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Hey, could you please recommend me some books or information to read about sigils? Thank you so much

Ooh have I got a thing for you - [my sigils FAQ blog page]. If you can’t view that, you can find a rebloggable version [on my old blog], but some of the links might be dead / broken at this point. (I hardcore need to rewrite that for this blog, don’t I?) Imma copy and paste the links and resources section for you from my blog page, just in case:

Links and Resources

* = external links and resources

So yeah. Sigils. Enjoy, anon :D

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Got any coming out tips?? I'm in a safe environment so I'm not at risk, but it's still difficult...

Here is literally everything I can think of about coming out:

In general:

  • Don’t come out around holidays or stressful family events
  • Be clear with the person you’re coming out to about who else you are out to so they don’t out you to other people accidentally
  • Specify what changes you want to make now, e.g. new name, new pronouns, etc.
  • Specify, if it’s appropriate (e.g. when coming out to a parent or close friend), what changes you may want to make in the future, e.g. hormones, surgery, etc. Don’t feel obligated to share this information to anyone but people you are close with.
  • Remind them that you’re still the same person you’ve always been
  • Be kind and patient with them if they are sad, confused, shocked, or scared. Don’t engage if they are hostile or refuse to even try to understand or accept you.

Coming out in person:

  • Plan what you’re going to say ahead of time. It will save you the difficulty of having to figure out how to phrase things when you’re nervous.
  • Choose a time when the person is not busy and is in a good mood
  • Try to anticipate questions they might have and plan how you will respond

Writing a letter:

  • This is a good method if you get very anxious coming out to people in person
  • Proofread and revise; try to have someone else read it if possible (you can post it (anonymously if necessary) on online support forums if you aren’t out to anyone)
  • Give it to them and then give them space to read it, but still make sure you are still accessible (personally, I went to a friend’s house, but knew my mother could call or text if she needed to; you can also just stay in your room)

Coming out on social media:

  • It’s often a good idea to tell close friends and relatives personally before coming out on social media
  • A brief post explaining the changes that need to be made (e.g. name, pronouns, gendered terms like niece/nephew, etc.) should suffice
  • You can also just change your name on the account and wait for people to catch on
  • Really, you can do anything you want. Coming out on social media is pretty flexible.
  • If you have conservative people who follow/friend you on your account, be prepared for the possibility of rude comments. Feel free to block/unfriend them.

Coming out with a powerpoint:

  • Seems oddly formal to me, but it works great for some people
  • Helps you organize your thoughts
  • You can add silly slide transitions if you want to be a bit less serious about it

If you’re nervous:

  • Deep breaths
  • Positive thoughts
  • Consider how you will respond ahead of time if people react badly, but don’t dwell on it
  • Tell someone you’re already out to so they can provide moral support


  • Communicate frequently. Tell them when they do things that upset or hurt you. Ask them what you can do to make the change easier for them.
  • As long as they’re trying, be patient. Adjusting to a new name, pronouns, and way of seeing someone takes time. Give gentle reminders when they slip up.
  • Provide resources. Our resources tag (link) has info that can be helpful for families of trans people. You can also direct them to this blog to ask questions, if you think that would help.
  • Be prepared for conflict. It can take a while for people to understand.
  • Rely on your support system
  • Encourage the person/people you came out to to rely on their support system. Acknowledge that having a loved one come out as trans can be difficult or scary, but discourage them from trying to make you deal with their fears and confusion. If possible, direct them to a local support group for family and friends of trans or LGBTQ people.

Good luck!

Followers (and Kayden/Ami), if you have any other tips, let me know and I’ll add them in.


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im a hoe for both your smut and angst so can you please do the RFA + Saeran developing feelings for MC and confessing when they're only friends with benefits?

I’ve been wanting to write out such an au fic with one of these characters! One day…orz. I hope you don’t mind me writing about this happening outside of mc stumbling along the messenger!
(Scum’s life tip: Be very prepared if you ever get in a FWB relationship. Feelings get developed easy and it hurts when they’re not returned! Be careful!!)


- Zen, typically, didn’t persue one night stands. There were chances of it damaging his career, and honestly, some women got a little too obsessed with him at times.

- However, one night out drinking with cast after the final show, and he landed back at his place with you in tow

- Normally, he wouldn’t do this. He wouldn’t be squeezing your ass, grinding against you with a teasing smirk. He wouldn’t be panting your name as your teeth left indents on his neck, shoulder, and grazing lower.

- But he was. And if the two of you enjoyed this one night together, both desperately needing release, why not keep it up?

- And that was when he fucked up.

- At first, it was fun. He got to build up his sexual stamina again, was able to send more risque pictures for once, and listening to your moans and gasps of praise was doing wonders for his self esteem

- But you would leave soon after, refusing all of his offers to let you stay the night. Sometimes he even got a glimpse of you texting other guys, and it was hard swallowing his jealously and pretending nothing happened.

- At first, he tries to ignore it, but since he has to see you nearly every day during rehearsals, its rough. Especially when the other guys are trying their best to flirt with you. There was more than one time he had to take a decent break to cool down from that.

- But then, of course, the two of you have to do some romantic scene together. He nearly pours his heart out through the lines, but of course you don’t assume he means the scripted words. He invites you over that night, and you decline saying you’re busy, and he’s left wondering if you’re being busy with someone else.

- He tries cutting communications off for a week, and fails miserably when you text two days later needing a pick-me-up.

- That night, with your permission, he’s rougher than usual. It’s not sweet and gentle like your sessions had started to become, but mainly reminiscent of your first night together.

- When you point that out, cooling down from another romp, he tries to ignore it, but you keep pressing the topic futher and futher, and he finally admits his jealously.

- “Zen, you know we’re not dating, right?”

- He feels so fucking stupid. He gets up, getting dressed and preparing for you to leave again.

-“Zen…Are you wanting to date?”

- “It’s pretty clear you don’t want to.”

- “I never said that.”

- He drops the shirt he was holding, looking at you with an expression of surprise that makes you laugh.

- “If you wanted to, I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot, Zen.


- The two of you actually started out as friends for a while. Before she could understand that her feelings for you weren’t just platonic.

- Neither of you considered being more than friends until one night, the both if you stressed and tired, decided to watch a movie. Sitting next to each other turned to cuddling, cuddling turned to handholding and kissing, and next thing she knew she was naked in bed with you the morning after.

- She was too scared to lose the only friend she had, so she brought up possibly becoming friends with benefits, and swallowed down any confused feelings.

- I mean…If she enjoyed it, it was beneficial for her too, right?

- It wasn’t long until that was proven otherwise. Sure, each time that they two of you met up, it felt amazing. All her stress from work vanished, and she enjoyed every minute with you.

- But when you weren’t around? She never know she could become more stressed out than the last time Jumin set up a cat project right during the quarterly reports. Her emotions were all over the place, and she nearly even snapped at Zen once in the chatroom before she realized who she was talking to.

- So, she tried to be the bigger person and cut it off. She invited you over, made some decaf coffee to help her nerves, and spilled everything out. How much she ached afterwards, and that the cons were starting to outweigh the benefits.

- Somewhere along her explaination, you had started crying, and she…honestly didn’t know how to deal with that. She tried comforting you the best she could, but before she could offer any kind words, you were stuttering out on how you were wanting to see if the two of you could be something more.

- And that’s when she admitted that the reason everything hurt so much was due to her feelings for you extending past just ‘friendship’.

- The talk grew a bit awkward there. You crying, her quietly rubbing your back, until she finally mentioned possibly just trying a relationship

- She was not expecting the tight hug you gave her, but she smiled and hugged you back, thankful to have found someone as sweet as you.


- Meeting business women was nothing out if the ordinary. Nor was them requesting a date with him before signing a contract, either. What was unusual, was him not being able to ignore advances from you.

- He had never gone this far with a person before. The dates stopped was the meal was over, contract signed, and then he’d be already contemplating the project and ignoring everything else.

- When he couldn’t do that with you, he thought he might have been having attention problems that day from a lack of sleep. Or maybe too much wine? But none of the excuses worked when days later he still couldn’t get you out if his head.

- So, he contacted you for another date. Tried to explain he needed to discuss a few more details of the contract, but you called him out pretty quickly, and later that night he found himself naked, exhausted with you peppering a few kisses on his face.

- He thought that would be the end of it. That he was just having a rush of hormones, or something out of the norm like that. Instead, he found himself requesting your attention more and more, and when you suggested such a relationship to him, he accepted it since it promised he would see you more.

- At first, his thoughts towards you were mainly sexual. He couldn’t stop imagining his name leaving your lips, your nails scratching down his back, how amazingly wonderful you felt.

- But then his thoughts shifted to thinking about the sweet goodbye kisses you gave him. How Elizabeth 3rd meowed for you after you had gone. How you had teased him with the batter for the strawberry pancakes he was trying to make for you that morning

- Of course, someone else had to point out that he probably had a crush on you, and then he had no idea what to do. One of the firm rules you had promised for your beneficial relationship was that no feelings would be involved. But here he was, yearning for you in ways you two had sworn from.

- Regretfully, he set up another dinner with you, planning to end the ‘friendship’ the two of you had, since he couldn’t refrain from those emotions.

- But you just blushed and laughed, even going as far to tease him a bit.

- “I fail to see how this is so funny.”

- “Jumin, I don’t mind you having feelings for me. In fact, if you want to…I don’t mind trying to go for a relationship with you.”

- His shocked look was laughable, but he cleared his throat, offering a small smile.

- “I would like that.”


- You guys stumbled your way into becoming friends with benefits. He didn’t want it to go that way at first, not at all, but you both agreed to only let your friendship extend that far.

- You two met at his college, noting both of you had LOLOL pins and became quick friends through that alone. Soon you guys were hanging out, then hanging out at his place, then one thing let to another and the two of you were basically dry humping one another during a heated movie scene

- Shortly after, the two of you had a brief talk explaining to each other how you both weren’t ready for any relationships…But definitely wanted to do that again. And that’s how it started out.

- The two of you eased each other through awkward first time sex, first time foreplay and oral- Everything. And it broke his heart when you talked about how much he would be able to make his future girlfriend happy

- Because he knew that meant you weren’t willing to be his girlfriend.

- Admittedly, he had feelings for you since the beginning, but he couldn’t get the courage to admit them now, especially when the two of you were having so much fun together. Even just outside of sex!

- Zen really had to help him even consider admitting his feelings.

- It wasn’t until the morning after one exhausting romp that he finally told you. He woke up alone in his bed, with the smell of breakfast cooking and you humming along.

- He ended up groaning a bit and trying to turn over to sleep, even though the temptation of breakfast was amazingly strong, but you fussed at him from across the small room.

- “Yoosung, it’s already noon!”

- “I don’t have to go anywhere todaaay.”

- His whine stopped pretty quickly as you walked over with a teasing finger poking at his forehead. “You can’t sleep in all day, though. That’s bad for you, you’re gonna end up messing up your sleep schedule.”

- He pouted, pulling your hand down to tangle with his as he looked up at you. With your messy hair and various lovemarks decorating your neck. He didn’t know what came over him, but he just let it slip out right there.

- And he instantly let go of your hand, covering his mouth and waking up quickly. Before he could apologize, you bent over and pulled his hand away, pressing your lips against his, smiling aftwards

- “I love you too…But you still can’t sleep in, you dork.”


- Surprisingly, he was the one to initiate it. Met you at a one-time place, and when the sex was better than he was expecting, he toyed with the idea of finding your number later.

- And thats exactly what he ended up doing. Lied and said you gave it to him that night, you must have forgot, but hey he really needed to relieve some stress so were you free?

- For a while, a long while, he managed to hold off his emotions. Acting cold and distant over text was easy, and he never answered your calls

- But slowly he started opening up. He started joking, teasing, even invited you to meet at his place

- And everything started falling apart then. You would leave in the morning, sometimes offering to help him make breakfast, and whenever you left, he was trying to fight the urge to follow you through cctvs

- To make sure you were safe. To make sure you didn’t run into any trouble

- That’s when he cut off communications for a good three weeks. Granted your meet-ups were once a week or​ two, but he stopped responding to any texts, no matter how kind or sexual

- But when you showed up at his door, his alarm going off because of course you didn’t know Arabic, he finally gave into his frustrations and snapped. Yelled at you for coming by, yelled at you for being so ‘easy’ and ‘stupid’.

- When you left, he thought that would solve it. But he couldn’t stop checking up on you through cameras, your social media- Anything he could access

- And after a week, he finally called you.

- You didn’t answer the first call. Or the second. Or third. He kept calling until finally, the ninth call, you answered and blew up at him

- He managed to convince you to meet him up in public, lying and saying you forgot something, some jacket of yours, and you angrly hung up after confirming the when and where.

- When the two of you meet up, he’s holding a few roses for you, looking ashamed and hurriedly explaining himself. Explaining he’s stupid, how he was trying to shield himself from getting hurt if you rejected him, how this whole time he had been helplessly enamored with you.

- Granted, you didn’t let him off easy. You gave him a few choice words for how he treated you, but…

- You agreed to try dating him, and he was going to make sure you never regretted that.

- When the two of you started off, he picked you because you seemed like you knew what you were doing. You were supposed to be a casual hook-up, but one thing led to another and here you were

- Curled up with him on your bed, lazily cuddling and watching the night through the window

- And everything was so peaceful. The fan was on, the room was perfect temperature, how you felt resting against his chest

- He almost hated it. He had casual sex before with others, always leaving right afterwards. But then you came along. Suggested talking again, at least for sex, suggested him staying over one night, suggested to spend breakfast with you because, according to you, he couldn’t just not eat breakfast.

- And soon, it was a normal habit. Sex, cuddling, staying over… Somewhere along the way, every time he had to leave his chest ached for you. He craved your touch, your kisses, your happy sighs when his embrace was so soft.

- When did he become soft?

- He had known for a while what to call his feelings. Even brought it up to Saeyoung once, Zen twice, and a million times to himself.

- His hand languidly rubbed against your back, your little hum filling his heart with more courage he could muster

- “Hey.”

- You looked up, your beautiful eyes meeting his and god you smiled

- “What if…” he trailed, suddenly feeling intimidated by your gaze

- “What if?”

- “What if I loved you?”

- The words hurled out, and before he could retract, you grinned. A huge, joyful grin, and planted your lips against his cheek

- “Then I would love you back.”


She has the foresight to set up call forwarding so she doesn’t miss out on the cases that get called in directly to his home number. For her trouble, she’s rewarded by her phone ringing at 6:00 on Monday morning.


“Er… hello, I’m looking for Agent Mulder?”

“He’s on a leave of absence.” She’s glad she thought to practice that one; she almost manages to get it out without her voice cracking. “This is his partner, Dana Scully. What can I help you with?”

“This is Agent Marley Sampson at the Salt Lake City field office. Local authorities up in Burley, Idaho just called in a murder, and it sounds like a pretty weird one.”

Okay. Nothing like jumping in with both feet. She can do this.

“All right, Agent Sampson. What can you tell me about it?”

“You’re… you’re Agent Mulder’s partner, you say? Do you mind giving me your badge number?”

She stifles a yawn and tries not to be offended. It’s reasonable protocol; the Bureau isn’t exactly thrilled about sharing case information with civilians. Still, she might need to do something about the fact that Mulder’s name is the only one that comes up in the directory when agents need to contact the X-Files.

“It’s JTTO331613. Do you mind giving me yours, Agent Sampson?” she asks, purely on principle. He’s the one giving her information, after all, but it’s worth making the point that she doesn’t know who he is, either.

“Uh, sure. Let me just…” She can hear him typing over the phone, no doubt verifying that her badge number matches the name she has given him. “Right, thanks for your cooperation, Agent Scully. My badge number is JTTO347922.”

She grabs the notepad and paper from her bedside table and jots it down. “Thank you. Now, you were saying?”

“Older couple, murdered in their home, no sign of forced entry. Actually, the husband was killed on the front porch, real violent. Sheriff’s deputies couldn’t find an obvious weapon, said it looked like the man had been attacked by an animal. Lots of bite wounds.”

But if they thought it was really an animal, they wouldn’t be calling you, Mulder’s voice in her head chimes in.

She frowns. I know that, Mulder. I’ve got this.

“But it didn’t entirely look like an animal attack, either?”

“That’s the thing. Usually with something like a wolf or a mountain lion, you would expect to see a lot more destruction inside the house, where the wife was attacked. Also things like tracks, scat, fur and the like. There wasn’t any of that.”

“So no obvious weapon, but very violent deaths. Inconclusive evidence for either a human- or animal-perpetrated attack.”

“Exactly. The local LEOs are stumped, but the way it sounds… Well, I’m just not sure we’ll have any more luck than they’ve had. I figured Agent Mulder might have the sort of expertise needed for this case. But if he’s on leave, I guess we can–”

“I’ll get a flight out this morning,” she interrupts. “If you would email me copies of the crime scene photographs and any other information you have about the case, I would appreciate it.”

“Sure thing. I’ll have the Sheriff’s office pass that along directly.”

“Thank you. You can reach me on my cell number if there are any developments.” Thank goodness for electronic directories.

“Will do. Thanks for your help, Agent Scully.”

“You’re welcome, Agent Sampson.”

She hangs up the phone and rubs her eyes. She didn’t sleep very well, and her alarm’s not even supposed to go off for another half hour, so she is in for a challenging day. Ultimately, though, it’s good they have a case right away; at least she and Agent Doggett won’t spend their first day working together just sitting awkwardly around the office.

You’re gonna treat him to a slide show at least, right? her mental Mulder proxy offers.

Scully grimaces. Shut up, Mulder. It’s a complicated thing, being hurt and angry with him for keeping his illness from her, while also missing him so badly that it’s hard to breathe sometimes.

But yes. As soon as the email with the crime scene photos comes through, she will forward it to the imaging lab and call in a request to have the photos converted to slides. It would feel wrong not to.

With a groan, she gets up out of bed. These travel arrangements won’t make themselves.

Too Far

Requested by: Anonymous

Summary: The boys unintentionally hurt the reader’s feelings after making some careless jokes.

Pairing(s): MET x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, a lil bit of angst but ultimately a happy ending (spoilers).

Originally posted by antisepticdark

“What would grandma find disturbing, yet oddly charming?” Mark asked the three of you, waggling his eyebrows in a comical manner.

You scanned your cards before sliding your best into the centre along with Ethan’s and Tyler’s. Kathryn was watching from the sidelines, desperate to get some extra work done, whilst Amy was in bed ill. That just left you and the troublesome trio to record the entire live stream; not that you were complaining, they were your best friends after all.

“Okay,” Mark announced, picking up the cards in front of him. “A big, black dick. Geese. Or…” He trailed off and you suppressed a smirk as you watched his face scrunch into a grin at your card. “Mark’s unquenchable thirst for Jacksepticeye’s delicious asshole.”

The boys roared with laughter and, in turn, you laughed at their reactions. Mark had one hand clutched to his chest as he tried to control his giggles, whilst Ethan was slamming his fists on the table. Even Tyler had one of those rare, toothy smiles on his face as he chuckled alongside them.

“That’s obviously the winner.” Mark managed to get out after his laughing fit, holding up the card for someone to take it.

“Thank you, although it was Mark-luverrr-number-one-xxx that wrote that card.” You declared, plucking the black card from his fingers and adding it to your growing pile of winnings.

“Your turn to pick one, Y/N.” Tyler told you, pushing the cards across to you.

You chose another fan written one and groaned. “What does Y/N do to stay in shape?”

“Y/N? In shape? Please, I saw them get a stitch from running down the stairs too fast.” Ethan laughed and you playfully hit him on the shoulder.

“Just gimme a card so I can judge it.” You nagged him and he stuck his tongue out in retaliation, finally handing you a white card. Tyler and Mark played theirs and you spread them out in front of you. “Ethan’s dying YouTube career. Vigorous jazz hands. Or projectile vomiting.” You studied the cards before picking the ‘Vigorous jazz hands’ card and handing it back to Ethan.

“Yay, I won!” He hollered. “Although I didn’t appreciate the dig at my channel.”

“Ethan, you have three hundred thousand subscribers. That’s great, man.” Mark reassured him, placing a hand on the younger man’s shoulder. “And only about ninety percent of them came from me, be proud.”

“You fucker.”

“Ethan’s right,” Tyler cut in. “He got a few from Jack too.”

“At least I have a real channel, Tyler.” Ethan shot back. “Go on, what else were you gonna mock me for? My acne? The fact that I’m copying every major YouTuber ever? That I moved from Maine to work here?”

The other two boys sat in silence, trying to think of something else to say.

“It could be worse,” Mark said after a while. “You could be Y/N. How many subs have you got, Y/N?”

“Forty thousand.” You grumbled. YouTube was always a sensitive topic between you three, the amount of subs you had compared to your best friends was slightly insulting and you kept finding yourself wondering why your channel was so much more insignificant.

“Now, aren’t you grateful that Mama Mark got you so many subscribers?” Mark asked Ethan.

“I’m clearly not the one who needs help.” Ethan remarked, nodding towards you.

“You’re right!” Mark cried, facing the camera that had been rolling the entire time. “Whoever is watching this, go subscribe to Y/N, they’re not that bad at making videos. Well, they are, but their ideas are original. Expect the gaming, the commentary and the overall theme of it. But yeah, check it out.”

“Gee, thanks Mark.” You mutter sarcastically, trying and failing not to take it personally.

“Sorry, that was uncalled for.” He admitted. “I didn’t mean to insult your channel.”

“Right, he was just wondering why he’s friends with you when you don’t get him extra views.” Tyler joked.

“Exactly. Why do you think Ethan hangs out with me?” Mark agreed, nudging the blue-haired boy playfully.

“Go ahead, you’ve made so many jokes about my career and acne that I’m immune to it.” He challenged.

“Crap, he’s right.” Mark said. “But if we really want to make jokes about physical appearance then we can just rip on Y/N again. Their whole face is one big joke.”

Shock consumed you as you struggled to blink back the tears that were fighting to escape. You couldn’t believe that one of your closest friends had gone there, especially after you had confided in him about your insecurities.

“What’s wrong, Y/N? The weight of reality finally setting in?” Tyler asked, commenting on your silence.

“Dude, not even the weight of reality can compare to Y/N’s weight.” Ethan laughed.

That did it.

“Excuse me,” you whispered, standing up and practically running out of the room. You covered your face with one hand so that neither the camera nor the boys saw the tears flowing down your cheeks.

Locking yourself in the bathroom, you let out a loud sob that triggered several more until your throat hurt and your eyes stung. You glared at yourself in the mirror, scrutinising every part of yourself that you hated. Finally, you wiped away any traces of tears and took a deep breath before exiting the bathroom. However, you got the wind knocked out of you when you immediately walked into something solid on the other side of the door. Looking up, you realised you had crashed straight into Tyler’s chest as he and the other two stood waiting for you with concerned looks on their faces.

“Hey, Y/N, you okay?” Ethan asked softly.

“We wanted to check on you but decided to wait until you were finished in there to apologise.” Tyler added.

You glared at them, hurt sketched across your features. Mark stepped forwards slowly and wrapped his arms around you cautiously, as if you could shatter like glass at any second.

“I’m really sorry about what I said,” he apologised. “We all are. We realise we shouldn’t have made fun of you, even if it was just a joke. It was tactless and we want to make it up to you.”

“You know, I normally wouldn’t care if you make jokes about me,” you admitted. “But what you said is true. I’m constantly afraid that you’re going to cut me out because I’m not as successful as you. And what you said about my looks, well, that just hurt.”

“Are you kidding? Y/N you’re our friend, we couldn’t care less about how many subscribers you have.” Mark reassured you. “And as for your looks, you’re the only one that sees anything besides the smoking hot piece of ass you really are.” He paused before grimacing at what he had just said. “I kinda regret saying that, but you see my point.”

“Thanks, guys,” you mumbled, a small smile tugging at your lips. “I’m sorry I left in the middle of the live stream.”

“Don’t worry about it, you are our main priority. We turned the microphone off as soon as you walked out. Right now it’s just showing Chica sleeping in her bed, the viewers love it.” Tyler told you with a grin.

“So do you want to continue with the stream or should we wrap it up?” Ethan queried.

“No, let’s carry on. I’ll be fine.” You told them, walking back to the table and scratching Chica behind the ears as she woke up from the commotion.

Mark switched the mic back on and apologised for the brief intermission before explaining that you were okay and everything had been resolved.

“And I just want to say in all seriousness that you should check out their channel. I have never known anyone more dedicated to their work, or as passionate about the community as Y/N. We’re all extremely grateful to have them in our lives.” He concluded.

You beamed at him, silently thanking him, before announcing that you should get back to the games.

A few hours later, you had quite possibly destroyed your friendship with the boys in Monopoly as you counted their money and stacked it into neat little piles.

“This is ridiculous, Y/N has all the good spots.” Ethan whined after landing on your square again.

“What can I say? Taking money from men is my speciality.” You say with a smile.

“That makes you sound like a hooker.” Mark laughed.

“Nah, hookers can get laid.” Tyler joked with a wink, resulting in a rude response from you as you struggled to hide the smile that had formed on your face.

“And there goes the last of my cash.” Ethan grumbled.

“Dolla dolla bills, y'all.” You cheer, making it rain with their money. “I win, bitches.”

“Congratulations,” Mark drawled. His phone buzzed and he read the notification on the screen. “It’s Amy, she says to check your YouTube account.”

You frown before pulling it up on your own mobile. Everything looked normal except… wait.

“Holy shit!” You cried, clapping a hand over your mouth in shock.

“What is it?” Tyler feigned ignorance, but the smirk on his face suggested he already knew what was going on.

“Four hundred THOUSAND subscribers! I have four hundred thousand subscribers!” You screamed, grabbing the boys and pulling them into a group hug.

“You have more than me? Ouch, that hurts.” Ethan joked, holding a hand to his heart.

“Shut up, Ethan.” Mark scolded, turning back to you. “You deserve every single one of those subs and more. I just wish it didn’t take all this for people to figure that out. Including us.”

You beamed at him, tears springing to your eyes again, only this time you were crying for a different reason. “Thank you, I love you three idiots so much.” You told them. “But just so you know, once I’m Internet famous, I’ll have no use for you.”



“So true though.”

Am I Enough PT 4

Am I Enough PT 4

Bucky X Reader

Summary: Their plan didn’t quite work the way they wanted. The fight that ended it all comes out and details revealed.

Warnings: as always angst, self doubt, Bucky is a naive jerk.

A/N: So I thought it was time that we knew where this whole debacle started and who Bucky’s partner in passion is. Though you’re all smart cookies and probably figured it out already. Be prepared for the hurt . As always feed back is appreciated!!

“Can you tell me what I did to drive you away? And don’t pull that ‘you have to distance yourself to keep me safe’ crap. It didn’t work before it certainly won’t work now. I know I’m not the best looking person in the world. Hey, I can even understand why you would look else where. You always did deserve better. I’m just normal right? You must have realized that normal wasn’t good enough. Just a phase. Easily replaced with someone better. Gah, why? I shouldn’t have fallen, everyone told me it was to good to be true. It felt so good though, so right. Did you ever once feel the same? Or was it nothing but pity? Did my little sob story strike a cord so you dated me to make me feel like the world wasn’t as hopeless as it really is? I get it, alright, people like me don’t ever get the guy.”


You went to dinner with the team, it was like nothing had ever happened. You laughed and shared stories. Tony, of course, insisted that he pay the bill swinging his card at the star struck staff. They had been recognized almost instantly, granted they hadn’t really even tried to go incognito. The place had gone out of its way to set up a more private area so you could eat in peace. The occasional die hard fan coming for an autograph. Overall though, it was like you were home.

You parted ways after dinner, they couldn’t all fit in your apartment. They refused to leave though until you were for sure coming back to them. Sam had a brief talk, explaining where you were at and asking them to respect your decision. They begrudgenly agreed they all understood because they would ask the same for themselves. You grabbed Wanda silently telling to stay but loudly saying “Can’t stay with a bunch of stupid boys”

You both got ready for bed. There was a slight awkwardness to the air, Wanda obviously wanted to ask you about what happened, but at the same time not push you to talk. Once you were both tucked in you let out a sigh, “Go ahead Wanda ask away, I can feel your questions eatting at me already.”

“That obvious?” Wanda chuckled. You nod, a slight chuckle leaving you as well. “Ok, I don’t know what to ask first? But what happened? I mean what really happened?”

“Just going to jump right in I see.” You take a deep breath “There’s not much to say, he doesn’t love me any more at least not as much as I thought. He … I … I caught him cheating on me. I kinda knew deep down that he was slipping away from me but I thought it would get better. I wish he,” your throat was closing up and tears were filling your eyes “I wish he had just broken up with me not just …” You couldn’t keep going. It was too soon, too fresh.

“Stop,” Wanda begged pulling you into her and stroking your head. “Stop defending him, he had no right to do what he did. He was a coward for doing it.”

“I know, but I can’t help feeling that I deserved it. I must have done something wrong and pushed him over the edge. I mean look at her and look at me it’s no competition who he would pick.”

“Who? No one knows who it was. How did you find out?” Wanda shook her head. She was confused, they knew it was Bucky that cheated but who the woman was. There were rumors of course, but no one quite knew the full story.

You were pulled back to that day all to easily. The team had just gotten back from a week long mission just the night before. Bucky had told you not to come that night as they would be getting back late. So after reluctantly agreeing you decided to head there in the morning to make him and the team a surprise breakfast.

You got everything you needed for a giant pancake feast. From bacon to juice you had it all. After setting the table up you asked FRIDAY to send everyone down. They slowly trickled in one by one, for the most part they had all made it in. You decided to wake up Bucky and bring him down. He was never a morning person so he was probably still snoring away, you creep up to the door. You turn the knob carefully and push the door not making a noise. What you are met with is a very awake Bucky, he was supported on his elbows, butt naked, and lips locked with the woman beneath him.

You couldn’t move, couldn’t breath. You waited hoping that you would wake up. They flip over changing positions. All you take in is the color at first, that striking fire color. From there you took in every curve, every slope, the perfect figure, but it was mostly how perfectly they seemed to fit together. Each movement seemed to blend and seemed so in sync with each other. It wasn’t till they started whispering sweet nothings that you felt anything. The names tore into you, each one a little dagger that ripped your heart out. Just as they finished together, you must have made a noise because both their heads whipped around to face you.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t…. I… suprise… never…. never mind.” You back away, trying to wipe the whole scene away. You drop your eyes to the floor not wanting to see it. There’s a buzz in your ear growing loader with each passing second. Bolting out of the room, you stumble back into the living room. There are no tears just shock, on your face, the others look up to see you.

“Hey what’s the matter?” Steve asks rising slightly. You straighten, you couldn’t tell then it was too embarrassing and it might hurt the dynamic. You should have seen this coming, for all you knew everyone already knew and was waiting for you to catch on. You shake your head trying to clear it.

“Nothing, just saw something I don’t want to see again.” You start packing your things intent on getting out.

“What about Bucky?”

“He’ll be right down. I gotta go. To work, yeah to work.” You shove a few more things in your bag, before swinging it onto your back. The sound of pounding feet coming down the hallway made you hurry. You didn’t make it, Bucky swung around the corner.

“(Y/N), please wait let me explain. Stop please.” He begged grabbing your elbow. You turn to look at him, looking over toward the group to see the stares. You nod and pull him away, leading him to a spare room.

You remember the fight but it was mostly the silence from his end, he didn’t say anything after trying to explain. He loved her, there was a connection that he didn’t get with you. Of course he did, any guy would have it and from what you had seen it was true. You should have seen it, in what far out world did you ever think that this ended with your happy ending.

It was nothing but tears and a raised voice from you, saying anything and doubting everything in your relationship. He just looked away, never trying to stop you. He never once told you you were wrong, that what you had was special. No it was all a lie a wonderful, blissful lie. When you were done he simply stood up and told you to be gone, that he didn’t want anything to do with you. He was revoking your rights to the tower after your stuff was gone. Lucky for you he had said that they were leaving on another mission in a couple days.

You stumbled out and headed for the back stairs, not wanting to see anyone. Two days later you packed your stuff and left.

Wanda looked down at you, “Nat…Nat slept with Bucky?” You nod confirming. “But you guys were like best friends, the three of you attached at the hip.” She couldn’t believe it. Natasha wouldn’t do that, not to you and not with him. You two had bonded so well. You were almost sister, if there was shopping to be done you could be seen attached at the hip heading out the door together.

“Yes, but he loves her so why wouldn’t he. I mean they have a ‘connection’, a past together, why wouldn’t he love her.” You could feel the tears working back up choking you. “I thought for once, I could be enough for someone. I know I’m not gorgeous or even pretty, but he” you taking a shuddering breath in. “He told me he loved how normal I am, that I brought him peace. That I made him believe he could have a future one day. I guess I thought it would be our future together. That I wasn’t some place holder to fill up the time.” You could barely breath, you broke again.

It was the first time you had spoken about what happened. You hadn’t just lost a boyfriend, you lost one of your best friends. It tore your heart even further apart, you weren’t sure there was much left at this point. Let alone if you could ever put it back together again, but maybe it was better this way. You could stop getting your hopes up and save yourself some tears.

You clutch onto Wanda in some desperate hope that she could hold you together while you were crumbling apart.

Bucky POV

He looked down at her while she slept curled away from him. Her eyes were still rimmed in red and a small sniffle escaping between the murmurs. Nat had come in crying, he had been reading on the bed and to see this strong woman out of character he immediately rose taking he in his arms. She had cried, great sobs that wracked her body. When they had finally calmed he led her to the bed stroking her back gently.

“I can’t do this. I shouldn’t have done this to her. She was my best friend.” She sniffles tears beginning again. “How could I?”

Bucky held her thinking about what she was saying. He hadn’t thought about Natasha in this whole situation. He had started to really noticed her while (Y/N) and her were hanging out. Bucky had practically been the third wheel on those adventures.

It came as a shock to him how close the group of them had gotten. The three had enjoyed movies and New York food adventures that took them to the best and shadiest parts of New York. Through it all they became friends seeing each other weaknesses and strengths. As he had learned about (Y/N) he had gotten to better understand Natasha.

It had started with lingering gazes while (Y/N) was grabbing something or had her back turned.
It turned to touches that trailed up and down arms and legs, making it seem like mere accident but prolonging it as much as possible.

The first kiss happened after movie night, they had been trading looks over (Y/N) shoulder as she nestled into Bucky’s side. His fingers running through her hair sent her to sleep about half way through the movie. As they started up the next she had awakened, and shuffled her way back to the room with promises that Bucky would be there shortly.

Natasha had scoot closer and as she entered his reach, his arm wrapping around her pulling her closer. Their eyes clicked and suddenly they lurched toward each other lips tangling together in the heat of the moment. As they separated, they were panting staring at each other debating if this was a good idea or would ruin everything.

It had grown from there each stealing moments from the other in till that fateful day. It had been a late mission and having successfully diverting you from coming to see him, he spent the night with Natasha in his arms. That morning he had woken up to her stretching on top of him. It had been so heated he missed the door opening and (Y/N) stepping in.

It was a strangled gasp that grabbed both of them whipping their heads around. When they looked at the door the dread that built was spiked when he saw (Y/N) standing there. He hadn’t seen a more broken hearted look on someone’s face since he had been the Solider. She had tears gathered in her eyes and but it was the emotion he found there that made him start to regret all his decisions with Natasha. As soon as she bolted he got up looking for clothes before chasing her.

He prayed (Y/N) hadn’t left yet. He need to tell her what happened. Why he did what he did. But it was mostly to get that look off her face. How could he be the one to put that look there, after all the late night talks they had about her looks and her insecurities of never being good enough for him. He went and did the one thing that would make all of that seem true. Even when he knew better than anyone that they weren’t.

He caught her in the kitchen, not seeing anything else he grabbed her elbow pulling her back, begging her not to leave. He dragged him to another room before she turned on him. “(Y/N), please let me explain.” He was pleading, no begging her to listen. He needed to make it right. He explained it to her everything he felt. He was finally open about how he felt about Natasha. When he looked up what he got was even worse than before. There was an understanding look but it was so twisted. It had anger and sadness but most of all it was defeat. He stepped forward, it was obvious he hadn’t explained enough to make her understand. She raised her hands to block him from moving any farther.

“You love her, and you love me but you don’t love me as much as you love her. Right? So why didn’t you just break it off then. You promised you would stay with me. That nothing on Earth could stop you from breaking that promise. What did I Do?”

He looked down. He didn’t know what to say but with each word she spoke a dagger could be felt digging into him. She continued on questioning and berating him. Wondering where she went wrong, how she had managed to screw up so bad that he sought another. She kept going never once letting him explain. So he got angry, she had the whole thing figured out did she? He couldn’t stand the looks anymore, he was trying to make it right. Natasha was the better choice, wasn’t she?

When she fell silent he tensed waiting for a moment to see if she had more to say. “Are you done?” She nodded. “Good then get out I don’t want to see you again, all you junk needs to be gone when I get back from this mission understand. As for your Tower privileges as soon as you leave consider them revoked.”

He couldn’t stop himself, there was this burning in his gut. It was eatting at him nagging his every move and it wouldn’t go away. She simply nodded and left. He turned, a small part waiting for her to come back so he could apologize for his words his tone. Instead he left and went back to the kitchen to pretend that he hadn’t just lost his best friend.

He focused back on Nat sleeping, that feeling hadn’t gone away yet. He had to fix this. Nat had been right how could they? He turned away from her a settled into his own restless dreams, ones of tears and a broken hearted girl.

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Deconstructing Values in Rick and Morty

I like the way Rick and Morty episodes tend to deconstruct and comment on values and themes. So here’s a brief post explaining how it usually works.

The way the episode is usually constructed is this:

  • at first the value that’s being deconstructed is introduced, only to be mocked and riffed on immediately
  • Throughout the rest of the episode, the value is being debunked, criticized or made fun of.
  • Then, near the end, the episode introduces something that shows the value isn’t completely worthless after all, and hints at a more constructive and useful way for said value.

Here are a few examples.

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Novaturient: Part Three (Bucky Barnes)

Authors Note: I am so sorry that this is so so so late. I apologize greatly. I’m gonna begin brainstorming and writing for Part Four, but I really want to have 100 notes before I post it. Also send me in ideas and suggestion. As for people with requests, I will get to them asap but it might not be tonight. 

 Warnings: swearing, violence, terribly written fight scenes, sexual tension, implied smut 

 Word Count: 1833

Originally posted by hothothotgg

 You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. It was literally consuming you. You kept your eyes on Steve, who was explaining to everyone what exactly they were doing. 

 Steve glanced between you and Bucky,“You need to train with your partners and since Buck and (Y/N) aren’t very familiar with each other, they should be the first to train together. You guys have two hours tops before Nat and I take over, okay?" 

 Oh lovely, alone time. Something you and Bucky haven’t had since last week when you got drunk. Since the almost kiss. 

 Bucky cleared his throat,"Earth to (Y/N).” He complained,“C'mon, we need to get done." 

 "Got somewhere to be, Barnes?” You asked, a little smile in your face as you got into your fighting stance with your fists in front of you. 

Bucky rolled his eyes,“Why do you care? You turning into my stalker now?" 

 "No.” You answered, throwing a punch to to his gut which he easily blocked. He returned the motion with his own, trying to trip you but you easily predicted his move and jumped over his foot. You then landed a roundhouse kick to his chest, making him stumble backwards. Bucky lunged at you, blocking another hit before flipping you over and landing you on the mat.

 You quickly jumped up and shield yourself by manipulating what Bucky could see. Ah, sensory manipulation really was the best. 

 "What the hell?“ He said in confusion before you knocked him to his feet and uncloaked yourself. 

 "You see, I got this amazing thing where I can make myself where no one can sense me.” You said,“Can’t see, touch, smell, and all that when it comes to me. It comes in handy when dealing with cocky super soldiers." 

"I can’t believe this is our assignment.” Bucky huffed as he stood in front of the full body mirror and tied his tie before buttoning his blazer.“Are you ready yet? You’re taking forever." 

 You rolled your eyes before you unlocked the bathroom door and stepped out in the beautiful long dress that you had been provided. It fit your bust perfectly and hugged your waist. 

 "I’m ready, now calm your tits." 

 Bucky scrunched up his nose, sighing at her."God, I’m still not used to women saying things like that.”

 "Probably not used to them having rights either.“ You said under your breath, and Bucky’s head snapped towards you. 

 "What is that supposed to mean?” He asked in offense.“I may be from the 40s, (Y/N). But believe me, back then I was all for women having rights. I was a little old fashion but I wasn’t that old fashion." 

 "Yeah, okay.” You chuckled, glancing over at him,“What are our covers for this, by the way?" 

 Bucky shrugged, grabbing the file from the table and scanning through it."It’s says to infiltrate the formal, get Morozov…” He trailed off,“Our covers are James and (Y/N) Moreno." 

 You raised an eyebrow,"Brother and sister?” You asked hopefully. 

Bucky shook his head slowly,“No, um, husband and wife. Apparently we’ve been married since graduation from high school. Says to act like a married couple, touching and what not.” He informed you with a tone of distaste.

 "Oh great. This is just amazing.“ You sarcastically replied,"And here I thought I might get laid tonight." 

 "Seriously?” He ridiculed,“We’re on a mission." 

"It’s a joke, Bucky. Chill.” You replied. Let’s just go, okay? We got a job to do.“ 

 Bucky rolled his eyes,"You should learn to be more serious, (Y/N). Your mouth is gonna get you in trouble one day." 

 "With who?” You mocked,“You?" 

 You watched as Bucky mumbled something under his breath, something you could barely hear except for the word punish. If you were being completely honest, it sent shivers down your back to think of what he might have said. 

Focus, (Y/N). You reminded yourself, He might be your soulmate, but he doesn’t know that. Stay focused. Don’t get distracted by his..everything.

You were brought out of your thoughts when you felt an arm wrap around your waist,"We’re about to go in.” Bucky quickly explained, trying not to look all awkward. He cleared his throat,“Keep your ear piece in and on. Don’t think I won’t leave you if there is trouble and I can’t contact you." 

 You frowned,"Ass.” You mumbled as you walked into the huge, extravagant ballroom of the hotel.“Um, wow. Okay, I have never felt so out of place." 

 Bucky nudged you,"Don’t say things like that. You’re gonna blow our cover, idiot." 

 You just rolled your eyes before glancing around the room till you spotted the target. The host of the Gala’s husband. To the public, he was a generous businessman whose wife threw huge Galas for a charity they created to help children in need. However, according to Shield intelligence, Viktor Morozov was one of Hydra former agents and was currently running illegal weapon and information trade from the remains of Hydra. 

This charity of his was a big show to cover up what was really happening. "There he is.” You observed, discreetly pointing to the man in the classic tux with slicked back black hair and a little bit of stubble growing on his chin. 

You quickly got your phone out,“What the hell are you doing?” Bucky questioned, in which you just held up a finger as you clicked away dexterously. After a few moment of Bucky seething beside you, you slide the phone back into your purse.“Follow my lead." 

 "What are you doing? Tell me, what was all that?” He questioned you all the way until you approached the Morozovs. 

 "Дарья!“ You squealed,"How good it is to see you.” Darya Morozov looked at you curiously. You quickly elaborated,“We took the same class in secondary school, I was the girl in the back that everyone hated because of my father’s mass amounts of money." 

 Darya probably didn’t remember any of her schooling classmates, but as soon as you mentioned money, you were in. "Oh yes,.." 

 ”(Y/N),“You told her,"And this is my husband James.” You introduced him with a loving glance before looking at Viktor,“And this must be the famous Виктор." 

 Darya smiled politely, shaking Bucky’s hand before she nodded,"Yes, yes. This is my husband. He’s very busy, so he can’t really talk at the moment." 

 "Oh, well, I won’t take too much time.” You assured them,“I just wanted to tell you, Виктор. The art you picked out for the Gala is gorgeous. Tell me, is this art from France or did you make it yourself?” You asked. It seemed like a ridiculous question, and Bucky looked at you in bewilderment, wondering why the hell you thought this guy could have made all this art. 

 Viktor grinned as you uttered the code words,“Oh no, its transported from all over. It’s rare to meet another lover of the art. Would you like to see the art that didn’t make in the Gala?" 

 "Yes.” You replied, and just like you’re being led off by Viktor and followed by two men who you have already observed to have two guns each. 

 Once you traveled up the elevator, you leaned in to Bucky,“Get your gun ready.” You muttered very quietly. 

 Bucky nodded, starting to catch on to what was going on as you were welcomed into the top floor and into the penthouse. As soon as the door closed, you went to roam around the room.

“Виктор, this place is beautiful…If I was you, I’d take a moment to really breath it in.” You threaten as his back turn to you. You pulled your gun from your thigh holster and click the safety off.“Cause the only view you’ll be getting from now on is a prison cell.”

 Viktor turned around, his lips in a tight line as he looked at you.“Fucking hell, can no one do their fucking job to keep you people out.” He snarled as both the body guards had their guns pointed at you. 

 That’s when Bucky stepped in, placing two guns to back of their heads.“I would put the guns down if I were you." 

 For a moment, you thought maybe this was gonna be easy, but you thought too soon as one of the men turned around to disarm Bucky. 

Suddenly, the entire room had turned to chaos as you fought the three men. You dodged all of Viktor’s punches, until he threw a brutal hit that knocked you off your feet. You didn’t dare stay on the ground, flipping up on to your feet before kicking your leg up to hit one of the guards directly in the jaw and a crack echoed the room. 

One down. 

Two to go. 

 Bucky launched the second guard into the wall, and the man fell limp on the ground. Both of you now zeroed in on Viktor, who went to reach for the gun nearby. You reacted quickly, focusing on him until you finally mustered up enough energy to manipulate his eyesight.

 "What..” He breathed out,“I can’t see…What’s happening?” You could help it, but suddenly you were controlling all his senses. His ears were overwhelmed with a piercing noise and pain rippled through his body. He quickly went down, falling completely silent since you worked quickly to avoided attention. 

 "Is he?“ 



 "He’s passed out. He’ll wake in 48 hours.” You murmured,“Its a sensory overload. I just put him into a brief coma.” You explained as you handcuffed both the guards and emptied their pockets to make sure they couldn’t contact anyone.“Let’s go.” You locked the room before you left it, making sure no one else could get in. 

 As you approached your shared room, Bucky finally broke the silence.“I underestimated you." 

 You glanced up at him,"Oh yeah?” You smirked. 

 "Don’t get cocky.“ He replied,"But you’re kinda badass, (Y/N)." 

 "Why thank you.”

 "And, you look beautiful, doll.“ He added teasingly. 

 You turned to him as a flush creeped up on your cheeks. You were shocked at this comment,"And here I thought you hated me." 

 "Oh, I do, doll.” He whispered, taking a step closer.“Doesn’t mean in blind, though. It certainly doesn’t mean I can’t admire.” His arms slipped around your waist.“Especially when someone so beautifully annoying is still my ‘wife’ for the night.”

 You looked up at Bucky with a mischievous smile,“Oh really?” You whispered as you slipped the hotel key into the door. 

 "The mission’s over. You said you wanted to get laid. Might as well, right?“ He teased. You walked backwards into the hotel room, pulling Bucky in by his tie with the door closing behind him immediately.

"Might as well.”

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commission #2 for the lovely rainywithachanceofstars!! they wanted a comic illustrating some of the struggles kevin had to witness as a tortured ghost, which made him so fed up when he finally was able to manifest himself via coffeepot

in case anyone is wondering, the caption on the back of the polaroid dean is looking at says “cas bein cute 2010”

So YOI is just full of ingenious, subtle and entirely graceful dialogue. No scene is wasted and every conversation, however brief can explain so much with just a few lines. I’d like to take a moment to talk about one of the last scenes in episode 10 when Yurio and Victor are on the beach. In all honesty, I thought about this scene a lot and it took me a little while to really, truly understand what was going on here.

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Growing Pains (Shiro imagine)

Originally posted by spectralspecter

AN: Holy shit, this got super long… OOPS!!

Growing Pains

Shiro x OC

So this is my part in a story trade with @fangirl-the-crazy , it is written from the POV of her OC, Luli. For a full bio go to her page and stuff! But I tried to include all of the important stuff in the introduction so we should be good.

The basis of the story is, Luli is experimenting on a new piece of Galra tech, and Pidge gets a little too curious, setting it off and transforming everyone but Shiro and Luli into babies!



No one ever said being a defender of the universe was going to be easy, on the contrary, they told her it would be hard, very hard. Filled with pain, loss, and defeat, but the way Luli saw it, she had nothing more to lose, so why not go out swinging. When she woke up after a 10,000 year nap, to a losing war, a destroyed planet, and a dead family, she didn’t see how it could possibly get much worse.

Allura had given her every chance to walk away, telling her that she had sacrificed enough, that she was still young, she still had a chance to make a life for herself, to find another family. But for Luli, this was it. There was nothing else for her in the universe, the closest thing she had to her family was a Voltron. Her father had built it, and when he passed, the task fell on her to finish it. Having built the red lion, some of her traits were instilled within it, headstrong, stubborn, impulsive, and maternal. After she lost her son, Alexy, she spent all of her time with Red. For some reason, she could remember Alexy more when she was close to the lion, she could see him sitting in the large pilot’s seat, struggling to see the control panels, proclaiming that he would surely be the next Red Paladin.

After Luli’s husband and son passed, she practically lived with the red lion. Making modifications, tinkering with different ideas, keeping herself distracted with numerous projects. It wasn’t rational, but when she was working on red, she could almost hear Alexy laugh, or the sound of his small feet running through the hanger. She knew that he would never be there, but she looked every time despite herself. Though she knew it was crazy, she stayed anyway, because he may not actually be there, but for a moment, she could pretend he was.

It was hard for her to remember what happened before she woke up, all she knew was that she had been injured in an attack, and when she woke up, it was 10,000 years later, Zarkon had conquered the known universe, and her entire planet was gone. All she had left was Allura, Coran, a couple of mice, and a team of misfit earthlings tasked with saving the universe. The situation was high risk, with a very low chance of success, and a moderate to high chance of death… she couldn’t wait. Shiro was the first person she saw when she woke up, he looked so much like her husband, that for a moment she thought that it had all been a bad dream, that he had made it and she would wake up to Alexy bounding into their room. But then the moment was gone, and the dark reality crept back in. This wasn’t a dream, she was here, and they were all in danger. She clicked into the team easily, helping Pidge with modifications to the lions, and offering insight on what she could. They felt so close that Luli could imagine that they would be friends even if the universe wasn’t in perl… but it was…

And she would never admit it, but some habits died hard, and she truly did act like a mother to all of them. Some things would never fade, once a mother, always a mother. The hard part was when she would look at one of the young paladins, and see Alexy. Small parts of each of them that reminded her of him, made her wonder what he would have been like if he would have had the chance to grow up. She couldn’t help it, and it made her even more protective of her new team.


Luli sat at her work station, in the red lion’s hanger, working this close to Red calmed her, and made her feel almost normal… almost. Pidge stood to her left, leaning over her shoulder, watching intently as Luli tinkered with the Galra tech they had picked up on their last mission. Lance, Hunk, and Keith were engaged in a heated game of go fish, played with a deck of cards Lance had made himself.

“What does that do?” Pidge asked, jabbing her finger at a piece of the tech. Luli quickly pushed her finger away, not looking up from her work.

“Don’t touch that.” she mumbled focusing on the wires in front of her. Pidge huffed, rocking back on her heels, glancing around the hanger for something to ease her boredom. Her gaze landed on Luli’s gravitational destabilizer prototype that was supposed to make it possible for a single object operate in 0 gravity while their surroundings stayed grounded. Her interest peaked, Pidge reached for the device, only to have her hand slapped away quickly. Jerking her hand back, Pidge glared at Luli who hadn’t even glanced up from the table. Groaning loudly, Pidge laid herself over Luli’s shoulders.

“Luliiiii” she whined, earning an amused eye roll from her teammate. “I’m BORED!!” she droned heaving all of her weight on Luli’s shoulders.

“Hello Bored, I’m Luli.” Luli replied reflexively, eliciting another pained groan from the green paladin.

“I hate when you make dad jokes, you sound like Shiro.” Luli chuckled reaching over her shoulder to pat Pidges hair our of her face. Before che could reply, Allura entered the room, Coran following closely behind her.

“Team meeting!” Coran called out. “Because the control room is still uninhabitable thanks to SOMEONE, we are going to have the meeting in here, so everyone gather around!” Luli stood up, Pidge still hanging over her shoulders, so she walked both of them over before setting Pidge back on the floor. Coran glance around, counting all of them on his fingers. “Wait a minute… one of you is missing…”

”Where is Shiro?” Allura asked looking around the hanger. Realizing he was nowhere in the room, she turned to Luli, “Luli, would you mind going to collect Shiro?” She asked politely.

“No problem!” Luli complied turning to leave, musing Pidges hair as she walked passed “Don’t touch my stuff while I’m gone you gremlin.” she said before exiting and making her way to the training deck. She knew why Allura had asked, since the moment Luli had woken up, she and the black paladin had been drawn together. Opporerateing as a perfectly in sync team to bring all the functioning parts of voltron together, acting as partners to manage missions and exercises. They seemed to have a bond despite never meeting before, and being two different species, each found that the other had some strange familiarity to them, like they knew each other. Their partnership was effortless, but it wasn’t without its pitfalls. There was an unspoken pact between them, they had each been through their own trials, witnessing things they would never be able to talk about, but relived every night in their dreams.

The first time Luli realized she and Shiro were closer than most, she had found herself in his room, crying her eyes out until she eventually fell asleep. It was the best sleep she had had since she woke up. The strangest thing was the next morning, nothing felt awkward, if anything, they felt closer. From then on, Shiro left his door unlocked, and it was a two way street, Shiro had spent many nights curled up next to Luli, just glad that someone understood the silence. A strange functionality, but it worked.

As Luli prepared to enter the training deck, the doors slid open, replaced by Shiro, dressed in his training gear. Pulling back surprised, Shiro chuckled at her reaction wiping a rag over the sweat that beaded his brow.

“Allura want’s everyone in the hanger for a briefing”Luli explained. Before Shiro could reply, a tremor rocked through the ship, caught off guard Luli tumbled into Shiro, sending them both to the floor. Shiro held Luli close to his chest even after the shaking subsided, he paused for a moment looking into Luli’s face below him, to make sure she was alright. Dazed, Luli stared back up at him, realizing the position they were in, Shiro pulled himself off of her helping her to her feet.

“What the hell was that?” Luli asked trying to regain her bearings. Shiro took her hand and began pulling her back to the hanger.

“I have no idea, but whatever it was, it probably wasn’t good.” Shiro said as they navigated their way through the halls. Rushing into the hanger, Shiro pulled up short, Luli bumping into his back, confused, Luli peared around Shiro to see an empty hanger.

“I thought you said that everyone was in here?” Shiro asked proceeding into the hanger cautiously, a bad feeling settling in his stomach.

“They… they were…” Luli said pulling her hand from Shiro’s to search the other side of the hanger. As her hand left his, Shiro felt the instant desire to take it back, to keep her close, but instead he swallowed his fear and continued to look around the hanger, the dark feeling in his gut seeming to grow. Luli made her way to the base of the Red lion, thinking that maybe if she could connect with Red she would know where her paladin was. Placing her open palm on the cool metal, Luli closed her eyes trying to focus on the energy that flowed through the lions, connecting them to their paladin. Red spoke to ther in the unexplainable language of the lions, but the answer she received bewildered her, Red said that they were… here, that Keith was right in the hanger. Trying to concentrate, but Luli’s thoughts were scattered by the sound of energetic laughter, followed by the failure rhythm of small feet echoing across the hangar floor.

Her eyes snapped open, searching the hanger frantically for the source of the sound, there was no way this was just in her head, it sounded so real. Then she saw it. A small child running across the open hanger, it’s raven hair forming a halo around his head, the sound of its laughter growing as it ran towards Shiro. Her heart pumped blood through her veins pounding in her ears, drowning out the sound of her feet pounding across the hanger as she ran to them. Shiro crouched to pick up the child balancing him on his hip.

“Alexy?” the name slipped from her lips before she could stop herself. She reached out a shaking hand but when the child turned to meet her eyes, her heart sank, it wasn’t him. She didn’t have time to wallow in her sadness, because she was overcome with confusion, the child in Shiro’s arms was none other than Keith! As if a spell had been lifted, the hanger erupted, filled with the sound of childish laughter. Several more small bodies rushed into the hanger, emerging from their hiding places, all hurrying towards where Siro and Luli stood in shock.

The children descended upon them, pulling at their clothes, their smiling faces beaming up at them. Each of the children wore an oversized pieces of clothing that belonged to their older selves. The child Luli recognized a Pidge, by the oversized glasses slipping off of her face, clung to her leg, wrapping herself around har calf with both her arms and legs.

“Luli!!” Pidge yelled. “ you found us! We was hiding, but you founded us!” the mini Pidge squealed hugging her leg tighter. Luli’s eyes met Shiros, his shock mirroring her own, his legs now taken hostage by a giggling Lance and Hunk. Luli’s eyes searched the hanger, landing on a young Coran, who stood holding Allura’s hand, though he was a child as well, he seemed a bit older than the rest of them.

“Coran, honey?” she called out catching his attention, he smiled up at her bouncing on the balls of his feet. “Can you tell me what happened?” Coran rushed over, pulling a dazed Allura behind him, Luli’s motherly instincts kicked in, as she lowered her level to meet Coran’s eyes, and lift Pidge into her arms. Pidge immediately began to entertain herself by fisting her small hands into Luli’s hair, as Luli smiled encouragingly at Coran.

“You told Pidge not to touch the thingy, but she was like “I’m a gwon up, blah blah!” Coran explained, doing his best impersonation of an older Pidge. “But when she touched it, it went KABLAM!!” Coran mimicked the sound of an explosion, throwing his small arms out to emphasise. Suddenly understanding, Luli’s stomach hit her feet, glancing up at her station, where the alien tech sat the exposed wires shooting sparks periodically. Groaning she stood back up, taking Corans hand in her’s to make sure he didn’t wander off.

“Pidge must have accidentally set off the Galra weapon I was working on, that’s probably why-” Her sentence trailed off as she turned back to shiro, who was struggling to keep his balance. Keith had migrated from his arms to his shoulders, pulling at his hair, trying to avoid Lance who had managed to climb up Shiros leg to position himself on Shiro’s hip. Hunk still clung to one of Shiro’s legs, working on untying his boots. Shiro’s eyes met hers, wide with panic.

“How do we change them back…” he asked desperately trying to hold onto Lance, while at the same time trying to stop Keith from pulling out his hair. Luli tried to hide her obvious amusement, reaching out to take the fussing Lance from his arms, who stopped struggling as soon as he caught sight of Luli’s curls, running his hands through them. Shiro used his new found freedom, to remove Keith from his head and position him back on his hip. “Thanks.” he mumbled bending to pick up Hunk as well.

“No problem.” she replied moving over to an empty workstation and using her foot to tip the table on its side aligning it with the wall and countertop to create a makeshift play pen. Shiro watched amazed as she worked efficiently and quickly despite both of her arms busy holding Pidge and Lance. Once she had the area cut off, she gently set Pidge and Lance inside, before lifting Coran and Allura in as well, then turned to Shiro taking Keith and Hunk. each of the children entertained themselves by playing with the various tools that littered the floor. Sighing heavily Luli took a step back to lean against the wall, running hand through her slightly mussed curls, before speaking to Shiro.

“As to your question…” she paused casting a troubled look at the children. “I have no idea how to fix this…” Shiro noticed the look in her eyes placing a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“That’s unfortunate, because I have zero experience with taking care of kids…” he admitted offering her a sheepish smile. Luli chuckled slightly but it fell flat as the pain from earlier crept back into her heart, she still hadn’t recovered from the shock of thinking that Alexy… she shook her head trying to drive the thoughts from her mind. Plastering her best impression of a smile on her lips, Luli pulled away from Shiro.

“I’ll uh- go find them something to eat.” she offered, trying to put some distance between them before she broke down. Turning to leave, she was caught off guard when Shiro reached out, taking her hand in his. When she turned to meet his heavy gaze, her heart nearly broke, his eyes pleaded with her, it looked so much like… him, that she couldn’t hold back the tears. Her shoulders began to shake under the weight of her sadness. Shiro stepped forward, pulling her into his arms, holding her tightly against his chest. Sobs racked through her body as she sobbed into him, her fingers clutching desperately at the fabric of his shirt, feeling as if her legs were too weak to hold her up any longer.

“I thought it was him Shiro, I thought it was my baby! I thought he-” she sobbed grievously. Shiro said nothing, he just held her tightly as his partner broke to pieces in his arms. All he could do was hope that being there was enough, that maybe if he held her close enough, he could keep her together, keep her with him. He would hold her for as long as he could, praying that she would stay, she had lost everything, and he wasn’t willing to add her to that list.

Pretty Little Thing - Star Trek

“Ok I’ve never requested before but since you need more mybe you could do a Captain Kirk one where the reader thinks he’s cheated on them?”

James Kirk waved a hand over the door sensor and stepped forward, expecting to enter your quarters but bumping into the still closed door instead. He took a step back, confusion spreading across his face.

“Computer, open the door.” He commanded the door pad.

“Access to this area by Kirk, James T, has been revoked.” The mechanical voice sounded.

‘Revoked? Shit’ He thought, stepping closer to the door pad. He pressed the intercom button and spoke in a strained whisper so no one walking down the hallway would be able to hear.

“Come on Y/N. Let me in.”

Nothing happened.

“Please! I can explain.”

A brief second passed before the door slid open. Kirk stepped in quickly, where he was immediately hit by a flying boot.

“EXPLAIN!?” You shouted. “I don’t want your damn explanations you ASS”

He ducked as another boot flew towards him. He straightened and looked over at you. ‘Shit’ he thought again. You stood a few short feet from him, breathing heavily. Your hands were clenched into fists and shaking at your side. Your face, and eyes were red and streaked with tears. Through your puffy lids, he saw burning anger that both terrified him and made his heart sink.

“Listen I—“ He started.

“Did it not occur to you that as I security officer I do in fact actually WATCH THE SECURITY TAPES!” You moved to throw one of your pillows at him.

He caught it and lurched forward, grabbing your arm.

“Y/N PLEASE! Calm down” He begged

“I cannot believe you threw everything we have away for an alien trollop you met YESTERDAY!” You hissed, yanking your arm away

“I didn’t throw anything away Y/N! She kissed ME!”

“Oh please Jim. Everyone in Starfleet knows Captain Kirk can’t keep his hands off pretty little alien ambassadors.” You stepped back and sank to edge of your bed. Anger fading to sadness.

He cautiously sat next to you. He clasped his hands together and rested his elbows on his knees, dropping his head to look at the floor.

“Y/N you know the Akitei. They don’t have the restraint we do. You didn’t finish the tape did you?”

“If I saw anymore I would have had a heart attack in front of everyone in security.” You mumbled.

“Then you missed the part where I pushed her away and told her I was taken didn’t you? I think…I think she was trying to seduce me to gain my support for their request to join the Federation. They’re desperate.” He unclasped his hands and moved one to your knee. “I promise you Y/N. You are the only pretty little thing I can’t keep my hands off of.”

You lifted you head and looked at him. Puppy dog blues gazed at you through his stupidly long lashes. A half grin tugged at the corner of his mouth as he raised an eyebrow at you questioningly.

“I hate you.” You mumbled, rolling your eyes. His grin widened and he bent forward to plant a quick peck on your forehead.

“I love you too.” He said, thumbs moving to wipe away the tears lingering on your cheeks.

“And I will be reviewing the rest of that tape Kirk.” You stated, as he began to pepper your jawline with nibbles.

“Mmmmhmm.” He mumbled, dragging his mouth over yours. You could feel his shit eating grin through your lips and shook your head as you moved to wrap your arms around his neck.


JUST IN: Text of what Deputy AG Rosenstein has told US Senate and House members in private briefings:

–explains multiple disagreements with Comey’s decisions and public actions

–says he “thought it was appropriate to seek a new leader” for the FBI when drafting his memo for Pres. Trump.

–“I wrote it. I believe it. I stand by it,” he said of his memo to Pres. Trump on Comey

–disputes reports that Comey requested more resources for Russia invest before being fired.

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Wait, have I missed something? Did you post a preview for Nine Months?! If so, where can I find this?! Much love! X

Nope, I didn’t post another preview, but I will right now!

No,” you groan, pulling the covers up your body. “Not yet.”

Harry chuckles, his voice deep and rough under the veil of a solid eight hours of sleep. He pulls you to him without any help from you, nestling his chin in the crook of your neck. Your backside fits easily with his front as you burrow yourself further into the soft white linens of your shared bed.

“Nearly 9am,” he informs, kissing the sensitive skin just below your ear. “‘ve got things to do today.”

“Got things to do every day,” you mumble, most of your words said into your pillow. “Sleep is good. Sleep is now.”

You feel him smile against your skin, his soft hair tickling the apples of your cheeks as he presses his lips against your temple. He rubs soft circles with the pad of his thumb onto your hips, your tummy, your thighs. You sigh, nearly telling him that his efforts are lulling you back to sleep, but you sink deeper into the blankets, knowing that he’ll stop if you let on how close you are to drifting off again.

“Angel,” you feel his lips against the shell of your ear. “Gotta get up now.”

You don’t even respond - it’s not worth it, considering how comfortable you are, and maybe he’ll get bored and allow you to sleep the day away if you’re unresponsive. Maybe he’ll forget about you completely and you can sleep forever, undisturbed and completely content.

C’mon,” you hear Harry say as he leans up on one elbow, the mattress giving into his weight, causing you to fall in closer towards him.

No, of course he wouldn’t allow you an extra hour or two in bed.

“Sun’s not even out!” you grunt exasperatedly. You turn so you’re fully on your back now, your face shoved to the side and into your pillow, a frown on your face and your unopened eyes squeezed shut.

“Sun’s been out for two hours, love,” he laughs.

You feel him adjust his weight, his body shifting down the bed and over your legs. You try your hardest to keep the unsettled look on your face, but as soon as he begins to kiss his way up your body, you can’t help but soften your feature. You reflexively open your legs to him so he can settle in between your thighs, your resolve weakening as he settles in against the bare skin of your legs. Running his palms up and down your torso, he lifts up the olive-colored t-shirt of his you’d claimed as your own years ago.

Spanning his fingers across your belly, he kisses just below your navel. “What if there’s a baby in there?” he places spongy kisses along the waistline of your briefs. “Could explain why ‘ve been so tired lately. ‘re usually not like this.”

Kallus backstory, S 4?

I’m becoming more and more convinced - and this isn’t a novel idea; others have had this in fanfic - that we are going to discover in Season 4 that Kallus was either an orphan or abandoned in his youth. This will be why he doesn’t have a first (or last, as the case may be) name. And this will explain both his commitment to the Empire, which has effectively been his substitute family since his youth, and the speed with which he defected, once he saw another model of family that involved actual care, dedication, and sincere and selfless affection. It would explain why the Empire’s abandonment of him on Bahryn cut so deeply, and why Konstantine’s cool response (I mean, who else cares about Konstantine’s reaction to anything?) was so painful as well. It would even perhaps help explain the brief period in the first season where he seemed to be kissing up to Darth Vader. Even though this wasn’t originally my own headcanon of his youth, it seems to me pretty likely that, if we get anything about his backstory from the writers, this will be it. It is the only way, it seems to me, to paint a little retrospective consistency in his character arc. 

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Re: our convo about Five's past from last night: I kinda want someone from Mullins showing up at Abel now. Someone eager to see the famous Runner 5, someone who gets utterly baffled and incredulous when they bring them the weird girl from the fort that no one liked or cared about. He thinks they're playing a joke on him, snarks that if she was that impressive they wouldn’t have let Abel keep her in the first place. And then pregnant Maxine hits him with a chair.

…oops, my hand slipped and I wrote a thing. Which was probably your intention all along, you horrible enabler. :P (Couldn’t arrange the chair hitting though. I tried, but it turns out there’s a short list of people Maxine would 100% flatten with a chair, and this dude’s not on it. …Yet.)

[2,869 words, ft. a mute, female Five. Spoilers through S4M4. Maybe a tiny warning for abuse if you read between the lines too hard.]

Keep reading

Dressing For Successes

Sometimes, if you are very clever more than brave, you can win a war before a single shot is fired. I’m not the kind who is truly brave – I’ve never sacrificed for peace (or war, really) but sometimes we can achieve great things by more than just accident. It’s been a long time since you could make bombs and be a hero. It’s been even longer since you could be called a lawyer and be a hero. Until today I’d thought no one could be a lawyer and a hero both.

She entered the courtroom slowly without expression. The mayor’s office had taken me into their confidence. Told me about Callie. I’d hard stories about things. You don’t get into the law profession without hearing some. They say there’s an entire law firm of fae somewhere, if they fae are real, that entire legal departments exist for the well-being of Bigfoot. Silly stories, mostly. Like the ones of gods that can be eaten or the Loch Ness Monster is a transplanted dinosaur or that the illuminati control the world with toothpaste and shower gel. You hear a lot of things, when you’re a junior partner and get saddled with weird cases.

I won enough of them that the mayor’s office noticed me. Offered me this brief. Explained what Callie Perron was. I didn’t believe them, not until she walked into the court room. She didn’t do anything. She didn’t say anything. But she had the kind of presence that drew everyone in the room toward her. I’d been briefed and prepared, but that only goes so far. In that moment, it felt as if she was more real than I was, realer than anyone here could ever dream of being. And it took every ounce of professionalism I had to just nod hello. I barely managed to avoid flinching when Judge Dowling said my name and she studied me for a brief moment.  

I explained the prosecution’s case. That she was going to be banned from a 300’ radius around city hall due to her interfering in the affairs of local government, that the mayor’s restraining order was even more explicit regarding her and the mayor – including any mayor past or present – and failure to abide by this injunction would lead to legal entanglements.

“You are forbidding me access to city hall.” The words were soft, but what lay under them was hard and flat. Judge Dowling warned her once about contempt of court and the look she turned him caused the Judge to almost fall back from his chair. “I see,” she said softly, in a more civil tone.

“This is, of course, a binding on power and nature,” I continued, using the words I’d been coached on.

The magician blinked, once. She didn’t move otherwise.

I had my best suit on, the one I’d only worn for doing my bar exams and one interview. I was dressed for success. I told myself it mattered, and I think it did. The law is an ass, as the old joke goes, but it does offer protections of its own. I explained the terms and conditions of the banishment, and the magician listened in silence. A suit and tie have power, and it and the weight of the law somehow kept the magician silent until I had laid out every term and condition.

She had brought no lawyer. She just looked at the judge. “No contest.”

I’ve never heard agreement sound so much like a challenge before.

“It will, of course, hold for all other magicians and their associates rather than just myself?” Callie asked.

The judge agreed, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that had somehow been a trap. The magician left the courtroom and I was taken out for drinks afterwards. Was told that no one had ever done this before in a courtroom, and that I would be a legend.

I couldn’t shake the suspicion that there was a good reason no one had done this before.

I made it back home from the night of partying and found that my suit was unarmed. I put it away, for the next time I would need to dress for success, and part of me hoped I’d never have to wear it again.

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I have a quick question, I'm a very new witch and was wondering how to charge sigils? Also, do you know of any sigils for dancing or joy?

There are very many ways to charge sigils. It is almost impossible to list them all in one post, because people are constantly coming up with new and creative ways to charge spells every day. My standard rule of thumb is, if it creates its own energy or can be used to create or amplify energies in any way, it can be used to charge sigils. Of course, that’s how I view it, and you’ll likely see other people say differently.

Here are some examples of various charging methods that one might use:

I hope that helps you! Good luck!

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IT'S FEELS TIME!!!! Companions react to Sole getting really sick with like a .1% chance of surviving (and reactions when they miraculously pull through)

It happened when they were going through an abandoned hospital. Sole pricked themselves on a stray needle, and before long, Sole was bedridden. After several days of tests and observation, a doctor emerges to tell Sole’s companion the news.

Cait: She lunges forward, grabbing the doctor’s collar in a fierce grip and yanking them to her so they’re nose-to-nose. “What do you mean, ‘little chance of survival’? I’ll tell you who’s got a little chance of survival, fuckhead.” Her grip on their collar tightens. “'Cause let me tell you. If they die in there? I’m holding you fuckin’ responsible.” She pushes them away, stomping off and out of the building. She drowns her sorrows in the nearest bar, relapsing back into chem use and filling her blood with the most potent chems she can find. She’s sobbing in an alleyway weeks later when Sole finds her, still a little weak from being bedridden. She looks up, her eyes red. “Is it really you?” she whispers. Then she jumps up, clutching Sole in a bone-crushing hug.

Codsworth: “Oh. Oh, I see.” He knows what 1% survival rate means. He knows that now, he’s going to be the last one left. Sole’s spouse, Sole’s son, and now Sole themselves are all gone, and with them his last connections to the Old World. Back when things were right. He leaves the room without a word, and the doctors don’t question his disappearance. Making his way back to Sanctuary, he only offers a brief explaination for Sole’s absence. “Sir/Mum is indisposed at the moment,” is all he says. Then he goes to the house, his house, and begins trimming the hedges. He dusts the countertops, he changes the bedding of Shaun’s old crib. When Sole comes for him, padding into the house, he swivels around, and something chokes up his voicebox. “Back in time for dinner, Sir/Mum?”

Curie:Non! No, no no, you must be mistaken!” She nearly tears her hair out in frustration. She is a doctor, for goodness’ sakes. She’s spent decades studying all manner of illnesses and their treatments, spent weeks walking around in an organic body of her own. There must be something she can do! She buries herself in Pre-War medical journals, finds old textbooks to refamiliarize herself with old material. And it’s all for naught. She returns to Sole’s bedside, hair mussed and tears dripping down her cheeks. She crumples beside their bed, holding their hand in her own and crying against it. When Sole squeezes her hand back, she freezes, looking up at them slowly, almost believing she’d imagined it. They give her a tired smile, and her tears turn to cries of joy. She leaps up, wrapping her arms around them and speaking in French, forgetting to speak English in her excitement.

Danse: Not possible. That’s the thought that runs through his head as the Brotherhood doctor gives him the diagnosis. “Are you certain?” he asks, voice gruff. The physician informs him that, yes, they are sure of Sole’s condition. “I see.” His throat tightens. “See what you can do to make them comfortable, then.” He refuses to just let Sole die, refuses to just see them waste away in bed, alone and forgotten. So he lingers on the Prydwen, ignoring the words of the other soldiers, stalking back and forth across the blimp catwalks and just waiting. When he’s finally summoned by a doctor, he comes running from the opposite end of the blimp, charging past everyone in full Power Armor, bursting into the room sweaty and panting. Sole gives him a smile from the bed, and heat rises behind his eyes. When all the doctors leave, when it’s just him sitting beside Sole, a few tears well up in the corners of his eyes. “Welcome back, soldier.”

Deacon: He should stay. He knows he should. But he can’t bring himself to. Once he caught sight of the doctors’ notes, having pilfered them when no one was looking, he feels his feet itch and he has to run away. He can’t stay - that’d drive him crazy. But the more he runs, the more guilty he feels, the more contradicting thoughts and feelings well up inside his head until he’s come full circle and is sneaking into Sole’s room late at night. Sitting down beside their bed, he watches them. “Hey, boss,” he says, sounding hoarse. “Sorry I’m late.” His breath hitches, and he has to remove his sunglasses, sadness and guilt filling the deep blue eyes behind them. “I’m sorry I… never got to tell you the truth. I know I should have. I guess there was never a good time. I’m… I’m sorry for everything. For all my bullshit. I just… I’m sorry-” He looks up, and finds Sole looking at him, eyes open and focused on him. He stops. Blinks. Opens his mouth. “Howdy, boss,” he says at last. “Sleep well?”

Dogmeat: Why doesn’t his person pet him anymore? Now all they do is lie in that funny-smelling bed, surrounded by all those strange humans. The strange humans give him treats and pets sometimes, but he wishes his person would give him treats and pets again. Despite the doctors’ attempts to shoo him from the room, he always finds his way back in, butting his nose against Sole’s hand with a whine. It comes to the point where the doctors have to drag him from the room, and then he responds with a growl and a bark. So they leave him there. The nurses make sure he has food and water, and he stays by Sole’s side, resting his head on their stomach. And one day, Sole pets them, and Dogmeat is happy again.

Hancock: He leans back in his chair, expression unreadable as the doctor relays the news. The physician is obviously unnerved by the ghoul’s unwavering stare. After a few moments of silence, he waves them away. “Get out of here.” The doctor leaves without a moment’s hesitation. Hancock buries himself in his work after that, keeping his mind off things with drugs and politics and enforcing the lenient law of Goodneighbor. But anytime he has a free moment, he goes back to them. Sits by their bedside, tells them the events of the past few days. And one day, with their eyes closed, Sole responds. It makes him stop, tilting his head like he thought he imagined the words. But when Sole opens their eyes, he throws his head back and laughs. When he catches his breath, he goes and pulls Sole into a tight hug. “Son of a bitch,” he swears, grinning. “You were fuckin’ with me this whole time, weren’t you?”

Nick Valentine: He wishes he still had the ability to smoke when the doctors tell him the diagnosis, when he’s looking over Sole’s body lying motionless in the bed. He even wishes he could get drunk. Anything, anything to help him push through the painful tingling in his servos. He turns quiet and reclusive, awaiting the news of Sole’s death at any moment. Somehow, he can’t quite bring himself to be there when it happens. He’s seen too many friends die on him to witness one more. So when footsteps come down the lane, his golden eyes unfocus, and he’s staring into space when the figure comes walking into his office. He waits for the words to come, and freezes when instead, he recieves a familiar hello. He looks over, resting his warm coffee mug slowly down on his desk. “Well, I’ll be damned,” he murmurs.

MacCready: For fuck’s sake. He takes the news with a grim glare, making the doctor take a hasty retreat when finished speaking. First Lucy, now Duncan, now- It’s too much. Too fucking much. He drowns himself in liquor, going through nearly all the alcohol at the Third Rail over the course of several days. He slurs and pukes in corners and staggers through Goodneighbor’s streets with a wicked hangover, cursing at anyone who dares talk to him. Several Neighbors jump at the foul language, expecting it from anyone but him. But he doesn’t care. “I’m not crying, you’re crying,” he snaps, refusing sympathy from anyone that tries. He’s taking potshots from a building rooftop when Sole comes for him, and nearly falls off the edge when he sees them. “Holy shi- crap,” is all he can manage, and he fights the urge to run over and hug them. Though he does give in eventually, and it’s the strongest hug his bony arms can muster.

Piper: She cries a lot. She heads back to Diamond City and hugs Nat very tight, and even though the girl isn’t sure why, she hugs her sister back. Piper sits down at her desk that night, and decides to do a front-page article. By morning she’s surrounded by a growing pile of crumpled paper, and after getting frustrated with each tear that falls onto the paper and smears the ink, she’s finally satisfied with the result of her hard work. She waits anxiously for news of their death, both dreading and expecting it any day. She ends up biting her fingernails down to the bit, and drives Nat crazy with her inability to sit still. When Sole comes in her house door she screams, flailing in place for a moment as her eyes widen. “B-Blue!” she exclaims, then lunges forward and hugs them, pulling back after a moment to pat her hands up and down their arms, feeling them like she’s not sure they’re real. She hugs them again, tighter than before, and presses her face to their shoulder to hide happy tears.

Preston: After all this time. After coming so far, and doing so much, Sole is doomed to die because of a damn needle prick. He sighs. He wants to stay by Sole’s bedside, but with the General out of commission, he knows there’s a lot of work that needs doing. So he focuses on trying to divvy up the general’s responsibilities, taking the majority of it on himself, and spends many late nights doing paperwork and reinforcing settlements and trying desperately to hold the Commonwealth together. He hasn’t forgotten Sole, not really, but he’s seen so much death that one more, even Sole’s death, is just a drop in the ocean. So he soldiers on, because that’s what Preston does - he holds onto hope as best he can and helps those who cannot help themselves. And when Sole walks through his door, not undead at all but alive, he’s not sure whether to laugh or cry. He settles for a salute and a smile instead. “Welcome back, General.”

Strong: He doesn’t understand what the doctors are telling him. “HUMAN SICK?” he questions, scratching his head. “HUMAN FIGHT THE SICK,” he says, nodding his head firmly. The doctor tells him Sole is dying. “BUT HUMAN NOT HURT.” The doctor gives up. He continues to insist that Sole will ‘fight the sick,’ proclaiming his friend’s fighting abilities with all the enthusiasm the Super Mutant can muster. And when Sole makes it through the illness, much to the amazement of all the doctors, he only crosses his arms. “HUMAN FIGHT SICK. STRONG TOLD YOU.”

X6-88: The doctors don’t bother to tell him the odds. He’s a Courser. What does he know of feelings? Of attachment? Yet, somehow, he knows. He knows it in the way they whisper, knows it when they whisper to Father and the old man’s face falls. So he stays at Sole’s bedside, refusing to move a muscle for anyone. Some of the doctors leave him be. Others try to shoo him away. “Don’t you have something better to do?” they ask. He fixes them with a steely look. “My job is to protect this person. I will not leave this place until they pass, or I do.” Then, suitably intimidated, the doctors shuffle away, mumbling threats of having him recalled. He doesn’t pay attention. He spends every day and night at Sole’s bedside, so when they finally awake, he’s the first thing they see. When their eyes flutter open, something approaching a smile tugs at his lips. “Hello, Sir/Ma'am.”

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