Today I received my purchase from AgAuCu  Etsy in the mail. I exploded out of bed to accept the envelope from the mail people, immediately retreating to the back room, and tearing the packaging apart.

Well, ok, I didn’t tear it. I neatly cut an incision at the top flap and removed the items with care.  West Coast loot! Everything was individually wrapped, safe, and secure in it’s packaging. As you can see, I got a bunch of oceanic items, and oh what’s that? What’s that in the center right there A phial of ground mussels shells? You spoil me.

Is this home made paper, by the way? 

Onto the necklace - the thing I purchased. Oh, my, goodnessgracious I love it. In case you can’t tell, it’s a gold plated crystal quartz pendant - hand made and absolutely beautiful. It has this sort of rustic element that I can’t get enough of, and wearing it boosts the positive currents of my body by roughly 12%. Aesthetically it compliments everything in my wardrobe as well as my person, and rests at the perfect length. I’m actually wearing it right now!

The transaction was easy and efficient, and it seems like just yesterday I hit the “buy” button online. No shipping hassles!

I truly couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Thank you infinity!

10/10 would shop again & recommend to everyone!