bright aluminum


I’ve got a dragon tail to sell! It’s red with black on the spine, with an underbelly of pink bright aluminum scales. Very shiny!

This tail had been made for a commissioner, who then was unable to pay. It’s been sitting in my room for a while, and it’s time to cash it in!

The commissioner had wanted a leather spade tip with a custom shape, which I made, but I didn’t really like it, so instead I’m offering it with both the arrow and heart shapes, but in acrylic plastic rather than the leather that most people get. 

It’s for sale over on my Etsy page! Jump on it quick, before that other guy gets it!

I do hope to open up for commissions in not too long, but I need to finish dealing with a few projects currently owed to people.


Requested by anon: One with Newt where you save him from a crank and he kisses you? :)
(A/n: I made this to be angsty somehow :/)

You ran away from WCKD with Newt, your boyfriend since you were still stuck at the maze, along with Teresa, Frypan, Minho and Aris, the kid you’ve met before.

Led by Thomas, you ran and ran, WCKD behind you, chasing you. You didn’t know why but somehow they told you were important and special.

WCKD shooting bullets at you, you ran as you dodge them miraculously. As you ran, you saw a collapsed building, buried beneath the sand.

Teresa found an opening, a broken window. Hurriedly, you jump off one by one. You and Newt were the last ones to jump. Newt helped you as you jumped first followed by him.

It was dark. You can’t see a thing. Using his hands, Minho searched for something to light up the situation.

At a table, he felt several long sticks. He grabbed them, finding THE switch. It shone brightly making the others and you squint their eyes.

Minho along with Newt handed out the flashlights. One by one, brightness overpowered the darkness.

“Okay, guys. Me and Minho are going to find some answers around here,” Thomas said as you all hurdled close to him. “Meet us here in an hour, okay?” he said.

You all nodded as you scrambled away from Thomas. You watched as they disappear in the dark.

The lights dimmed. Newt, Frypan and Aris look for things to grab such as water and other necessities while you and Teresa found a pile of clothes. You rummaged through the pile as you hold your flashlight, looking for decent clothing. Your clothes were drenched in sweat due to the fact that you ran all the way here, you need to get changed.

You found a shirt fit for Newt, you called him. “Hey, Y/n,” he said, pointing the light at you.

“I found clothes for you, you should get changed,” you said, handing him the shirt. “You’ll get sick.”

He took the shirt from you and gave you his flashlight. You took it and turned it off. You point your flashlight at him. He took off his old shirt and throwing it in the ground, revealing his toned body making you blush. He wore the new shirt, ruffling it to remove dirt. He looked at you and flashed a grin.

You gave him back his flashlight as he turned it on. Teresa already found some clothes already and was already changing at a room, you followed behind when you found some clothes your size.

Newt and Frypan guard the room from outside. You and Teresa took turns changing as one should hold the flashlight.

You were about to finish changing when suddenly the lights opened, blinding you all.

Your eyes squinted from the sudden brightness but soon enough, you started to get used to it. And due to the brightness, you saw an aluminum bat. You took it, thinking that it would be great weapon against WCKD if you ever encountered them.

“Well, someone seem to found the source.” Frypan said.

You and Teresa stepped out, making the boys look at you two. You went beside Newt. He was about lean in when suddenly a scream interrupted it. You can hear Thomas’s scream something. You saw Thomas and Minho darting towards you. As they get nearer, Thomas’s screams became clearer.


You were all confused when suddenly you heard loud groans everywhere. The two caught up and what you saw behind them shocked you all. “Cranks…”

You ran away from them. Minho leading you all. You weren’t exactly a fast runner but due to the fact that you were chased by like a hundreds of creatures like those, your adrenaline rushing to your veins causing you to run madly.

You were running behind with Newt, as he can’t run fast because of his limp. You looked back and saw cranks heading towards your group.

“C’mon Newt!” you screamed at him as he’s falling behind. Newt suddenly tripped over something. You slowed down your pace. You were about to help him when suddenly a crank jumped in front of Newt, trapping him.

He screamed for help as he tried to get the crank off of him. You suddenly swung the bat to the crank, whacking it down. It let out a loud groan. You dropped the bat, Teresa catching it and quickly, you helped Newt stood up. His arm draped in your shoulder and grabbing his waist.

The others saw you and rush to help you. You can feel Newt’s body trembled in fear. He stuttered some words you didn’t understand. He was scared. You looked at him. Your heart aching. You grabbed his cheek gently using your free hand and kissed him, knowing that it makes him calm.

Newt was startled and eventually he stopped fretting. You broke the kiss and gave him a smile. “It’s going to be okay,” you said, tears streaming down your face. “You’re going to be okay.”

You couldn’t help it but to cry in this situation of yours as you helped Newt walk. You didn’t know what to do. You heard the others scream at each other as they tried to defend from these hideous creatures. You wanted to scream and shout on how unfair life could be. To break down and cursed the whole world for giving Newt a horrible present.

You shooed those thoughts away and focused on getting Newt to safety. But after all these unfortunate events, you still managed to give him a smile, a painful one. “I promise.” You looked at him as Minho took Newt to his arms.


This dragon tail has a custom pattern based on a diamondback rattlesnake. I was really happy with the design. I think I may push it as a standard option for the future.

The blue scales are a “bright anodized” aluminum. I had never made much using them before, and they are pretty fun. They’re super shiny. But they’re also an order of magnitude more expensive as the normal aluminum scales I use, so I don’t think I’ll stock them unless other people ask for them.

Summing up: 33 inches from tip to top of belt line, 3 pounds 5 ounces. Royal Blue bright anodized aluminum in a diamondback pattern over a standard black anodized aluminum background, with a standard aluminum underbelly. Full line of spikes down the spine.

I have a convention I’ll be vending at next weekend, but after that I’m planning on opening up for accepting new commissions again. Keep your eyes peeled, your ears perked, and your nose primed for that announcement. In the meantime, you can check out my tail ordering guide, though be forewarned that I may be adjusting the prices a bit before I take more orders.