bright bold beautiful

Not so hopeless romantic

It’s that fire that I desire , that infinite flame ..
a love strong enough to withstand any storm, deep enough to fill every ocean, bright enough to lighten up the entire sky , give the stars a little break ..Some may say that I expect too much , that I’m a dreamer, that it’ll never happen, it’s impossible .. they are only partially right .. I am a dreamer .. I dream of bright, bold, beautiful days and cool, cozy, secluded nights .. a love so magical that the make believe fantasize about it .. a love where the only pain felt is from smiling too hard, hugging to tightly, kissing too deeply .. you see life is a dream, dreams are the essence of life, the gateway to the heart and soul, they’re our truest hopes and highest aspirations ..what would be the point of life if we couldn’t want and hope for more ? What’s living If we can’t love with every fiber of our being? I for one don’t just plan on going through the motions, I wasn’t designed that way and neither were you .. I want forever .. never ending love, a love with no limitations, no boundaries, no doubts, no hesitations .. a love that will withstand life’s trials and only grow stronger over the years.. a love that will surpass our lifetime and just continue on into our next ones .. a love that lasts .. I want to feel ..because that’s what we were made to do .. what we’re suppose to do .. love .. love unconditionally, love without reason .. first.. love ourselves, because it always starts with us .. always starts within .. and then love one another.. we are infinite beings so we have the capability of loving infinity .. all we ever needed was the chance to do so, here’s your chance .. take it .. and remember, I love you ..
- Ruth bien-aime