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The Signs as Mermaids

Aries:Born in an underwater volcano, their scales are made of freshly formed stone, their heated bodies glowing a brilliant red and orange. The fastest swimmers, and some say the oldest lineage of mer. They have no natural enemy, as nothing can bare the heat of its touch. When too many gather in one place, the water may boil and kill any living creature too close.
Taurus:Guardians of the strait, their bodies decorated with tribal tattoos and scars. Some bare spears and brilliant gold armor, others wielding nets and dawning decorative gems and shells. The strongest of the mer, no man has ever passed their lands to learn their secrets.
Gemini:When the sky over the sea turns black and the storms take ships by surprise, these mer rise. The tricksters and shapeshifters, they thrive in the chaos. They board the confused ship, throwing over and assuming the forms of shipmates. From there they slowly overthrow from the inside, until they can crash the ship itself into to sea for the mer to reap their rewards.
Cancer:The rarest and most beautiful of the mer. Hiding in springs and rivers nestled deep in the mountains, they live their lives as one with nature. They teach the birds their songs, and bring fish for the bear and deer. They help the beavers build their dams and show lost turtles the way. On the full moon they must hide, for man seeks them for their own selfish gain.
Leo:These mer are known for their hunting prowess. Living in saltwater and decorated in bright vivid greens, blues and purples, they dominate entire lagoons and coasts. When they are full from the hunt, they lay their bodies out on the rocks and bathe in the sun. By nightfall, they are glowing and can light up the murkiest parts of the water to find their prey.
Virgo:In unsuspecting ponds across the world, a fisherman may meet his brutal end at the hands of these mer. Rich brown, thin and boney, their bodies are perfect creating elaborate underground tunnels and rooms. They eat their prey, and take their treasures back to their secret lairs. Here they trade and barter with one another in one large room. Lore says this is the world’s oldest market place. Their unspoken diplomacy is unexplained.
Libra:Living by a tall sharp cliff nested full of harpies, these mer have developed a symbiotic relationship. Storms bring ships off the sea, where the harpies kill the crews leaving the ships to crash into the rocks and sinking. These mer seize this chance and collect every jewel and gold they can find. They construct elaborate jewelry, crowns, spears, and more. Once a year they gift beautiful pendants to their partners in the sky.
Scorpio:Baring a striking resemblance to a shark with long pointed fins and sharp sandpaper like skin, this mer lurks in dark lagoons and swamps. They have a reputation as ‘evil’ and were once almost hunted into extinction. Ever since they have lived solitary lives in the waters man dare not tread. In all reality, they are herbivores, and pose no threat to man or beast. Contrary, they will do anything they can to save a lost or wounded soul.
Sagittarius:Every year thousands of humans gather to watch the mass migration of mer up the rivers of South America. Their scales are a radiant Grey that reflects the rainbow in the light. The light show that they create as they jump hundreds of feet to scale waterfalls is an equal match to the aurora borialis. Once they reach their goal, they find their mates for the first time, hand in hand one week later they dive off the falls back into the sea.
Capricorn:Deep in a trench lies a civilization of the most technologically advanced mer to ever live. While man was discovering fire, they were cresting technology to leave the ocean and fly through the skies in water filled disc ships. They have no need to leave, they as a race have reached a point of enlightenment. Fitting for their gold scales and glowing white eyes. Sightings of these mer are often equated with meeting a God.
Aquarius:Sewer mer are the most unique of the species. They have no eyes, instead they navigate with echo location making clicking noises. Their skin can blend into its surroundings, so they can catch humans unsuspectingly passing by. As evolution has taken its course, they have gained an immunity to disease, poison, and a skin impenetrable by most mortal means. They will not always live in the dark and dank, the future will be theirs, and man will fall to their power. All in due time.
Pisces:The most well known mer are the oasis born. Why? Long ago, a prince found himself lost in the desert, he and his two men pulling a giant box of gold. With their mortality in front of them, an oasis appeared on the horizon as if a gift from the heavens. Perched on a rock in the very center, braiding her hair and humming to herself sat the most beautiful half woman half fish. This was the first time one of his people had seen any mer. He asked her to come back with him, pouring all his gold into the oasis and filling it with water so she could make the journey home with her guidance. She agreed. He died the first night they were wed, and so did his father both of a mysterious disease. She ruled the land with a fair but iron fist for 146 years until she once day dissappeared, some say to return to her gold filled oasis.

unpopular artist tips

-artist tips are not word of god: they might help but if you prefer drawing differently, keep doing what you want.

-black/white are not necessarily bad: they’re more difficult to work with and in certain circumstances might look better with a pale unsaturated color, but a lot of artists treat them as if they’re toxic . You want to use that black? Do it! Think a nice bright white would look good there? Use it!

-saturated/bright colors aren’t necessarily bad, either: I prefer using bright blues over dull blues, and I make it work. That’s all you have to do. Again, a lot of artists treat them as if they’re toxic. Don’t be afraid to push the corners of the box.

-you know what? just use whatever colors you want: if you can make it work or like those colors, use them all you want!

-draw what you want: if you like drawing cartoony stuff, do it! a lot of art schools apparently force people into drawing realistically (which is not a bad thing, realistic drawings help with perspective/anatomy/posing a lot). don’t think you’re stuck to a certain style.

-adopting from other people’s styles isn’t bad: my art style is a bit of a mix of a couple different things (definitely anime-influenced but I’ve taken concepts from several different artists) because i learned from looking at pictures online. If someone specifically asks not to use their work as a reference, don’t, but most artists I’ve met are perfectly okay with people referencing their art style to try something new.

-don’t force art: if you don’t enjoy it, it shows. your drawing skills aren’t going to disappear if you take a day off. not everyone can draw every day/week/even month. just give it time.

-avoid overexaggerating your dislike of your art, even in your head: Look at it from a relatively neutral standpoint. What would you say if your friend made this? We see the flaws in our own works, and that’s good, but for some people, constant self-hate doesn’t motivate. maybe think like “hmm, this could use work” rather than “this sucks”. This can be difficult, but take small steps.

-all art is good art: because all art has effort. if you tried, it’s good art. maybe not great or perfect, but you tried and i appreciate that.

tl;dr love what you do and do what you love. it shows.

some things i’m pretty sure most artists can agree on

-most creators love fanart. we don’t care if it’s not the best we love you and your art anyways and might be crying on the other side of the screen because you took the time to make us something and we really fucking appreciate that

-reblogs > likes: I love it when someone likes my stuff but that one reblog could be the difference between a much-needed commission and not making the bills that month. (i’m not in this position but plenty of people are)


Tried him out in blues and they really work :D

Has a fire rune stitched in the hem of the robe to keep him warm, no more cold ears!!

Landlocked Blues
Bright Eyes

And the world’s got me dizzy again,

You think after 22 years I’d be used to the spin

And it only feels worse when I stay in one place

So I’m always pacing around or, walking away

I keep drinking the ink from my pen

And I’m balancing  history books up on my head

But it all boils down to one quotable phrase

If you love something give it away

Cute Dancer

“ Shiro is a dance teacher and teaches contemporary dance to teenagers with his dance partner Allura. Lance teaches the class after his which happens to be ballet for little kids. Shiro likes to stick around and watch the long legged man dance and smile at the kids and tries to get the nerves to ask him out. His students end up asking Lance out for him instead. “

I saw this and @shir-oh-no said we could write things for the aus as long as we tagged them and

I just had to

(fun fact: autocorrect tried to turn aus into anus)

((I dunno if this turned out how the au prompt meant so I’m sorry if it’s not right))

(((Edit: I changed the title bc handsome dancer didn’t fit)))

Words: 4,127

Shiro ran a hand through his mess of hair as he said goodbye to the last of his students, offering the young teen a small smile. Allura, the woman he taught the class with, waved goodbye with a cheerful ‘see you later, Shiro’ before she exited the room. It had been a long day and class went a little longer than usual, but it ended just in time for the next class, which came piling in only moments after Allura had left. The children seemed excited, eyes shining as they talked to their parents.

Just as Shiro was heading for the exit, a loud voice met his ears and he turned around slightly.

“Hey, guys! Everyone’s here so early, I feel like you all planned this.” There was a playful tone to the man’s voice, deep blue eyes sparkling with joy as he set his bag down. In moments, he was being mobbed by the children and a barked out laugh passed his lips as he crouched down to hug his students. The parents in the room all seemed to have small, fond smiles on their faces as a few of them laughed and shook their heads slightly at the sight.

“Lance, are we doing something new today?” One of the young girl’s voice chirped, giggling when the brunette had scooped her up and stood straight.

“We are, April, and I bet you’ll do great.” The man Shiro now knew was Lance beamed down at the girl before lowering her back to the ground. “Now! Everyone get your ballet shoes on! We have a long day ahead of us!” Lance’s captivating eyes scanned the room before they ended up landing on Shiro, who jumped at the smile the man shot his way. He waved slightly and the older man waved back, a slight flush dusting his cheeks as he quickly shuffled out of the room. He could hear Lance’s laugh follow him out into the hallway.

Before Shiro really knew it, he was staying after his class to watch Lance teach his own class. Dark eyes followed the other’s form as he demonstrated what he was going to teach the kids that day. Sometimes he would find himself staring at his legs that were hugged just right by the tights he always wore, showing off just how long and defined they were. The shirts he wore were no better, really. The tank tops and t-shirts clung to his body tight like a second layer of skin, showing off his fairly slim yet defined form. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was teaching children, Shiro would think the outfit would be distracting. The parents seemed to enjoy it almost as much as he did, though, so that was a thing. Sometimes, Lance would catch him staring and send a short wink his way, which usually ended with Shiro flushing and hurrying out of the room with Lance’s laughter following him.

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It’s Complicated: Part Four

                                      “ITS COMPLICATED”

SUMMARY: Shorter than most, your frame had shown a curve much different than a Natasha Romanoff or Wanda Maximoff, glasses along your ears to match. Hired on as an assistant to the avengers - dealing mostly with the technology side, you werent keen on being surrounded by them. It wasnt until you realized, the moment you met Bucky Barnes - you knew your life was now going to become complicated, falling for a man you knew in your heart could never fall for a girl like you.

Notes: Ugh I just love writing these two. Let me know what you think! there’s some violence in here, cussing, and smut.

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anonymous asked:

First sentence challenge, Ignoct: Knuckles white, he shut his eyes and bit back his tears.

Heeeey…I hope you like pain because wow. Damn. This is p a i n f u l. 

I took some liberties with this because I can and who doesn’t love a little tweak here or there?


Word count: 560:

Knuckles white, he shut his eyes and bit back his tears. All these ten years, he had known what Noctis’s fate had been, what was going to happen once he emerged from the crystal. That time wasn’t enough; he didn’t think there would have ever been enough time to prepare him for it.

Ignis choked, damning the Astrals as his forehead rested on Noctis’s knee, uncaring of the blood that had trickled down from the wound and seeped through the leg of his trousers that would later smear across his skin. ‘A gift’ they had called it when he awoke to the sunlight washing over the Citadel, vision restored. It wasn’t one-hundred percent – he would never fully regain vision in his left eye, but he didn’t need it to see what else the light left him. His feet had carried him faster than he could ever remember running in his life, clinging to some childish hope that once he arrived at the throne room Noctis would be sitting there, waiting for him, smiling with arms open in a warm welcome.

He had only been half right.

Noctis was there, upon the throne, but the welcome was far from warm. Despite the sunrise, the light drained from the room. Distantly, Prompto and Gladio’s voices called out for him, but all Ignis could hear was the light, clear sound of Noctis’s laughter playing in his memories as he ascended the stairs in slow motion.

“Tell me you love me,” an eight-year-old Noctis demanded through a cheeky grin, refusing to go to sleep. Ignis rolled his eyes, but concealed a smile behind the pages of the astronomy book he had been reading to him.

“Very well. I love you, Prince Noctis.”

Ignis felt his heart hammer in his chest.

“Tell me you love me,” a sixteen-year-old Noctis beamed at him from behind the wheel of his brand-new car and waggled his eyebrows.

“Fine, I love you. Now pull over.” Ignis commanded as he continued to clutch the dashboard and Noctis tossed his head back with a loud, beautiful chorus of laughter.

There was so much blood. How could one person have so much blood? The squelch of the substance beneath his boots was drowned out by more memories.

“Tell me you love me,” a twenty-year-old choked into his chest the morning he awoke from his fight with Leviathan. Everything hurt, and he didn’t need to see to know that Noctis was crying. Ignis ran his fingers through his hair, reassuring.

“I love you more than anything.”

A hard chill raced up Ignis’s spine, and part of him was thankful that he couldn’t see Noctis’s cold eyes. He’d much rather remember them as the bright, beautiful storm blues he had always found himself lost in.

“Tell me you love me,” a thirty-year-old Noctis whispered a few hours ago as he lay beside him in the tent, arms holding too tightly and breathing too deep. Ignis kissed his forehead, then his lips.

“I will always love you, Noct.”

His knees hit the floor and his hands shook, knuckles white as he clung to Noctis’s icy dead hand. Try as he might to bite back tears, he knew it was futile.

“Tell me you love me,” he pleaded, but silence was his only response, and the sob that tore from his throat echoed through the Citadel.

Five Sentence Fics are CLOSED.

Send me a pairing and the first sentence and I’ll write you a drabble.

First Sentence Drabbles Master List

See, although we love that there’s no school, and that we have an endless amount of days, or so it seems to spend in the baking sun, and the sound of the ice cream truck rolling down our streets, and the summer loves we develop, and the fresh fruits that are finally in season, and the crash the tide brings into our sand filled toes, and the nights that the morning crept up on us out of the blue, and the amusement parks we go to in seek for a thrill, and the perfect ice cold glass of homemade lemonade mom makes, and the flaming magentas, crisp blues, and bright nectarines we see in the sky throughout the day, and the nights where it was too hot for the day to have time to cool off, so we sleep over the covers,and the laughs and smiles we share under a lantern light at the campground, and the sun that absorbs our skin and leaves gentle kisses.

These aspects of the beautiful season make it so wonderful, but it is not what makes us fall in love with summer. The truth about summer is we love it, because we feel alive. We feel the blood rushing through our veins and for the first time since early September, we remember how to breathe. We remember how to live.

Love, the teenagers.

—  the truth about summer
Something I Need: Part Two

bucky barnes x doctor/genius reader


The greatest asset HYDRA could ever attain - you. You had spent nearly 3 years within the cold walls of the rebirth of the organization. You had heard stories your whole life of HYDRA, even from your Father - now you were captured by them. You kept your distance all these years, but now they found you - they classified you as this generation’s brightest doctor. You were sure you were going to die in those walls until they came. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes - the very individuals you had spent your life studying now kept you in their protection. Within the month of your rescue, Steve Rogers - Captain America had given you your first task…
Bucky Barnes.

Word Count: 5,090 (SORRY ITS SO LONG OMG lol)

Notes: FLUFF, Angst, Bucky’s trigger words :( Tension

let me know what you think :)

tag list is full, sorry! :(

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white knight

Lukas isn’t used to his dad taking pictures of him. He isn’t really used to anyone taking pictures of him but Philip. But his dad is standing alongside Helen and Gabe and all three of them are smiling and Lukas doesn’t feel as stupid in his cap and gown as he thought he would. He’s seen other schools in bright oranges and blues and shit, but they lucked out with black. Philip looks fucking adorable, and Lukas plans on telling him later, when they’re alone, just how goddamn cute he is. But for now he wraps an arm around his waist, pulling him a little closer, and grins for the camera.

“How many more pictures?” Philip asks, through gritted teeth.

“As many as we want,” Helen says, snapping a couple more.

“You took about a hundred before the ceremony,” Lukas says, raising his eyebrows at his dad. People are still streaming out of the auditorium and Lukas sees a bunch of other kids having to deal with the same crap they’re dealing with right now.

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