly movie night or some other cute shit and they’re like sitting on the floor with a fuck ton of pillows and blankets and they like kiss or something and it turns into something more?

Warnings: cuddles and movie references and long awaited smut

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Desperate (Part 1) - Jason Todd x Reader

Anon asked: Can I request some angst with jason x reader, where they are both young, she’s a college student, but she ends up pregnant and doesnt know what to do

A/N: As I mentioned before, this is going to be long so it’s going to be divided in parts, unless you wanted to end like this. Hope you like it! If not, let me know so that I can rewrite/correct it.

Words: 1909

You and Jason had been dating for less than a year, you two first met when you were on a bar, stressed out from exams and all the stuff you had to do in college, and some random drunk dude started hitting on you. You obviously weren’t interested but the guy didn’t seem to understand that.

“She is not into you, you jackass” a stranger said holding the guy by his shirt’s collar, clearly annoyed with the situation.

“Yo bro, chill” he said calmly letting go of the stranger’s hold “Can’t you see it? She’s just playing hard to get” he giggled putting his arm on the other boy’s shoulder.

“I’d like to see things from your point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass.” Jason commented exasperated and grabbed the guy’s arm throwing him to the ground effortlessly but was enough to knock him out. “Don’t touch me.” He whispered clenching his jaw.


From that day, you two became friends and later on, a couple.

Your sex life was pretty active but you were always sure you used protection. Well.. at least you thought you did…

You were now on a coffee shop nearby your apartment when you started feeling very dizzy. You got up but lost your balance and you fell but a man that was passing by caught you before your body could hit the ground.

“Are you alright miss?” he asked in a worried tone.

“I-“ you looked around putting your hand on your forehead “I’m fine.. It was just a sudden migraine, thank you” you smiled weakly at the stranger and continued your way to the bathroom.

You locked the door and looked at your reflection in the mirror. You looked more pale than usual and your hands were shaking. 

“I’m sick.” You murmured washing your face with cold water. “No, (Y/N) you’re not. You have exams in a week. You can’t be sick now.”

You took a deep breath trying to make the dizziness go away, but it was useless. That’s when it got worse. You felt a strange taste on your mouth and you knew exactly what that taste was: you were about to throw up. You rushed to the toilet and put your hair in a quick and messy ponytail before it started.

About 15 minutes later, you finally left the coffee shop and went home. That wasn’t normal, you barely remembered the last time you were sick. It must’ve been, what, 10 years ago? Being sick or not, you were feeling tired so you decided to get some rest before getting back to studying.You fell asleep quite quickly but your nap didn’t last long. You woke up feeling the need to throw up again. This time, a headache came with it. 

“Great” you said after cleaning your mouth and leaning against the bathroom wall. You held your head in your hands as your eyes started to get watery. 

You hated that feeling. Knowing that something was wrong. But your biggest concern was college. You needed to study.You slowly got up and went to your living room where all of your books were. You sit down and looked at them trying to get the courage to start doing something productive. You really weren’t in the mood to study, but you knew you needed to. 

As you were having a mental fight with yourself discussing whether or not you should go to bed, someone knocked on your door.You sighed not wanting to get up. You eventually did and walked to the front door and opened it.

“Hi babe” your boyfriend said smiling and leaned to give you a kiss but you stopped him making him raise an eyebrow, confused.

“Not today Todd.” You told him as he entered your place closing the door behind him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked worriedly while sitting on your couch.

“I-I think I’m sick.” you did the same.He placed his hand on your forehead checking your temperature.

“You don’t have a fever.” he informed.

“No, but my head hurts. Like, a lot.”

“It’s probably just a headache, don’t worry about it.”

“It’s not. I almost passed out earlier.”

An alarm rang on Jason’s head when he realized that something serious was going on.

“What? Have you been eating well? Did you drink enough water the past days? Maybe your jeans are too tight, I-“

“Stop right there” you interrupted him giggling slightly “No, my jeans are not too tight Jason.” You shook your head.

“Then what is it?” he crossed his arms.

“I-I honestly don’t know. But I need an aspirin.” You went to the kitchen but came back to the living room when you noticed you didn’t have any. “I ran out of aspirins.” You sighed grabbing your jacket.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Jason got up.

“Hm, the pharmacy?”

“No, you’re sick. I’ll go. You should stay here and rest.”

“I did that right before you arrived.” You rolled your eyes “Besides, I can still walk and talk, so I guess I’m pretty capable of buying a box of aspirins.”

“I don’t care. You’re staying.” He walked towards the appartment door.

“Neither do I.I’m going.” You walked out as soon as he opened it and started running outside the building.

“No-(Y/N) come back here!” he closed the door and ran after you.

You knew he was faster than you, so he would catch you in a blink, but you weren’t giving up. As expected, he reached you in a few seconds.

“(Y/N), this isn’t a game, you’re sick, you need to-“

“What? Go home, cook, clean and take care of the kids? No thanks.” You said as you started walking again.

“Wha-I-“ you laughed quietly leaving him speechless.

You both made your way to the pharmacy and when you got there, there was a big queue so you had to wait a long time. Some time later, Jason got bored and sit on one of the sofas and started going through a few magazines that were there.

“Good afternoon, what can I help you with?” a nice girl greeted you smiling.

“Hi, I will need a box of aspirins, please.” You smiled back. 

The girl turned to the shelves behind her but she couldn’t seem to find what you wanted. She excused herself and entered a room on the back of the building.

You looked at the shelves and a bright pink box caught your attention. A pregancy test. For some reason, you couldn’t stop looking at it. It was like your mind was trying to tell you something. You thought about what had happened to you earlier that day and flashbacks of a night a week before crossed your mind.The last time you had slept with your boyfriend, Jason, well, most of the night was spent doing something else than sleeping. That was it. 

“I’m pregnant.” You thought alarmed. “No, no, no. I can’t be. I-I, we-“

“Here you go.” The girl came back and handed you what you asked for. “Anything else?”

You looked at the pink box again and then at Jason, that was still paying attention to some magazine. You thought about it for a second. There was only one way to find out.

“I’ll have that pregnancy test.” You pointed whispering.The girl noticed you looked at Jason and smiled. 

“Want to make it a surprise, ah?” she gave you the box.

“Yeah, sure” you faked a laugh and payed leaving the building.

As soon as you got home, you took one of the aspirins and went to the bathroom taking the pregnancy test with you.You were more nervous than you’ve ever been. Not even exams were this nerve racking.

You took it out of the box and followed the instructions that came with it. 5 minutes, that was all the time you had till you could know the result. Those minutes seemed like long ass hours. You looked at your watch, 6 minutes had passed. You rested your head against the wall and just looked blankly to the ceiling. 7 minutes. You couldn’t wait any longer. 

You finally calmed yourself down and looked at the test in your hands: Positive. Your hands started shaking and a tear rolled down your cheek.You were pregnant. What were you going to do?! You couldn’t be pregnant. 

“Maybe it’s a mistake, maybe I did something wrong.” “Ugh shut up (Y/N). You know you didn’t. You know it’s true, you just don’t want it to be.”

You were just a college student, how could you take care of a baby? You had so much to worry about already.You started crying, trying to contain your sobs so that Jason wouldn’t hear them, but that boy had the hearing of a bat. (ah the puns)

“(Y/N)?” he called “Is everything ok?” 

You covered your mouth with your hand in an attempt to stay quiet.“Y-yes” you tried to speak but failed.

“(Y/N), are you crying?” he knocked on the bathroom door and tried to open it, but it was locked. “(Y/N) open the door.” 

You couldn’t stop crying, this time, you didn’t care if he heard you or not, he would end up knowing anyways. You got up and unlocked the door going back to your previous position on the floor. Jason entered the bathroom and kneeled next to you, a concerned look on his face.

“Babe, talk to me” he spoke in a calm voice trying to calm you down and hugged you when he noticed it wasn’t working.

“The-The s-sink.” You whispered.

He frowned looking at you as if your face had the answers to his questions. He then got up and looked at the sink. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped as soon as he saw the pregnancy test. His back was facing you so you couldn’t see his expression and that only made you stress more.

“J-Jay?” His fists clenched the sink hard and he wasn’t moving at all. As he wasn’t answering you, you walked to him placing your hand on his shoulder. He stood quiet and still, still looking at the test.

“I-“ he started “Is it mine?” he questioned coldly as he turned to face you.It was like someone had stabbed you in the heart.

“Of course it’s yours! Wha-“ tears kept streaming down your face “We’re dating Jay.. Who else could be the father?” you tried not to storm at him, that would not help at all. You were pretty hurt though. Your boyfriend just asked you if the baby was his, that’s not something you can digest easily.

“I-You’re right, I’m sorry. I-I just don’t.. know what to think.” He looked at the mirror and you saw his eyes more shinny than usual: he was about to cry.

“Me neither.” You sit on the toilet staring at your feet. “I have college, exams are next week, I-“ you couldn’t finish your sentence.

“Excuse me.” Your boyfriend cleaned the tears under his eyes and got out of the bathroom.

“J-Jason?” you raised your head watching him go. You heard your front door closing. 

Great, he left. Your whole world got destroyed and fell at your feet. How could he do that? How could he leave like that? Without saying a thing? He was your boyfriend! It was his fault too! But he just walked away, he left. Left you alone in that bathroom, crying your heart out, desperate.   

The Proposal Part 7

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The Proposal Masterlist


Contains: Angst

(only 2 more parts- technically 1 if you don’t count the epilogue)



Anonymous: Holy heck! Spencer no!!!! Gosh we need part 7 of the proposal asap!


Awkward was one way to put your relationship with Spencer. Other words to fill that category was weird, lonely and depressing. You longed for him to just talked to you or…something.

Spencer was barely acknowledging your presence, and you were lucky that he was even sticking around. Why? You weren’t really sure. Maybe he was still guilty about your father.

It seemed his presence was hurting you more then helping you. Your heart ached every time he walked past you, heart still fluttering whenever he accidentally touched you. At least at work he was behind the doors and you could serve without worrying that you were going to bump into him.

Your lovesick disease only seemed to get worse when Spencer announced he was going to be spending nights with /her/ and sneaking in early in case your mother came back around. Apparently you repulsed him to the core so much that he couldn’t even sleep in the same area as you.

At the moment, you were staring out the window of the living room, hating yourself. More so for the fact that you looked like Bella Swan from the second twilight movie. Well, it was a close second.

“Why are you moping about? Haven’t you heard I’m back?” A familiar voice made you jump, wrapping your arms around your sister’s frame. “That’s more like it Y/n!” She laughed, her arms sliding around to meet your back.

“I totally forgot that you were coming back this week!  I’ve just had so much on my mind lately!” You tried explaining.

“I bet! Wedding aren’t easy to plan you know! Take it from me, I just had one… So, how are you and your fiancée?” She made her way through the house, seeming to inspect it for something.

“Uh, yeah, about that…” You started, trying to figure out how to tell her about everything without seeming like a jerk that was lying to your father and stealing your sisters spotlight.

“Let’s not talk about this in here, c'mon, let’s do something fun….like shopping, or drinking.” She waggled her brows, shooing you to grab your purse. You forgot how eccentric your sister was. You weren’t sure how much you missed that certain feature.

After what your sister like to call “Treat yourself- bride edition”, she made you wear one of the outfits out of the store and wear it out. You had no idea what game she was trying to play, but you knew she was up to something. Especially when she brought you to a bar. Sure, she enjoyed a glass of wine every now and then but had said multiple times that he was not an avid enthusiast for bars. More so now then ever because she was married and guys would be trying to hit on her all night.

“Alright, answer some of my questions. How is Spencer? How are you?” She asked when the both of you were situated with your drinks. You spun your stirrer straw slowly, stumbling around on trying to form a sentence.

“Do you remember Mattie Noel?” You asked, and she nodded, eyes squinting with suspicion. “She's…tried latching her hooks onto him.” You put it out there as best as you could, watching as she moved her hand in a dismissive way. “Spencer only has eyes for you, trust me. Don’t worry about that bitch.” You almost laughed at how ironic that sentence was, taking a large gulp of your drink. After some more minutes of conversation, someone’s phone started to ring loudly.

“Oh shoot, I think that’s me.” Your sister set her drink down, digging through her purse, stopping and wincing. “Y/n, I think I left my phone at your house when I came to pick you up!” Your sister slapped her face, zipping back up her purse. “What if it’s (h/h/n)? It’s it okay if we head back to the guest house?”

“Oh yeah, of course.” You placed done your drink, standing up and pretending to dust yourself off. You weren’t really feeling the scene anyways, bars never really being your thing.

The drive was filled with your sister filling you in on her honeymoon, literally, /everything// about her honeymoon, talking about future plans and trying to ask about you and Spencer. You tried avoiding most of the questions, and it seemed to work.

“Alright, let’s go.” You stated once you pulled up to the driveway in front of the guest house. You thought you saw a light turn off and you shook your head, thinking you must be finally losing it.

“Um. I’m not exactly sure where you left it but feel free to- AH!” You fell back into the wall as you opened the door and flipped the light switch only to be met with about 15 pairs of eyes. “What the- W-what the…” Your own orbs were wide and brows furrowed. Your sister laughed, patting your shoulder reassuringly.

“Surprise! It’s your bridal shower!” She bounced excitedly, leading you over to a chair. You started to recognize your friends from back home, your mother, your sister and a few friends from the restaurant.

“This really wasn’t necessary…” You mumbled, stumbling a bit. “Really. I don’t deserve your gifts.” You waved your friends off, cheeks pinking. If they only knew how much you really didn’t deserve this.

“Here, open mine first!” Your sister thrusted a bright pink box into your lap, and you almost rolled your eyes at the obnoxious color but opened it nonetheless. Through the hours, you opened all the gifts (some more appropriate then others), drank some wine, and failed to notice your mother’s quietness.

“There’s still one more gift! It’s from mom!” Your sister cried, bringing out the last wrapped box. Your mother’s face seemed to pale and she opened her mouth to say something when your sister interrupted her. “I saw it hidden in the closet and figured you must have forgot about where you put it. It was no problem really. Now, c'mon y/n, open it up.”

After taking off the bright paper and the Macy’s box that your mother used for every holiday box, you were met with a book, a picture of Spencer on one knee at your sister’s wedding, when you forced him to propose to you on the top. “What’s this?” You softly asked, fingers rubbing Spencer’s frame over the plastic covering.

“It’s not that big of a deal, I was just digging through the basement and some old pictures came up. Add those with the ones I’ve been taking of the two of you and….” Her sentence faded out as you started flipping through the pages.

Pictures of you and Spencer as toddlers, chubby limbs wrapped up in each other. As little kids, reading or “cooking”. Spencer trying to teach you how to play chess when you were 12, always losing because you believed the pawns were more important then any other piece. Rare visits to Caltech when you were both 14, both awkward and gangly. Pictures of you at Spencer’s graduation and vice-versa. The pictures didn’t pick back up until the wedding, a few candid shots, pictures of you both working at the restaurant and sitting on the couch when you were watching Star Wars. Lastly, the proposal once more, zoomed in on both your faces. Even though you had just shoved him on the ground exactly 2 seconds earlier, Spencer looked focused, and your fake smile looked genuine.

“I cant do this anymore.” You whispered, shocking yourself when a tear landed on the scrapbook page. “I’m so sorry. You guys…” You got up, rushing out of the room, the cold air kissing your face once you escaped through the front door.

“Hon! Honey! Come back!” Your mother called after you, following you outside. “Y/n, baby, I know.” You looked up at her, tears pricking the edge of your eyes.

“You know? You know that this whole thing was fake?” You asked, throwing up your arms in the air. If your mother could see it, then everyone else probably knew too. God, this whole thing was so stupid. Why did the idea even pop into her head?

“I saw him making out with another girl while I was trying to book a wedding venue.” Your mom explained, hand coming up to cup your cheek. Your own hand came to pinch the bridge of your nose.

“No mom, I have to be honest with you, this whole marriage was a sham. I forced Spencer to propose to me.” She stepped back, head cocking to the side and brows raising. “Dad said he wished he could have two daughters married….” You explained, and your mother seemed to understand.

“Darling, he didn’t mean it in this way..” She engulfed you in a hug, kissing the top of your head. “You’re still in love with him aren’t you? You have been since before you knew what love was.” She asked and you nodded, cries beginning, thankful that they were slightly muffled.

“It’s okay honey, let it all out.”


(3rd Person POV)

Overtime, your comments really started to bug Spencer. Your tone, your bitter words, kept repeating in his mind and for the millionth time he wished that he didn’t have an eidetic memory. He couldn’t believe you had spoken to him that way. You had never expressed that type of rage before.

He had known you for practically his entire life and you had never steered him wrong, always being the person to try and draw him out of his shell. Always his defender, his best friend until you two had started drifting apart after you graduated and he joined the FBI. Even then, you would try to call once every month, trying to keep updated with him, his life, job, mother, etc.

Spencer usually had a good intuition about people, and Mattie seemed lovely enough, so why would Y/n tell him all those awful things about the woman he had start to care for?

“You know, Y/n told me that you used to know each other in high school. What was that like? Were you guys friends?” He tried to subtly press the subject. Mattie laughed, taking a sip of her drink and leaning her head on her hand, eyes slightly glossing over in a nostalgic manner.

“Well, I used to pick on her.” She shrugged, taking a bite of her food like what she had just said was nothing. “I mean, she deserved right?” Spencer was in the middle of picking up his glass to take a sip when he stopped at her remark.

“What do you mean by that?” Mattie seemed confused that she was even asked a question like that but out of the corner of her mind, she remembered that someone like him didn’t attend their high school.

“She was like a blister, ugly to look at, you know. She always had to let everyone know how she was smarter then everyone else. She didn’t let me cheat or anything and… well, just annoying really. She hasn’t changed much since high school.” Spencer seemed to stare at her for what felt like an eternity.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah.” Mattie’s brows raised. “I mean, you’ve known her for a little while right? Isn’t she just…annoying? I mean, she asked you to marry her because she’s too pathetic to find herself an actual fiancé.” Spencer couldn’t believe the words he was hearing, and had to stop his jaw from dropping. It all made sense now, everything you said!

“Oh my- I actually defended you against her! I’m so stupid, I should have known Y/n would never lie to me! She never has before!” Spencer stood up, running his hands over his face angrily. “You…I can’t even come up with any words to describe a snake like you!” He stormed off, already trying to work on how to fix everything he did.

“Does this mean we’re breaking up?” She screeched, and Spencer ignored her, running outside to hail a cab. He quickly dialed your number and the call ended up going straight to voicemail. A second and third time, voicemail. Either something was wrong or you were still pissed off. Yo had every right to be. Oh god, why didn’t he listen to you?!

After yelling your address to the cab driver, he dialed Morgan, quickly explaining everything that had developed recently. Being Spencer’s friend, Morgan tried not to judge too harshly, but couldn’t help the exasperated sigh that escaped his mouth as he said, “Sounds like she’s in love with you, you idiot. You don’t even have to be a profiler to figure that one out buddy.”

“Well- I- I- Uh-” Spencer stumbled a bit, his brain fried. “Spencer,’ his friend scolded through the phone speaker. How do you feel about Y/n?” Morgan was met with silence and he sighed. “What I mean is…. can you be yourself around Y/n? Do you think about her when she isn’t in the room? How would you feel if she had asked someone else to be in your shoes hm?” Spencer stayed quiet for another moment.

If I’m honest, I’m more comfortable with her then anyone, even you guys. I think about her a lot, although recent thoughts weren’t exactly….romantic. If she had asked someone else,’ Spencer whistled lowly. “I wouldn’t have…I… I don’t like that question. She asked me, that’s that.” He answered, brows furrowing when he heard his friends laughter on the other end of the line.

“Then she’s the one. Simple as that. ”

“I…have to go. I’ll talk to you later.” He hung up when he saw your house approaching in the window of the cab, exiting the vehicle and throwing a random wad of cash at the driver, bolting for the guest house. He fumbled with the keys before finally opening the door.

“Y/n! Y/n!” He yelled throughout the guest house, realizing you were gone. He ran over to the main house, which was locked, and looked through all the windows like a mad man. He dialed your number 2 more times and grunted loudly when your automated voice message met his ears instead of your voice. His phone rang just before he was able to dial your number again, and he immediately answered it. “Y/n?”

“Her mother.” An unamused voice greeted his ears. “Listen, before you say another word, Y/n’s father is at the hospital, not that you seem to care. Hopefully I haven’t interrupted your making out sessions hm? Anyways, just figured I’d let you know since you seemed so eager to be a part of this family…” Your mother snapped, hanging up.

The hospital?

“Oh no..” He mumbled dialing for a cab, only thinking of you.

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Lucid dream: The search for lazy yogi

Hey guys, I know I’ve been gone for a while but I have a new goal: establishing dream contact with my brother lazy yogi! I’m excited but I wasn’t sure if I could still lucid dream as easily as I used to but having lucid dreamed without trying I’m happy and inspired. So this is what happened:

I guess I’ve mastered the technique: WBTB (wake back to bed) because I inadvertently or rather unknowingly used the technique this morning… Well let’s say ‘subsequently’ used WBTB because my girlfriend wasn’t feeling well and I stayed awake to make sure she was okay. When I finally fell asleep I woke up to loud music playing. I was annoyed and wondering who was playing music so loud while I was trying to sleep! The song was by an artist called “partynextdoor”. I got up out of the bed I was in and immediately I realize I’m dreaming. This house was not my house but my grandparents house upstate ny. Everything was exactly how I remembered it when I used to visit when I was a kid. I walked slowly into the living room where the fireplace was and stood there rubbing my hands together: dream stability. I recalled my goal: meet my brother lazy yogi to establish contact via lucid dream. (I had something I needed to tell him and there was something he needed to tell me and if when we spoke in waking life he told me the correct phrase, I would know that we actually met in the dream). I walked towards the front door to head to the porch. I noticed some bright colored Nike sneaker boxes to my left which I took note of; they were very bright and stood out in the dream, they also are actually in my house in waking life. I went out into the porch and decided to fly to where lazy yogi was, which in retrospect was a bad idea: if the dream is not fully stabilized or the dreamer not deeper in sleep, trying to fly or something like that can easily wake them up. As I was about to fly I looked to my left and saw my (deceased) grandfather sitting on the porch with someone else I couldn’t make out. He looked content. I figured I would speak with him another time. I flew into the air but my ascent turned into a sharp arc and I came crashing back down onto the porch, which started to wake me up! My lucid dream training and instincts kick in and I remember how to save an ending dream: spin in circles. As I started to spin in circles everything goes black. Then I hear the sounds of an old movies real. Slowly then faster the movie real spun in conjunction with me spinning in circles and then I saw different scenes in front of my field of vision. The first image started to come closer but then retreated as if it weren’t the correct one. It faded into the darkness and flickered away. Another image slid from left to right and replaced it; it was a scene of people on a basketball court. Slowly the image came closer and closer until it enveloped me. Then creepily and subtly sounds of basket ball sneakers squeaking on the court invaded my “ears”. I suddenly felt as if someone were sliding a very heavy flooring beneath me, it was sort of like props being placed on stage all around as I lay there unable to move while the scene was being built. Then I heard yelling “yo man! You’re in the way! Get off of the court!” My girls phoned rang and woke me up out of the dream.

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so here’s a taagnus fic I wrote up, based on this post I saw

uhhhh set after The 11th Hour - taagnus - yo, if it’s super bad, then I am so so sorry for getting anybody’s hopes up about this.

it’s also on ao3 as ‘Fantasy Phone Confessional’ by sleepybeaute

I hate titles & I suck at them - and it’s 3AM - gimme some SLACK


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Sing to Me

This was just in my mind so I wrote it.  Short and not edited but thinking of Oliver seeing Felicity sing.

Oliver Queen was in a hell of his own making.  He had to keep his distance from his executive assistant and IT girl, Felicity Smoak, for her own safety and well-being but he wanted her so badly.  Every day he came into the office and she was at her desk with her short dresses with high heels that showed off those perfect legs, the cutouts that showed the skin he wanted to be able to touch and the lips stained with red that were begging to be kissed was another day of torture.  Nights were no better.  The nights she came directly from work, she was wearing the same outfit that made him crazy during the day.  Even the nights she stopped home to change she looked so sexy that it was almost worse.  Tonight he was sharper to the team than normal.  The day was filled with meetings and more meetings.  Felicity sat in on those meetings as his EA.  When he walked into the office and saw her in that red dress with the cutout showing just the beginnings of her breasts with her hair down curled and those 5-inch heels, he wanted to turn right around and walk back out again.  It was not bad enough that he had to sit right next to her looking at her slim body in that dress but she was so close he could smell the floral perfume smell that he associated with her.  That was nothing compared to the play he watched as the new board member, who was his age, saw Felicity.  From that moment until the end of the meeting, Andy Cummings was on a mission.  The mission was called get Felicity to go out with me and provide her phone number.  That was Oliver’s name for it, anyway.  By the end of the meeting, he wanted to arrow Andy and hide Felicity in his bedroom where no other man could see her.  Instead, he had to stand by while Andy finally managed to get Felicity to give him her phone number for some asinine reason that made no sense at all.  So tonight he was mad.  Mad at Andy for having the courage to do what Oliver couldn’t, mad at that red dress for making her even more desirable than normal, mad at Felicity for making him want her and mad at himself for not being in control.  

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IwaOi One-shot

Word count: 1 390

Summary:  Iwaizumi and Matsukawa make a deal that Iwaizumi will confess to Oikawa if Matsukawa confesses to Hanamaki in front of the entire volleyball team. It goes a bit differently than Iwaizumi expected.

“I’m not telling him,” Iwaizumi repeated for what felt like the hundredth time that day. Once again, Matsukawa just shot him an irritated look.

“He likes you back, I’m sure of it,” Mattsun repeated for what must’ve been the hundredth time that day.

“You can’t know for sure,” Iwaizumi was really sick of having this conversation. “Besides, you’re hardly one to be lecturing me.”

“Fine – I’ll make you a deal. I’ll tell Makki if you tell Oikawa,” and sure, he was sick of the conversation, but he would rather have it a hundred more times rather than make that deal.

“There’s no way,” he said stubbornly. “That deal isn’t fair. Telling Oikawa would be so much more embarrassing than you telling Makki. It would be as embarrassing as you telling Makki in front of the whole volleyball club, maybe-”

“Fine,” Mattsun sighs, and Iwaizumi can’t believe what he’s hearing.

“Fine what?”

“Fine I’ll confess to Makki in front of the entire volleyball club at practice this afternoon. See how much I care about you as a friend? I’ll go through that embarrassment so that you can confess to Oikawa and get together and get married and have a hundred kids.”

Iwaizumi knew there was no way Mattsun was going to do that. He couldn’t have gone from being terrified of confessing to Makki to willing to do it in front of the entire volleyball team. Which is why Iwaizumi accepts. He later finds he should never make a deal with Mattsun, because he is a dirty cheat.


When Mattsun wasn’t there at the beginning of practice that afternoon, Iwaizumi smugly assumed that he had chickened out. When Mattsun arrived, Iwaizumi desperately wished that he had chickened out, because he came bearing a boom box (Iwaizumi had no idea where he got it from seeing as he couldn’t have gone home). Iwaizumi was tried to prepare himself for the embarrassment.

When he turned the boom box on and it started blaring some English song, he had everybody’s attention. When the song turn out to apparently be called ‘Let’s Get it On’ and, from Iwaizumi little English knowledge, seemed to be some shitty love song, Iwaizumi wanted to die on Mattsun’s behalf.

But Mattsun stilled seemed confident, smirking at Iwaizumi as he stepped towards the confused group of volleyball players.

“Makki!” He declared, loud enough to be heard over the music. Makki didn’t look at all surprised, letting himself be pulled forward by Mattsun with a sly grin.

Mattsun dropped down to one knee dramatically, Makki’s hands held in his.

“Is he… proposing?” Iwaizumi heard Watari mutter to Yahaba, who shook his head in amazement.

“Makki, my one true love, my everything, mother of my future children. Will you… continue to date me?” Mattsun asked, and Iwaizumi realised he had been played.

Makki pulled one hand out from Mattsun’s to clench at his chest and wipe away an imaginary tear.

“I’ve been waiting so long for you to ask!” he declared, pulling Mattsun to his feet/ Mattsun then gave him a smacking kiss, which seem more for show rather than anything else, just as the song ended. It was so perfectly timed that Iwaizumi wouldn’t be surprised if this was something they had rehearsed.

They turned to Iwaizumi with matching leers. “Your turn,” Makki said, and Iwaizumi wanted to punch both of them.

“That doesn’t count – the two of you were already dating! It’s cheating,” Iwaizumi seethed, fists clenching.

“Hey, I followed the deal. I technically confessed to Makki and asked him out, in front of the entire volleyball club. So now it’s your turn,” Mattsun smirked.

“Ooh, who’s Iwa-chan planning on confessing to?” Oikawa asked, butting into their conversation and receiving a death glare from Iwazumi.

“Nobody. Let’s just get back to practice, Trashykawa.”

“A deal’s a deal, Iwaizumi,” Mattsun called as Iwaizumi stormed off to practice, laughing with Makki when he flipped the two of them off.


“I just can’t believe you told Mattsun about your crush and not me,” Oikawa whined as they walked home.

“I knew you wouldn’t keep it a secret,” Iwaizumi said, although he knew that wasn’t true, and Oikawa said as much.

“How are you planning on confessing to them?” Oikawa asked eagerly, and Iwaizumi groaned.

“I’m not going to, so just drop it.”

“You have to, Iwa-chan!”

“Why does it matter to you?” Iwaizumi growled, and Oikawa seemed slightly taken aback by the question. It only lasted a few seconds before a smile spread across his face again, so obviously fake to Iwaizumi that he could laugh.

“I just want to know what kind of girl could catch the attention of a brute like you. Are you worried that she will reject you when she sees your face? I would write her a letter first, so that you can get through the confession without her throwing up – ouch, Iwa-chan!” Oikawa rubbed the spot Iwaizumi hit him, grumbling to himself before completely shutting up.

The two walked for a while in silence, Iwaizumi relieved that Oikawa finally dropped the topic. The two parted ways when they got to their street, and Iwaizumi had to admit he felt a little guilty about going back on the deal, since Mattsun technically hadn’t cheated. And the two of them had gotten together, so maybe there was a possibility that it would work out for him and Oikawa.

Except Oikawa was constantly surrounded by his fangirls and could date any of them he wanted – and had, which didn’t really help with Iwaizumi’s confidence. When he reached his room, he already had a text message from Oikawa.

From: Assikawa
To: Iwaizumi

Iwa-chaaan   ̴ if you want this girl to like you, you should bring her chocolates. I’m always more susceptible to confessions when they give me chocolates (⌒▽⌒)☆

From: Iwaizumi
To: Assikawa

I don’t think girl’s affections are as superficial as yours, crappykawa

From: Assikawa
To: Iwaizumi

So mean, Iwa-chan!


Iwaizumi hated himself. He hated himself and Oikawa and the stupid fucking heart shaped box of chocolates that he had woken up early to buy from the corner store before he met up with Oikawa to walk to school. He hated Mattsun and their fucking deal.

When Oikawa showed up at the end of their street, his eyes immediately zeroed in on the bright red box of chocolates.

“Iwa-chan! You took my advice!” Iwaizumi would never claim he was good at dealing with or confessing his emotions. But he will admit he couldn’t done a little better.

“Here are your fucking chocolates,” is not how he meant to confess to Oikawa. Throwing a box of chocolates at the object of his affections head was also probably not a good move to make.

Even so, Oikawa caught the chocolates, and his eyes lit up when he realized what Iwaizumi was (badly) doing. Iwaizumi felt his heart clench when he saw the smile stretch over Oikawa’s lips.

“Iwa-chan!” He gasped delightedly, throwing himself at the shorter boy, who kindly decided not to move out of the way.

“Yeah, whatever,” he grunted, allowing himself to grin since Oikawa couldn’t see him. “Just don’t let it make your head even bigger.”

Oikawa kissed him before Iwaizumi had a chance to react, and yeah, they were on the street in front of some stranger’s house, but Iwaizumi had waited so long for this that he didn’t care, and kissed Oikawa back with everything he had.

Oikawa refused to let go of his hand the entire way to school, no matter the looks they were given. Iwaizumi couldn’t care less about the disapproving strangers they passed, holding onto Oikawa as tightly as the other boy was holding him.

Neither let go as they arrived at the gym, the last ones there due to the slight hold up of Iwaizumi’s confession which made them get a later train.

“Mattsun!” Oikawa called when he entered the gym, nearly having to drag Iwaizumi along. He should’ve known that Oikawa would make sure they couldn’t slip by unnoticed. “My boyfriend can beat up your boyfriend!”

“I hate you,” Iwaizumi said under his breath as they attracted the attention of the entire gym, Mattsun and Makki high-fiving when they saw them.

“No you don’t,” Oikawa said, grinning cutely, and yeah. Okay. He didn’t.

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