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I don’t actually ship this (actually have yet to get the game!), but I decided to complete a WIP that’s been sitting in my hard drive for about a year. It was meant for a drawthread and someone filled the request before I could finish this. I thought it was a shame to leave it unfinished since I liked how it was coming along. Mild nsfw warning…?


Can we talk about a thing?

as much as i absolutely LOVE steven universe, i can’t help being constantly salty over how they gradually changed lapis’ palette. lately they’ve been giving her this REALLY BRIGHT teal aqua skincolor, that is very very saturated. and i don’t really mind that they are changing the characters because, well, their physical form is’t even real. but specifically with lapis it kind of irks me because lapis lazuli is one of the only stones that have a really consistent color scheme!

other gems, like rubies and and jaspers and peridots etc, they can all be really different in hue, depending on the conditions under which they formed. there are dark purple rubies and peridots can be both a really soft pastel blueish green and a dark olive color, but the lapis lazuli stone tends to always look the same! lapis lazuli stones are a rich, deep, royal blue that i wish they would use in steven universe because it is so beautiful!

remember the first time we saw lapis? when she was introduced?

i know the colors are different here because it is nighttime in this scene, and they overlayed a kind of pink purple over everything. and i know she changes when her gem is healed, but look at her! she has the perfect lapis colors here! i kindof wish they would have let her keep this because it’s so much calmer and less in-your-face saturated than the colors she currenlty has. also i think these colors fits better with her personality and just- aaaah i’m salty

also now that they’ve introduced aquamarine it’s even more annoying to me because they look like they have the same colors, and everyone is complaining about how they just took lapis’ colors for aquamarine, when aqua’s colors actually are pretty okay, it’s just that they changed lapis into an oversaturated seafoam color! sorry for the long post but ugh

@mechengmama‘s request: Drarry babysits Teddy?

I am 100% for this. Also this is so so long bc I loved writing it sorrryyy

My Writing

“Draco come on, we have to go.”

Draco glared at his boyfriend.

“I don’t see why we have to go. If I recall correctly, you were asked to babysit, not me.”

Harry rolled his eyes.

You are coming because you love me. And because Teddy is your cousin and I think it would be nice if the two of you got to know each other.”

Draco let out a long, dramatic sigh, but got up so they could leave.

Harry grinned and took his arm so they could apparate to Andromeda’s.

Before they knocked on the door, Harry turned to Draco.

“Andromeda is your aunt, so please just be nice for the five minutes you have to see her before she leaves.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Draco grumbled and knocked on the door.

They were met with a woman who at first glance, looked shockingly similar to Bellatrix. Draco was taken aback for a moment, but then after looking closer, realized this woman was much prettier, and had a very kind look to her, unlike Bellatrix’s crazy look.

“Hello, Andromeda,” Harry greeted and then stepped forward to give her a hug.

Draco stood back awkwardly.

“This is Draco. He’s my, uh, boyfriend. I hope it’s okay that he came along. I just thought that since he and Teddy are cousins-”

But Harry was cut off by Andromeda immediately taking Draco into her arms. Draco was stiff at first, but then relaxed into the hug, slowly hugging her back. He still looked uncomfortable, though, when she released him. Harry smiled at his effort.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you, Draco. Well why don’t you two come in, then. Teddy has been going on all week about how excited he is to see you, Harry. I’m sure he will be pleased to have a second person to play with as well.” She smiled at Draco who hesitantly smiled back.

They walked through the house and up the stairs to what Draco assumed to be Teddy’s room. He stood a few feet behind the others. He felt like he was intruding. But Harry grabbed his hand and pulled him forward so he was standing at his side.

Andromeda opened the door and there was a boy around the age of five, with bright aqua hair that was turning purple slightly at the tips, sitting on his bed.

“Teddy, Harry is here! And he brought someone with him. I have to go now though, be good for them, okay?” She leaned down to give him a kiss on the forehead and turned to Harry and Draco to thank them again for babysitting before disapparating.

“Hey Teddy!” Harry greeted the small boy.

Teddy immediately jumped up from the bed and launched himself at Harry to give him a hug that reached no higher than Harry’s waist.

Harry chuckled and bent down so they were at eye level to give him a proper hug.

Teddy then turned to Draco and looked at him skeptically.

“Teddy, this is Draco. He’s my boyfriend and he also happens to be your cousin! I thought you might like hanging out with him as well.”

Teddy continued to stare for a moment, but then must have decided that Draco was okay, because he then shot towards Draco to hug him, too. Draco was shocked at this and just stared down with wide eyes at the little boy.

“Hi Draco! Your name reminds me of dragons! I really like dragons, do you? They’re some of my favorites!” Teddy babbled while staring up in awe at Draco.

Draco looked at Harry, who had a smile on his face.

“I, um, yeah, dragons are alright,” he said.

Teddy then let go of Draco, much to his relief, and turned to Harry.

“Is that why you like him, Harry? Because his name sounds like dragons?”

Harry laughed.

“Yeah, that’s the only reason I can put up with him,” he joked.

Draco shot him a glare.

“I have some toy dragons! Do you want to see, Draco?”

“N-” Draco stopped what he was originally going to say when Harry shot him a look. “Yeah, okay, let’s see.”

Teddy grinned and grabbed Draco’s hand in his small one and pulled him over to the toy box that was in his room. Harry sat on Teddy’s bed and watched them.

Teddy pulled on Draco’s hand for him to sit down on the floor. With a sigh, he did, and watched as Teddy rummaged through his toys. He then pulled out four toy dragons. They were small and harmless, but moved as though they were real.

“Harry! You can come play too!”

Harry grinned and joined them on the floor.

“These look like the dragons we chose for the Triwizard Tournament,” Harry told Draco.

“Draco, you can choose which one you want first!”

“Wow, Draco. Teddy never let’s me choose first. He must really like you.” Harry smiled at the blond.

Draco reached forward and immediately went for the emerald green dragon with silver spikes. Harry snorted out a laugh at Draco’s obvious reasoning for his choice. Teddy, however made a face.

Draco glared at the little boy.

“Is there something wrong with this one?” He asked, a little too harshly for Harry’s liking, who elbowed him in the side for his tone.

“No. It’s just…that one is my favorite,” Teddy said with a slight pout.

Draco was not going to listen to the kid scream and throw a fit for not getting the one he wanted, so he quickly offered it to him.

“Well you can have it, then,” he said kindly and held the toy out to him.

“No, it’s okay,” Teddy smiled at him. “I like this one, too.” He grabbed one that was an icy blue color and then leaned over to whisper in Draco’s ear, “This one is Harry’s favorite. He always gets mad when I take it.”

Draco gave the little boy a real smile at this.

“Teddy! You know that one is my favorite!”

Teddy just smiled and held the toy up mockingly.

Harry finally chose his dragon, and they played for half an hour. Draco had to admit that it wasn’t a terrible time.

“I’m hungry,” Teddy said and threw his toy down.

“Alright, let’s go down to the kitchen and see what we can get you to eat,” Harry told him.

The three of them stood up, and Teddy immediately grabbed Draco’s hand and tugged on it to get his attention. Draco looked down at him.

“Can you give me a piggy-back ride?”

Draco looked incredulously at Harry, who just laughed and watched with amusement.

“Fine,” Draco grumbled and bent down so Teddy could jump on his back.

Draco looped his arms around Teddy’s legs, and then they made their way down to the kitchen.

Harry opened the fridge to see what there was to eat, and Draco set Teddy down and then lifted him back up to sit on the counter.

Harry then began rummaging through cabinets and pulled out a box of mac and cheese to make. Teddy sat on the counter, swinging his legs, and looked at Draco.

“Draco, were you and Harry friends in school?”

Draco glanced at Harry, who just gave a small nod.

“Yeah, well um, we weren’t in the same house, so we didn’t see much of each other, but I guess you could say we were friends.”

Harry fought to stifle his laughter.

“Harry was in the red house, right?” 

Teddy clearly didn’t remember the names of the houses yet, or couldn’t pronounce them. Draco nodded in response.

“What house were you in, Draco?”

Draco smiled at him.


“Um…let’s see. There’s yellow, blue, and, and…oh yeah, green! Oh, I bet you were in the green house! That’s why you chose the green dragon!”

Draco actually grinned at the little boy.

“That’s right. The green house is the best one, by the way. Don’t let Harry tell you otherwise. Green also happens to be my favorite color, but that might just be because it was my house.”

“Don’t corrupt him at such an early age, Draco!” Harry said, but was laughing as well.

When Draco looked back at Teddy, he noticed that the tips of his hair had changed from purple to dark green, and the color was spreading even more through his hair.

“Might be too late for that, Harry.” Draco said, chuckling.

Harry turned to look and saw Teddy’s change in hair color. He rolled his eyes but gave Teddy a wide smile.

“That’s a good color on you, Ted.”

Teddy giggled and turned the rest of his hair green.

“I kind of like the yellow house…I like yellow,” Teddy said.

Harry looked over to Draco, knowing how much he used to hate Hufflepuff, but Draco wasn’t paying any attention to him.

“Hmm…that house is nice. I believe that was the house your mum was in.”

He turned to look at Harry, as if for confirmation, and Harry nodded and grinned at Draco.

“Really?! Do you know what house my dad was in?”

“Red, he was with Harry’s mum and dad.”

“Wow,” Teddy said.

Harry finished making the mac and cheese and put some onto three plates that he set on the table.

Harry lifted Teddy down from the counter and they all sat at the table to eat.

“Draco, did you play quidditch?” Teddy asked with a mouthful of food.

“Teddy,” Harry sighed. “You know you’re not supposed to eat with your mouth full.”

Teddy just rolled his eyes and waved Harry off.

“Yeah, I was seeker. Way better than Harry,” Draco said with a smirk.


Harry shook his head.

“Quit filling his head with lies,” he joked.

When they finished eating they went into the living room to watch a movie.

Draco sat on the couch while Harry put the movie in, and Teddy plopped himself onto Draco’s lap. Draco would have preferred that he didn’t, but he didn’t have the heart to tell the little boy no.

“And where do you suppose I should sit?” Harry asked with a quirked eyebrow when he turned and saw the two were taking up the whole couch.

“On the floor,” Draco told him, to which Teddy responded with a fit of giggles. 

Both Draco and Harry smiled at this, and Harry reluctantly sat on the floor.

“Y’know Teddy, I’m not sure how I feel about how much you like Draco. I’m starting to think you like him more than me,” Harry said while smiling at the pair of them.

Teddy shifted so he could wrap his arms around Draco’s middle and rest his head against him.

“No…I like you both the same! But Draco is more comfy than you, Harry!”

Draco stuck his tongue out at Harry, who just laughed and turned back to watch the movie.

Teddy was asleep after only 15 minutes of the movie. Draco smiled softly down at him. He decided that maybe this wasn’t so bad. He gently wrapped an arm around Teddy to make sure he didn’t fall off or anything.

When the movie was over, Harry realized that he was the only one of the three that was still awake. He stood up and stretched and then smiled down at his boyfriend and godson. He gently pushed some hair out of Draco’s face, waking him up.

“Draco,” he whispered so he wouldn’t wake Teddy up. “Andromeda will be home soon.”

Draco mumbled something incoherently, but made no move to get up.

A moment later, Andromeda walked through the door. Harry greeted her and then she looked over at Draco and Teddy.

“They fell asleep while we were watching the movie. It just finished,” Harry chuckled and then woke both of them up so Teddy could go to his bed.

“Hi Teddy, did you have a good time?” Andromeda asked.

Teddy nodded sleepily.

“Grandma, can Draco tuck me into bed?” He asked her.

She smiled.

“Of course.”

Draco picked Teddy up and walked up the stairs with him. Harry and Andromeda followed behind quietly and watched from the doorway as Draco tucked him in.

Draco covered Teddy up with his blankets and was about to turn to walk away when Teddy grabbed his hand.

“Draco, will you come visit again?”

Draco sat down on the corner of the bed and smiled at the little boy.

“Sure, whenever you want.”

“Do you promise?”

“Yes, I promise. You can even come over to me and Harry’s if your grandmother will allow it.”

Teddy’s tired face lit up at this.

“Can I really? She’ll let me Draco, I know she will!”

Draco chuckled.

“Of course. Maybe you can even sleep over. But for now you have to go to sleep, okay?”

“M’kay,” Teddy said, but then leaned up to give Draco a hug. 

Draco hugged him back and then laid him back down.

“Goodnight, Teddy.”

“G’night, Draco.”

Draco smiled and then turned to the door.

There he saw Andromeda and Harry watching him, he didn’t know they had followed him up. They were both smiling.

Andromeda saw them to the door.

“Thank you, again, for watching him. And I think he really enjoyed your company, Draco, so thank you for tagging along.”

Draco gave a small smile, then they said their goodbyes and Harry apparated them home.

“That wasn’t so bad,” Draco admitted once they were in their own bed.

“Mm, I’d go so far as to say you even had a good time,” Harry told him before he wrapped an arm around Draco to pull him into his chest.


Harry smiled and gave Draco a sweet but short kiss on the lips.

“Thank you. Teddy loves you. Probably more than me,” he laughed.

“Can you blame him?” Draco teased.

Harry smiled and kissed Draco’s forehead.

“Not at all, love.”

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Jeddy #11?

“I’m sorry Jamie, but you can’t come with me. You know you’re not old enough to get into the pub,” Teddy told his boyfriend for what seemed like the thousandth time.

James let out a defeated sigh and plopped down onto the couch.

Teddy was going out to the pub for their friend’s birthday. Their whole friend group was going to be there. Of course James wanted to go. Teddy wanted him to come with, too. But there was no getting around the fact that you had to be a certain age to get into the pub, and James wasn’t that age yet.

“You know I wish you could come too but-”

“Yeah, yeah. I know. You better go or you’ll be late.”

Teddy looked down at his boyfriend for a moment before sighing and giving him a quick kiss goodbye and apparating to the pub.

James was slightly annoyed when Teddy left, but he knew it wasn’t Teddy’s fault that he wasn’t old enough. But now, now James was absolutely livid because he thought Teddy would have had the courtesy to not stay out all night because he knew his boyfriend was sitting at home, wishing he could be with him, but it was 2:00 in the morning and Teddy was still gone. James sat on the couch with a scowl etched onto his face when his boyfriend finally came through the floo.

“Hey babe,” Teddy greeted him with a smile.

James just nodded in response.

“We ended up heading over to Victoire’s house around 10:00. Hung out there…it was a good time.”

“Oh, well I’m glad you had fun. You know what I did tonight? I sat here, waiting for you, thinking maybe you’d get back a little earlier because you knew your boyfriend was sitting at home alone and upset. But nope, you just went on over to Victoire’s house, which, might I add, I’m pretty sure I would have been allowed there. I’m pretty sure there isn’t an age restriction on my cousin’s house. So thanks a lot for the invite,” James bit out.

Teddy felt his stomach drop and knew his hair was fading from bright aqua to a very pale blue. He hadn’t even thought of that.

“Jamie…I’m sorry. I didn’t think-”

James snorted and cut him off.



Teddy only called him James in serious situations, it was often a warning. James knew that, but rolled his eyes nonetheless.

“Whatever, Teddy,” James snapped. “I don’t care. I didn’t even really want to go. I just wanted to be with you, although I’m not sure why.”

Teddy raised his eyebrows at his boyfriend, but couldn’t help but feel a little hurt at that. He knew James was only saying it because he was angry, though.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Teddy told him.

James just rolled his eyes and scowled at him.

Lose the attitude, sweetheart. And I suggest you do it very soon,” Teddy warned.

Teddy knew how James worked. He knew all the right things to say to make James drop his act whenever he decided to cop an attitude with Teddy.

James didn’t say anything and his scowl faltered for a second before he forced it back onto his face. Teddy knew it wouldn’t be long now.

“C’mon, love. Let’s go to bed,” Teddy said softly and gently grabbed James’s arm to pull him up. 

James tried to fight him and mumbled, “Let me go.”

Teddy sighed and scanned James’s face for any sign that James was going to put up more of a fight; there wasn’t and Teddy knew he’d won.

“James, you’re being a brat and you need to stop. I understand that you’re upset with me, and I’m sorry, but that’s no reason to act like this.”

James looked away from Teddy and took in a shuddering breath.

“I-I just wanted to be able to be with you,” he sniffed, he always got really emotional when he fought with Teddy. “You’re always going out to places like that and I’m never allowed to come. I’m sorry if it’s annoying, it’s just…I just like spending time with you, but I never can…I’m sorry.” James’s voice started to shake and Teddy saw his bottom lip trembling.

“Hey,” Teddy said and tilted James’s chin so he would look at him. “It’s not annoying, James. I like spending time with you too, and you know that. You know I wish that I could take you everywhere I go, but that’s just not possible right now. Your birthday is in two months, and after that you’ll be old enough to go wherever you’d like, but until then, you can’t keep pulling acts like this every time you don’t get your way, love. And I know I’m at fault too. You’re right, I shouldn’t have stayed out this late, but it was my best friend’s, other than you, of course, birthday and I got a bit carried away. I’m sorry.”

James nodded his head, but didn’t say anything.

“How about we spend the whole day together tomorrow? We could go to the beach if you’d like. I know you’ve been dying to go since it started to get warmer outside.”

James gave Teddy a small smile.

“That sounds good,” he said quietly.

“Alright, it’s a date then.” Teddy pulled James into his chest and wrapped his arms tightly around him. He kissed James’s forehead and chuckled, mumbling, “You’re such a stubborn little brat sometimes.”

James smiled into Teddy’s chest.

“Let’s go to bed now, okay?”

James yawned, and that was a good enough answer to Teddy, who let out a laugh and pulled James up to their bedroom.

James immediately curled up next to Teddy’s warm body the second they laid down. Teddy threw an arm around James’s waist and pulled him closer.

“Goodnight, Teddy. I love you,” James mumbled sleepily.

Teddy leaned down and kissed his nose.

“I love you too, Jamie.” 


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◇ You felt bad for cancelling your plans - at first.

◇ Lay x reader x Vernon

◇ ngl it’s like really hard to write members from different groups in the same scenario,,, also lets just say that hansol is a bit older in this, okei?? Also this is like 4k words p sure this is the longest thing ive ever written rip


How you ended up in this situation, you could barely recall. Yixing’s lips are trailing up your neck sweetly, a hand brushing against your breasts and making you shiver; Hansol is kissing between your thighs obediently, glancing up every few seconds to catch a look of your face, flushed and pleasured.

So, how did this start?


You felt bad for cancelling your plans, really. You did - but this was way better. You would take Zhang Yixing for clubbing any day, and you would take Zhang Yixing kissing you passionately against your couch over that, too.

You had been getting ready to go to the club with a couple of friends. It was your birthday, and honestly, you didn’t want to go anyway, but you felt as if you were compelled to do something to celebrate getting a year older. Which is why you had your makeup done, prettiest pair of underwear hidden beneath a cute teal dress that you hadn’t worn in what felt like years - and that’s when Yixing arrived.

You opened the door in slight confusion - you were meant to meet your friends at the club, anyway, so there was no reason for anyone to be here - but as you come face to face with Yixing, you find that you don’t really mind.

“Yixing?” You echo in confusion, though you hold your door open wider for him to enter your apartment, “What are you doing here? I thought you couldn’t make tonight-?”

“I asked Suho for some time off,” he grins, walking into your living room as you shut the door, turning and following him as he sits down on your couch. He rummages through his pockets for a second, before he pulls out a box. A smile appears on his face as you finally sit beside him, all thoughts of the club completely escaping your mind as he holds it out to you.

“What’s this?” You ask curiously as you take it from his grasp, the soft velvet of the box smooth in your hand. “You didn’t have to get me anything, Yixing.”

“Don’t be stupid,” he scoffs gently, watching as you open the box, eyes widening at the sight of the silver necklace displayed in the box, “Of course I had to - it’s your birthday.”

You remove the necklace from its place with gentle hands, letting the light material lay against your hands. “Oh, my God, Yixing - this is so beautiful!”

“Only the best for you,” he grins - your cheeks flush with warmth at his comment, and you place the necklace back in its box, setting it on the coffee table and leaning forward to wrap your arms around Yixing.

“Thank you, so much,” you murmur into his ear, the feeling of his arms slipping around your waist and his hands on your back making butterflies twist in your stomach. “It’s so beautiful…”

As much as you’d like to hug him for more time, you decide that it’s time to start pulling away - though he doesn’t let you get far. His arms tighten around you, holding you just inches from his face. The atmosphere suddenly turns darker - almost more… sensual, his gaze drifting from your eyes to your painted lips.

You can’t find any words to say; all thoughts are caught in your throat, and the only thing you can think about when you’re this close is the way that his tongue dips out to wet his bottom lip.

And then he’s leaning forward, and you’re leaning forward, and God, his lips are incredibly soft - he starts off slow, taking the lead and moving his lips expertly against yours, a hand coming up to cup your face as he begins to push you backwards, your back hitting the couch softly as the tempo starts to quicken-

Beep! Your eyes snap open at the sound of your phone beginning to ring on the coffee table. Conflicted, Yixing’s lips are beginning their trek around your neck, sloppy and hot and making you breathe heavily. Should you just let it ring out…? “Answer it.”

You clamber to find the phone with one hand, the other tightening in Yixing’s midnight locks as he licks over your pulse point, a trembling breath escaping you as he starts to scrape his teeth over your delicate skin. You fumble with your phone for a second as it rings on, managing to press the bright green button- “H-hello?”

“Hey,” the voice that answers has your eyes widening. Hansol. His voice is loud but covered with music, shouting - but it seemed as if he was outside. “Where are you? Soonyoung already went in with the rest… said something about being ready to get drunk or whatever…”

“L-listen,” you gulp as Yixing’s hands palm your breasts through your dress, sparks travelling to your lower abdomen at the feeling, “I’m actually not feeling too well…”

“Really?” You hear the disappointment in his voice, but you can’t bring yourself to feel guilty, especially as Yixing slips his fingers underneath your dress, lightly brushing over your skin and giving you goosebumps, “Ah, okay then. Feel better, okay? I’ll go tell the others…”

“See you,” you murmur, and then he’s gone. You hear Yixing giggle mischeviously as you set your phone down completely, wrapping both arms around his neck and your legs around his slender waist, pulling him down towards you and connecting your lips together in a passionate and sloppy mess.

“Everybody’s gonna think I’m sick now,” you scold, making him laugh against your lips.

“You may as well be,” Yixing says breathlessly as he begins to roll his hips against yours; your dress had been hiked up to your waist, your underwear on full display and providing an annoying barrier between the growing bulge in Yixing’s trousers and your throbbing clit. “I’m gonna make sure you can’t walk for days after this.”

His words have intensity swirling dangerously in your core, arching your back and pressing your breasts against his broad chest as he continues to grind his hips into yours. You can feel your arousal seeping out of you and onto your panties, you can feel the fabric sticking to your pussy and you just want it off.

“Yixing,” you groan desperately, separating your lips from his and throwing your head back in exasperation. You let out a small whine as his bulge presses harder to your clit, clinging to his hair as he buries his head into the crook of your neck. “Fuck, hurry up.”

“We need to make sure you’re nice and wet,” he groans, biting his lip as he watches how your hips rotate against his, “or else daddy could hurt you, baby.”

Fuck. The names have your toes curling, but you groan in impatience, grabbing his face between your hands, “I have lube - daddy… Not that you’ll need it, anyway.”

He raises an eyebrow, and right then and there, you see his persona change completely. His eyed darken, his head tilts to the side and his lips pull up in a cocky smirk. The Yixing that you knew - with his bright eyes and sweet smiles and gentle laughs - was completely replaced by someone else: EXO’s Lay.

“Looks like my little girl is secretly dirty,” he murmurs lowly, hand tracing your face gently, before he grasps your chin in his hand, forcing you to meet his eyes. “Show me where it is, baby.”

He removes himself from you - you almost give a whine of disappointment but then he’s tapping your thigh, signalling for you to lead him to where you kept your stuff. With limbs weak from pleasure, you stroll to your room, your dress stil bunched up around your waist, pushing open the door quickly for Yixing to follow as you pull open the last drawer of your beside table, rummaging through it for what you were certain was there-

“What’s this?” Yixing coos, reaching passed you and fishing something out of the drawer. A glance at what he’s holding - something bright aqua blue - has you gaping, fingers closing around the bottle of lube just as he holds the vibrating dildo in his hands. “Looks like you’ve been busy, hm?”

Your cheeks are impossibly hot as you stand, reaching to try and grab the long toy from his grasp, but Yixing is tall and lean and he easily holds the toy above your head with one hand, the other taking hold of your flailing hands. “Stop - get on the bed for me. Take off all your clothes, too, princess.”

Completely aware of his eyes on you, you abandon trying to retrieve the toy and instead you carefully raise your arms above your head, shedding the tight teal material without effort and dropping it on the floor with hot cheeks. Arching your back seductively, you slide your bra straps off of your shoulders, undoing the clasps behind you with unusual ease and letting your breasts bounce free.

There’s a soft groan behind you, and a glance at the mirror on your door shows you that he’s begun to palm himself through his jeans, watching you reveal more and more soft skin for him to feast his eyes on; your underwear go next, the lacy fabric slipping passed your hips and down your smooth legs, the darkened spot in the middle almost making his mouth water.

“Let’s try something,” he speaks smoothly as he approaches you, grasping your bare hips tightly and brushing the tips of his fingers against the soft skin of your ass. You don’t have a chance to ask him what that is, because he’s tilting his head perfectly and his lips are on yours, tongue slipping inside your mouth to taste you. Soft moans escape you as you feel his hands began to knead your ass roughly, taking in the feeling of your skin as he begins to move backwards to the end of your bed, lips still moving against yours.

Yixing removes his lips from yours only when he’s reached your bed; eyes blown wide and lips swollen, he sits himself on the edge of your bed, setting the lube and dildo behind him. Grabbing you by the hips, he turns you so that you sit on his lap, facing the mirror on your door - and then, with strong and firm hands, he spreads your legs, displaying you to him through the mirror. You almost moan at the sight; your pussy, wet and slick, hot and throbbing, on complete display for him.

“Keep your legs spread,” Yixing orders as he removes his hands from your thighs. He wraps one arm around your waist to steady you, the other reaching behind him. He keeps a careful eye to see that you don’t move too much, and then he’s turning back, the dildo and lube in his hands. After he squirts a fair amount of cool liquid onto your hot skin, and rubs a bit onto the rubber of the dildo, he hands you it - much to your confusion.

“Show daddy what you like, baby,” he murmurs seductively into your ear, meeting your half lidded eyes through the mirror, “Go on - fuck yourself.”

With a pounding heart and flustered skin, you slowly bring the dildo to your prepped pussy, running the tip of it against your slit and moaning lowly at even the smallest bit of stimulation. Your eyes flutter closed on their own accord as you flick the button on - the sudden vibrations have you breathing heavily - and start to press the toy into yourself.

The keen that escapes you when the dildo is fully in your pussy has Yixing groaning softly, eyes flickering from your fucked out expression to how you suck in the toy so good, to how amazing your breasts look pressed against your arms. And then you start to pull it out, and he can see how it’s completely drenched, and then you push it back in, a heavenly groan resounding through the humid room.

Licking your lips, and your chest heaving, you finally begin to speed up, your mouth gaping as grasp onto the dildo desperately, the vibrations inside of you making your toes curl and your legs squirm - but still, you persevere, moving your hands quickly and reveling in the squelching sounds that you’d make every time you pulled the toy out, expression completely euphoric as you fuck yourself hard and fast.

“F-fuck-” You tremble hard, throwing your head back against Yixing’s chest as you begin to roll your hips slowly into the dildo, continuing to move your hand at a fast pace until-

“O-oh, my God,” a voice gasps - not Yixing’s voice, and that makes your eyes snap open. Your blood runs cold as you see someone who definitely should not be there standing at your bedroom door, cheeks red and a more than prominent bulge in his jeans. You realy shouldn’t had given Hansol a key. “Fuck, I’m sorry-”

“Don’t be,” Yixing says, completely calm and not seeming to mind that another idol - younger, but still and idol - had caught him in such a compromising position. His hands grasp you thighs tightly, preventing them from closing and making you struggle slightly, heart thumping loudly in your chest as you avoid Hansol’s eyes. You can still feel the vibrating of the dildo inside of you and you’re ashamed to say that this is actually making you drench the toy inside of you. “It’s okay - she likes it, I can tell.”

Hansol only gulps, eyes wide and Adam’s Apple bobbing nervously. Yixing tsks, shaking his head and removing on hand from your thigh to gesture him in. “Don’t be shy, Vernon. I’m sure our birthday girl would be more than happy to have you - right, ____?”

Vernon licks his lips nervously, and you see him glance at how you’re spread so deliciously, before he hesitantly enters the room, closing the door gently behind him again. He stands awkwardly there, waiting for an instruction, an order, anything, all the while sneaking glances at you with reddened cheeks. Yixing gestures for him to kneel in front of you vaguely, and he gulps, inhaling deeply as he sees how stuffed you looked with the dildo inside of you.

“Since it’s your birthday,” Yixing muses, rubbing up and down your thighs softly, before his hands move to brush gently over your sopping pussy, tapping the bottom of the dildo teasingly before he reaches inside you and tugs it out, strings of your clear juices attaching the toy to your center, “I’ll give you a choice, okay, princess?”

He waits expectantly for your answer. “Yes, daddy,” you mumble shyly, almost sensing how Hansol’s eyes widen, pupils dilating as he takes in how beautifully submissive you become during sex.

“The toy, or Hansol’s tongue?” The question is so blunt that you can’t answer for a few seconds - you make a mistake in glancing down at Hansol, and meet his dark eyes. Beyond the slight nervousness, you see how aroused he was, the amazement in his eyes obvious and making you clench around nothing.

“I - only if he wants to,” you stutter quietly. The sound makes Yixing chuckle, looking passed you to the boy kneeling in front of you obediently as he trails his hands over your upper half, roughly pinching your needy nipples and making you breathless before he decides to speak.

“Hansol,” Yixing coos - Hansol’s head shoots up, meeting his elder’s eyes anxiously. “Would you like to taste ____?”

Before he realises what he’s doing, Hansol is eagerly nodding, unconsciously licking his lips as he takes another glance at your pussy, wet and hot and only inches away from his mouth. “Yes, please.”

“Well, then, get going.”

You wait with bated breath as Hansol teasingly draws his mouth closer - it seems as if all traces of nervousness have disappeared from the boy, especially as his eyes suddenly flicker up to meet yours. And then his mouth is on you.

It seems that you can’t even process the mind-dizzying pleasure at first - they really weren’t kidding when they said rappers had good tongues, because Hansol is eating you out like a starved man, his tongue parting your lips to slurp and lick at your wetness, his nose providing mouth-watering stimulation to your clit.

As soon as the initial shock wears away, your floundering legs have to be bound by Yixing’s hands. He makes sure to spread you even wider, much to your pleasure, watching your expression in the mirror as you thread your hands through your bed sheets.

There seems to be no end to your moans; the humid air is filled with the lewd sounds of Hansol eating you out, the sounds of your heavy breathing and frantic moand mingling in the air and making the sparks in your abdomen grow at an alarmingly quick pace.

You can’t help but hold Hansol’s face in place with one hand as your hips begin to buck, the boy humming against your clit, your orgasm so, so, so close-

You can’t find it in you to form words as your orgasm hits you, your hips rocking against Hansol’s face as your toes curl, legs tensing and eyes rolling to the back of your head as you drench Hansol’s face with your cum. Your pussy spasms wildly as you ride out the intense waves of pleasure, gripping Yixing’s hands desperately as it seems to last on and on…

It fades out minutes later, leaving you sweaty and flushed, your body buzzing pleasurably and your breathing impossibly heavy. You gulp tiredly, head resting against Yixing’s chest as you start to regain feeling in your legs.

“Fuck,” you whine as you finally catch your breath, opening your eyes and adjusting to the brightness. You sit up further, peering down at Hansol. He’s still kneeling, licking the wetness off of his lips and watching you carefully, a mixture of amusement and smugness painted on his handsome face as he too regains his breath.

“Fuck,” you repeat, making the man behind you chuckle. Yixing grasps your chin lightly, turning your head to kiss him sloppily.

“You enjoyed that, hm?” He grins as he moves away from you, suddenly scooping you up and off of his lap. He places you beside him, though he’s quick to stand, beginning to remove his clothes; the jeans are thrown next to your dress, the shirt hits the floor near your closet, and his underwear follows, leaving him completely bare.

p> You aren’t shy with your staring - he’s gorgeous, after all - but Hansol can’t even look in his general direction, despite the boldness of his previous actions. Yixing says nothing, though, choosing to only laugh knowingly. “I think Hansol deserves a little something for making you cum so well, princess.”

“Yes, daddy,” you agree readily, directing your attention the boy who’s eyes widen at the sudden influx of attention.

“Hansol,” Yixing questions, mouth close to Hansol’s ear, placing a hand on the younger’s shoulder. “You get to choose - her mouth? Her pussy? Where do you want her?”

Hansol inhales a shaky breath as he mulls over the question, inspecting you on the bed, your legs spread and your arms stretched high above your head. The vivid image is sure to be printed in his mind forever. “I want to be inside her.”

A grin spreads on Yixing’s face as he pats Hansol’s shoulder encouragingly. “Better get undressed, then.”

Hansol stands from the floor at that, beginning to pull his shirt off as Yixing kneels by your bedside table, rummaging through your sacred bottom drawer until he finds the foil packet that he’d been looking for.

Hansol is discarding his briefs, the last article of clothing, on the floor when he’s thrown the foil packet. Yixing nods to him, before he’s climbing onto the bed with you, flipping you on all fours and setting himself in front of you, holding his cock invitingly in front of your lips. Hansol watches as you open your mouth, like a good girl, taking in Yixing’s cock incredidly well.

You swirl your tongue around Yixing’s head, drawing groans from the man as you begin to bob your head obediently, eyes wide and innocent as you take him in your mouth, your other hand pumping the rest of him that you couldn’t fit in your mouth - and, after the crinkling of foil, you feel Hansol behind you.

Despite the fact that you had already came hard earlier, you can’t help but want more - you push your hips back desperately, wanting nothing more than to feel his cock inside of you.

You feel Hansol’s hand run down your spine as he finally runs his head over your slit a few times, gathering your wetness before impatience overtakes him and he has to push his cock inside of you. You whimper around Yixing, his hands threading through your hair and beginning to move your mouth over his length at a fast pace. His mouth is open and his eyebrows are furrowed as he watches you take his cock in your mouth.

“Fuck,” you hear Hansol mutter quietly, running his hands over your back before they settle on your ass, grasping the flesh tightly as he begins to rock his hips back and forth, pushing more of himself into you with each thrust. “So tight…”

Soon, his pace is speeding up; his hips are slapping against your ass, his fingers digging into your skin and his grunts echoing throughout the room as he fucks you roughly, watching carefully as you suck him back in with every roll of his slender hips.

Yixing inhales sharply as you hollow your cheeks, his jaw clenching as he begins to move his hips too; you gag lightly as he begins to fuck your throat, a tight hold on your hair and muttered curses caught in his throat.

“Fuck,” Yixing grunts, “look at you, taking daddy’s cock so well. Bet you feel all stuffed, hm? Two cocks in you at once-” He breaks off with a deep groan, bucking his hips one, two, three more times, before he’s shooting cum down your throat, the liquid sliding down your tongue. He pumps himself a few more times in your mouth, ordering you quietly to swallow all of him, before he’s pulling himself out of your mouth, deciding to lay on the bed and watch Hansol take you.

With your mouth free, all that can come out of you are frenzied moans; your breasts are swinging with his rough thrusts, your mouth seems to be in a permanent ‘o’ shape, especially as Hansol’s hand sneaks between your sweaty bodies to rub at your clit messily.

That seems to be the last straw for you - with a broken, weak moan, you collapse onto the bed, face down and ass up as your orgasm wracks your body for the second time that night. You feel completely weightless, your vision going white for a second as you’re fucked through your orgasm.

And seeing you, so broken and fucked out because of him, makes Hansol shiver pleasurably, a last breathy moan echoing throughout the room as he fills the condom up, bucking his hips into your heat.

You can only groan as everything fades away; all pleasure aside, you’re sore. Hansol slips out of you minutes after, breathing heavy and hand heavy as it trails over your back again, and Yixing leaves his space by the pillows to go fetch a glass of water.

After Hansol’s cleaned up and you’ve gotten your water, all you can do is sleep; which is how you end up sandwiched between two of your famous friends, arms wrapped around you and legs tangled together as you drift off, the air filled with the smell of sex and the atmosphere impossibly warm.

“I’m being inside of you next time,” Yixing manages to murmur sleepily before he slips off to sleep. “And I get to taste you, too.”

Next time.


But if space travel is continuous freefall, then you’re going to need someone to hold onto eventually.

The line that stuck in my head from l'amor che move il sole e l'altre stelle by @freloux (please pay heed to the rating).