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Now can we maybe get a gay interracial couple that's not imaginary? Like, we seemed to have one of those once upon a time, but Singh barely appears on screen these days and his husband was, like, in two brief cameos three years ago - that couple might be imaginary as well for all the show cares. And having an interracial same-sex couple would be great, but I'd even agree to super-white m/m or f/f couple as long as they're actually here and the characters are important to the plot, not a one-off.

*Slams hand down on the table*

I DEMAND MORE SINGH AND ROB. They were freak’n beautiful in the last two seasons. Just watching Singh worry his head off about Rob’s safety during that fire in season one made me tear up a little. Also, when Rob was sobbing at the hospital because Singh was attacked by Weather Wizard (even though Barry undid that reality), I just wanted to reach through the screen and hug him. They were so adorable, especially because you could tell Singh was trying to be a healthier (and nicer?) person because of Rob’s influence. I need more of them.

Like other folks on here, I’m kind of hoping HR turns out to be bi, simply because he’s a main character and an openly loving fellow. Also, any relationship he has would have to have more screen time, so it’s not as though the show can pretend he doesn’t exist for episodes at a time.

Or, perhaps, maybe Hartley could visit the team and show off his new boyfriend? The guy’s got a lot of natural charm. I’m sure he’s wooed someone by now.

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Revenge of the Sith | Deleted Scene | Othello and Iago

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine’s subtle but deadly turning of Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side of the Force was originally even more multi-layered than what was eventually shown in REVENGE OF THE SITH. Darth Sidious’s use of jealousy, like Iago’s deliberate and vicious fracturing of Othello and Desdemona’s tragic love in William Shakespeare’s classic play, was expected to be one of the main dramatic elements to have been seen in EPISODE III. In fact, a similar sub-plot was filmed in which Anakin, meeting Palpatine on the landing pad outside the senate building, is told by the Chancellor that Obi-Wan’s decisions are being influenced by a “female senator” (whom an anxious Anakin realises is Padmé Amidala). An earlier scripted element of jealousy by Anakin was cut from a prior scene in the film just before Padme tells him that she is pregnant. Unfortunately, this filmed scene, which also featured a brief cameo appearance from Ahmed Best as Jar Jar Binks, never made it to the finished movie.  


The Chancellor’s Transport races through the city and heads for the Senate Office Building landing platform. Waiting on the landing platform is a LONE JEDI. The Transport lands, and CHANCELLOR PALPATINE emerges with FOUR ROYAL GUARDS and MAS AMEDDA. The FOUR ROYAL GUARDS move off in another direction as PALPATINE greets ANAKIN, who has been waiting for him.

Well, Anakin, did you see your friend off?

He will soon have Grievous’s head.

We can only hope the Council didn’t make a mistake.

The Council was very sure in its decision.

They exit the landing platform.

They enter the main hallway of the Senate Office Building. They pass SEVERAL SENATORS, including REPRESENTATIVE JAR JAR BINKS from Naboo.

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toying with styles

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so I'm guessing louis isnt in the video because of some issue with his team/image whatever, and knowing that, Steve the larrie and louie™ decide to go all out there and be like "ok bro you cant physically be in it so lets make it all about your love story" #confirmed

i’m not dismissing this idea at all but i have to say that, personally, i’m thinking it’s more because they want to appeal to a broader audience by having more of a conventional video that follows a narrative and it’s actually pretty common (especially in EDM) for the artists/artist to not even be in the video (the brief cameo from steve is cute but he’s hardly a major presence in the actual story of the video).

Some Overwatch characters who’ve seen more in-person screentime (including all animated shorts, lore videos, and comics) in canon material than D.Va, Lucio, Mei, or Zenyatta:

  • The human-omnic couple from the “Alive” short who we also saw getting saved by Reinhardt in the “We Are Overwatch” short
  • The little kids from the cinematic trailer
  • Alejandra the little girl from the Soldier: 76 video
  • The Los Muertos henchman from the Soldier: 76 short 
  • Tracer’s gf
  • Mondatta
  • Mondatta’s bodyguards
  • Katya Volskaya
  • Winston’s science dad
  • The guy at the clothing store who wanted the same scarf as Tracer and she felt bad so she gave him the scarf even though she was trying to buy it for her gf
  • Reinhardt’s friend Bridgitte
  • Bastion’s bird friend Ganymede
  • Athena
  • Torbjorn’s frenemy Sven

and since D.Va had a brief in-person cameo in the “We Are Overwatch” short while Lucio and Mei have only had single-panel appearances in background advertisements and Zeynatta has only had a single-panel in-person cameo in the Christmas comic, here’s some characters they’re tied with (but who D.Va’s got beat) at “single-panel appearance”

  • Pharah’s dad
  • Torbjorn’s wife and eight children and their cat
  • The kid standing next to Hanzo as he shops for cakes
  • The bartender serving Sombra and McCree
  • The family Reaper was jealous of at Christmas
  • The human employee at the clothing store who turned the sign to “closed” just as Tracer was arriving
  • The omnic employee at the other clothing store who told Tracer it was time to leave if she didn’t have any purchases 
Thank you, Sakura

Here you are my dearest Anon! Pregnant SasuSaku!

I hope that this was to your liking and thank you again for your request. I really appreciate it! It was actually a really nice piece to write and I enjoyed writing it, so thank you again ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

“Sasuke…I’m pregnant.”

Having found themselves on the outskirts of the Land of Wind, the wife and husband duo had stopped to rest beneath a rather large tree. While Sasuke was more than willing to push ahead, Sakura had insisted that they stop for a bit. It was unlike her, but he stopped nonetheless. And after a brief moment of silence between the two, his wife spoke.

Pregnant. The word was practically foreign on his ears and in all honesty, he wasn’t sure how to react. Did he react with joy or worry? Did he send her back to the Leaf? Travelling around pregnant certainly wasn’t a good idea and it couldn’t possibly be good for the baby.

“Sasuke?” The subtle worry in her voice made him turn. That’s right. He still hadn’t responded.

“Sakura,” he stepped forward, placing a gentle hand atop her head. “…That’s great news.” A smile lifted his lips. It really was great news. Sakura, his wife, was pregnant with his child. 

“Oh good,” she breathed, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. “I know it’s a bit of a shock but…I’m happy.” She placed her hands gently to her stomach, a blush warming her cheeks. She was truly the essence of beauty and the more he looked at her, the more in love with her he became. And he would come to love her more and more as her stomach expanded. He honestly didn’t know what to do with himself for the next nine months. But as the months progressed and as Sakura’s belly grew, Sasuke grew more and more comfortable with the fact that he was going to be a father. The Uchiha Clan, his family, was slowly expanding. 

“Hey Sasuke, why don’t we take a break here?” Sakura was standing a little ways away from him, her hand resting on her stomach. Having moved from the Land of Wind and entering the Land of Earth, the two stopped to rest at a nearby stream. Nearly six months ago, Sakura had announced her pregnancy and now, here she stood; harboring their child. He watched as the woman relaxed into the grass, releasing a soft sigh as she did so.

“Man, this baby sure is heavy. And it’s only been six months.” She looked down at her rounding stomach, caressing it gently. The young woman was more than a little excited for this child to be born. After all, this child alone would be the exact representation of their love. Looking up towards the black haired man, she watched as he silently sat down beside her. 

“Did you want to feel?” She inquired, a small smirk on her lips. Sasuke stared at her, completely dumbfounded. Although he had thought about it several times, he was always too embarrassed to ask her for permission. The last thing he needed was to feel her stomach and find himself eating dirt in the next instant.

Sighing softly, he stretched an arm forward and placed it on her stomach. It was a strange and exciting feeling. Her stomach was much rounder than it had been before and warmer than usual. Could that be a result of the child growing within? 
“Our child,” he said suddenly, keeping his eyes focused on her stomach. “I can’t wait to meet them.” He looked up at his wife, rewarded with the soft pink hue to her cheeks. Her eyes were wide and her mouth agape slightly. It seemed that he had said something rather surprising.

Attempting a feeble recovery, she responded quickly, “W-Well, we’d better keep moving. Right?” On a typical day, the young man would have easily agreed with her. He still had much of the world to see and he wasn’t about to stop now. But this time, he replied softly, “No. Let’s rest a little longer.”

“Huh?” Sakura was more than surprised at the answer. She couldn’t possibly have heard him right. He wanted to rest longer? Her eyes fell to his hand and a smile spread across her lips. She lifted a hand and rest it atop his own hand. It would only be a matter of time before their child was ready to enter the world. And when that day arrived, it would be the happiest day for the both of them.

“So,” she caressed her own stomach, a little ways away from Sasuke’s hand. “Have you told Kakashi Sensei yet?” He looked up at her, face stern. “Or…Naruto?” 

In an instant, he stood and replied, “Let’s get going.” Sakura’s jaw dropped. What was so wrong with letting their friends know about the pregnancy? Was it really that awful of an idea?

Grabbing the hand he extended, she pulled herself up from the grass. “H-Hey, Sasuke,” she followed after him, amazed at how quickly he could move. “There’s nothing wrong with telling those guys! I’m sure they’d be more than excited to hear about the baby. Sasuke! Wait!” 

Stopping just before the treeline that lead deeper into the woods, he watched her silently. Of course he had thought to tell Kakashi and Naruto, and had done so several weeks after she announced her pregnancy, but he wasn’t about to admit that to Sakura. If he did, she would hold him to it for days on end and he would never escape her teasing. Picturing it now gave him chills and so, he would avoid the topic as much as possible. For now, he would turn her focus on something more important. Like a name for the baby.

“Hey, Kakashi Sensei! Any letters yet?”

Naruto came in almost every morning, asking the same question time and time again. And each morning, Kakashi would respond with the same answer: “No.” But this time and this time only, the man replied calmly, “As a matter of fact, I just received a letter from Sasuke this morning.” 

“What? Really?! What does it say? How are things? How’s Sakura?” The questions stumbled free from his mouth in a whirlpool of both worry and excitement. He always hoped to hear from the two of them and he always hoped that whatever he heard from them was positive. But since Sasuke returned and took Sakura, he had heard little to nothing from them. Occasionally, Sakura would write a letter or two, informing everyone where they were and what they were doing. Although receiving a letter from Sasuke was more than unusual.

“Well, it only has one word on it. Why don’t you read it for yourself, Naruto?” Kakashi handed over the letter, a smile spreading across his face from beneath his mask.

“Huh?” The blonde took the paper quietly. As soon as the word was read and processed, his entire face lit up. He turned to Kakashi, then to Shikamaru, and then back towards the paper. After a brief moment of silence, he cheered loudly, bouncing around the room.

“Hey, calm down, would’ja?” Shikamaru breathed, a smile of his own spreading on his face. He wasn’t one for cheering out loud or making a fool of himself, but even he couldn’t hide the fact that he was overjoyed by this sudden letter. 

Kakashi watched the blonde quietly, joy bubbling within him. Pregnant. Well…guess I’ll have one more to love, won’t I?

“Hey Sasuke, I was thinking…” Sakura walked beside her husband, her hand intertwined with his own. He kept his eyes ahead, but his attention went straight to her. “Maybe we could name the baby Itachi. After your brother.” She looked up at him, waiting for an answer. “And if it’s a girl,” she continued. “We could name her Tsunade!” A grin spread across her face and a chill ran down Sasuke’s spine. The last thing he wanted was a child named Tsunade.

“How about Haruto, if it’s a boy,” he was rewarded with a pair of puckered lips and furrowed brows. “And Sarada if it’s a girl.” The pink haired woman turned to him. A smile warmed her face and a hand dropped to her stomach quietly. 

“Sarada. Sarada Uchiha…” She murmured to herself, giggling softly. “It’s perfect.”

“Well, it’s only perfect if it’s a girl.” He breathed in response. However, she was too lost in swooning over her stomach and he couldn’t help but smile a little. This child was an Uchiha, his child. No matter how many times he thought about it, he was always thankful to the woman that bore this child. Sakura Uchiha. It was a name that warmed his heart, sent great waves of relief washing over him and his every thoughts. Together, they were raising a family and that fact alone was enough to make him the happiest man in the world.

Thank you…Sakura.

Leta Lestrange

Can I just say, I’m honestly super excited for Leta to get more than her brief picture cameo in later movies. Queenie said that line about her being a “taker”, but we haven’t even seen her in person yet, so I don’t think she deserves all the hate she’s getting. Remember, Newt was friends with her for years and Newt’s a good person, so I don’t think she is as horrible as everyone is making her out to be. It’s possible that she changed as they grew older, but it’s also possible that their personalities just didn’t match the right way to be suitable for a relationship.

Also, there are going to be five movies for the whole Tina/Newt thing to develop and honestly since it’s a foregone conclusion, I’m not particularly interested in it. It’s going to happen, so it doesn’t have to happen right away, it would be boring if they got together immediately. It would be interesting if Newt runs back into Leta in the second one, ends up (back?) in a relationship with her for a movie or two, discovers that what they have together isn’t what he needs and eventually gets together Tina and marries her. With five movies they have the time. They could even make Tina/Newt very slow burn and what until the end of the final movie for them together. We all know they will. Remember: Neville and Luna’s (amongst others) official s/o’s never even appear in the books. If Rowling had wanted to she could have simply focused on Newt’s adventures throughout the movies without bringing Tina into it at all, then at the very end have him meet her. That would have been interesting as well.

So all in all, I hope Leta doesn’t end up being made into a horrible person to make Tina look like a saint. I’m all for contrasting personalities, but in a more Betty and Veronica way. Remember Leta and Newt were friends because they were both outcasts. Don’t typecast Leta because of her last name. Don’t hate on Leta when we haven’t even met her yet.

“I’m not happy at all with the “Wreck-It Ralph 2” announcement. Loved the first, easily my favorite of Disney’s most recent offerings (yes, even over “Zootopia”), but I have no interest in “Ralph and Vanellope In Cyberspace” and am bothered by the unlikelihood of Felix, Sgt Calhoun, and the other Sugar Rush kids getting little more than brief cameos if even that..”



Seriously, so far, I’m loving Zura, Eli, Shinpachi, Kondou, Hijikata, Okita, and Matako. Kagura is cute but still looks a bit older than expected. I am most worried about our dear Gin-chan and Takasugi. Still not feeling them based on the actors’ appearances so far. 

Now all that’s left is Bansai and Yamazaki’s official posters. I know they don’t appear much in the Benizakura arc, but I’m still hoping they will at least make some kind of brief cameo.

I think these pics, amongst others, were taken from a Vietnamese website called Japan Showbiz News but I can’t seem to find the actual original source to give credit, so apologies to the source.

The Real Children

Unbetaed.  At this point I just want to get it up and posted.

Mycroft gets an emergency phone call from John and cause leads to affect and affect leads to knowledge.

Mycroft’s mobile rung at two-thirty in the morning, just as he closed his laptop.  He looked down at it, sitting its precise distance from the edge of his laptop, just before his work mobile.  It didn’t alarm him to receive a call so early in the morning, he often received calls at all hours.  The empty space above the answer icon did alarm him however, he only saw that non-number in relation to a single person.

“Dr. Watson?”  Tucking the phone between shoulder and ear, he picked up his work mobile to text the necessary parties.

“I need immediate medical assistance.”  The tight authoritative command in his voice only served to alarm Mycroft further.  Muffled by the press between John’s shoulder and chin, he could still hear ragged, rapid action in the background.  The puff of breathing of someone man handing someone else.  A rip, a tear, a jagged chasm of a gasp, the wrong tone for John’s voice.  “Cooper Heights flats.  We’re on the roof.”

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{ so it’s been ages since I watched the 2003 turtles series, last time may have actually been when it was still airing on 4kids tbh, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen all of the episodes so I’ve been watching it from beginning

and Hun has just started showing off some of his strength/fighting and Dakota is making commentary such as “Does he think rippin’ a lil ol’ door off its hinges is impressive?” and “I could take him.”

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portgo prompt: secret dating 0: they text back and forth a lot, one of them accidentally sends a message intended for the other to a 3rd person. reactions/results up 2 you

Whoo boy, here you go, Anon! Thanks for sending a prompt in!

“Sorry, wrong number!”

(817 words) by


Chapters: 1/1


Electronic Dance Music RPF

Rating: General Audiences

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Madeon | Hugo Leclercq/Porter Robinson

Characters: Madeon | Hugo Leclercq, Porter Robinson, Nick Robinson (brief cameo), The Robinsons’ Dad (who is also apparently named Nick? brief cameo)

Additional Tags: Drabble, Fluff, Tumblr Prompt, Anon Prompt, accidental texts, Temporary Separation, hugo in a bow, scandalous selfies, embarassing family, flirting over text, Secret Relationship


“portgo prompt: secret dating 0: they text back and forth a lot, one of them accidentally sends a message intended for the other to a 3rd person. reactions/results up 2 you”

Sent in by a lovely Anon on my Tumblr! Can be read as a companion fic to “Tokyo Dreaming”, but is considered a standalone fic.

Worth It

A sneaky little fic for @taerellavellan, featuring her handsome pirate Jarvaazim and my Maraas Adaar! Also contains a brief cameo from Hanin >.>

Approx 2200 words, most under the cut <3

Maraas snorted as he watched Hanin reel back, turning away from his opponent, his free hand going to his eyes in a sharp, indignant gesture born of shock and irritation. A cloud of dirt still hung conspicuously in the air like a bad thief taking too long to snatch the trinkets off a shopkeeper’s table. Beneath the cloud, bare-chested and gleaming with sweat, crouched Jarvaazim. He wore his favourite accessory proudly on his face; a shit-eating grin. The red paint across his eyes and lining his chin gave off the vague impression of a skull. Well, from a distance. If Maraas tilted his head. And squinted. Which he did, determined to prove his own theory, but was sadly left unsatisfied.

From out on the training field some heated words were exchanged between the pair of sparring men, Hanin furiously blinking out the grit that had been so unceremoniously tossed at his face, Jarvaazim dusting off his hands in an aloof yet threatening manner that suggested he would happily do it again. Maraas watched, amused, as the pair got closer to each other, their simmering disagreement slowly beginning to boil into a full-blown argument, and wondered how long it would take for them to either kill each other or hire someone clandestine to do the job for them.

Hell, maybe they’ll hire me, he mused, fingers thrumming absently against the outer fence of the training field. Although that would be pretty awkward, all things considered, with Hanin being a buddy of his current employer and Jarvaazim being… well...

Maraas was clever in a sense. He’d positioned himself close enough to observe the two fighting men, but far enough away to avoid the attentions of some of the more eagre recruits that dotted the field, practicing forms or sparring for themselves. However, his distance was not proving conducive to eavesdropping, and seeing the colour rising to Hanin’s face at Jarvaazim’s seeming dismissal of his grievances was simply too much for Maraas to resist. With a put-upon sigh, he levered himself off the fence then hopped over it with ease. It had not, after all, been constructed with a nearly seven foot Vashoth in mind. It was like stepping over a chair.

Unfortunately, Maraas’ expedition into the dust-churning sea of practicing soldiers was for nought. He had barely taken a few steps into the training field before Hanin turned and stalked away, stiff-backed and royally pissed off. Jarvaazim watched the elven warrior go, arms folded across his chest, a strange mixture of satisfaction and frustration mingling on his handsome face. Whatever their argument had been, Jarvaazim had come out on top, but something about the whole experience had proven, well, off-putting. It was like winning a prize, but he prize was an old pair of smalls from an anonymous benefactor. Sure, you still won, but it wasn’t exactly a satisfying victory.

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Chell and Wheatley have something important to tell Gordon, but we all know telling the truth is never easy.

Just a silly Portal/Half Life video I made, with @jedtheguy making a brief cameo.

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Saw Misha in Timeless. He was really more of a brief cameo than actual part lol but my God the acting was dreadful. He tried this really fake Chicago accent that was horrible but he was really inconsistent with it. As you see in the sneak peek, he forgets and goes back to being Cas. What horrible casting but seeing as how he was barely in it, I guess it didn't matter.

OM Chuck. 

My dear anon, I tried to watch it, just to see for myself how he was. Ugh, I watched the first ten minutes or so and had NO fucking idea what was going on. I didn’t even bother waiting until he showed up, I put Regarding Dean on and enjoyed that. 

LOL, I guess he has been Castiel so long, he doesn’t know anything else.