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Hello witch mama! So I'm starting my own herb garden and as you hold so much knowledge I was wondering if you had any information about the best overall herbs for a herb garden?

Ahhhh, these questions make me wish I had paid more attention as a child! (I grew up with 7 different gardens, one of which was an herb garden– WHY didn’t I listen to what my dad was saying??? hahaha) Here is what I remember –

basil and sage are really easy to grow, basil grows well even in a window. mint is wonderful but DO NOT plant it around your other plants bc if i remember anything it’s that mint will take over your herb garden so fucking fast and will choke out your other plant babies, so plant some mint in a pot and keep in in the pot lol. it’s also really important to pay attention to the needs of each plant, some grow well in shade and wet ground, some don’t grow well in super wet soil and need to be really sunny. ours was half sun half shade and it moved nicely through the day with the sun. a planned out herb garden can be incredible. but a lot of people neglect learning the conditions each plant needs & what can grow together and what can’t (keep a little journal!) and then just don’t think they have a green thumb, but they just aren’t attentive! 

I’m going to find some articles for you – 

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This makes me want to call my dad and just be like “DAD PLEASE GIVE ME ALL YOUR PLANT AND HERB KNOWLEDGE THAT I REJECTED AS A CHILD”