bright bay

lovely ; songs i listen to when i’m so full of love that i feel like i could burst.

1. cherry wine - hozier // 2. nothing - lewis watson // 3. you - keaton henson // 4. only love - ben howard // 5. holocene- bon iver // 6. slow dancing in a burning room - john mayer // 7. bones - ben howard // 8. work song - hozier // 9. sweetheart, what have you done to us? - keaton henson // 10. stay - lewis watson // 11. from afar - vance joy // 12. first day of my life - bright eyes // 13. we all die trying to get it right - vance joy // 14. latch (acoustic) - sam smith // 15. cough syrup - young the giant // 16. for emma - bon iver // 17. we found each other in the dark - city and colour // 18.  make it to me (stripped) - sam smith // 19. skinny love (cover) - ed sheeran // 20. let it go - james bay // 21. tenerife sea - ed sheeran // 22. your body is a wonderland - john mayer // 23. hold back the river - james bay

so indie - edsheervns

1 atlas hands / benjamin francis leftwich
2 heartbeats / josé gonzález
3 hold back the river / james bay
4 all i want / kodaline
5 same mistakes / paper aeroplanes
6 the first day of my life / bright eyes
7 generator (first floor) / freelance whales
8 home / gabrielle aplin
9 riptide / vance joy
10 devil on my shoulder / orla gartland
11 bones / lewis watson
12 sos / ashley frangipane
13 waiting for the fall / tommy ashby
14 you always make me smile / kyle andrews
15 featherstone / the paper kites
16 lilo / lauren aquilina
17 neopolitan dreams / lisa mitchell
18 put on, cologne / donovan woods
19 play with fire / vance joy
20 skinny love / birdy
21 windows / lewis watson
22 the ground / orla gartland
23 as we are now / saint raymond
24 another love / tom odell
25 pictures / benjamin francis leftwich
26 how to save a life / the fray
27 i’ll keep you safe / sleeping at last
28 out on my own / gabrielle aplin
29 bruises / tommy ashby
30 turning page / sleeping at last
31 the river / saint raymond
32 youth / daughter
33 lost / gentle bones
34 bloom / the paper kites
35 5 years time / noah and the whale
36 heirloom / sleeping at last
37 dancing song / little comets
38 gracious / ben howard
39 favourite day / bombay bicycle club
40 generator (second floor) / freelance whales
41 butterfly culture / benjamin francis leftwich
42 jupiter / sleeping at last
43 cold snap / tommy ashby
44 cough syrup / young the giant
45 give me love (the live room) / ed sheeran
46 turning back around / rhodes
47 do you want it all? / two door cinema club
48 we are (live at the cluny 2 newcastle) / ed sheeran -

superhappybubbleslove  asked:

Modern AU: Obi calls back home for the first time in years.

The first nice day in April finds Obi out on the fire escape, elbows braced against his knees to keep his hands from shaking.

His phone has one contact pulled up, his thumb hovering over the call button. He’s paralyzed; every time his gaze catches on the name, it’s like being punched in the gut. Not like when he was in the ring, prepped and tense, but like when he was just some undersized foster kid, someone who would be leaving soon, someone no one would remember if you stuffed them in a locker or shoved them head-first into a toilet. Something he can never be prepared for, no matter how many times it happens.

Home, it reads.

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To whoever made this mix CD that I found at the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse Today today:

We’re obviously connected on a deeper level than we’ll ever know. I hope we can have a picnic together, I’ll be happy to bring some hummus and you can bring any dogs you have in your life. So grateful for Shazam so I could figure out what all the songs were. Hope you’re doing well, wherever you are out there in the world.


A vegan who likes picnics and smart dogs

After Midnight - Snowbound Extra

Does this count as a blurb? it’s the shortest piece yet, that’s for sure, so maybe. Thank you as usual to everyone who reads and enjoys and to those who don’t – you’re part of this all, too – and thank you for writing in when you’re able to, because you make me smile. Thanks as usual to @inkedferns who helped me figure out what I was posting this week. 

Update August 2, 2016: If this were released in line with the rest of the story, it would come about now, just after Memory Bound. Take a peek if you haven’t before and let the rest of the story fill you in! x

This borrows the setting for another yet-to-be-posted story, so now you’ve got a sneak peek at something that’s coming down the pike eventually. There’s fluff, there’s smut, and there’s allusions to Harry having a family (Dad Harry ftw). It stands well alone, though, and I hope it amuses. x. 

Harry freezes almost the moment he steps into his apartment. It’s quiet, but there’s a very lived-in hum floating through it, and he’s instantly on guard. This was his weekend to have you and his son over, but he’d found out he had to be in studio late and had called you with a heavy heart as he told you he wasn’t going to be able to make it. You hadn’t sounded very disappointed, and he had sworn to you that he’d make it up to you both on Saturday and Sunday, and you could even stay an extra day if you wanted (he sorely hoped you would – five days was starting to stretch and feel impossible).

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claudeng80  asked:

Modern AU, the kiss that Obi doesn't remember.

~ 0 ~

Obi seems…stressed.

“You could just tell everyone I died,” he offers, changing his shirt for the third time. He’s convinced he doesn’t have a single one that matches a tie.

All of his button downs are black.

“You die, and then I still decided to go to the department’s Christmas party?” Shirayuki leans on the island, drumming her fingers against the formica. “That seems likely to you?”

“You’re right,” he says after a long moment, nodding seriously. “Then everyone would know you did it. You’re too smart for that.”

Obi.” She lets out a sigh, smoothing down her skirt. “Come on. You know you love these things. You get to look nice, and then the undergrads get drunk and tell you how much they like your muscles, and then you and Suzu get tipsy and make bets on stupid things you win nine times out of ten.”

“I do like it when people tell me they like my muscles,” he admits, mouth still bent in a frown. She sees his eyes linger on the motivational kitten calendar she has up on the fridge; three days from now is circled in red, the word Virginia scrawled across it in big block letters. His face pinches in distress, and one of his hand comes to hover just over his shoulder.

“I’ll DD,” she blurts out before she can think better of it. The offer’s out there now; she can’t take it back.

Obi blinks. “Really?”

It’s telling that he doesn’t say no, that he doesn’t tell her they can get a cab if he ends up drinking. “Yeah,” she says, doubling down. “You guys can have whatever you like. I wasn’t really in the mood for much anyway.”

He considers for a moment. “I think I have a better tie in the back of my closet.

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