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anonymous asked:

Since Agent Carter was cancelled, what do you think became of Dottie's future?

Hello, anon!

If I recall correctly, Carter or someone else in the SSR mentioned to Dottie that the disgrace of her failure in helping Fennhoff with his revenge on Howard Stark left her without backup or support from Leviathan and the Soviets. Carter assumed Underwood was now working as a mercenary, or maybe trying to get back in Leviathan’s good graces, in season 2.

It’s really hard to tell what became of Dottie, as we had to say goodbye to Agent Carter.

I have some headcanon dreams of Dottie getting back in the Red Room’s good graces and selecting the orphan Natasha along with other girls for the next generation of agents. Maybe she discovered or stole the infinity serum that makes selected Red Room grads almost unaging. Maybe she became Headmistress for a time. Maybe she finally worked with Peggy Carter in some sort of amnesty deal. 

The sky’s the limit, but it’s really fun to imagine.
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