Can I get some luck/success prayers/spells for my boyfriend please? He’s got a job offer but he needs to get a contract otherwise it’s too risky to leave his current crappy job, I really want him to be happy in new work, it’d help his mental health so much

So if you have a moment for a lil prayer or spell I’d appreciate it 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Love your blog and your interaction with your anons. Have you noticed that for the first time (in the last clip) we had even not seen from isaks pov and, for brief moments not with him? He looked somewhat different to me. Older, taller, more mature. Idk. Just thinking.

ahhh yes, he does seem….more mature?? more serious idk…but also even more soft

Yes, we have heard this so many times before ;P

But wait, Vegeta discovers that Bulma is dead in the future ;-;

“The very first time I traveled to the past and met you…after I came back, she would often ask me about how you were and how you looked.”

Despite his pride, the news of Bulma’s death gives Vegeta a change of heart to do fusion with Goku ;-;