The Mildred, sailing from Newport to London with basic slag, struck under Gurnards Head at midnight on the 6th April 1912, whilst in dense fog. She swung broadside and was pounding heavily when Captain Larcombe, the mate, two Irishmen, one Welshman and a Mexican from Vera Cruz rowed into St. Ives at 6am - The Gibsons of Scilly

In the early 19th century, Commodore Stephen Decatur, a naval hero, was testing cannon balls on the firing range when he saw a strange creature flying across the sky. He fired and hit the creature but it kept right on flying across the field. Joseph Bonaparte, former king of Spain and brother of Napoleon, saw the Jersey Devil in Bordentown, NJ, between 1816 and 1839 while he was hunting. In 1840-41 many sheep and chickens were killed by a creature with a piercing scream and strange tracks. In 1859-94, the Jersey Devil was seen and numerous times and reportedly carried off anything that moved in Haddonfield, Bridgeton, Smithville, Long Branch, Brigantine, and Leeds Point. W.F. Mayer of New York noticed while visiting the Pine Barrens, most of the locals would not venture out after dark. The devil was sighted by George Saarosy, A prominent business man, at the NJ/NY border. This was the last reported sighting before the turn of the century.

The Tides that Bind Us Masterpost

Evie Trevelyan is a well-educated young woman of exceptional breeding and striking beauty. The sole child of a wealthy merchant, the only expectation her father ever had for her was to marry well. With not but thoughts of pleasing her father on her mind, Evie boards a ship that will carry her to Kingston where she will meet the husband of her father’s choosing. However, before she can reach her destination her ship is ambushed. Soon Evie finds herself at the mercy of Captain Cullen Rutherford and his crew of misfits and scoundrels. With no other option, she is thrust into a world she has little hope of surviving without learning to adapt to a new way of thinking.

There are many names synonymous with New Providence Island and the town of Nassau but chief among them is Cullen Rutherford. Captain of the infamous brigantine the Templar’s Revenge, Cullen has devoted his life to sailing under the black. He has spent three years consumed by a need to find justice for those who cannot find it for themselves and hopefully make a bit of coin along the way. When out patrolling for a prize, he happens upon a merchant ship that is carrying more than just cargo. Cullen’s life is changed forever when Miss Evie Trevelyan boards his ship.

Whether these changes are for the best is something only the tides will tell.

Main Story

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Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII

Drabbles and One-Shots



Miss Evie on the beach by @notearsforshitsmears
Miss Evie and Captain Cullen portraits by @lizmapes 
Captain Cullen and Miss Evie on the beach by @kadustuniverse
Captain Cullen portrait by me
Miss Evie portrait by @spindlethief

Endless List of Favorites

→ historical (and legendary) places: ghost ships

A ghost ship, also known as a phantom ship, is a ship with no living crew aboard; it may be a ghostly vessel in folklore or fiction, such as the Flying Dutchman, or a real derelict found adrift with its crew missing or dead under unknown circumstances, like the Mary Celeste. The term is sometimes used for ships that have been decommissioned but not yet scrapped, as well as drifting boats that have been found after breaking loose of their ropes and becoming carried away by the wind or the waves. After passing Santa Maria Island in the Azores on 25 November 1872 (the last entry on the ship’s slate), the SV Mary Celeste, a merchant brigantine became derelict in unknown circumstances. No boats were found on board. She was found on 4 December 1872 between mainland Portugal and the Azores archipelago. The ship was devoid of all crew, but largely intact and under sail, heading toward the Strait of Gibraltar. The Octavius, an English trading ship returning from China, was supposedly found drifting off the coast of Greenland. The captain’s log showed that the ship had attempted the Northwest Passage, which had never been successfully traversed. The ship and the bodies of her frozen crew apparently completed the passage after drifting amongst the pack ice for 13 years. X

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Do you know of any fics where Stiles is Derek's Emissary? Or in his pack?

15 Years by supernaynay

(1/1 I 726 I Teen I Sterek)

It has been a long time since Derek has been here, he hasn’t been able to make himself come here since the day after the funeral. Laura was busy with Peter and making sure she had custody of Derek so he came back to tell them that he was sorry and that he hoped that someday they could think about forgiving him.So many things had happened, had changed since that day.

Bad Karma (Or Really Good) by BelieveInTheUnknown

(3/? I  6,798 I Mature I Sterek, Scallison, Marrish, Berica I Celtics)

The world isn’t as big as Jordan Parrish thought it was and when his past swoops in to help him with the current badies (Alpha Pack), the McCall and Hale Pack begin to question the young deputy.“What exactly are you?”“I’m what you’d call a Guardian; someone who is connected to nature and it’s elements and uses them to protect.”“And they are?”“They’re my ‘pack’, but the official name is the Celts.”

Neither Here Nor There by FelOllie

(1/1 I  7,083 I Explicit I Sterek I De-Aged)

“Yeah.” Stiles ran a hand through hair he hadn’t washed in days, not since he’d come home from his dad’s to find the loft littered with shotgun shells, black blood staining the floor and the heavy scent of wolfsbane cloyingly thick in the air, with Derek nowhere to be found. “We’ll get him back. But…”“What?” Scott asked, crossing the floor to stand before Stiles, lifting a comforting hand to his best friend’s shoulder.Stiles met Scott’s eyes, his own orbs glittering with terrified tears. “What if he’s just ash by then?”

Lost Cause? I Think Not. by fireflystiles (cuddlehazz)

(1/1 I 10,055 I General I Sterek I College)

Enough was enough. Apparently Stiles has a spark, whatever the hell that means, but every time he asks about it Deaton shoots him down or gives him a round about answer that leaves Stiles with even more questions. After everything he has been through Stiles know that the supernatural will keep coming to Beacon Hills. He has learned many things over the years of being a human in a supernatural shit storm.or Stiles decides to find someone to teach him how to use his Spark

Stop Crossing Oceans by howl-to-the-wind (greenleaf)

(1/1 I  11,570 I Mature I Sterek I Scott is A Bad Friend)

“There are no absolutes, Scott! No hard rights or hard wrongs! The world doesn’t fucking work that way and we can’t afford to think like that, because people are going to die! We signed up for that the moment we got involved with all this!”“We? We?” Scott hisses. “Don’t you think you? Don’t forget that you’re the one who dragged us into that forest the night it all started, Stiles. So if it’s anyone’s fault, it’s yours.”Something inside Stiles cracks, so strong and so deep that he practically hears it.

Pre-Emptive Strike by Brigantine

(1/1 I 13,272 I Teen I Sterek, Scira I Angst)

Scott and the pack are holding their own against the weirdness the Nemeton lures to Beacon Hills, but Stiles can’t sleep, and he suspects Derek’s starting to crack beneath the surface. Stiles decides that something fundamental has got to change. He’s going to need some help.

don’t forget where you belong by bistiles (alis)

(1/1 I  20,710 I General I Sterek I  College AU)

Stiles is an emissary in training, about to start his freshman year at college. He had hopes for a new start, but he got more than he expected: old and new friends, a pack of wolves and maybe even love.

Aching for you by LittleRedEmissary

(22/22 I  45,416 I Teen I Sterek, Scira, Berica, Jydia I Slow Build)

When Stiles tries to cast a protection spell on Derek and accidentally casts a spell much stronger than either of them expected, the duo has to relearn everything that they’ve learned about protecting the pack, because the old methods won’t do anymore. With the infamous Winchesters coming to town Derek hopes that the hunters will just drive through town, but the pack has never been good that laying low.

Don’t Savage The Messenger by exclamation

(61/61 I Explicit I Sterek I Werewolves Are Known)

There is an uneasy truce between the werewolves in the woods and the humans who live in Beacon Hills, protected by a magical boundary that gives warning any time a werewolf crosses it. Then the sheriff is taken by the werewolves and his son offers himself in exchange.

Stiles promises to serve the werewolf pack, not knowing what horrible use they might have for him. But it turns out his most useful skill is the ability to cross the boundary line between humans and werewolves. Life with the werewolves is nothing like he feared and the werewolves themselves are nothing like the hunters’ stories would have him believe.

Hallowed Grounds by damnfancyscotch

(13/13 I 105,518 I Explicit I Sterek I Coffee Shop AU)

Stiles is home for the summer after graduation and he is so ready to relax, work a little bit on his second book, and then he almost crashes his car when he swerves to avoid hitting a wolf. But, it’s like his dad says, there are no wolves in California.Stiles doesn’t think much about it after that, especially once he runs into Erica who’s working at a coffee shop and her boss, the lovely Laura Hale, offers him a job.Oh, and apparently he’s suddenly running a doggie summer camp because they just keep showing up at his house, especially the big black one who has the prettiest fur and the judgiest face on a dog he’s ever seen.


“Vane, the Captain, was for making off as fast as he could, alledging the Man of War was too strong to cope with; but one John Rackam, who was an Officer, that had a kind of a Check upon the Captain, rose up in Defence of a contrary Opinion, saying, That tho’ she had more Guns, and a greater Weight of Mettal, they might board her, and then the best Boys would carry the Day. Rackam was well seconded, and the Majority was for boarding; but Vane urged, That it was too rash and desperate an Enterprize, the Man of War appearing to be twice their Force; and that their Brigantine might be sunk by her before they could reach on board. The Mate, one Robert Deal, was of Vane’s Opinion, as were about fifteen more, and all the rest joined with Rackam, the Quarter-Master. [..] John Rackam was voted Captain of the Brigantine, in Vane’s Room, and proceeded towards the Caribbee Islands.
-Captain Charles Johnson, A General History of the Pyrates