I think once Teen Wolf ends they should do a one hour or so special with the cast, and just have that as a last goodbye to the fans. I reckon that would be really sweet and I for one would love to see Tyler Poesy, Dylan O Brien, Holland Roden, Crystal Reed, Tyler Hoechlin, Daniel Sharman, Arden Cho, Dylan Sprayberry, Ian Bohen, JR Bourne etc, all reunite as one big massive cast. Or maybe add something like that in the special features for the season 6 DVD.

I love Tyler Posey because he’s such a positive light to people. He’s a POC who is the lead in popular television show.

He fucked up. I mean what is there to say. He made an insensitive joke towards those in the lgbt+ community. It’s pretty clear.

But, I’m tired of how people find themselves ready to disown a wonderful poc actor like him. How is he suddenly irredeemable? Because he made a shitty joke.

So let’s look at his white counterparts on the same show?

Dylan O'brien admitted on television to stealing from set of the second maze runner movie. Whose land was owned by natives. He and the cast were specifically asked not to take anything due to their spiritual connection to that land. Yet, he did it anyway. People were upset for like a week and then went back to stanning him.

Holland Roden made jokes about rape as well as generalized all of West Africa. And you can’t forget the time she was being transphobic. Which was in the same that Tyler said he didn’t like Sterek. But I’m sure your hatred for his apparent homophobia for liking your ship left you blind to it.

Colton Haynes… do I even have to? Like were the constant uses of insulting other ethnicities not enough. Which Holland defended?

These are actors who have done and said some problematic things. And they still have thriving careers? Why are you so quick to “cancel” Tyler Posey? But, in the same breath will stan everyone else.

I’m not saying don’t call him on this. Because you should. Let him know he fucked up. Let him know the feelings you have. By not giving someone a chance to redeem themselves you’re not helping shit.

Don’t act like the people you stan aren’t problematic. Everyone is problematic. The only difference is that by not calling them on it your basically saying it’s okay. And you shouldn’t start with someone who in actuality is a good person. If you can forgive and move past their bullshit you can get past his.


What’s Past Is Prologue - Chapter 24: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


Charles is among those walking the pavement and though he is still a Yorkshireman at heart, he enjoys the rush of the people and the bustling of the city. He’s never at the last minute buying gifts and he has Elsie’s true gift stashed away in his brief case, but he’s hit upon just the right idea in which to disguise it. Granted, the gift that he has purchased is something chosen from the heart, something that will impact and change the rest of their lives together, but Elsie is a woman after all and Charles figures that he ought to purchase a little something that she can show off to Beryl and the girls until she can show them the real gift that he purchased.

A/N:  Part One of Christmas. Thomas makes an appearance as does Jimmy Kent along with a mention of Sarah O’Brien, Richard Carlisle, and Vera Bates. Part Two of Christmas will see them again, along with our other Downton favorites, 

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Phyllis photo credit: @monajo7

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faz headers to dylan o'brien e tyler hoechlin q eles tão tipo num navio eu acho.. aí o dylan deita no ombro do tyler aí tem várias fotos deles nesse lugar aí vc pode fazer uma header q tipo tenha umas 4 ftos juntas c aqueles ''friendshipp'' por exemplo???

eu nao sei se é bem isso q vc quer mas nos tentou viu sorry xx

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I completely agree that it's a shitty thing to joke about but a part of me also things people are overreacting a little with the whole "tyler posey is cancelled" thing because lord knows if it were dylan o'brien they'd be bending over backwards to come up with a reason why its okay and no big deal but a POC who has been extremely unproblematic up until this point doing one thing that is offensive and suddenly they are "cancelling" him? it's ridic. either way though i hope tpose apologizes.

SAME TBH! if it were dylan there would be conspiracy theories about how he was trying to speak the truth but MTV was silencing him! like don’t even get me started lol. I fucking love posey and I just really hope that he realizes that he fucked up, especially when he sees all the people that were supporting him when they thought it was true. honestly, I think if someone told posey, “hey dude, that wasn’t okay” and explained it to him, he would apologize for it. 

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Sometimes I'll be watching Dylan o'brien videos (like right now) and just internally scream because I fucking love him but like I know there's a good chance I'll never see/meet him 🙃🙃Why is this world so cruel????

Fuck, I do that too. 

I’m like “whatever I don’t like him that much” and then I go online and get lost watching videos of him and I’m like “okay bye.”