You stare down at the battle plans a carapace recently brought to the table and sigh heavily. Production is going according to plan, with a few bumps along the way but from what it looks like you’ll be prepared for the Black King in a matter of hours.

Glancing up, you analyse your team (trying to ignore the timelines clinging to them). A good balance of aspects and classes. Your Life player is an ace in the hole along with the Witch who is going to make this whole sneak attack possible. Mairin and Jay are discussing tactics for moving the ships with the engines off (a collaboration between the Mind and Breath players you wish you’d come up with). To your left, your Knight examines The Tome with curious eyes.

You put a hand protectively over it. “Spoilers, Lily.” You say, winking (or attempting).

She gives you a nervous smile. “I just want to know how it ends, if we get him back.”

Your fingers curl and immediately look down the table. You all have a position around it, but you still know someone is missing. “We can’t look ahead, it’ll ruin the future. You just have to trust me. If we rebuild the universe, we might be able to code his DNA in or something.” You smile. “Don’t worry, we’ll find him again.”

“I wish he’d come now,” Kyle pitches in, tapping his staff impatiently against the ground. You wait for it to switch to a scythe but it retains its purple crystal. “He’s our Space player, I think we could use some space shenanigans for this plan.”

“Well, he’s not here-”

You hear a crack in the air behind you and time lurches and you look around.

Somehow, you’re not surprised.

You smile.



Okay so it was Cole’s birthday like last week but I’ve been holding onto this for about three weeks, working on it on and off (powering through it this last week (so you can actually see the different in art)) AND NOW IT’S FINISHED.

Wow fan adventure it’s silly but idgaf.

HEADCANON TIME. Cole is the last one to reach God Tier because of reasons. Basically I write him off because we have BIGGER FISH TO FRY (aka killing the black king and making a new universe) so I assemble the rest of our players and start figuring out our plan.

then cole shows up and it’s great.


– wightHunter [WH] began pestering bygoneEnthusiast [BE] at 23:23 –

WH: –} Ye ruined another suit.
WH: –} I’m actually going ta kill ye for real
WH: –} After all the time I took to protype that stylish ensemble and now yer just fuckin’ up left right and centre.
WH: –} Aye, it’s decided. I’m going to kill you for real, lass.
WH: –} …
WH: –} BROSTER yer ignorin’ me.
WH: –} Pay attention.
WH: –} I will pester JAY if ye cannae pay attention.
WH: –} She at least listens to my problems.

BE: I don’t consider an outfit ruined by neck-blood to be your problem.

WH: –} No, the problem is that ye cannae keep your blood inside of you, BRODIE.
WH: It’s not that hard

BE: I will deal with you in a moment. I have a Prince to behead.

WH: –} …
WH: –} \ouo/
WH: –} This is the proper emotion for excitement?
WH: –} JAY taught me it.
WH: –} Before ye behead COLE ye should let me test it out on the lad.
WH: –} Or perhaps the wee one that is a flower. LILY.

The adventures of Fintan Spiros and Brodie in the Medium. He’s a big Sean Connery fan.

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