Villain 2D-Marinette(brigette). I made this AU.

I called her ‘ Villainette ‘. She was orpahned by terror(in Paris) and… She was such a Yandere…? Megadere? anyway, she’s mad for felix :D~ 

A large of difference(of appearance) between brigette and villainette is Pupil color. Villainette has magenta-colored pupil. Also, her bust size is bigger than brigette……………….(whisper)

People who like this AU makes me happy LOL!!!

this wasnt originally meant to mirror the way the mml poster is, it just kinda happened after i drew martin and i went ahead and added mr chase there

the more depressive prequel to milo murphy’s law, lmao

i think chase just tries to get brigette to stop hanging out with martin, but he does a bad job of it and ends up just goin on adventures with them. also brigette doesnt know chase is his last name and not his first for a long time