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We are soooooo excited to see Tay this weekend in Brisbane!!!! After buying tickets over a year ago, we are almost prepared to see the Goddess herself perform all of our fave songs. We are dressing up as characters from the Blank Space video and our signs of “cherry lips, crystal skies” are just missing lights so our main bae TS doesn’t miss us!

We’ll be sitting in Aisle 323, Row 15 in seats 47-50 if anyone would like to come say hi in Brissy!!!

See you in 2 nights, @taylorswift !!!!

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It’s so cliche to say the stars are in your eyes especially when the stars are in so many more places. The stars are in that little fat in your tummy that you squeeze out of habit while we watch t.v. The stars are in the stretch marks that leave perfect little purple lines on your back. The stars are in the chub rub you got after climbing all those stairs at the water park. The stars are in your lips and every word you speak explodes one, forming nebula after nebula. The stars are not contained to your eyes. The stars are who you are.

Outlining Plot for Editing

Part of my ongoing project on the editing process, using this draft as an example.

In my post on preparing for structural editing, I mentioned that creating an outline while rereading our drafts for editing makes the editing process easier to check for consistency, find weak points in the plot, and visualize the progression of major and minor conflicts.  Below the cut is an outline I created to demonstrate these points.  Chapters that contain an abundance of information and action are immediately obvious, and chapters that contain too little stand out in juxtaposition.  For instance, for chapter six, I wrote, “Why does this chapter exist?” after I realized that it included almost no action or information.  While reading, recognizing that a chapter is pointless or extraneous is sometimes difficult, but comparing it to other chapters in an outline can help us identify the problem.  The outline also highlights which characters are important and which are useless.  Having a separate bullet for character conflicts or character growth shows which characters are central to the main conflict, and characters who do not not appear in one of these bullets can often be replaced by another, more important character, as long as they don’t contribute something important to the action of the story.  For authors who struggle to create character growth for their characters, outlining what they have written can help them realize where in the story showing character growth would be beneficial or impactful.

Outlining can also help us flush out our list of priorities.  Here is my updated list, after examining my outline:

  • Rewrite first chapter
  • Collapse first four chapters into one
  • Reduce Ellen and delay Willis’s appearance to chapter 6
  • Combine chapter 6 with chapter 7
  • Combine 9 and 10?
  • Flush out Bri’s past and deepen his emotional responses during the story
  • Weave in Bri’s past and struggles more often
  • Make Glenn’s mysteriousness more realistic
  • Complicated Bri’s feelings for Glenn
  • Make Justin more three-dimensional
  • Change names

To view the outline, click the read more link.

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It’s a blowjob list shut up it’s my favorite

These fics were a little trickier to locate because it’s rare that a story centers solely around a bj (they do exist and bless you if you’ve written one).  So I’ve included fics here even if the bj is only written as foreplay.  Once again please message me if you can think of any that aren’t included here. These are all RATED M.

Small Spaces by bri-ecrit

Indulgance by Bri-ecrit

Reveille by bri-ecrit

By Halves by bri-ecrit

Woodwork by Lbug84

Theres Your Act of True Love by LeaveTheFrontPorch

Shes With Her True Love by LeaveTheFrontPorch

Honest Goods by LeaveTheFrontPorch

All Tied Up by Jenniferjuni-per

Extended Education by Belfast Docks

The Party Chapter 2 by feistypants

You’re Only As Old As You Feel by break-the-frozenheart

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A Short Ride Through Town by DesertSailor

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