The Mildred, sailing from Newport to London with basic slag, struck under Gurnards Head at midnight on the 6th April 1912, whilst in dense fog. She swung broadside and was pounding heavily when Captain Larcombe, the mate, two Irishmen, one Welshman and a Mexican from Vera Cruz rowed into St. Ives at 6am - The Gibsons of Scilly

“ John D Spreckels – Brigantine "  …   A  brigantine of 267 tons, was launched at the head of Mission Creek in 1880. She was built by Matthew Turner for Spreckels’ Hawaiian sugar trade. Like most of the vessels in that run, she carried passengers and was heavily rigged, including topmast stunsails which can been seen extended like giant wings in this picture.

Photo: San Francisco Maritime National Historical Museum