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Beautiful Winter Flush

Unlike Spring with its soft, beautiful pastels, Summer with its bright technicolor pops, and Autumn with its rich, velvety hues, Winter makes me think more of flushed cheeks and soft eyes.

There was a period of time in my teens when I was mad for an exaggerated Winter flush, where hot pink was applied across the front of the face, from cheekbone to cheekbone, passing over the bridge of the nose. I hope to goodness that I did manage to pull it off and that it looked cute, but if it didn’t, at least I did not leave any photographic evidence around.

This look works best on those with medium to pale skins obviously, and to mimic the natural look of slightly wind-burnt cheeks, go for an intense matte hot pink shade rather than something with shimmer. (Skin is not dewy in cold, dry air.) Of course, if your skin is very dry, go for a cream or gel formula as matte powder will fall right off in an hour or two.

If in doubt, apply lightly first, and then dab more onto the peaks of your cheeks, and the middle of the nose (not too low if you don’t want to look like Rudolph) to intensify. If you want to look ultra-natural, tap your brush a few times so only the faintest bits of blush remain, and then sweep very lightly downwards from the cheeks toward the jaws. 

The eye makeup should be kept fairly light, but lips should also look flushed for best effect. (Pairing intense blush with a nude lip doesn’t often work that nicely in real life.)

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