Lay with me and I shall Break

Fandom: Pretty Little Liars Pairing: Paily Rating: G af Summary: I wrote this little drabble a million years ago. I think it’s set after season 3? Idk. Paige and Emily are dealing with PTSD nightmares after the kidnapping. The only solace that they find is in each others arms. Fuffy af. Enjoy! 😊

Breathe in… breathe out. She feels the rhythm, the rise and fall of her chest as the long haired figure sleeps peacefully wrapped up in her arms. Her back molding snuggly into her chest. Legs tied together in delicate knots. Hands laced like fine embroidery. She’s here, breathing calmly in… and out. The hypnotizing sound of it all has Emily dozing in… and out of consciousness. Waking brifely to shush her beloved’s terrors as she shakes and cries in her sleep.


It wasn’t suppose to be like this.

After the incident. The being beaten, tied up, gagged, and eventually locked in Lyndons closted for 12hrs (and brief questioning at the scene), Paige was finally taken to the hospital. But once she arrived, her anxiety spiked to an all time high. The police and the doctors kept repeating over and over again that she was okay now but she wasn’t. She still hadn’t touched Emily and the need only grew stronger with each passing minute. It got worst once her parents told her the other girl was in the same hospital she was. They wouldn’t let her leave her room so she paced around the small area like a tiger trapped in a cage.

That’s how Emily found her. Tears streaked down her face as she was yelling loudly,“LET ME SEE MY GIRLFRIEND!” They were moments from sedating her when the luscious brown haired girl ran in to calm the distraught Paige with her embrace. Placing soft lips on her own dried, chapped ones to ease her panicked mind. It worked. Thankfully, her parents allowed Emily to stay with her until she was finally asleep.  


It wasn’t suppose to be like this.

The constant rollercoasting nightmare. This isn’t the life Emily wanted for her and yet… here she sleeps. Some nights feel like forever plus forever. While others… others she just lays awake as Paige sobs in her arms. She becomes grateful for the nights when her body lies dead to the world. During those times, she whispers a question upon bare skin.

Always the same one. How long can I keep you?

It’s those same lips that quiet her cries. A mouse kiss to apex of her neck always does the trick. Paige once told Emily that her kiss always brought her back to life. It would almost sound silly if she hadn’t said it with such sincerity. But if she really knew Emily’s power. Knew who she was. What she possesses. The Kiss of Death. That must be it, right? You kiss someone, let your love for them fill you up… and then… they die. You’d think nothing of it the first time it happens. The second time is merely a cruel coincidense. But a third time? Granted, Emily didn’t love Nate-Lyndon but when her lips touched  his, she felt Maya. In those brief seconds she felt her there. Felt her love but it didn’t last. His lips weren’t as soft or as incasing as Maya’s was. Lyndon’s kisses felt raw and desperate. She kept trying get the taste of Maya back but like always… she was gone and all that was left was… him. There was no spark. No butterflies. No desire for more. His kisses were like all the boys you had kissed before. All force and no emotion.

They weren’t Maya’s kisses. And definitely weren’t Paige’s.

Sweet Paige who had been so understanding and look how she repays her. By kissing someone else. By going away with them and also getting herself and Paige almost killed.


It wasn’t suppose to be like this.

When the nightmares would take over and leaving one of you tense and fighting in their dreams. Scared unconcious words are whispered as stress etches itself across their brow.

Desperate pleas of “Please don’t hurt her…”

Once still arms are now tense and jerk intermittenly.They’re in too deep. Too deep in their mind’s endlessly cavern of dreadful thoughts. When it’s her turn. When she’s burrowed into Paige’s arm cradling the person she loves close to her. In those moments she feels so safe, yet so alone. In her dreams. In her imagintive mind, she’s running through the forest again. Her lungs burn from fatigue and that searing, sour taste of bile coats her mouth. She’s running for her life again. Always again. It never ends. Just one false move and everything is… Over.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

absynthe--minded  asked:

InuKag: Kagome realizes she's pregnant, and ponders how to break the news to Inuyasha.

Kagome’s eyes widened.  ”What?”

Kaede smiled kindly.  ”It’s no flu, Kagome. You are with child.”

Kagome’s stomach flipped.  She’d come to Kaede’s hut simply to show her two types of herbs—she couldn’t remember which was best for waves of nausea—and Kaede had examined the herbs, casually asking her a few leading questions.  Any other symptoms, a fever, perhaps?  When her last monthly cycle was…

She’d thanked Kaede brifely before dazedly exiting the hut, walking aimlessly.  She’d promised to help Sango watch the twins while they harvested their garden, but her mind was in such a whirl, she couldn’t see straight.

There was no denying it.  All things considered…it did make sense.  Her nausea hadn’t been ordinary.  Her sense of smell had piqued as of late—some of the villagers had been cleaning fish the other day and the scent of it had nearly overpowered her.  Inuyasha had glanced at her curiously when she complained about the assailing scent of Chinese anemone—about a mile away from the village itself.  

Speaking of Inuyasha—he was out for a few days, traveling northwest with Miroku to defeat a particularly nasty sort of demon that feasted on blood.  It was Sango’s turn to care for the children and since Rumi had gotten a mild cut from playing too near a farmer’s scythe, Kagome had remained, to keep an eye on the wound.  

Barring any interruptions, Inuyasha and Miroku would return by sunset.  And then what?

She’d never given any thought to kids—not really.  There’d always been too much to do.  Sango and Miroku’s brood were a handful even by proxy, and while Kagome adored them, they were a lot of work.  What’s more…she’d never discussed having children with Inuyasha and the idea that now it was sprung upon them with no warning…

Well, what did you think would happen, Kagome, when you moved to the feudal era for good, a world without safe forms of birth control?!

A small smile graced her lips.  She was pregnant.  Pregnant.  She was going to be a mother—and Inuyasha would be a father!  Would they be good parents?  Would Miroku and Sango help them?  She sudden had a crazy urge to find Sango, confess all and pepper her with questions.  But she couldn’t tell her, not without telling Inuyasha first…


Her head jerked up and to her surprise, Miroku and Inuyasha were heading towards her, hours before she expected them.  

“You’re back,” She blinked. “We didn’t expect you till later.”

“It didn’t take as long as we thought,” Miroku replied easily. “And Inuyasha was eager to return. He said you weren’t feeling well when we left.”  

“Looks like you’re feeling better now, though,” Inuyasha noted. “Food poisoning?”

Kagome smiled a little.  ”C’mon,” She took his arm. “Let’s take a walk.”