brig your face

#15 Sleep Talking

Jackson: “Babe…” He whispers, his grip around your hip tightening, making your eyes flutter open. “Fuck.” He moaned, making you frown. “Don’t stop…” He started grinding himself on your bum, he must be having a wet dream. “Fuck… Megan…” He moaned, making you turn around angrily. “Mehegaadbfhfjhghjfjfjd” He started, laughing, making you realize he was acting. “Fuck you.” You playfully hit him in the chest, making him laugh harder before turning around. “You’re stupid.” You mumbled smiling to yourself. “I can’t sleeeeeeeeeep~” He laughed, swinging an arm around you and snuggling into your neck. “How about you make me tired?”

Mark: “No…” He whispers, whining. You look up at him and see his sleepy face, he is sleep talking again. “I’m… I’m not…” He mumbles. “Not what?” You ask, curious about what could make him so frustrated. “Im not… no dimsum…” He whispers, and you do your best to not laugh out too loudly. “Don’t eat me…” He mumbles and you can help but crack up. You quickly put your hand over your mouth to cover the sound but it’s too late, he shifts in bed. You pretend to be sleeping as he looks down to you, seeing you’re sleeping, he wraps his arms around you, pulling you closer. As he drifts back to sleep a brig grin creeps on your face.

JB: “Jackson….” JB mumbles in his sleep as you walk out of the bathroom after showering. “Jackson shut up…” He mumbles and you crack a smile, brushing your hair. “Bambam… I’m your hyung…” He whispers, his voice full of sleep. Dropping your brush on the nightstand, you slip under the covers, the sudden movement waking him up. “Hey buddy” He whispered, cracking a smile. “Having a hard time educating the kids, huh?” You asked, snuggling closer to him.

Jr: It’s late at night and you tiptoe into your apartment. You find Jinyoung sleeping on the couch, curled into a ball of sleepy cuteness. You start to feel bad, he had waited for you to come home and fallen asleep watching TV. “Please…” you hear him whisper as you walk to him, he must be sleep talking. “I’m so hungry…” He whined, making you smile. “Hey babe.” You lightly shook his body and his eyes flustered open. “Y/N?” He asked, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. “Hey mush…” He said, grabbing your arm and pulling you towards him. You plopped down next to him. “I’m sorry for not calling, I didn’t think you would wait for me.” You laid your head on his shoulder. “It’s okay baby. I missed you.” He replied before kissing you. “Do you want to eat out? I know it’s late but I’m hungry.” You proposed, not saying you heard him beg for food. “Yeah, let’s go. Actually I’m starving.”

Youngjae: “Why…” You hear whine him so you turn around and you see his fasts asleep on his desk, his cheek kissing the paper of his notebooks. “Why am I so awkward…” You He whispers and you snort. “Youngjae-ah~” You barely touch him and jumps up, started. “What?!” He asks and you giggle. “You drooled on your homework.” You said.

“Y/N…” He mumbles, making your eyes flutter open. “Y/N…” He repeats. “Mmmwhat?” You mumbled back, still turning your back at him. “Not the pizza…” He says and frown before turning around to face him. Seeing how he had kicked off the blankets, spreading his legs wide, his eyes shut, a lazy hand resting on his chest and his mouth hanging open, you assume he’s sleep talking again. “Fine, I won’t eat it.” You giggle, snuggling closer to him. “Mmmh thank you babe… luv ya…” He mumbles, making you smile.

Yugyeom: “I want to act…” He humms, making you groan. “I know every thing…” He whispers and you turn around, swinging your arm around him. “Shut up…” You groaned, knowing he would because he would reply to you even in his sleep. “Have…to practice… A~”