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Thank You Brie Bella (September 15 2007 - April 3 2016)

Brie Bella is probably one of the most underrated workers in the WWE. She rarely gets credit for how truly gifted she is in the ring. In the beginning of her career, Brie was nothing more than a pretty face or at least that’s what her and her sister were treated like. She would come out as a valet for numerous guest hosts and was never able to show how passionate she was about wrestling nor the talent she possessed. Brie initially saw WWE Divas on TV and decided that this was the path for her. She and Nikki packed their bags to start training down at FCW. Left everything behind including friends and family. After over a year of training, Brie debuted August 29 2008. April 11 2011, the night Brie won the divas title for the first time and was crowned divas champion. Although her run as champion wasn’t long, she still made an impact. Brie wasn’t used to her fullest potential in the beginning of her career. April 2012, both Brie & Nikki decided to not resign with the company, but planned on coming back sometime in the near future. Fast forward to March 2013, the Bellas return to the WWE. Here is where things started to pick up. Brie along with her sister and a few other divas became stars of a new reality show entitled “Total Divas". That marked the beginning of something new and different for the division. With her sister, Nikki, out with injury, Brie began to shine in 2013/2014. She started to show not only the company, but the fans that she can hang on top of the divas division and do a pretty damn good job at it. She had various title matches and little feuds here and there, but what really set her apart from everyone else was her feud with Stephanie McMahon. Brie main evented RAW, which hadn’t happened for the divas in YEARS. That feud sky rocketed her career and whether you want to admit it or not, she rocked in that feud and deserved the spotlight. Brie then went on to feud with her sister and although it’s not remembered as one of the best feuds in her career, the match they had was and still is very underrated. She then became apart of the Divas Revolution and helped put over younger talent. Brie along with her sister became top merchandise sellers and her catchphrase “BRIE MODE” will always be remembered. While all of this was going on in her professional life, in her personal life she was dealing with her husband’s injuries and health issues. She went out there every single night with a smile on her face knowing what was happening back at home. Daniel Bryan eventually had to retire and Brie wanted to follow in his footsteps because she wants to be there for her husband. Brie also wants to be a mother which is completely understandable.

All in all, thank you Brie. You have truly made an impact on the divas division. You have helped the younger talent and have inspired girls/women around the world. You are truly one of the best divas to ever step foot into a WWE ring and I thank you. For almost a decade you entertained us and for that I thank you. Thank you for putting your body on the line for all these years. Hopefully those who aren’t too keen on you soon realize what a great talent and individual you are. You got to retire on the biggest stage of them all and on you own terms. Perfect fairy tale ending. Good luck Brie in whatever you decide to do next ❤️

let's be real, I doubt Stephanie would want to return to the ring to wrestle anytime soon.

So I’m hoping as her payback, that when Brie returns full time, she says she’s here to be with her sister and honor her husband. So Stephanie does the same shit as Triple H did and is like,”Well Brie, like my husband has said, we always have a Plan B.”

And then BAM. Nikki attacks Brie, saying it’s her fault she went through hell and that she doesn’t deserve her.

Then we all get a badass Bella feud