brigada verde

Brigada Verde

December 13, 2015

Today marked the end of one of my favorite Peace Corps projects to date—an environmentally-focused youth group called Brigada Verde, or “Green Brigade”.

Over the last few months, we’ve met eight times to talk about different aspects of the environment, including ecosystems, air pollution, water pollution, trash and recycling, deforestation, and global warming. The kids arrived with almost no knowledge of the environment, and these basic topics proved very relevant to life here, where it’s normal for people to throw their trash out the window of a moving bus, burn their garbage, and wash their motorcycles in public water sources.

The course, which was created by former Peace Corps volunteers, was full of great hands-on activities that got the kids interested in both the class and the subject more generally. So interested that, while it’s usually a struggle to get people to show up on time to my meetings, they regularly showed up a half hour early—on a Sunday morning, no less!

 Our class may be over, but I’m looking forward to continuing to work with this motivated group of jovenes in January when we start a new section of Escojo Mi Vida, and I attempt to get a community action youth group off the ground. Vamos a ver!

Posing with flowers they made from recycled bottles several weeks ago. 

Performing a drama on deforestation at our graduation (to an audience of one).

Posing with their certificates!

Not pictured: The s’mores we ate at our graduation celebration this morning.