INTP Perfectionist

We may be a tad bit lazy and live in an area where it looks like a bomb has gone off, but damn are we perfectionist! To the point its just unhealthy, we could literally drive ourselves insane with it. We devote all our energy, all our strength and every bit of wheel power to make whatever that one thing is we actually give a shit about as awesome as we humanly can. Well… at least until we get bored and move onto the next project that we won’t finish either

The Types as Weird Jobs

INFP: cat sitter
ISFP: nude painter
INFJ: dark poet
INTJ: taxidermist
ENFP: drag model
ENTP: owner of gay bar
ISTJ: blind opera singer
ENTJ: teachers teacher
ISTP: porn star
ESFP: liquid lipstick blogger
ENFJ: sells edibles on etsy
ESTP: exotic food taster
ESTJ: sumo wrestler
ESFJ: crazy orphan nanny
ISFJ: online surveyor
INTP: foot model


ones without power will d i e,
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