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25 Weeks OOR Challenge
Week 01: What was the first ONE OK ROCK song you heard?

Back in 2013 after falling in love with Hiro and MFS (thanks to Nano), I learned that he had an older brother that also did rock and of course The Beginning came up first when I looked up the band. I’m sure everyone is well aware how amazing that song is and so I was sucked into OOR.

How the Vrains OP and ED might be hinting at Kusanagi’s betrayal

In light of @pendulumprince’s post about the “Kusanagi is evil” theory, I wanted to also add my two cents about it (I was just adding on to the post itself but realized it was getting long and also has more to do with the OP/ED and only kinda has to do with the foil between Kusanagi and Akira.)

I feel like lighting in the Vrains OP and ED is used in a sort of simple but clever way. We see both Yusaku and Go running against a bright blue sky - for Go, it represents his bright ambitions that are so different from the others. Although Yusaku has a more secretive life than Go, his conviction is clear and he walks forward without hesitation (the same with Go). In contrast, Aoi is standing still and looks away from a setting sun. She hasn’t reached her key motivation yet. Guess who else has a still shot during twilight.

It’s a harmless kind of cute shot honestly, but it’s also the only shot we get of Kusanagi in the OP. He’s a pretty major character so you would think that we would see him supporting Yusaku from the sidelines at least. Instead we have just this to work with. Here we don’t even see the sky - it’s just Kusanagi completely confined in his truck and the night time starting to fall on the city in the background. We see him at the “in-between” period of the day. He’s not fully lit, not like our protagonist Yusaku. It gives an indication that Kusanagi may also be “in-between.” And in fact, in the OP and ED he is NEVER fully lit.

This image can easily give an indication that he’s working hard in the night toward his goal (his brother), but we also don’t see the screen he’s working on. It’s likely none of the hot dog truck monitors because those are usually blue and he would be looking up at them. Even if it’s intended to be the hot dog truck, it has a completely different vibe of secrecy, and we don’t have eye contact with him. Moreover, he is once again somewhere between light and shadows.

The last shot we’re given is Kusanagi standing dramatically in the rain, this time no visible light source to be found. On top of that this shot is right on beat with the lyrics “Never give up” which match with his determined, defiant look here. He’s put himself in darkness and is not even attempting to shield himself from the downpour. It’s similar to the darkness that always shrouds Akira.

We know that Akira’s not necessarily evil, just that he feels that he’s thrown himself in darkness and made himself a hellhound for the sake of Aoi.

My point is that, given all of these hints, I think Kusanagi is going to be given a choice somewhere down the line where he’ll have to choose between his loyalty to his brother or his loyalty to Yusaku, and the choice he ultimately makes may be one that puts a strain on his relationship with Yusaku. 

Headcanons for telling Rafael you're pregnant!

Here ya go guys! I’m gonna throw a little something your way. Work is KILLING me right now, so I’m trying!!!

Rafael would come home, tired from work, another won case but no one truly feels like a winner. A man in prison wont un-assaults that poor girl.

He watched her run into the arms of her family, relieved that the ordeal is over, happy that she has a mother and father who have stuck by her through it all.

Rafael wonders if he’d ever be a good father. His own father had treated him poorly, to say the least. He always feared falling into his father’s footsteps.

He’d never considered kids until he met you, they just seemed like something very unattainable. They were other people’s cute problems.

It all changed when he met you. Bright eyes and enough ambition and energy to light the city of New York, he fell in love at first sight.

The first date, first kiss, first time, all went just like the movies. Although it was a comedy rather than a romance. The first date you both got rained on, followed by a cab running about three gallons of muddy gutter water on you both while you were kissing.

The first time was much worse, Rafael had planned everything so perfect that when the covers got stuck, he couldn’t figure out why. He tried to pull them up harder, hand ending up slipping back and punching you in the face.

You got to explain to your best friend how you got a shiner making love.

After six months together, the two of you decided to move in with each other. You were both crazy in love, spending most days at his apartment anyway, you both figured it would be easier just to get a conjoined place.

When you see that test give you two lines, your world of late night wine and pizza and irresponsible love making on the apartment rooftops, came to a halt. Were you two ready to be parents?

You could feel Rafael’s arms encircle your waist that night, kissing your neck as you smile.

“I have a surprise papi,” you whisper.


You turn and go, grabbing a little rectangular box and setting it in front of him.

“Open it,” you say softly.

He’s hesitant, but slowly unwraps the box, opening it and staring down at the little stick with two blue lines. 

 "Oh,“ he said softly. He was looking at it like he wasn’t quite sure what it was. 

When he picked it up, you made a face. 

"I peed on that." 

He looked from the stick, to you, to the stick again. "Are you…?" 

You nod. 

"Cariño,” he whispered, a smile slowly creeping onto his face. “You’re pregnant." 

"Is that okay…?" 

"It’s better than okay,” he got off the couch, kneeling in front of you, both hands on your stomach now as he pressed a kiss to your flat belly. “We’re gonna have a baby,” he whispered and moved up, kissing you hard, blinking back tears. 

You’d never seen him almost cry before, it was a mixture of comforting and frightening. He was happy, you were happy, and you were both gonna have a baby. 

“What should we name it?” He whispered, “do you think it’ll be a boy? Or a girl?" 

"Rafi,” you giggled and shook your head, “it’s the size of a grain of rice right now. We have plenty of time amor." 

"Plenty of time then,” he agreed in a whisper, tugging you close and rubbing a hand up and down your belly. “We have plenty of time,” he whispered to the little being in your stomach, the little creature that would grow to be the love of both of your lives.

Types of people attracted to the signs
  • ~ Use your Venus, Jupiter and Sun ~
  • Aries: those who really value the passion and fire of others. Interested in and admires Aries' very individual opinions and leadership // competitive, romantic and rational people
  • Taurus: those who find comfort in their soothing and sweet attitude, wanting to talk for hours on end to them if they could because they know Taurus will understand and support them. Loves their rationality // captivating, honest and down-to-earth people
  • Gemini: those who enjoy intelligent and/or debates. They like how Geminis have such a wide quantity of friends, brightening their day simply by being there with them. appreciates their sympathy for others // creative, cute and ambitious people
  • Cancer: those who respect their gentleness and general care for everyone. They can't even put into words how much they love Cancer's vast imagination and loyalty // practical, thoughtful and sensitive people
  • Leo: those who cherish their cheerful spirit unable to be put out by the world. Always wants to be with them, as they warmed by Leo's burning passion // hardworking, patient and stubborn people
  • Virgo: those who appreciate hard work and labour from them. They know they can trust them, and Virgo's loyal and kind self attract them like a moth to the flame // comforting, caring and passionate people
  • Libra: those who treasure the shared desire for justice and all around fairness. They like how Libras are so naturally co-operative and always want to help others // fair, sociable and smart people
  • Scorpio: those who admire bravery and resourcefulness, finding Scorpios to be a real-life hero. They watch in awe as they always stand their ground for what they believe in // courageous, intuitive and loyal people
  • Sagittarius: those who cherish their liveliness and yearning to adventure. They'd always want to explore and travel with Sagittarius' wherever they went // trusting, humorous and friendly people
  • Capricorn: those who fancy their bright ambition and practicality in reaching their goal. They find comfort in knowing that Capricorns will be patient with them every step of the way // trustworthy, optimistic and intelligent people
  • Aquarius: those who favour individuality and friendliness that only Aquarius' can provide and show. They find joy in seeing their intense desire to make the world a better place // justice-oriented, adventurous and patient people
  • Pisces: those who value the use of their intuition, not just rational reasoning and evidence, like Pisces' do. Their affectionate and gentle nature entices them so simply and easily // wise, caring and easy-going people

The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents her latest dispatch from the stars:

Aries: Your best moments are going to be so great this week, they’re going to leave you feeling starry-eyed and charmed and bright as the moon. Seek these moments out, relish them, let the good feelings sink into your skin. Let these good feelings carry you, and let them stay with you. Write them down and repeat them over and over like a poem, like a prayer, like something you can keep, something that can get you through the winter. Move through the world with confidence, this week, with joy. Remember where you are, and remember how to get back to this place.

Taurus: This week, the world around you and the thoughts inside you are going to move in circles, all the cycles patterns and repetitions ruling your body, your dreams, the way you talk, the way you move. When dark things echo through your life, try to remember all the good things that live in your bones. Try to look at the mountains and oceans and roads and plains that the world has given you and see them as some kind of comfort, as a constant, as a guide. This is a week to remember the things that shape you and it’s a week to keep living.

Gemini: This is going to be a week for some big kinds of dreaminess, for filling your whole head with stories. It’s a week for dreaming through days that are strange and nights that are cold; for letting your heart get big and tender, for letting your imagination grow so weird and free. Try to be brave enough to imagine better days, kinder worlds, love in the darkness, green in the wintertime. Read before bed and let it transport you; dream about the future and wake up with clear eyes and visions for what could be.

Cancer: This is a week for feeling your way through the weird emotional landscapes of your life, when the night is dark or the roads are icy or the normal patterns of your world get tangled. It’s a week for working slowly, for testing the ground underneath your feet. Trust the wisdom of your body, when you can’t quite trust your head. Trust the wisdom of your friends, when you can’t quite trust yourself. It’s a week for small signs and small steps, for small blessings, for gifts that look like nothing at first and others that shine like the sun.

Leo: This is a week for building up all your energy and strength and shine, for honoring it, letting it fill your body, letting it fill your days and nights and all the rooms and streets that you move though. It’s a week for stoking the hottest fires inside you and letting their heat move you to greatness, great feats or great heights or great tenderness. This week, more than ever, let your insides go wild. Don’t try to dull any of your weird edges, don’t try to dim any of your weird glow.

Virgo: This is a week for paying attention to details, for tending to the small things, the quick shining moments, the textures and colors and sounds that make up your everyday. It’s a week for noticing the cracks in the sidewalks or the ice on the window or the patterns of the threads in your shirt. Reorganize your bookshelves. Take your shoes to get repaired. Be a little picky, if you want, about things being done right. Be a little picky about filling your world with small things that make you feel most like yourself, things that make you feel most right.

Libra: This will be a week for not worrying so much, for not being scared, for not even caring about any small bad things. It’ll be a week for letting your heavy gray doubts just roll away, a week for inexplicable bravery and unknown strength. You’ll know who you are and what you’re about, you’ll know what you need, you’ll know what to do. This kind of wild certainty won’t last, probably, in this weird and shaky world, but trust it for now. Let it keep you warm. Let it keep you moving, sure and unafraid.

Scorpio: This is going to be a week about sharing what you can. It’s going to be a week for letting generosity bloom inside you, in ways you would not have expected, in ways strong enough to rip open the sky. The world’s going to feel full of other people this week, friends and strangers, and they will bring you magic, they’ll light your days up. Take care of yourself, spend time alone when you have to, don’t give your whole self away, but remember that you’re living in a world full of other people, remember that they’ll bring you everything good.  

Sagittarius: This week you might find yourself full of a sweet and weird melancholy, your heart all full of the past, missing people and places and objects and feelings all so much. It’s good to remember loss, all the different people you’ve known, the ways you’ve lived, the selves you’ve been, the different ways that love and sorrow and anger have moved through you. Let these feelings take you over, let them go wild, then do your laundry, call your friends, eat dinner with your neighbors. Dream about ghosts and live with your feet on the ground.

Capricorn: This week’s going to be about energy and motion, it’s going to be a week being your fullest, weirdest self and not even worrying about it. It’s a week to let yourself want everything, to let your desires grow tangled and wild, to let yourself get a little overwhelmed by your own bright ambitions, overwhelmed by how much there is in the world. It’s a week to make space in your head for the contradictions in your blood, and to honor your weird multitudes. Let them speak to you, let them move you, let them make you daring and strong.

Aquarius: This is a week for moving quietly, it’s a week for moving with conviction. It’s a week for sticking to your plans and sticking to your guns, for trusting that you can build a space where you can live. It’s a week for giving yourself space to breathe, space to remember the shape of your dreams and the shape of your face, space to remember your best self. Try to move like you’re not afraid, try to move like the ground is solid. Think about the whole vast sky, when you structure your days, think about quiet white mountains.

Pisces: This is a week for resetting yourself, a little bit, for recalibrating the compass inside you, for redrawing your maps. It’s a week for taking showers and getting a haircut and getting enough sleep. Try to breathe out, try to let every sorrow leave your body. It’s a week for holding yourself a little more still than usual, for watching, quietly, and getting your balance again. It’s a week for sleeping soundly through the night and waking up, wide-eyed and hungry and ready to see the world truly and clearly.

Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May.