brie x daniel

Not All Secrets Are Meant To Be Kept

Dean Ambrose x Reader

Warnings: mentions of depression and past infidelity

Authors Note: this is my first fic on tumblr so please bare with me. If you have any requests I would love to hear them! Thank you so much for reading.-ren

Summary: you have spent your whole life alone, that was until you fell in love with Dean Ambrose. But from the very beginning you agreed to keep your relationship a secret, but you can’t keep that secret forever. Mostly fluff & a dash of angst.

You & Dean have been together going on a year & a half. You guys were a perfect fit from the very beginning. Whenever your depression would get the best of you & you would do everything possible to push him away, Dean was always there to lift you up. He does something that very few people in your life have done, he stays. You both make each other better people while also staying true to yourselves & keeping your independence. But your relationship isn’t always so easy, many factors play into that such as the fact that you are on separate brands with Dean on raw and you on smackdown. Dean also has to work along side your ex boyfriend who treated you poorly, but the hardest part about your relationship is the fact that nobody knows about it. At the very beginning of your relationship you both agreed to keep it between the two of you & your close friends (the bella’s, their men, & roman) because they are the closest thing that either of you have to family. You both thought it would be for the best due to you bad past dating a wrestler & Dean preferred to keep his private life just that, private.

It was just about one o’clock on a dry Sunday morning in Vegas, & you were lonely & miserable. Dean, Roman, John, Bryan, & the twins were overseas for the annual tribute to the troops, which you were unable to attend due to a minor concussion your acquired during a live event last week. The only thing that was keeping you sane was the fact that the tour ended yesterday so everyone would be back today & the next string of shows were in the Vegas area. Knowing that you would get to see the people that have become your family soon lifted your spirits greatly. You absolutely hated being alone, especially for long periods of time because there was nothing t distract you from the dark & destructive thoughts that always found a way to creep inside your head. Just as you were starting to get deep into those thoughts your phone beeped signaling that you had a text, it was Dean letting you know that their flight should be landing in about an hour. You were happy that you would finally get to see everyone, but you were upset because you would have to wait for them to get back from the airport & that could take hours. It has already been two weeks since you have seen Dean, your impatiens was getting the best of you, & you just couldn’t wait another second to see your man & you weren’t going to. Before you knew it you were on your way to the airport. By the time you got to the airport & then through security it was announced over the speaker that the flight Dean is on was about to land, causing a smile to creep its way onto your face. As you finally made it to the gate the superstars had just started to exit the plane, but as fate would have it the first person you made eye contact with was your ex aka Seth Rollins. The moment Seth noticed you a smile began to develop on his face, he was hoping that you had come to forgive him and take him back. But those hopes were shattered as your gaze shifted behind him & you were smiling ear to ear. “Dean!” You yelled immediately taking off towards him, the second he heard your voice he snapped his head up & instinctively dropped his bags & opened his arms. Within seconds you were in your mans arms & your lips found his, after a few moments Dean placed you down but made sure to keep his arms around your waist & you kept yours around his neck. “I know we agreed to keep this to ourselves but-“ before you could finish your explanation Dean crashed his lips back in to yours. “Its been a year & a half,” Dean explained “I love you & at this point I don’t care who knows it.” You just smiled before replying “I couldn’t wait another second to see you.” Just as you & Dean were both leaning in for another kiss you were interrupted by three voices that you knew all to well saying “finally!” You looked up to see your best friends all with huge grins on their faces. “Well are you just going to stand there or are you gonna come give me a hug?” You heard Brie say right before you ran into her arms. “Im so happy I can finally get JoJo to stop asking me about you two she’s going to be so excited” Roman said as you pulled him in for a hug. “Does this mean I can actually post the pictures from the holidays this year?” Nikki asked excitedly as you were pulled into her hug, you started to giggle as you heard Dean let out a muffled “no” & Nikki gave him a dirty look. As you started to make your way out of the airport you noticed that Seth hasn’t moved from the spot you last saw him with a look of surprise on his face, he never imagined that you & Dean would ever date never mind fall in love. Everything was a lot for him to take in. As you passed him & saw the look on his face you secretly hoped that he was hurting, just like you were two years ago when you found him in your bed with a women that wasn’t you. But as you walked out of the airport with the people you considered your family you felt happier than you ever have been in your entire life. It was like every ounce of pain you have ever felt was gone & every grudge you ever held never existed.


You were sitting alone in the office of triple h trying to process the news that he just left you with, but you were quickly sniped out of your thoughts when you heard that unique ringtone signaling that you had a FaceTime call. Your face lit up when you saw Bries name flash across your screen, & your smile got even brighter when you came face to face with not only Brie but also Nikki & your goddaughter Birdie. “Is this a bad time?” Brie immediately asked knowing that you were backstage at smackdown live. “No.” you said “this is actually perfect timing, I just received some big news-“ “YOUR PREGNANT!” Nikki interrupted. “Nope not pregnant” you laughed “but I am adding a new addition to the family-“ “OH MY GOSH you are finally getting a puppy!” Nicole yelled “will you let her finish.” Brie scolded causing you to laugh, you always found their bickering so entertaining. “Nope I’m not getting a dog” you explained “just the smackdown live women’s championship.” You revealed in a nonchalant tone, although the huge grin spread across your face gave away your true feelings. Nikki immediately started freaking out & congratulating you, as you were celebrating with Nikki you realized Brie hadn’t said a word yet. “Brie, are you alright?” You asked with genuine concern, “yeah!” She said “I am just speechless, you have waited so long for this. & you have been through so much… you are just finally getting everything you have ever wanted & deserved.” This caused tears to form in your eyes, “I love you guys so much.” You whispered trying no to let her tears fall, “the only thing that could make this day any better is if you guys were here with me, & Dean of course.” “What did he say by the way? When you told him about the title?” Nikki asked, “I haven’t.” You said, “I think I’m just going to surprise him, he usually watches but if he decides not to I will just surprise him when we FaceTime later.” You explained causing both Brie & Nikki to “aww.” “Im sorry that none of us are able to be there with you tonight.” Nikki says. “You are all with me in my heart.” You said, “& Im not all alone Bryan & John are around here somewhere.” Just as the twins were about to reply a crew member interrupted, “the show starts in thirty!” They said & you just nodded in response. “Well that’s my cue.” You said looking back at your phone screen. “Well good luck!” Nikki smiled, “& congrats we will be watching the the whole thing.” Brie reassured you. “Thank you! I love you girls” you said. “We love you more!” The twins said in sync. You blew them a kiss & Brie had Birdie blow you one back before ending the call.
After five years of wrestling & a lifetime of hard work, many ups, and many more downs, you have finally done it. You are officially the smackdown live women’s champion. You sat in the middle of the ring gripping on to YOUR title with tears streaming down your face, this moment felt so unreal. After spending way more time in the ring soaking in your victory than you were supposed to you were finally able to dry your tears & go celebrate. As you made your way up the ramp you turned around to soak in the cheers one last time & you mouthed a thank you, then blew the audience a kiss before making your way backstage. The moment you stepped through that curtain you once again broke down into tears, then as you rounded that corner your tears only grew stronger at the sight that was before you. You came face to face with Roman, John, Bryan, & the Bella’s who were on FaceTime, standing around your boyfriend of three years who was on his knee right in front of you holding the most beautiful ring you have ever seen. Before Dean got the chance to say anything you were already sitting on the floor in front of him kissing him. You pulled away briefly to whisper a soft “yes.” Dean had the biggest smile on his face as he slipped the diamond ring on your left hand, took your face in his hands, looked you in the eyes, & told you he loved you. You then brought Dean in for another kiss as cheers erupted al around you. You finally had everything you ever wanted, & for the first time in your life you truly believe you deserve it.

Surprises All Around

Bae <3 


Requested By: @heavenlytheshield A continuation for “protector” <3 


Roman Reigns x OC: Allyson Danielson (With Brie and Daniel Bryan) 


It had been 4 months since Allyson had started working backstage with WWE and also, since her and Roman Reigns began dating. Her birthday was approaching and her brother, Daniel Byran wanted to do something big for her. He had asked her multiple times what she wanted for her birthday and all she ever said was that she already had everything she wanted and needed. Daniel felt that wasn’t enough so he started thinking of every way he could make his sister’s birthday special. He was walking backstage trying to hide from her when he saw Roman Reigns.
“Hey, Roman, can I talk to you for a second?” Roman, giving him a confused look, nodded and followed Daniel to the locker room.
“You know Allyson’s birthday is coming up right?” Roman took a seat on a bench, across from Daniel and nodded slowly, not sure where this conversation was going.
“Do you know what she wants?” Roman’s nerves began to ease and he relaxed a bit.
“No, I ask her almost everyday and all she says is that she never wants anything. I was planning on asking you if you knew.” Daniel ran a hand over his face and started thinking. After a brief silence Daniel stopped pacing and faced Roman who appeared to be thinking just as hard.
“We’ll throw her a surprise party.” Roman shook his head slowly, making Daniel frown.
“She said she didn’t want a party, what if she gets mad.” Daniel chuckled slightly and gave Roman a pat on the shoulder.
“Listen big guy, you help me plan it. If she gets mad, i’ll take all the credit, if she loves it, I tell her you helped. Deal?” Roman thought about it and smiled.
“Fine, but i’m only involved if she likes it!” They shook hands and heard a knock on the door. Daniel walked over, opening the door and revealing his wife, Brie.
“Just in time!” He gave her a kiss and she moved in past him to see Roman in the room as well. “What’s going on?”
“Allyson’s getting a surprise party… and I think we might need your help.” Brie’s face lit up and she got noticeably excited. Roman laughed and joined in.
“Yeah, we aren’t the most creative people and even though Daniel is her brother, I know her pretty damn well.” They began planning when there was another knock on the door that made them all stop talking. Roman went to open the door finding his girlfriend and he immediately got nervous.
“Oh, Hey babe.. Didn’t know you were here. Just came to bring my brother the jacket he left with me.” She moved past Roman who still hadn’t said anything to her, and walked over to Daniel. She gave him a hug and waved at Brie, who was acting perfectly normal. Daniel shot Roman a death glare and sat back down. There was an uncomfortable silence in the room and Roman broke the silence.
“Babygirl, Walk with me to catering?” Allyson nodded and smiled, forgetting the awkward situation she had just been exposed to. She left the room and he followed. Before he shut the door he turned to Daniel who had his arms crossed, giving a disapproving look.
“Hey, I got this.” He shut the door and quickly caught up to his girlfriend. He put an arm around her and they made their way to catering, carrying on with the rest of the day as if nothing had happened.
Between the time that Daniel and Roman had begun planning the party, and Allyson’s birthday, they had accomplished a great amount of things, with help from other superstars and divas. Today was the day everything was going to be put to the test and everyone was excited about it. Aside from the awkward situation that happened a few weeks ago, Allyson hadn’t suspected anything and Roman had gotten away with keeping the secret. They set everything up at a restaurant located inside the hotel they were staying at and waited for everything to fall into place. Roman had invited her to dinner and she gladly accepted, it was only a matter of time before he didn’t have to keep this secret anymore.
Roman and Allyson had made their way to the hotel after a house show and agreed that they would go and change before dinner. After they both showered, and got dressed they were ready to go. Roman was leaning against the door watching Allyson put the finishing touches to her outfit when she looked over at him and smiled wide.
“Why are you staring at me?”
“Can I tell you something?” She nodded walking over to him and putting her arms around his neck. She looked up at him and he couldn’t do anything but smile.
“I think you’re beautiful.” She blushed and looked down smiling to herself. He always made her blush at any given moment and she admired that about him.  “And.. I love you.” Her smile faded and she glanced up at him with tears building up in her eyes. She dropped her arms and took a step back, bringing her hand up to her mouth. Roman frowned and looked at the floor letting out a deep sigh.
“I’m sorry, it’s too early for me to say that. Let’s just go okay?” He turned to leave but stopped when he heard her barely audible voice.
“Do you mean it?” He turned back to face her and nodded.
“Of course I do.. have I ever lied to you?” She shook her head, tears rolling down her face. “So why would I start now?” She walked over to him and brought him into a tight embrace. He held her close to him and kissed her shoulder.
“No one’s ever told me that and meant it.. except my brother.” She took in a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves. Roman held her tighter and attempted to make her feel better.
“Well I do, I really do. That’s your first birthday gift.” He let her go and wiped the tears from her face, he made sure her makeup wasn’t smudged and kissed both of her cheeks.
“What is?” He motioned to himself and it made her giggle.
“Me, of course!”
“You’re such a fool. But.. I love you too.” She whispered as he smiled wide, giving her a gentle kiss.
“I could hear you say that all night.. But come on, we have dinner plans Birthday Girl.” He took her hand and they made their way to the elevators. In the elevator, Roman sent Daniel a text saying they were on their way.
“Who are you texting?”
“Your brother.” Before she could ask why the doors opened and he smiled at her as they continued their walk to the restaurant. Roman had distracted her from looking into the restaurant before they walked in. Within seconds, she heard a “surprise” from a crowd of people making her jump back a bit. After she registered what was happening, she was taken back by everything that was in front of her. Daniel ran up to her and hugged her.
“Happy Birthday Little Sister!” When she got over her state of shock, she smiled wide and hugged him back.
“You did this for me?!”
“Are you mad?”
“No! Thank you so much!”
“Roman Helped.” She looked over to her boyfriend who was admiring her as she took everything in. She ran over to him and gave him a tight hug. She reached up and grabbed his face, bringing him down to her. She kissed him multiple times before whispering “I love you” In his ear. He said it back and looked over to Daniel who was smiling. He gave him a thumbs up and everyone in the room began to laugh. She finally let go and made her way around the room thanking everyone, she may have not wanted anything for her birthday but she was happy with everything she got today.